A Natural Approach To Sales By Tapping Into Your Soul Language



Lisa Dadd

Do you struggle with how to sell your products? 

Do you find yourself giving discounts to people who don’t ask for them, or feeling like you HAVE to put in extra items when someone orders? 

I’m sure you’ve got great products, so imagine if you (and your team) could be sales ninjas AND be completely authentic. 

Find out how to tap into your Soul Language with Lisa Dadd. 

Corporate sales and marketing manager turned transformational business owner, Lisa works to build a bridge between success and fulfillment. Her radical approach to selling from INSIDE our comfort zone, shifts a paradigm we’ve been taught to believe. Not only can we feel good in the process, it is also our most effective approach to finding success in business. Lisa spent 15 years in the competitive industry of corporate healthcare, mastering strategic sales, marketing and management skills, from the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. In addition to the success, climbing the corporate ladder offered, was a deep sense her greatest potential was yet to be realized. With nearly a decade of independent consulting, an intense training in leadership development and facilitation of social emotional learning programs, Lisa has uncovered an innate way to access that potential. 

Leveraging a diagnostic tool called Soul Language, Lisa now works with innovative leaders to integrate an awareness of who they are at their core, into the way they do business. The success of her process is particularly related to her unique approach to sales training. She believes that selling is a critical communication skill for all of us to have, because whether we are selling a product, a service, or an idea, we all need to create buy-in. Soul Sales teaches the art of creating buy-in, through the enrolling language of one’s innate energy. 

Lisa tributes a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, and mostly her dog Leo, for her “Playing your way to Greatness,” facilitation and training style. She’ll help you blur the line between work and play, as you rediscover the significance of being the best version of you!

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