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Ashley Stewart: Ashley’s $60,000 Cash Flow Boost

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin Ashley’s $60,000 Cash Flow Boost ASHLEY STEWART WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Ashley Stewart My name is Ashley Stewart and I’m the Managing Director of Naked Baby Eco Boutique. My partner and I bought the business in July 2014 and it has been a labour of love ever since. Who doesn’t want a sale? As a consumer, its always a yes! But as a business owner, its usually a no. But there will sometimes come a time that you need to get rid of your stock and get that cashflow boost to get new things in. Join me and Ashley as she shares how she got rid of her stock and generated $60,000 in just a few days! ** Get the BF Bundle now and use it for your big weekend to offer the best product/s that convert! Shownotes Summary The speaker discusses the importance of promoting the Christmas spirit to customers to encourage them to shop at their store. They mention the success stories of Cynthia and Ashley, who generated significant sales by following strategies and creating successful sales campaigns. The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing offers and understanding what resonates with customers


Cynthia Summers: How Cynthia Made $17500 In Sales In Just 5 Hours

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin How cynthia made $17500 in sales in just 5 hours CYNTHIA SUMMERS WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Cynthia Summers Cynthia Summers purchased the iconic Scottsdale Shoe Shop in July 2017. Since then Cynthia has been catering to her community with passion and friendly customer service. With a great range of sizes and styles to choose from, there’s something for the whole family in store and online! Who doesn’t want to make $17,500 in just 5 hours? Listen to one of our conversations over at the recent The Retail Academy Live and find out how Cynthia made this happen!   ** There are 9 strategies I use when helping retail/e-comm businesses move their stock fast so they can reinvest that money into new business. Head over to to know exactly what those 9 strategies are and how I use them.   Shownotes Summary Cynthia shares her success story of making $17,500 in just 5 hours through a strategic off-site sale. She explains how she differentiated the sale from her regular store experience and targeted a different demographic. Cynthia also discusses the challenges of not having a POS system and the potential for growth through her


How To Increase Sales With NO Inventory (And It’s Not Dropshipping)

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin How To Increase Sales With NO Inventory (And It’s Not Dropshipping) SALENA KNIGHT WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Salena Knight Biography Lately, I have been seeing too many bad stories about businesses sending products to influencers, but got NOTHING in return. We’re too obsessed with using influencers. Its time for YOU to think of yourself as an ambassador! Find out how you can increase your sales through YOU! ** TRA Live is HAPPENING! Details here to know more. Shownotes Summary Summary: The speaker announces an upcoming live event in Melbourne where attendees can learn strategies to grow their businesses. They emphasize the limited number of seats available and encourage listeners to secure their tickets. The speaker mentions that program members can attend the event for free, while others will have to pay. They highlight the benefits of attending the event, including guest speakers, action time, and networking opportunities. The speaker also reminds listeners to actively work on increasing sales and not get overwhelmed by multiple tasks. They conclude by asking for feedback and reviews on the podcast. Chapters | **Timestamp** | **Summary** || ————- | ———– || 00:00 | Introduction || 00:05 | Topic 1: Main


Jake Rosenberg: How Krete Guarantees Repeat Purchases

How the heck do you get customers to buy again and again with only ONE product? Well, that’s what the male beauty brand Krete has successfully managed to do. Sure, they now have a total of TWO products, but so much can be learnt about how to attract, convert and keep customers in this episode with founder, Jake Rosenberg.

Not only does he share the exact strategies he uses to get customers in, but also how he manages to solve the age-old customer retention problem of having customers beg for more.


Most Retailers NEVER Do This (The Secret Growth Hack)

We have a problem.

Right now, You have too much on your plate.

Too many things, too many ideas, too many projects.

And it means you’re working too much and not making the money you should be.

This time of year, a lot of the retailers I’ve been speaking to are…

So. Freaking. Tired.

They feel like the past year flew by and the New Year just seems like a big obstacle looming.

The good news is, we can fix that, find out how in today’s episode.


I Guarantee This Will Get You More Sales

Can this simple hack guarantee to increase your sales? I think so.
There are a thousand reasons why a customer won’t buy from you. But there might just be one key thing that you’re missing, that could leverage this peak selling period and convert more sales both online and in-store. 

Hop into this episode with me as I guarantee how you can get more sales!


Aimee Lopez: The Super Fun Ways To Make More Money

This is my super fun episode on how to make more money!
Making money is a non-negotiable in business.
No money, no business. Simple.
But too many retailers approach making money as something that’s difficult when in reality, it’s not.
Former vintage clothing appraiser (I mean, how cool is that for a job!) Aimee Lopez and I will chat about how to do exactly this.


No Brainer Sales Strategies

If I told you the exact formula guaranteed to sell more products, would you implement it?

You’re probably thinking “hell yeah”, but I know the answer is, 99% of you won’t.

But, I’m still going to share it anyway.

The only catch – you’ve got to let me know what you implement and the results you get.


ps – I’ll also share with you WHY you won’t implement it, and it’s got nothing to do with time or money.

(send me a DM, email, or FB message – we read them all!)


Lisa Dadd: A Natural Approach To Sales By Tapping Into Your Soul Language

Do you struggle with how to sell your products?

Do you find yourself giving discounts to people wo don’t ask for them, or feeling like you HAVE to put in extra items when someone orders?

I’m sure you’ve got great products, so imagine if you (and your team) could be sales ninjas AND be completely authentic.

Find out how to tap into your Soul Language with Lisa Dadd.