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I Guarantee This Will Get You More Sales

Can this simple hack guarantee to increase your sales? I think so.
There are a thousand reasons why a customer won’t buy from you. But there might just be one key thing that you’re missing, that could leverage this peak selling period and convert more sales both online and in-store. 

Hop into this episode with me as I guarantee how you can get more sales!


Should I Pay My Team Bonuses?

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you aren’t good enough to build a multi mullion dollar business on your own.
Growth comes when you find your key people. And once you find them, you need to encourage them to stay.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve been doing over the years and how it has evolved when incentivising your team.


Kath Clarke: What Standing In A Pit Of Tiger Snakes Taught Me About Building A Brand

Not up for standing in a pit of tiger snakes? Me neither! Luckily Kath Clarke’s done it for us and she’s going to give us the insight on how that moment translated into building brands.

The fact is, your brand is often built around you. But as you scale, it can end up being diluted.

Find out how to forge a strong brand, even as you scale, both within your team and also externally for your customers (or even investors!)


Sam Thompson and Ming Kang Chen: How To Leverage Paid Ads For BFCM, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Beyond

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin How To Leverage Paid Ads For BFCM, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Beyond SAM THOMPSON AND MING KANG CHEN WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Sam Thompson and Ming Kang Chen How prepared are you for the upcoming spend-fest that is the holiday season? Are your advertising and marketing campaigns ready? Or are you just going to rely on what you’ve always done (hint: that’s NOT going to work this year)? Joining me to uncover where and when to invest your money to maximize your sales this holiday season in this collaboration episode with the National Online Retailers Association (NORA), Sam Thompson (Bench), and Ming Kang Chen (Sheet Society). ** There are 9 strategies I use when helping retail/e-comm businesses move their stock fast so they can reinvest that money into new business. Head over to https://salenaknight.com/stock to know exactly what those 9 strategies are and how I use them. LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS LISTEN ON SPOTIFY I THINK YOU’LL LOVE… WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT? Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Share on pinterest Pinterest


How To Get Terrible Customers

Join me in this fun episode and find out how to attract the worst customers ever! 

Today, I’ll be sharing with you 11 ways to attract a Karen! (hopefully that’s not just an Aussie phrase – google it)You’re probably asking why right? 

Well, if you’re feeling stuck, or you’re not quite sure where you should be putting your focus, this episode is for you.
I’m flipping things up, which might be just what you need.


Aimee Lopez: The Super Fun Ways To Make More Money

This is my super fun episode on how to make more money!
Making money is a non-negotiable in business.
No money, no business. Simple.
But too many retailers approach making money as something that’s difficult when in reality, it’s not.
Former vintage clothing appraiser (I mean, how cool is that for a job!) Aimee Lopez and I will chat about how to do exactly this.


Matt Neale and Nick Blatt: Mastering The Art Of Fulfillment

Covid definitely upped the game when it comes to online shopping. And the biggest customer complaint is always around delivery. 
Good fulfillment solutions not only affect your customers, but they also affect YOU!
Great fulfillment solutions can help you save you thousands, through actions like efficient picking and reduced freight costs
How to leverage your entire network for delivery, combining distribution centres with stores acting as fulfillment locations and even leveraging fulfillment from suppliers and drop ship providers. 
In collaboration with the National Online Retailers Association, in this episode of Bringing Business To Retail, I’m joined by Matt Neale (CTO, EstarOnline) and Nick Blatt (Head of Ecommerce & Digital Customer Experience, Chemist Warehouse) in this episode discussing the art of fulfillment.


Yasmin Grigaliunas and Kirsten Kore: Sustainability And The Circular Economy

We’ve heard about eco friendly products, sustainable marketing, etc. But what is circular economy, really?

With production and consumption hitting the limits of natural resources and the ever-increasing waste problem, the age of circular economy is here. Customers are becoming more conscious about their product consumption and waste reduction.

In collaboration with the National Online Retailers Association, in this episode of Bringing Business To Retail, I’m joined by Yasmin Grigaliunas (CEO & Co-founder, The World’s Biggest Garage Sale) and Kirsten Kore (Co-Founder/Co-CEO, DesignerEx) in this episode.


Why Do Some People In Business Succeed And Others Don’t

Ever wondered how some businesses just seem to be an overnight success and others are still pootling (yes that’s a made-up word) along, year in and year out?

Last night, over pizza and wine by the beach, my friend Gina asked me why I thought some business owners succeed and others don’t.

Find out what I told her.


How To Keep Your Customers Shopping (Even In A Recession)

Keeping customers coming back to shop with you is so much easier and cheaper than marketing to and attracting a constant stream of new customers.

In this episode, I’m sharing how you can dig in and really understand both your customers and the value you bring to them that will keep them shopping with you when they may be tightening their belts or limiting their spending.


No Brainer Sales Strategies

If I told you the exact formula guaranteed to sell more products, would you implement it?

You’re probably thinking “hell yeah”, but I know the answer is, 99% of you won’t.

But, I’m still going to share it anyway.

The only catch – you’ve got to let me know what you implement and the results you get.


ps – I’ll also share with you WHY you won’t implement it, and it’s got nothing to do with time or money.

(send me a DM, email, or FB message – we read them all!)


Dean Salakas: Scaling A Family Business Into Australia’s Biggest Party Store

Want to know how to turn a family business into a multi-million dollar business, and the country’s largest online store in your industry, well, that’s the story you want to hear, right?

And doing it with NO outside investment – that’s certainly an achievement. One that Dean Salakas is happy to share, so you can do it too.

This episode will give you a totally different viewpoint on how you can scale your business.