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  • Meet the Carmel and her shop [13:04]
  • Find out more about Answer the public tool [24:56]
  • Get yourself out of your comfort, very important part to discover some "real-life" situations [29:46]
  • What is Carmel's opinion when it comes to outsourcing [48:59]


Salena: Hey there and welcome to this week's episode of the bringing business to retail podcast. Now, I know that if you are running a business any type of business on the side it can be a constant juggle between working out how much time you should put in and how much money you should put in and the stress that comes with juggling having a full-time job or even a part-time job and a family and then this business as well but I want you to know it can be done. So, I have bought Carmel Griffith onto the show she is a real retailer just like you and she's going to talk about how she runs her what we call in the term side hustle even though I don't like that word, so welcome Carmel.

Carmel: Hi Salena, hi everyone, thanks for having me on.

Salena: I am so excited because I love what you sell and I also am so proud of the things that you've achieved, so before we jump into those I want you to tell us a little bit about what it is you do and your kind of your life in general. So, tell us a little bit about your store but also how the rest of your life functions.

Carmel: Okay, my store is an e-commerce business called pebble post and it's all about Australia inspired gifts for kids and I call all of my products modern Australian and it's I've been running the business now for nearly two years um well should I say.

Salena: What inspired you like clearly Australia is perhaps not where you were born or where you spend a lot of no time with that accent, so what inspired you to go with modern Australia?

Carmel: Okay, well soon after I moved here to Australia which was maybe ten years ago now or a bit more even it wasn't long before friends and family back in the UK started to have babies and so obviously I wanted to send something beautiful to welcome these new kids into the world and being here in Australia, it just seemed like a great opportunity to send something a bit different and unique but representative of me. I guess there's always the hope that when you send a gift to the child of someone that you love but that's gift isn't just an object it's something that represents you. So, there's the hope that that that gift will always remind my friend or my sister of me and that it will inspire an interest with the kids you know to keep me in their conversations and to remember me, so that was that was my main in condom reason for wanting to start the store but it actually evolved from that and I'll get onto a little bit I'm getting on in a while about what I do in my day job.

Salena: Okay.

Carmel: But I'm an environment and sustainability is very much at the core of my beliefs so as my own kids have got older, I find myself always leaning to interest them in the outdoors and the world around them and in nature and again it got me to realize that there's not actually a lot of Australia inside stuff for kids in Australia and if there is this it can be a bit tacky or not really sensitive and you know you could go into any kid store you see pictures of deer’s and wolves and rabbits and actually while we don't have wolves in Australia we have plenty of foxes you know why should we even be kind of celebrating those. They absolutely have it come on Australian ecosystems and many Australian species are now extinct as the result of these animals.

Salena: I have chicken in my backyard.

Carmel: Oh, Goodness.

Salena: So, yeah I'm foxes.

Carmel: So, why should we even be kind of celebrating those animals for starters but why not use the opportunity to celebrate the fact that we have Australian wildlife is so unique it's amazing it's incredibly adapted, why not kind of incorporate a bit more of our world and our environment into our kids conversations and just to get them more interested in people around them.

Salena: As you said that a flock of lorikeets just went past my window, do you know I think we have here in Australia we have really cool-looking animals like they are all very strange right look at a kangaroo look at the colors it's like look at in a kid now fair enough you've got the old Hedgehog but and bilbies and things like that they're really odd.

Carmel: I want to jump in that my logo is

Salena: We had one in our front garden so, we've got bandicoot's like there's no tomorrow but in the twelve years we've lived in this house we once saw an echidna on the front steps.

Carmel: Very amazing, I think I could tick something off my kind of Australian bucket list when I saw my first echidna in the wild I have yet to see a platypus and I think when I've seen a platypus I'll be able to think yeah, I have seen

Salena: But you are so right and I think this is probably the same of many different cultures you know we think of the representatives of being like souvenirs you know that's like he said the tacky clip-on koalas, the ugly stuffed kangaroos you know all those things that you buy in the airport when in fact you're going back to kind of the eighties when we had Mae Gibson and people who aren't from Australia you can go and look at her beautiful illustrated books that was kind of the beginning of that movement but then it didn't really go anywhere.

Carmel: No, it kind of yeah it just became a bit tacky and a lot of the stuff that is out there or Australians it's actually made overseas or you know designed overseas and it's an I feel like Australia is a bit of a token thought to a lot of people. I'll give you another example a couple of months ago we had our winter solstice right and my eldest is fascinated why do we have the shortest day of the year what's going on when I searched and searched you too but I couldn't but the life of me find something that was relevant to people southern hemisphere and we have a smaller English-speaking population in the Southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere but still you know it's things like that kids are told that our seasons no they're not, it's just that there's nothing

Salena: Yes, it's different.

Carmel: We should learn about it and embrace it and talk about it, so that's the explanation as to how the post came to exist.

Salena: Yes and so how do you go about finding all of these products because like you said they are a lot of them out there, so how do you find the perfect gift?

Carmel: I spend a lot of time on Instagram.

Salena: Yes.

Carmel: I also go to trade fairs and saw stuff and I even find a lot of stuff comes to me now, so someone who will create something on Instagram and someone I know might tag me in one of their posters a public post you might like this so that's actually how I've a lot of stuffs just started coming towards me which is great or people will have heard about me and email me about their products.

Salena: Which is awesome.


Salena: That means that you've really identified a niche and you have are starting to become if you aren't already the market leader.

Salena: But I was going let's just take that back just a smidge because when I first met you probably six months ago you have a little bit of an identity crisis didn't you? Or the business had an identity crisis is not you, you are fine.

Carmel: Yes, you could say that, I think well four stars I have a ridiculously apologetic and personality which I'm working on but I just didn't really know how to talk about myself as a business, I wasn't really sure who I should be talking to. I didn't know I'm like it it's for overseas or is it Australia inspired products but you know beautiful gifts and puzzles for Australians beautiful stuff for themselves and it was only recently and since meeting time I had that penny dropping moment and thought no it's let's scale it back it doesn't have to be one or the other it's, it's about beautiful Australia inspired products regardless of who's looking for them but I did put a shout-out on a really large business group here in Australia and just you know ask the question why would you interested in me and these sorts of products have you looked at them before and I have such an overwhelming response from so keen to say things like when were you a few months ago when I was looking for presents for my needs and mercies or I live in Australia and I want my kids to be educated about Australian stuff and I guess like that was my kind of epiphany and I realized no I don't have to worry about one or the other let's just work out a way to make it to be young applicable to both.

Salena: Yeah and so you've taken, in fact it was not one or the other when we first had the conversation there about five different Castillo that you thought you had but you kind of narrowed it down to two and to be honest you can have to ultimate customers any more than that I would start to think that you're maybe getting a little bit diluted but in your case I think there are definitely two very distinct people who are buying you're either buying the gifts to ship overseas or to take with you overseas or you're buying it because you're Australian and you love the thing I think you're very clear now on those two things. So, tell me how you took that information and you didn't pay anything for these we've literally just put a post in a business group didn't you?

Carmel: Yeah that's right.

Salena: Grass roots free market research bring and you had so many comments there was like hundreds of hundreds of comments, so tell me what you did with that information that you Gavin okay one of the things I did was I put it all into the word document and I put it into an app like Wardle it wasn't Wardle but the same words kept coming up and over and over again basically just counted the number of words and Australia Anna came up a lot and just a backtrack I was a little bit unsure about using the term Australian honor because I just didn't want it to be_ I know it's anonymous but there's sort of tacky stuff that I don't want to be associated with but at the same time I can't really think of anything better to call it you know it is Australian.

Salena: Okay

Carmel: Which is why I call it modern Australian and there's a few other brands out there who are also referring to their products as modern Australian because it kind of needs to be all encapsulating of clothes and books and puzzles and toys and exactly, so um you know so back in itself made me comfortable with the idea of Australian. But there were two very common themes amongst those comments as I mentioned also be done with them. Well I think since realized that what these two types of customers are really in different places, so the people who are searching for gifts are probably more likely to search online beautiful Australian to send overseas you know Australian inspired gifts for babies that kind of thing and so that told me yeah, I need to work on my SEO in those areas and so they really inform my keywords. Even over the last couple of months I've been noticing more hits to my site using those keywords because I've gone away and I've worked on my SEO in the background and I've realized that the people who were interested in Australia inspired stuff for themselves as Australians and for their kids on Instagram. So, well I do have two quite different customers they're in different places, so I can talk to people on Instagram in one way and I can

Salena: have you used the free tools answer the

Carmel: No, I haven’t.

Salena: It is so cool guys, if you're listening to it and you want it's like the most basic but awesome free it's not even SEO tool but essentially you go to the website it's called answerthe and there's this old guy doing a video kind of going back and forth going hmm and you type in a phrase and in your case you might you could just type in Australian oh and then it will pull out what everybody on the web is searching for and it will put in category. So, it'll say what and then it might be what is Australia know what is the definition, so there's like what who where how why and it comes out in a big kind of circle which you can download but the good thing is these are real phrases that people are searching for, so just pulling out that phrase and sticking it into your product description or into your frequently asked questions or your about page that is naturally going to generate traffic this is like basic grassroots SEO yeah it'll take you two minutes to implement.

Carmel: Brilliant yeah, I'll go and do that.

Salena: Tell me some of the biggest_ so what did you say you did for your full-time job?

Carmel: Oh I'm an environmental consultant in my part-time that's been my career ever since I was leaving part-time.

Salena: So, do you use any of the skills from that job in your retail business?

Carmel: Um, I used my analytical skills, so I do a lot of analysis work in my job yep analyze a lot of environmental data and so it's as a results I'm find myself in google analytics a lot at the time I'm quite you know I'm very familiar with like where people coming from oh I just like to see the data and know so that helps me to kind of understand the back end of this or a bit more so that's those are the skills that I can use but and the marketing was completely new to me.

Salena: So, tell us about some of the obstacles you had when it came to marketing?

Carmel: Um, okay, so the first one we've mentioned which because I didn't really know who I was marketing to.

Salena: Yes.

Carmel: The second was how to talk to people and I actually outsource my social media to start with which was actually really good decision because it meant that I could go and you know concentrate on building the website and I'm guessing the products in and those sorts of things but that's a few months ago I made the decision to bring it back in-house and I start with oh my god this is a really bad decision because I found it really time-consuming to start with.  After tearing myself in at the deep end and forcing myself to do it. I found more boys and I think I've been quite conscious of talking to people in a professional way you see so many people out there talking in a certain way and telling you how you ought to be in front of your customers and I was always like a deer-in-the-headlight you know this way or that way and you know I'm come to scared I'll give you an example I've started doing and IG TVs.

Salena: Really you are once ahead of me, tell me all about them?

Carmel: Well it's not about doing Facebook live, except it's not live so you can record it and if you mess up you can start it again and then upload it but you can also transfer things that you can see show on Facebook as well. So, it gets uploaded to Facebook as well.

Salena: What are you talking about in these Instagram TV shows?

Carmel: Well according to what I’m saying the best one I'm just ready to say hello and the reason why I mentioned it is because actually what I did say in the first one I did was three and a half years lasted any sort of a video and the reason why it was so long was because I was just listening to too many people. So, one person was so people to make sure that you at least put a bit of makeup on or at least make sure that you brings tidy you know the Styles never aligned for me never go and do something like that all you know the kids need to be out of the house you know everything needed to happen but my entire room around because the lighting was great and everything and maybe this stuff will come in time but I thought you actually inspired me to do this so.

Salena: I know you're going to stay here.

Carmel: Get yourself out of your comfort zone what are you going to do.

Salena: Done is better than perfect.

Carmel: Yes, exactly I'm just going to get out there and talk to people and I'm going to talk as myself because I've had a couple drinks, I'm with my girlfriend's I can talk forever about the business of what I believe in and why you know why it's so important for kids to know about the world around them you know we're in a culture where you know adults and kids everyone's head down in their screens you know I'm all about getting people to put those down look at the world around them appreciate nature all of this kind of stuff and like then I'd get on to the point with some of my friends I've got a few friends who have businesses as well and they say what do you mean you don't have anything to say to your customers say this.

Salena: Say this exactly and you are so passionate about what I do and that passion it comes through in the way that you talk about the product in the way that you love the product in the way that you have your website but it also comes through in the way that you know I believe you're kind of nurturing that community and I know you haven't been doing it a lot but even just with that one Facebook post I saw you had so many people who was so positive about what you were doing there was no negative comments at all people were so excited with you.

Carmel: Yes so I think that was my big breakthrough, I did my first film and it was fine and yes I was a bit jittery when I did it and you know oh I need to change my and the whole point was to say you know I've been absent for one and a half years and I'm not going to be doing this anymore I want to talk to you if you're in the shop with me because I'm a people person I love to chat to people and I kind of feel a bit it's a bit weird having an online store really is you know it's very faceless but I just want to put myself across a bit more and talk to people as if they were in the shop tell them what was on my mind that day. So, my second one was actually talking about and obviously Australia has had a huge of people in a political system and I was actually talking about that I think I'm also being warned don't talk about politics don't talk about the issues because my.

Salena: Polarize people.

Carmel: Yeah you might come as like people are thinking most people who are interested in my product and my store are probably a bit lefty anyway, I don't mind I don't mind talking issues I don't mind talking about environmental issues and what I think is important and if I am I stand out a few people so be it but I think in the process I might connect with a few more people who are more aligned with me.

Salena: Do you want me to show you something we do that I just read about in the paper,  the paper being the virtual paper this morning that perhaps you can go and have a read and maybe you do an Instagram TV is down at Manly which is just near where I live they have found coral and fish that are usually only found in the Great Barrier Reef.

Carmel: Oh wow.

Salena: Yeah.

Carmel: Perfect

Salena: I'll send you the article but it's fantastic. I think I mean it's two things at one is it's like clearly there's climate change guys but two is the fact that they're adapting to be able to move into different waters to be able to survive which is great.

Carmel: Okay, well after the show you know.

Salena: Just a little side note.

Carmel: several little environmental insights and things that people might be interested in things that I can relate back to the store you know I've got so much to talk about, so I thought I'm going to stop bottling it up and I'm just going to get out there and talk. So, in doing that I found my voice and I found the way that I am on Instagram that's the other thing. I'm a bit uncomfortable with feeling. I feel like in pushing my products that it's really sleazy you know I don't want to come across like I used car salesman.

Salena: You are so not.

Carmel: I know but inside I think I am. I'm, so I've kind of adopted a very light-hearted way of talking about my products sometimes you know I push them and they look what's just arrived but I also hope what about this alias and cool this is powerful. So, I can just be a little bit silly and I think I have a very silly side of my personality which was an extent like sort of stifled in the business before and I thought no this is part of me let it come out so for example not as they say oh look at these products that have just sold and you know here is the product that's a lovely customer has tagged me in thank you aren't they wonderful. I might I might do something like now listen here you naughty animals, you know I can see that you've made it to your new home which is very good about what you did when we got there and I do not remember telling you to hide and play hide and seek with your family.

Salena: That is awesome.

Carmel: Things like that and even though even if I don't get people's you know jumping into the product page which I generally do when I do some things like that I get people interacting on the feed and a few people often say oh I really love your you know love your posts and that kind of thing. So, again it's just kind of connecting in a really light-hearted way with my audience.

Salena: Perfectly and your brand itself lends it to that kind of voice and I think this is what happens in great brands the founders or the creators or whoever puts the idea together they're what they curate is it has an essence of them in some way shape or form that's the difference between in my opinion a beautiful store and a transactional store you know seven to eleven you walk in you get your coke and you walk out but I would come to a store like yours even if it's online like your stories beautifully set out and you automatically get that feeling you get that feeling that it is beautiful and it is a little bit playful and it is a little bit fun and so that voice that just touch me that seems perfect and clearly it's working for you because people are connecting and that connection is what builds your brand.

Carmel: Yes.

Carmel: Exactly and it's also a way of talking about myself as well, so if it's did something that I'm a little bit uncomfortable with so will not oh not another brand another great moment. I've been posting some testimonials on my Instagram feed and I'm not joking one that I posted recently I didn't have that many likes on the actual post but I had a ridiculous number of hits to my website.

Salena: We love that.

Carmel: So, it just goes to say don't get hung up on your likes you know it's good but it's not the be-all and end-all look like.

Salena: So, we call those vanity metrics like everybody is chasing the likes and the shares and sometimes they're great but like you said at the end of the day sales or sales traffic is traffic.

Carmel: Yeah go straight through to the website because I put this and this really lovely testimonial that someone had done but when I put my first one up there, I felt really again I felt really sleazy about it so instead of saying go you know here's a lovely testimonial from one of my customers I said um Mrs. puggle is good at lots of things but something that you're not very good at is blowing her own trumpet. So, missus puggle is going out at their comfort zone and wanted to share this beautiful um testimonial that was shared with her recently and you know that's just kind of a nice way of being able to wrap you know kind of package these things rather than look me which you are uncomfortable with.

Salena: Do you think that now that you've stepped into that brand voice and gotten really clear on who your customer is, it's affecting what you decide to stock in the store?

Carmel: Yes, I would say so, I'm finding this there's a real interest in enthusiasm for a lot of creative playing products which again we've got myself a few brand reps as well who are taking really beautiful photos for me so much better than anything I would take they were taking it my day to set it up and mine to take them actually note of.

Salena: you Just outsource that stuff.

Carmel: Yeah, it's just the benefits are amazing to having some great run brand reps and that was actually something that I've decided to do recently as well.  And to me that to me that would ice age is marketing budget. Facebook out to depth which really got to work or me. I thought I'm just going to put the same amount of money into sending up some products and I'll get great photos in return and people get excited. So, but the area where I'm seeing a lot of interesting is probably being with small well play and  it's called you know figuring and small stuff that incorporate lots of aspects of Australiana.

Salena: So, it's got to be better than bloody shocking. I know how much my kid likes those things and yeah something about teeny tiny things that kids know.

Carmel: Yeah, exactly so my new stuff is kind of helping me to steer the store a little bit in terms of those sorts of products and um the next step is to rework my website a little bit so that people can find that stuff a bit more easily and to make more of a landing page on although kind of creative play products that I have.

Salena: And I guess the next thing I would ask you is what do you see for puggle post in the future is this something that you want to be full-time is it have you got a goal for that or are you happy just kind of letting it be on the side being a little bit of a money genuine.

Carmel: I want it to be somewhere between _ I want to be Australia's go-to place or beautiful Australia inspired products that's what I want it to be. I've never been in the position to give up my day job and to be honest, I'm in a really fortunate position I love my job so to be honest I don't think I'm ready to give it up. what I'd like to be able to do is be in the position where I can do both so that I can actually outsource more of the business and have that running alongside my career.

Salena: That is awesome and I think that is so poignant because so many people think it has to be one or the other but what you've done is you've got two things that actually meld perfectly, one is feeding your analytical side and the other one is feeding your you know your need to you know not give back but to be part of that community to create the community and the creativity part of it and this is me this is like life-changing for some of the people who will be listening here is you can have a business without thinking you have to have you know it has to be everything you don't have to turn over fifty million you can have a business that like you said it feeds that creativity but you can get it to the point where somebody else can be doing all the maintenance stuff for it, they can be doing the social media because once you've established that foundation and before we actually with pressed record you'd actually said to me what I feel like I've done is kind of go back to the beginning and go back to the foundation, setting that foundation up because now that you're so much clearer it's all starting to make sense and when you understand all of that it's easier to outsource. If you can find somebody who can do that brand voice for you, you could go back to outsourcing it but you're having fun doing it there.

Carmel: Yeah, I am yeah so and that was a real reason for bringing my social media and in-house, it was to force myself to talk to people and to use my hashtags you know kind of strategically and understand who my audience was because with all the best ball in the world there was no way I was going to sit there and analyze my posts my lab was someone else to do it I just wasn't in the mindset.

Salena: But there you just hang out on Google Analytics.

Carmel: I'm a bit so yeah definitely I don't see how I love my career and I'm sighted leave my job and my business are almost at opposite ends of the same thing. So, I my work is in the waste industry so in my in my job I'm dealing with this really unsustainable way of living that we have adopted for ourselves you know over the last years or so I'm dealing with them you know mass consumption and consumerism and so at the other end of the spectrum, here I am with my business I'm really focusing on well doing up all of my products are ethically and sustainably sound and that's just part and parcel of what I believe in and when I met my supplies and I asked them uncomfortable questions a lot of the time they say ooh never thought of that before. In some cases people have started consuming love probed them but in most cases people have said I'm really glad you make me think about this. I go away before I don't get back to you or be better or I've never considered this and I found out something the time the so much I haven't and I'm now going to go and change my processes. So, you know I'm just you know chipping away at people's mindsets but more than anything I'm all about inspiring kids to appreciate their surroundings and learn about the world and the IGT be that I did on politics the other day with maybe in fifty years-time when our kids our future citizens future politicians are running the world running the country you know maybe politics will be doing different ready we won't be arguing over whether climate change is happening on the house.

Salena: You know in fifty years.

Carmel: Yeah, well maybe we won't be so busy telling people how they can and can't leave their lives maybe it will be able to move on lose past all of that because our kids will be just better connected with their world. So, yeah, it's got its part and parcel of the same thing I would say.

Salena: Yeah, okay so do you have one piece of advice for people who would just like you out there the people who are listening to this whether they're running a side business or a full-time store or an e-commerce store what's probably the one thing that you wish somebody would have told you back at the beginning?

Carmel: The one thing that I wish I've done was sought advice from someone who knew retail. I sought advice from lots of people and lots of areas and there were some very well-meaning people who influenced to me but it wasn't necessarily from the pointy retail side of things that it needed to be but what you have done for me is you force me to just kind of focus on what was going to or likely to make me money and if it wasn't going to do it what's the point

Salena: I was going to say it's easy to get hung up and thank you for the very kind words not paying her to say these guys but it's easy to get hung up in doing and look I do this myself you know there's sometimes you know that there's stuff that will make you money but like you said you don't want to feel like a slimy salesperson even if that's not even relative there's just something subconscious and sometimes you have to just go will this thing make me money guess pull up my big girl business pants put them on get it done.

Carmel: Exactly so um so yeah, I think when I started out I knew nothing about e-commerce I mean really not much about business I could have done with them with having some sound advice in the very beginning but I just didn't I didn't know what thousands of dollars on photos but I just haven't used you know like the love beautiful photos but I didn't need to spend all that money there.

Salena: And I think technology changes so quickly that being part of a group of retail people or having that specific retail advice however you get it is kind of key to not wasting money, I hate wasting money I'm such a tight-ass and so if I hear about a product where we had Scott Thomas on a little while ago and he does user-generated content and so here's his company like he will get influences to take photos for you and you buy I can't remember it's like fifteen for six dollars or something like that quite affordable when you think about it for beautifully curated images because if you're like me and you that would take me weeks to get those photos and so I would just much rather know that I don't have to spend a day setting up the tripod getting cranky with myself yes it might be six hundred dollars but what I get back in return I use my time or I could be doing something else but bee is beautiful things that I can use in perpetuity like that to me is that's worth so much more than what you actually pay just having that group of people that portal of advice that's short you know shortcuts that I'm waving my arms around here that shortcuts I don't know success or you know if you have to finished product that's what I wish I had yeah over ten years ago and it just didn't exist.

Carmel: So, yeah I think that's the main one just getting decent advice and I'm so sake you made me feel okay about outsourcing rather than guessing again I'm lucky because I have my job and up until recently my job was supplementing the business. I'm now two stage where the businesses pretty much paying for itself and that was my goal for this year just for the business to be paying for itself

Carmel: Thank you I can't justify outsourcing, so now I outsource my products and uploading which I find I'm really quickly and time-consuming and I actually outsource to someone who is amazing she totally gets me she loves the concept behind the business and because it's just work to her she just gets on and does it she doesn't get bogged down. I think that's another thing.

Salena: I swear it's like the number-one thing I tell people to outsource like a but apart from bookkeeping and photos it's uploading products to your website you should not be doing that guys you know somebody else should be doing that.

Carmel: Yeah I feel really okay with outsourcing and you know looking at what I'm good at what so enjoying doing those and then paying someone to do something a much better job and

Salena: And you're just feeding the economy aren't you like it still it's all part of being in businesses you get to help other people in many ways.

Carmel: Yes.

Salena: That's fabulous I reckon there are a lot of people thinking, I want to see more about these beautiful things that you guys are talking about, so if they add a better where they are in the world because you ship all over where can they find you?

Carmel: So, you can find me at

Salena: And there are some beautiful things there guys you should definitely head over and have a look, well thank you so much for sharing all of this I think this is truly going to be an insight for a lot of people who are just kind of at that like at a plateau and wondering you know what do they do next you've given some great insights as to steps that you've taken to move your business forward. So, thank you so much.

Carmel: Thank you for having me and I hope that I've inspired someone out there if only just to be silly and talk as themselves.


I moved to Australia from the UK in 2006. My partner had a job opportunity here and we came to give things a go! We saw it as an adventure and didn’t have much of a timeframe in mind. That was 10 years ago! Well we’re still here, and are now married, with 3 energetic young 3 boys: a 3 year old and twins who are coming up to 2.

Since moving to Sydney I’ve spent most of my time living in the Inner West, apart from a three-year stint on the Northern Beaches which I loved. We also spent a year travelling around Australia in a campervan, which was an incredible experience.

I currently work part time for an Environmental Consulting firm in the waste industry. I work closely with councils to advise on waste strategy and alternatives to landfill, which is running out and is expensive.

I also volunteer with the Inner West Multiple Birth Association where I coordinate a program to match twin families and volunteers to enable twins to attend swim lessons.

And then there’s my business baby, Puggle Post!

“Each week I interview industry and thought leaders for their take on business and life”