Trista Morrison

How I Doubled My Store’s Sales – Trista Morrison

You know when you meet someone virtually, and they look so cool and hip. Their stuff is gorgeous, and you get a bit of online envy going on…. Well, that’s how I felt when I met Trista. She shared with us a lot of useful information, listen to this episode to learn them.


How to Build Customer Loyality and Engagement – Amy Roche

Amy is a self confessed ‘Appliance Nerd’ and she believes that people inherently love to shop, when something cool and fun is going on. Unfortunately, we’ve trained our customers that buying appliances is a routine task, a necessity when things are broken. She believes we need to start utilising our showrooms (that we pay dearly for) and stop perpetuating the price only story.

julia bickerstaff

Retail For Handmade Creators

This episode of Bringing Business To Retail is a little bit different.

Today, you’ll hear a live, round-table discuss with passionate handmade creators, led by Julia Bickerstaff from The Business Bakery.

Catherine Langman

Catherine Langman – Online Strategies for ProductPreneurs

In a retail business, products are the most essential part. Product creation is what brings new things to our shelves and puts us a step ahead of the competition. In today’s episode, Catherine Langman gives us tips about product creating and being a “ProductPreneur”. Catherine users her past experience of being a “ProductPreneur” to tell us about the many techniques she has for creating a product for your business.