Tim Paige

How to grow your customer base – Tim Paige

Tim Paige is known in many circles of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, online marketers, affiliate marketers and the like. Everyone in that world knows him as one of the kick-ass dudes bringing us LeadPages and their podcast, ConversionCast. And when you hear him talk about opt-in pages, conversions, and email tips & tricks, you’ll instantly hear the passion in his voice. He loves his work because it helps people like you do what they love most.

Catherine Langman

Catherine Langman – Online Strategies for ProductPreneurs

In a retail business, products are the most essential part. Product creation is what brings new things to our shelves and puts us a step ahead of the competition. In today’s episode, Catherine Langman gives us tips about product creating and being a “ProductPreneur”. Catherine users her past experience of being a “ProductPreneur” to tell us about the many techniques she has for creating a product for your business.

Mick Russell

Mick Russell – Tips For Making Video Work For Your Retail Store

Videos can help you in your retail business in so many ways. On today’s episode, Mick Russell talks to us about how videos can be very beneficial to retail store. Mick explains that whenever you make a video of a product, you bring it to life in a sense. Videos can also show an application to a certain product and make your customers want to buy it. Mick says that a customer is more likely to buy a certain product after watching a video about it.

Belinda Weaver

Belinda Weaver – Copywrite Matters

In this episode, Belinda Weaver breaks down these terms piece by piece to help you understand exactly what copywriting is and how it can help you business. Belinda teaches us about understanding yourself to then understand whom you are trying marketing to. Copywriting is what helps you reach out to your audience to make your business grow.

Jill Stanton

Selling Your Knowledge – Jill Stanton

Screw The Nine To Five is a movement started by Jill & Josh Stanton. They designed this place to help new and existing entrepreneurs solve problems related to life and business through actionable insights and simple how-to’s.