julia bickerstaff

Retail For Handmade Creators

This episode of Bringing Business To Retail is a little bit different.

Today, you’ll hear a live, round-table discuss with passionate handmade creators, led by Julia Bickerstaff from The Business Bakery.

Catherine Langman

Catherine Langman – Online Strategies for ProductPreneurs

In a retail business, products are the most essential part. Product creation is what brings new things to our shelves and puts us a step ahead of the competition. In today’s episode, Catherine Langman gives us tips about product creating and being a “ProductPreneur”. Catherine users her past experience of being a “ProductPreneur” to tell us about the many techniques she has for creating a product for your business.

Vanessa Van Edwards

Understanding Your Customer’s Body Language (and how to spot a shoplifter)

Understanding human behavior can be very important in a retail business. In this episode, Vanessa Van Edwards talks about human behavior and how it can relate to your business. The way you physically and verbally present yourself can have a strong impact on your business. Vanessa also teaches us ways to read body language to help you make a particular sell in your business.