How to get repeat customers from a trade fair

Trade fairs are a whirlwind of people, products and hopefully, sales.

You’re high on excitement, surrounded by thousands of potential customers. You’re ready to sell anything and everything.

But trade fairs are a funny thing. Customers are oftened hyped up and ready to spend, and the old fear of missing out, drives them to buy things that they may not normally have purchased.

Now, the reason you do trade fairs, is mainly to attract new customers, right? But a new customer once, is not going to change your bottom line. In order to have a sustainable business model, you need to focus on repeat business.

And, you can rock your customer’s world, if you offer a great customer experience. So what I’m going to tell you today, isn’t rocket science. They’re simple things that you can put in place, to make a one off customer into a repeat buyer, and hopefully, one that tells everyone about you, because word of mouth is the most positive form of advertising.

So first off, skip the scanner. Those trade fair supplied systems that cost hundreds of dollars, really aren’t going to get you your perfect customer.

What they’re going to do, is clog up your mailing list with free-ple. People who scan at every booth in the hopes they’ll win something, even if they don’t want it.

Instead, offer your own competition to attract a winner that suits your store. It may be for a gift certificate, or it may be a select range of goods, or perhaps it’s for a workshop or free session with your staff, if, say, you offer personal styling services.

Get creative.

And potentially offer the winner something no one else can buy, such as an in-home consultation. Find something that reflects your brand, and your customer desires, or pain points, and make it winnable.

If a contestant wants to enter YOUR contest, make them write or type their contact details onto an Ipad, or go old school, and use slips of paper in a bowl

Of course, make sure to check and see if there are any particular lottery laws that govern these type of giveaways in your state.

Now, Most, if not all, products come with a warranty. If you aren’t using a POS system at the trade fair, then by capturing a customer’s details and tagging them when uploading into your customer database, you at least know they were present.

Make sure you let a customer know that you’ll be retaining their details in the event of a warranty claim, and give them the opportunity to opt out if they want. Remember the key is to have a customer database, full of people who love you.

And having this email address gives you a great opportunity to follow up

Now if you don’t feel comfortable, or confident in taking email address at the fair, put a system in place which allows them to register their product online within 7 days for a record of warranty, an extended warranty or other benefit.

Remember, to blitz the competition, you need to be thinking different from other retailers

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