3 Must-Know Tips For Using Video To Sell More Products – Thomas Duran

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories you tell."



Thomas Duran was going to be a fire fighter, that was until he realised he could turn his real passion for video, into his job.  For the past thirteen years Thomas has worked as a professional video cameraman and producer, helping corporate clients sell their message and products through moving images.

In this episode Thomas shares how you can leverage, one of the most powerful marketing tools available and use video to sell to your customers and scale your business.  We chat about ways you can avoid having your own face on camera, how to shoot iPhone videos that stand out in a congested market place, aps that help you edit your videos so it looks like a pro did them and what kind of budget you should be setting if you’re working with a professional production company.

No matter if you’re a start up producing DIY sales videos or scaling to seven figures and considering a highly polished branding video, Thomas shares how video delivers so much more to your customer in a way photos don’t.

Video is considered to be the most powerful marketing tool available to retailers today, and is no longer a bonus option but an expected addition.


Over the past 13 years I have created and produced dynamic and engaging videos for all Level of business. From national syndicated shows and corporation too small business and startups. We create videos that shares the story of your business, clients, employees and your products and services.
I have worked with numerous companies such as Arizona Public Service, Solidarity Healthshare, and Vincero Watches on developing brand recognition videos, course content, promotional videos.
I have worked with large productions such as ABC, ESPN, Arizona Cardinals, and Bleacher Report.
Our focus is to create videos that increases engagement, traffic, and conversion, all to help grow your business.

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