Avoiding Customer Fallout In The Holiday Rush – Rob Hango-Zada

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“Did you know that 4 in 10 purchases are made using only an online channel for searching and buying?”



In this episode I’m joined by Rob Hango-Zada, co-founder and co-CEO of Australian order fulfilment company Shippit. Providing shipping and order fulfilment services for some of Australia’s biggest retail names including; Sephora, Kathmandu, CottonOn and Temple & Webster, Shipit has build a brand where innovation and customer experience are at their core.

Join me to get the inside story on how Shipit succeeded where so many have failed. Discover if the journey from start up to superstar was all smooth sailing and share an honest story about risk, friendship, sacrifice, self-awareness and the lessons Rob learned along the way.

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Rob Hango-Zada is the co-founder and co-CEO of Shippit; Shippit is a platform that powers the simpler delivery for online retailers; from automating their shipping and returns, to empowering the retailer’s customer with tracking information at their fingertips.
Australian Financial Review recently called Shippit, “The Australian poster child for the defence against Amazon”. It’s also, what many would call the Australian poster child of a startup success story, and it goes like this;
Two good friends identify a glaring problem,
They build a prototype while they had full-time jobs,
They win a series of pitches, leave their jobs,
Raise a few million dollars,
Generate a few more million and now their product is being used by the countries biggest names in e-commerce, from Harvey Norman to Sephora and TopShop.

That’s the story we can Google… it sounds like a dream run. They followed the startup template to a ’T’ and it paid off. However, in my chat with Rob, we pull the curtains back and hear the true journey to present day triumph – a journey full of obstacles, risk and close calls.

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