The Impact Pillar

Build a BRAND, not just a store


The Faux-E-O Smackdown – Lessons Learned

In this episode I want to share with you how you can start making small changes to regain control of your business and move towards the place you want to be. If you’re ready to start enjoying success right away, not in a year or two, I’d love you to join me.


Financial Success Post Covid – Adam Lean

In this episode of the Bringing Business To Retail podcast I’m joined by our resident finance expert, Adam Lean. As owner and director of the CFO project Adam is perfectly placed to share how you can build financial resilience into your business and provides simple, easy to implement strategies you can start using today to ensure you stay on top of your biggest financial priorities.


Why Average Sucks – Michael Bernoff

On this weeks episode I’m super excited to be joined by Michael Bernoff, speaker and author of Average Sucks. We work through the steps you need to take to move what you have, closer to what you want and explore why being happy with Average will stop you from realising your dreams.


Takeaways From Inside Retail Live

Inside Retail Live 2020 didn’t fail to live up the being the leading retail and eCommerce think tank in Australia and New Zealand. On this week’s episode I’m sharing my Top Take Aways from the conference with thoughts and ideas from enterprise level retailers, global eCommerce superstars, tech and product developers and thought leaders, with a focus on how we can work together to build a robust and prosperous future for retail.


Collaboration And The Second Hand Economy – Yasmin Grigaliunas

In 2013 Yasmin and her husband Leigh started Worlds Biggest Garage Sale. What was intended to be a one off event where they would sell dormant, unused goods, to raise money for charity, has grown over the last five years to raise more than $314k for charity benefactors and divert over3.3million kilograms of unused goods going to landfill.


How To Write The Perfect ABOUT Page – Jay Crisp Crow

DISCOVER HOW TO BUILD THE RETAIL STORE YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF “People forgive mistakes but they won’t forgive lies” LISTEN NOW WHAT IS THE EPISODE ABOUT Your website’s looking shmick. Your product descriptions are top notch. So why is it so hard to write your About Me (or Us!) Page? And does it really matter if it’s a bit rubbish?! In this episode my guest, copy writer Jay Crisp Crow, is going to answer your most pressing questions about website copy. How to make it sing. How to make it resonate. And in particular how to write an About Page that sells whilst it tells. LINKS & RESOURCES Crisprow Criscopy How to write better copy – Guide Bio In her old life, Jay Crisp Crow juggled a family, a disability, and a communications job that sucked the juice from her bones. Then she had firm words with herself, found her voice, and took her own gig on the road. Through Crisp Copy, Jay writes blow-your-hair-back premium copy for brands, big and small, and teaches women in business how to write copy that sells through coaching, consulting, and courses. She regularly presents in Perth and online on everything from Staying Away From


From Super to Superstar – Uncovering What’s Holding You Back From Success

Are you ready to take your business from Super to Superstar but just can’t figure out how to do it? Do you lack the money, energy or time to focus on all the things you think you need to change in your business? Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, sitting on a plateaux or your business never really got off the ground in the first place..?

In this episode I share the 5 fundamental pillars of a successful business and help you understand how a weakness in one of those areas will hold your business back from growth and success. Then we work through how you can focus on the one area of your business that will move you towards growth and superstardom.


My Weightloss Journey

Losing weight isn’t something I often talk about but after shifting about 9kg (20lbs) in the past six months I’m ready to share how what I’ve learnt through this journey has impacted on a series of other aspects of my life and business.

This is a lesson in how doing ‘all the things you’re supposed to do’ is sometimes the least effective way of reaching your goals.