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Customer Connection

Michael Laps: Customers Are Still Spending – Here’s How You Find Them

Your customers shopping behavior may have changed and you might be wondering WHERE can you find those people who are cashed up, or at least spending on what you sell?

In this episode, Michael and I sit with our virtual cup of tea and discuss how to effectively find, connect with and convert, those elusive, yet eager, spenders and be able to thrive in today’s competitive market.


Michelle Sherrier: Retail Trends You Need To Know

Have you ever jumped on a trend and it didn’t sell the way you wanted?

Get ready to tune in to this episode with Michelle Sherrier as she shares her insights on the retail industry and how important it is to know your customers. With 45 years of experience in retail, Michelle is a wealth of knowledge and provides valuable tips for both bricks and mortar and eCommerce businesses.


80% Of Your Customers Will Keep You Poor

Truth is 80% of your customers will keep you poor now. More customers don’t mean more sales.
But there are ways for you to raise the bar of your customers so that you can raise the money you are bringing in.
In this episode, I’ll share with you the steps you can use to get those great customers in your door.


The Conversations Of 2022 That Changed My Life Forever

Growth happens when you take the time to reflect on the lessons that life has thrown at you. How you choose to apply what you’ve learnt can be the difference between happiness and heartache.

So in this episode, I want to share with you the life changing conversations that have come my way in 2022…

How they affected me (positively and negatively) in my business, my marriage and my friendships and how I’m moving forward in 2023.


How To Get Terrible Customers

Join me in this fun episode and find out how to attract the worst customers ever! 

Today, I’ll be sharing with you 11 ways to attract a Karen! (hopefully that’s not just an Aussie phrase – google it)You’re probably asking why right? 

Well, if you’re feeling stuck, or you’re not quite sure where you should be putting your focus, this episode is for you.
I’m flipping things up, which might be just what you need.


How To Keep Your Customers Shopping (Even In A Recession)

Keeping customers coming back to shop with you is so much easier and cheaper than marketing to and attracting a constant stream of new customers.

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can dig in and really understand both your customers and the value you bring to them that will keep them shopping with you when they may be tightening their belts or limiting their spending.


Kim Zorn: Decoding Gen Z

Born into the Internet era and raised on social media there’s no denying Gen-Z will have a pivotal impact on the retail industry when they start entering the workforce over the next few years.
In this episode of Bringing Business To Retail, I’m joined by Kim Zorn the Global Performance Director at youth fashion label Princess Polly where we Decode Gen-Z.


Christopher Melotti: What Makes A Good Ecommerce Product Description

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Have you tried asking yourselves why 5 times before buying a product? Why do I need this? Why do I want this? Why would it be helpful for me? Why am I attracted to this? Why will I spend my money on this? These are just sample questions that you can ask before purchasing something. And as business owners, sometimes we tend to forget this simple approach. By also asking these questions, we get to understand our customers better and be able to target them with better product descriptions.

Catch Christopher and I talk about how simplicity is key to understanding your customers and bridging your products to them!