Katie Wyatt

How to Make Your Brand More Visible – Katie Wyatt

Katie Wyatt helps female wellness entrepreneurs and creatives get more visible so they can grow their business.

She grew up in the corporate world where she learned the ninja arts of business & commercial success and the art of building a network, learning from the best and collaborating for impact. But the corporate world had little soul and appeal for her. And after getting cancer twice in 10 years she realised that the only person who could change her life and give her the meaning & freedom she yearned for was she.


How To Grow Your Instagram Account – Elle Roberts

Elle is a multi passionate creative coach, business mentor, dreamer, writer, speaker and entrepreneur.

She loves working with clients to help them with their business planning, social media, marketing, goal setting and digital strategies so they can focus on doing the work they love.

Janet Murray

PR Strategies For Retailers – Janet Murray

Janet spent the past fifteen years writing and editing for national newspapers and magazines in the UK including the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Times, Sun and Daily Mail.

She’s pitched (and successfully placed) countless stories in the national media. Plus, she’s also commissioned hundreds of stories (and turned down many more).