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Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll And Building 8 Figures Businesses – Mitch Russo

Mitch Russo is a business coach, author, software developer, and podcaster who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs rapidly scale and grow their businesses.

With a drive to help people and make a difference, Mitch knows success comes from focusing not on what you do but on why you do it. It’s this philosophy that has helped unhappy business owners reposition themselves in their chosen market and achieve great success.


Do you need one of these?

On this weeks episode, I’m sharing how to choose the right person to bring into your business, what roles they should be handling and how to avoid adding more work to your plate.


Elizabeth Guthrie Interview Salena Knight

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin Elizabeth Guthrie Interview Salena Knight SALENA KNIGHT LISTEN NOW WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Salena Knight, The Retail Strategist Biography My passion is to help independent retailers like YOU to have a profitable retail business – without burning out.Business doesn’t have to be all about stress and hard work – you can achieve success and enjoy the journey. Unfortunately, it took me too many years of working more hours than I should and getting to the point of burn out, before I figured this out. Even though I had a business degree, there was nowhere I could go to find out how to open or run a retail business. There was no community of retailers who would openly share their knowledge or experience. Elizabeth Guthrie Interview Salena Knight One of our most popular podcast episodes was a few years ago when my daughter Lana took over the microphone and became my guest interviewer. Hard-hitting questions like “do you prefer dogs to cats” and “what am I getting for Christmas”! Lana is now a grunty, moody tween, so I thought it would be fun to hand the microphone over to my Creative Director and All Round


Get More Sales Between Now & Christmas

If you own a retail or e-commerce business and you’re ready to get customers back spending instore or online this weeks episode of Bringing Business To Retail is for you. I’m going to step you through the fundamentals of creating a marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on constantly generating new leads, increases your revenue and creates the kind of customer experience customers are desperate for.