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The Simple Question To Answer Your Biggest Hiring Decision

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin THe simple question to answer your biggest hiring decision SALENA KNIGHT WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Salena Knight Have I ever told you the story about how I hired someone to work in my shop, and about a year later, found out she’d started her own online business the week after she got the job in my store…..essentially selling the exact same stuff?  Find out…-why she WASN’T a bad hire-who to hire as your business grows-the simple equation for the right hire (almost) every time  ** Want to scale your store? Click here to know how. Shownotes Summary Selena Knight discusses the importance of hiring the right people for your business in this episode of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast. She shares personal stories of hiring mistakes and emphasizes the need to delegate tasks that drain your time and energy. Knight provides a simple question to ask when making hiring decisions: “Who do you need and what are they going to do?” By identifying the tasks that can be delegated and focusing on revenue-generating activities, business owners can free up time to grow their businesses. Chapters | **Timestamp** | **Summary** | | ————- | ———– |


Your Great Ideas Are Running Your Business Into The Ground

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk with a fabulous retailer in New Zealand about her business.

She was doing well…

She had significantly increased revenue since purchasing the business…

She went on to tell me about how she listens to the podcast on her drive into the shop and excitedly tells her team about what she learned and all the things they need to implement.

I’ll admit, it’s always heartwarming and flattering to hear someone say they get value from the podcast.

But, even though I had that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart, ALARM BELLS were going off in my head…

Because this was THE EXACT SAME SCENARIO that I had once found myself in. And it was one of the worst days of my business life.

Listen in for what happened next.


Amazing Financial Advice…From My 14yo

It’s not very often I’ll tell you to take financial advice from a teenager.

But, this is one of those moments in life ,where you think, “OM, I did ok at this parenting thing”

Not only did you teach your child something valuable, BUT THEY LISTENED!!!!


Kath Clarke: What Standing In A Pit Of Tiger Snakes Taught Me About Building A Brand

Not up for standing in a pit of tiger snakes? Me neither! Luckily Kath Clarke’s done it for us and she’s going to give us the insight on how that moment translated into building brands.

The fact is, your brand is often built around you. But as you scale, it can end up being diluted.

Find out how to forge a strong brand, even as you scale, both within your team and also externally for your customers (or even investors!)


Yasmin Grigaliunas and Kirsten Kore: Sustainability And The Circular Economy

We’ve heard about eco friendly products, sustainable marketing, etc. But what is circular economy, really?

With production and consumption hitting the limits of natural resources and the ever-increasing waste problem, the age of circular economy is here. Customers are becoming more conscious about their product consumption and waste reduction.

In collaboration with the National Online Retailers Association, in this episode of Bringing Business To Retail, I’m joined by Yasmin Grigaliunas (CEO & Co-founder, The World’s Biggest Garage Sale) and Kirsten Kore (Co-Founder/Co-CEO, DesignerEx) in this episode.


Daniel Murray: Why Your Staff Aren’t Doing What You Want

You’ve been there, right? You’ve asked someone on your team to do a task, you come back and check…and it’s not done.
Why oh why won’t people (aka, our staff) just do as they’re asked?

The fact is, you need your team. You can’t grow without them.

But if you’ve ever felt frustrated and like it’s just easier to do things yourself, you NEED this podcast episode.

For today’s Bringing Business To Retail podcast, Daniel Murray will help you understand why your staff do what they do.

HINT: it’s probably NOT the reason you think.

He’ll show you a completely different perspective that builds an intentional culture for your staff to be the team player that you (desperately) need.


Kris Ward: How To Put The Fun Back Into Your Business

Ever felt like your business is not fun anymore?

It’s the reality for so many business owners once they get past those first 18 months – 2 years. I call this the “business honeymoon phase”.

Imagine if you could get to the spot where your business supported your life instead, of consuming it. Find out how in this episode.