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How I Built A Global Fashion Empire With NO Money

In this episode with us is amazing Jane Lu from Showpo and it’s real pleasure to have Jane in the show.

Jane is a real synonym for success. Her business grows from a small garage shop to 60M USD in just 7-8 years.

It’s not easy to grow like that and there are many hurdles but it’s important to have a goal you want to achieve, Jane shared with us her inspirational story about everything she experienced during this period from nothing to success.


Stop Goal Setting, Start Goal Getting – Laurie Shopland

A new year is always time to sit down, grab a piece of paper and pen and start writing. Usually, we write our wishes, our goals, and our plans.

Maybe we are not always in a position to get our goals, but we need to set them and go straight to them.

Today on the show we have Laurie Shopland to help us with how we can actually the right goals and how we can get the right goals.

Listen to the episode, grab your piece of paper, be inspired and start working on your goals.


Live Coaching Call with Dawn Lewis On When Is The Right Time To Hire

Today’s episode is a little bit different, and I hope you will enjoy this new format of the podcast episode. The holiday season officially starts in next couple of days with Black Friday.

Now it’s time to use all your resources and get the best results in your retail store. Probably you will need some additional help and hire people during the season, so I am here to help you how to chose the right person and the best one.


How Free Is Really Holding You Back – Salena Knight

’ve got a question for you.

How many free things have you downloaded, watched or subscribed to in the last 6 weeks?

If you’re anything like me, the answer could be anywhere from a half dozen, to a hundred. Between the podcasts I listen to every day, the facebook lives, the free downloads and free trials, I would estimate I probably consume free stuff at a rate of around a 10-20 items a week.


Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business – Alison Donaghey

Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to get your head out of that headspace when you’re in a bit of a funk. So I brought along today’s guest Alison Donaghey. She’s a radio host of the show think opposite. She’s the author of an international best-selling book also called Think opposite and she talks about using what she calls the domino effect to change your business to change the world. And she’s also a cause and effect strategist. And today she’s going to show us how you can expand your mind in ways you didn’t think possible.


How This Guy Lives Life To It’s Full Potential – Maxwell Ivey

When you get up this morning what was the thing that you thought just got in your way? Did you think Ah I’m sorry busy I just can’t organize dinner? What’s going to be for dinner? Oh I’m so busy I have to get the kids ready. If I just had a little bit more money I could organize for somebody to be doing this thing that I don’t like doing. We are always going to have stuff that get in the way. But today’s guest Maxwell Ivey is an inspirational and motivational personal coach. And what I love about it is he also runs a business buying and selling carnival equipment and amusement park rides. Something a little bit different. But Max gets what it takes when you’re retail.


Why We Love Our Team (and You Should Too!) – Jeffrey Davidson

I know that when you are growing your business you need to have a team. But sometimes you can’t afford a full-time team so you might be working with a remote V.A. or you might have part-time people picking and packing for you. And you got part-time social media person but sometimes it can feel like a luxury when you’ve got someone full-time and keeping all those balls juggling in the air and making sure everybody gets along can be really difficult.. So I’ve brought Jeffrey Davidson onto the show to help you help your team.


Creating Friends In Business – Erica Castner

We could all do with more customers and we could always do with friends in business. And I use the word friends with some quotes around them because growing your retail business is not about doing this on your own. So I have brought Erica on to talk about how you can grow your business and improve your customer experience just by putting yourself out there and creating some partnerships and maybe even some streamlining some systems along the way.