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Beat Burnout: Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth

If contracting one of the rarest remaining diseases early in my business taught me anything, it’s this: nobody’s safe from the 4 B’s of Business.

Bottleneck. Burn-out. Breakdown. Bankruptcy. It’s common for one to follow the other. If you’re starting to see the warning signs of one, it’s time to urgently find a solution… because the others are close on its heels.

In this episode, we’re looking at how these 4 B’s feed off of each other, what we can do to keep them away, and what’s at risk if we don’t take them seriously. We can’t afford to be silent about these risks. And you can’t afford to miss this conversation.


The Episode You Were Never Meant To Hear

For those of us who own retail and eCommerce stores, December’s all about demands and pressures. Plus, so many of us have found 2023 rough… and it’s so easy to let these situations hold you down.

If you’re feeling like 2023 was a bit (or a lot) rough – here are my words of advice… the breakdown often comes before the breakthrough. You may not see the breakthrough coming when you’re in it, but little by little, it’s on its way.

Tune in to this podcast episode to find that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


4 Things You Need To Triple The Value Of Your Business

Do you know the four things you need to do to triple the value of your business? These four steps are free, simple, and can set your business up for a potential future sale for a price that’s not just satisfying… it’s sexy. Dive into this week’s episode to discover the 4 things you need to triple the value of your business.


4 Leadership Mistakes I Find Myself Repeating

It’s 7:59 am, and I’m just about to hop on to our daily team meeting. Our meetings are pretty light-hearted, we share a joke, walk through issues that have come up and review what’s happened over the last 24 hours.When my coach told me I HAD to implement them, I did so begrudgingly.But, he was right.Daily team meetings have changed our business and really increased team engagement.


Your Great Ideas Are Running Your Business Into The Ground

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with a fabulous retailer in New Zealand about her business.

She was doing well…

She had significantly increased revenue since purchasing the business…

She went on to tell me about how she listens to the podcast on her drive into the shop and excitedly tells her team about what she learned and all the things they need to implement.

I’ll admit, it’s always heartwarming and flattering to hear someone say they get value from the podcast.

But, even though I had that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart, ALARM BELLS were going off in my head…

Because this was THE EXACT SAME SCENARIO that I had once found myself in. And it was one of the worst days of my business life.

Listen in for what happened next.


Amazing Financial Advice…From My 14yo

It’s not very often I’ll tell you to take financial advice from a teenager.

But, this is one of those moments in life ,where you think, “OM, I did ok at this parenting thing”

Not only did you teach your child something valuable, BUT THEY LISTENED!!!!


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