What makes you go wow when you walk into a retail store

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“What makes you go wow when you walk into a retail store"



In this week’s episode you will hear what our guests answered in the past on Sal’s great question “What makes you go wow when you walk into a retail store”

We have Dan Norris, Greg Van Borssum and Jessica Oman.

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Dan Norris: 

That’s very difficult question. I don’t shop very often. I am an online shopper and I like apple store, I don’t know why. I think I am very heavenly influenced by design. If I see website and I need to buy something, I don’t know if that is to common thing, but if I see the site that is really really well executed and really well designed and really good images, like product images, that is probably translate as a phisicaly as well.

Greg Van Borssum

” I like a retail store to be set up in a very interesting way. I mean, if I see a shop that is all cluttered up, and I feel like I am not going to fit in there I will probably not walk in there. If it looks authenthic and real, if it has all bunch of stuff on the wall and I feel like I need to be there, that’s what does it for me. I can sense when it’s real, if someone has done it so that it has this realist feeling about it, if they did it for the right reason you can really sense it. When you walk in, it feels like someone has put it in their mind to make it real. If it is like that, it will definitely make me go in there, even if I am not going to shop, I will at least look around and remember the store. ”

Jessica Oman

” Organized chaos. I like treasures. I like digging through stuff. I am one of those shoppers who like to find that one, special deal that is hidden in all that other stuff that everyone else is looking at. I like to be able to dig my treasures and I don’t like my store to look too refined but I like lots and lots of stuff in there that I can dig through. So, if I walk into a place and see some unique items that I wouldn’t see somewhere else, and if that store is inviting and welcomes me and wants me to come dig around, then I will go in there. But, generally, for any store that I walk in, it’s the lighting which is so important to me, that the store doesn’t make me tired as soon as I walk in. I like warm and inviting light that says like: ” Yes, come in and check out our stuff.”

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