Rachel Miller


Rachel Miller is a serial online entrepreneur and a mom of six kids in five years.

She began as a mummy blogger and went on to build audiences ranging in the millions.

She’s a published author of multiple books, including a best seller that sold more than 100 thousand copies AND she may just be the only person who talks faster than Sal!

Salena: Hi, I saw Rachael at the traffic and conversion conference, which I completely loved on and you heard about it for about the next; I don’t know, what are we six months later and you’re still hear about it? Definitely worth the effort to go

Rachel: That conference is usually a good one.

Salena: It was great! but I saw Rachel on stage and she talked about how to make a Facebook post go viral. Now just, last week of the week before when we were recording this I had a Facebook post going viral in a group and for all intents and purposes it potentially should never have done so. But I want to get right you to give us the inside secrets, the inside scoop, on how you can make this happen so welcome to the show Rachel.

Rachel: Let me thank you so much for having me on, and tell me about your post?

Salena: Ok, so it was. You know when you doing a webinar or master class you put something in all those groups in the hopes that you don’t get black blacklisted.

Rachel: Yes.

Salena: And usually when I do it it’s a little bit of a story about somebody who has had a result and then I say hey if you want to come along just comment yes, because, you get like ten or twelve it’s no big deal that you email you copy and paste it and thousand.

Rachel: What was your story and what was the result that you were talking about?

Salena: OK, so it was a Facebook ads funny enough its Facebook ads, it was three hacks that you can use to get better at converting e commerce Facebook ads.

Rachel: Love it!

Salena: And I had this little, I wanted to caption a little, you know a little speech bubble were this lady Heather had said, “I did everything you said and he twenty four hours I had a five hundred percent increase in traffic’. But of course, for the life of me I could not find that speech bubble and I know that she said it because I’ve reiterate it so many times.

Rachel: Oh-no! No!

Salena: Yes, but what I could find was she came to another webinar and she had said it’s true. Implemented everything you said and I had some sales and now I don’t run any Facebook ads unless I follow what you say and so I kind of mentioned in the text you know three examples of people who had success that there was Heather and then there were two other people who had done quite well and then I had a little speech bubble and I was just like hey it’s a master class it’s free, if you want to come along. Email me your email address.

Rachel: Awesome! How exciting.

Salena Over Saturday, Literally, seven hours of Saturday of me copying and pasting and replying. Most of Sunday and half of Monday I spent copying and pasting email addresses in and responding to these people.

Rachel: Wonderful.

Salena: I think it may have gone a little bit, viral, I think it kind of and I would love it, may be i should have sent it to you beforehand but I would love to get your opinion. I think it went viral because people started posting their email addresses in the post, and so I was replying back saying, you know, thank you because I had to keep track of all these people. Thank you, I’ve uploaded you, you, should be getting a mail and I just literally cut paste it over and over again. So I think the fact that it was getting, because I was commenting and that other people were commenting it was just kept boosting itself back up.

Rachel: Whenever you have a back and forth conversation. We talk about that at traffic conversion, we’ve got one conversation and another person responds to it that back and forth Facebook absolutely loves it and gives more juice, more fuel, in the algorithm if you’re huge.

Salena: There you go yes.

Rachel: So it’s always worth responding even if it’s just like Hey thanks,  Always good to respond that I would not would you did was copy the same answer. If you do that very often you can be put into Facebook jail. So you have to have a different response each time and I would suggest that your responses be longer than three words. Because if it is under three words Facebook could see it as am click bate or a bot. So you want to, not look at a bot; the bot say, “oh awesome” you know, say something longer make it different each time you say it, yeah.

Salena: Now that you’ve said that I think I actually had three. I had it in like a text document, I think I had three because at the beginning I was writing really lovely.

Rachel: Even if it’s three, even doing say three in a row could get you in trouble so just be aware of that. If you do get where you’ve done a few and then you have you have to put a caption code in, stop posting for the day. So just, that’s a signs if you have done it too much, you need to catch code up and then if you continue, you’re going to be put into like a little time out let’s not have you post or a come in, in a group or something for like twenty four hours, which may go up to ten or thirty days if you keep

Salena: OK, perfect piece of information thank you.

Rachel: Cool

Salena: The group admin and the worst part was you know when you’re in these groups and you see this and you’re like it’s  kind of not against the rules but it is a little bit spammy. So I was trying, my husband is like taking screen shots for me you know

Rachel:  Yes.

Salena: They shut the commenting down, that’s what they did. They turn the commenting off at a thousand comments. Which was actually quite nice because at that point I had a whole day of, you know, I’m still getting over the whole fact. The thing is, I didn’t ever expect to get that many people. I expected ten, twelve maybe twenty you know if you’re a you get twenty. So tell me, what are the key bits of content that we should stick into a viral, you know a potential viral Facebook post?

Rachel: So one of there’s three things that I think are important for creating a viral. One is what’s called a bumper sticker, you need to be able to speak the language of your audience and believe the language so if you said you five hundred times their traffic they probably would believe you.  But somebody who says something that’s written more believably, may actually have more authentic feeling, may actually have better results. So the first one is to do a bumper sticker which is speak for audience. Second attempt is to feed Facebook and so that’s what you did when you commented back on every person. That’s playing Facebook’s game, Facebook right now; loves engagements, loves connections, want to have meaningful connections. They see that has long texts between two people. So when you responded you increase algorithms chances of putting you into the feed and you even increased your personal profile relationship to that person. So next time you post in that group more people will see you talking

Salena: Oh interesting. So, should you, tag the person who’s commenting Like say if you’re responding to somebody’s comment, should you tag them back or is Facebook smart enough to to know that you’re replying to them.

Rachel: Facebook is smart enough but I tag everybody I can almost always. So i’m right there co tells, because if you tag them sometimes their friends will also see that tag because they see two people that are having conversation together and if their feet boring maybe encourage them to engage in a conversation as well.

Salena: There is so much behind all of this isn’t there? There is so much that is completely out of our control we can stand.

Rachel: We can control that, yes! You can talk to those people, that’s controlling it. So people tell me well the Facebook algorithms dead for me I’m like Well have you talked to your audience lately? No I haven’t I don’t do that type of post. I’m like well of course  Facebook is dead for you or oh you ought to schedule everything, well you’re not talking your audience if you’ve auto schedule it so, yeah Facebook is going to be dead for you because you are not playing Facebook game.

Salena: It’s like when people say I’ve had no sales and my first question is. So how much money going to be done this month?

Rachel: Exactly!

Salena: And they say none and I’m like well there’s your answer.

Rachel: Real hard to figure that one out guys.

Salena: OK, So you got the bumper sticker we’re going to feed Facebook, before we jump away from that one. Can you artificially inflate the feeding of Facebook? Like can you get your friends to come in and come in? Does Facebook know? Does Facebook say hold on the only ten people have responded to that post also happened to be your friend.

Rachel: Oh I had this happen with one of my aunts. I had a new page that I was starting a new business and I think it is what’s my shopify store. I had a shopify store I had it running for about four months before I had to close it down because I forgot I had it, long story but anyways. When I did start it my aunt bless her heart, all the products of her young mom like we’re talking like cut your sandwich, a Sandwich Cutter OK. My great aunt doesn’t want this you know that’s not her like a baby rattle not great aunt thing right?. She found out that I was starting a new business and she wanted to help me.

Salena: Cheer squad

Rachel: I know, cheer squad  and all like seventy five of her friends she told them all to go support my blog and many website I was like oh dang it. So now Facebook thinks I’m a baby store for grandparents. Grandparents who have no children and no grandchildren, because their grandchildren are seventeen. Anyways it didn’t go over well obviously and so I had to like thank her kindly for liking my page and encouraging all of her friends that like me wait three days delete them from make me help them unlike my page so that Facebook didn’t think I was all for older people and of course all commenting on everything because they’re all being super supportive and now Facebook just thinks my page is for them. So while I’m saying I’m a baby and parenting site they’re like but when is your baby parenting saying everyone is on your site is over the age of seventy, so this isn’t really a baby parenting site because they’re like a way out of that that realm so yes anyways, my point is that we removed them waited a little bit and then we work on that page.

Salena: OK We’ll get into the baby parenting thing because people probably  thinking that there is bit of a disconnect here. Why is she here talking about Facebook posts? Because you kind of have two business.

 Rachel: Sorry, yes I help people go viral on Facebook with very little ad spend. So think top of the funnel so while Cellini was talking about conversion and sales we do a little bit talk about emergence but mostly I talk about how to get people into that funnel to begin with so you can re-target them, so you can get them into that nurturing sequence so we you can sale to them, so we just do how to get that wide range of people engaging with you as fast as possible.

Salena: With hopefully as little money as possible.

Rachel: Yes sometimes we have even got people to go insanely viral for like under ten bucks.

Salena: OK, now, before we get into the third one. Tell us a little bit about, I know you gave me a couple of examples when I saw your traffic and conversion but you tell people to get like ten million views like throw some stats out there’s a people can just go ” this chick is awesome”.

Rachel: I know it’s kind of freaky. It’s kind of crazy! Okay there is a girl actually like two weeks ago she sent me the stats. She has ten thousand Facebook fans, she has a reach for her whole page not of a single post, she has four posts that are going viral right now. None of them are in that eight figure club but collectively her page has a reachable eleven million people.

Salena: Wow and which is, it is insane when we know that you know that two percent statistic you know two percent of your organic traffic are going to see your post.

Rachel: Well here’s the thing though. That’s not the case if you’ve got high engagement. If you have a high engaged page you will have a lot more of your audience seeing your post, so we at (one time,) we were averaging as a group of over twenty percent engagements on our content. We have been six to ten percent now since the algorithms change a little bit, so it’s gone down a little bit but we’re still solid engagement on a lot of content which is why we’re able to reach ten times in Christie’s case ten times our audience. Now the thing is Christie’s topic is okay with reaching eleven million people, because she is a women’s health site. She’s a fitness coach, so she, it’s a women’s health it can totally reach eleven million people because there’s eleven million women that want to know about fitness right? But one of my other people in my class Anna she has a Hebrew, teach her kids Hebrew from home course

Salena: (Speaking Hebrew).

Rachel: The number of parents who went teach their kids Hebrew is, not that many compared to the number of women who want to stay healthy right? So for her she has an audience, I can’t remember the number of her audience, but she had a conversion of her page of one third buying her course. Some people think like OK Rachel all about viral and I am, I can make your stock of viral but the thing is what you really want are people who love you and are engaged in your topic, even if there’s only five thousand people in the country who are right now actively trying to teach their kids. So small…

Salena: But if you have thirty percent of those you’re doing well.

Rachel: Your clean house and that’s like a solid income in she’s retiring your husband on that and the traveling the country in an R.V. right now so it’s so sticking cool and that happened though because she had high engagement rates. So a viral gets you high engagement rates or rather high engagement rates gets you a viral. And didn’t raise or rather any high engagement rates gets you a viral but high engagement rates also bring you sales to your product. Without a sales page.

Salena: Okay, before we get into Number three let me just ask you a couple of things there. We talked about auto scheduling. For a lot of people social media is the bane of their existence; it’s like I feel like I have to post on to face book.

Rachel: I feel that way sometimes

Salena: On Instagram on Pinterest on…

Rachel: Hold on to your granny panties you can do it.

Salena: (Laughter) All right, so a few things. One is can we post keep look at content on Instagram and Facebook?

Rachel: Yes but you want to know that those platforms act differently. So Instagram likes hashtags, Facebook does not like hashtags, Instagram likes posts that, well they don’t like you to have links in your posts, like they don’t even let you a lot of times so Facebook, you totally cool with links. So you want to treat the platform separately because the mediums are different.

Salena: OK and the other one is. Have you seen post go viral that where auto schedule?

Rachel: Not on the same level, we’ve had one on a schedule post that I think got to like three million. The majority, we have a what we call an eight figure club Those are people who’ve gotten their post over ten million and reach every single post in the eight figure club is not auto schedule, and we have thirty four people so far in that eight figure club that have gotten a single piece of content to over ten million. Several of those people have gotten three, four, five posts over ten million.

Salena: That is like a high five I’m just going..

Rachel: I know it’s crazy people we’ve had three people get to over one million Facebook fans and none of them use schedulers. I’m going to trust my gut on this and say don’t you schedule. Facebook made a schedule or Facebook loves itself like why would you do something else.

Salena: So on that point if people are feeling overwhelmed by how much they need to be on social media, and I just have to say; I am on social media, I hang out Facebook, I am probably on the for most of the day. In the sense that it sits in the tab over there I wait to see if things pop up. However, personally Facebook sent me a message a day saying hey it’s been six weeks since your friends heard about you and I was thinking no way I am on that page every single day but of course I’m on my work page not on my personal page. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with how much time we spend on social media the big time stop that it can become. Would you suggest maybe just cutting it down to like two post a week or do you think this is an optimum amount?

Rachel: There is an optimum. I think that is better for your page, it is healthier for you page to post two, three times a day if you’re smaller page. And if you’re a very large page that might be five six seven times a day depending on the audiences engagement level. So you, what am I saying, by saying posting that often is because Facebook will give you so many chances to get your content out there. If you’re content already going to go to say one thousand people, so if you put it out three times well now you have a chance of seeing three thousand people seeing your content and then choosing to go out to more people, if you only post one time a day, well it’s only going out to that one thousand people so you still have two more chances to get in front of a thousand people. That’s assuming you’ve got like a ten thousand and ten thousand Facebook fan page.

Salena: Can we post the same thing three times?

Rachel: You can, but your audience isn’t going to see that post again after they’ve seen it once. So you’re cutting your chances if you do that same post three times. Now what you could do is post that the first of the month, first of the month, first the month. So you’ve got that post you schedule it three times at one sitting. So you sit down you schedule three times but it’s not all, the same day and then the next post you put out so next time you schedule, you schedule that post three times. So now you’ve got content you’ve banked so you’re filling out your schedule it’s repeated content but you’re not annoying your audience because they’re not seeing it the same time right after itself. If you are a big page you can do a back to back, so a page that has five hundred thousand fans. Well they’ve got a lot of chances to get that one thousand the initial views, see they can put that post out back to back and it’s not going to hurt them but if you’re a small page it will hurt you.

Salena: OK, and in terms of engagement do you subscribe to these theory that a lot of people have a different thing for each day? So you have Flashback Friday and you pull something out or tempt me Thursday and you get people to post on that. Do you see that working for a gauge meant?

Rachel: Not so much. What I’ve seen sometimes those working groups but even in groups those are starting to die a down. What I have seen is that talking to your audience always wins, so ask your audience questions, I call them conversation starters those help I think that you’re going to give the… I don’t know if you are going to have the list that you are going to give out for free at the end of this, but we have got like twenty five of them. So it’s nearly a month worth of asking your people a question every single day. The every niche can use you just copy paste them in your Facebook feed now you’ve got one post a day that’s getting your audience to talk to you. The cool thing is once they’ve talked to you, Facebook is like this person likes, you they’re close affinity to you, they just have a conversation with you, we’re going to show them the next time you post. So it’s a win for you to get your content into their feeds. So yes, talking to your audience is what fuels the boot fuels the ship yeah.

Salena : Seem kind of simple  right?

Rachel: It is simple it really is. Earlier you said like what’s your superpower, like my super power is just talking to people. It’s not anyone, if you love people are even if you’re decent at talking to people, you could totally do what I have done in building viral pages and viral audiences.

Salena: OK, I know we still have to come back to number three and we’re going to do that but I still have more questions because I know everybody else here has got questions and the chances of being able to talk with you they can go ahead on to your group and we’ll give them the link to that later and they can come and join your club we will give them the link to that later. But I downloaded your conversation starters the other day, they’re great thank you. But sometimes I just think, my life is freaking boring, OK. This is why I struggle with Instagram stories, it’s like; I sit at a computer, I talk to people, I side behind my desk, I talk to people on Skype, I feed the dog, I walk the dog, I go yoga and there’s nothing here that anybody really wants to see.

Rachel: My issue is that I have to put on lipstick and make up and like you look all pretty and sometimes my kids are running in the house with no clothes on because they got on the pool and they fight about their swim suits. I’ve got younger children kind of a thing they do. Everyone has an interesting life, everyone has a messy life, everyone has a chaotic life, everyone I guess my biggest thing is to get over yourself because I bet the people don’t care and don’t notice and if they do, well like right now I actually have toilet paper on my ceiling fan if you guys can see it I’m sure, because my kids toilet papered my office because they thought that was so funny. Well you know, that’s a great chance for me to say hey guys this is the fun part of being a work at home mom. I decide to work my husband’s office today because I couldn’t deal with like the same work environment, I don’t if anybody else is like this and so I come down stares to Heheheehehe  and yeah so that is what makes life fun though so of course I Instagram story that because why not? There is toilet paper in your place.

Salena: I mean here is the thing it’s interesting to me like it’s making me laugh and then but yeah, I just, like you said I think I just need to get over myself.

Rachel: I have to too okay. Because like right before this is like oh crack! I’m going to go live, I better go put lipstick on.

Salena: It’s the lipstick the lipstick it sits on my bench over there.

Rachel: I know lipstick is really going to make the talk guys I mean come on. It’s not but whatever. You know or you think you know my hair doesn’t look right today or you know,  whatever it is there something that we all have in the back of our head this nagging voice that’s telling us we’re not good enough content and it’s not about whether we are good enough or not it’s about whether our content will help our audience, so we stop thinking about ourselves and whether or not we like it and instead think, will this make a change in our lives? If it does then we kind of have an obligation to love on them and in serve them and make a difference in the lives and that difference could be making them smile because they solve funny cat picture.

Salena: I just was about to say that. Changing someone’s life does not have to mean you know, you serve them a miracle. Sometimes it’s as simple as making me laugh when I’m having a really crap day.

Rachel: Exactly! And sometimes that meme does that and you can get capture those people who thought that you meme was hilarious and you know something about them now that you can re-target them with that next in  that next stage in your funnel.

Salena: How do you differentiate? So my husband smart guy, you know, a director of a company, a regiment manager of APAC, loves watching Dog videos like seriously (laughter). He would lay in bed showing me these videos while I’m trying to read a book, that’s great love and then you hear the hehehehe

Rachel: My love is like war war II recolored pictures, I totally don’t get that one either.

Salena: The dog videos I get videos you know, he’s always got an animal video an am, I always sit there and think how do you bring that in? How do you put a dog video into a retail store or you know even just into your feed or into my feed? How do we actually make that relay or do we just not? Or do we just go here something funny to watch?

Rachel: Well it could be something here’s something funny to watch but you could also use a dog video to attract other people if you’re in a wide niche. For example, one of my students grew his Facebook page to fifty thousand I think was like eight or nine weeks and grew to fifty thousand just you know that’s not normal most of my students do not grow that quickly. I cannot tell you has his name because he’s in the finance industry and they’re very secretive about their content because I guess there’s a lot of regulations about what they can and cannot do for whatever reason. Anyways, what he did is he’s giving debt and finance and investment advice right. He’s having a dog do that. Because everyone needs money advice, this isn’t something that just one type of person needs. Everybody needs this. His advice is not just for parents of college kids or for people getting ready for retirement, his advice is something that applicable to all people who live in a house, so knowing that, the dog gives them the hard stuff. The cute dog you’re not being judged, you’re not in debt. The dog is giving you some tips for you to do. And he’s done really well so it’s possible for you to grow you just have to think outside the box and be creative with your content. If you focus on making your readers day, making them feel good, making them look good, making their lives better. If you love your audience your content will deliver for them and yeah your business will go too.

Salena:I think about the dog post and one of my clients they got a new puppy, and I said to start putting the puppy in the new letter and so she does her newsletter talking about whatever at the bottom, she always has a Chili update Chili is the dog’s name and she said I just get all these people replying back to the newsletter with updates about the Chili and when she does a market or something people would say how’s Chili going, so she’s built that connection for the dog

Rachel: Yes and a lot of people are dog lovers, a lot of people are realtors, so might as well attract realtor people with dogs. It might be babies, it might be whatever it is you have something in your life that you can relate to your audience with, if you’re in a big niche. Now let’s say you’re in a tiny niche and one of my students Greg is in a town of seven thousand and he wants to be the number one realtor. It’s a small town, there’s not another tell me or by it’s just that small town does that makes to you?

Salena: He has a maximum, a maximum client number of seven thousand.

Rachel: Yeah! He’s pretty much tapped out okay. He’s now up to I think he’s up to twenty two thousand in his group for his neighborhood. So that is  like his entire like county, it’s not that bad okay but anyways my point is that he’s in a really small area. He’s not going to want to niche down with dogs in addition to his area, because he’s only he’s only got a small niche, so I only suggest niche down like that where you had a dog ,you had a baby, you ad something else if you’re in a very big niche and you’re trying to get a subset of those people to connect with you.

Salena: Right, okay. Now right back at the beginning we talked about how to make a Facebook post go viral.

Rachel: Yes okay you said bumper sticker, feed Facebook and then the next one is to target the people who are most active.

Salena: Which is what it what we were just talking about.

Rachel: Yeah, you gotta find just that one person who’s just going crazy about that topic. So, i’m writing a speech thing for another product right now and I do speaking events and different things. Do you remember that guy in like it was like a Woodstock one and the wine guy starts dancing like a fool and there’s all these people the crowd watching the dancing fool and then as you’re watching the dancing floor all these other people start getting up out of their seats and they start dancing with this guy? But I’m telling you he probably just by himself like a good solid sixty seconds and it wasn’t like normal calm dancing, this guy was going all out. All by himself in front of hundreds and thousands of people and everyone just watching. Little by little one person got up and took action, so if he, was closer to that one person and he was able to connect with that one person who’s like yeah I’m totally cool dancing in public like a fool, like I’d totally join you. Once you were able to track that one most active person he brought his three friends well now it’s five people dancing up there looking like fools. Now somebody else is unrelated things I can go do that too so you need… you’re a leader you want to make an impact you want to cause a mob Flash dance right but you can’t do it by yourself you need that next person who’s the most active and the most connected in your audience. So if I’m a cat person I want to find where the  most cat. Passionate. Obsessive people are and I want to attract just those people when I begin out. I don’t want to track everybody I just want to track the people who’re. Banca crazy about that product.

Salena: So how do we do that, in the sense that ho. Here’s something that I have discovered and please tell me if it’s just me or not that some of the most engaged and active people will never buy your stuff.

Rachel: That maybe.

Salena: But they will tell everybody.

Rachel:Other people


Rachel: So the crazy cat ladies they do buy Mag… Okay guys I said crazy cat ladies I should back up I actually have several audiences, I built a preschool page two point two million I build a D.I.Y. home page to, I think it’s almost six hundred thousand and I built a cat page to hundred fifty, hundred ninety, I built a crockpot page to almost two hundred K. I think it’s like three thousand shy of two hundred so I’ve built lots of I have built I’ve had to shopify stores I’ve had a make up one, that was a disaster since i don’t wear makeup. So that was really hard to connect. Hi, this eye shadow is better because I know it’s eye shadow, I have never tried it actually. I think maybe I did once my daughter played it.

Salena: Does crazy cat lady have much?

Rachel: Yes it has, we’ve been a merge with that one. Anyways with crazy cat lady I was able to sell crazy cat products to those cat people but I wanted more than the crazy cat people to bring on everyone else who was buying crazy cat stuff. So who would get a crazy cat post to go out to the world that person is going to tag all of her friends, her friends are going to buy a whole lot more than she is, so I care more about engagement and finding that person who’s going to be the crazy person to get up and dance then I am the being the guy who’s selling stuff to all those people that are at the event.

Salena: Cool. It’s all coming down to engagement.

Rachel: Yes! Engagement, that’s where but engagement fuels convergent if you’ve positioned your product. Just like Anna, we told you about Anna and how she has a small audience but she was able, because she had that engagement to get them to purchase her Hebrew lessons. In a great big way when she opened that course it was so exciting. She did that because she loved on that audience and had engagements, so engagement does fuel only if you position a product. We have had another realtor who struggled in positioning her product, so she struggled and be like realtors when they finally leave, they finally pick the house and she pulls up the wine bottle. Well it was a meme not her holding the wine bottle but you know it’s, not positioning her as a leader in a champion of realtors. So she got a lot of realtors to like her page but she didn’t position herself as teaching real estate. Does that make sense?

Salena: It does because that was actually the next question I was going to ask you is. Where do those memes and re-post coming to your marketing strategy when you’re talking about Facebook?

Rachel: You use the major top line funnel to get people to engage in your content. When they like it, you get to invite them to your page. Now their fan they’ve got a closer affinity to you, when if you can make them have them comment on the meme, well now you can re-target them through messenger anyone who’s message your page commented You can be target paging engagement you can re-target messenger so you can  capture that audience and engage with them again. So you know something about your audience if they’ve engaged with it, so example would be the realtor with the lock-box the one who’s like blankety blank the lock-box they change the code, well that’s not positioning her for selling her real estate course because she positioning herself has appreciative of about realtors right?

Salena: Yes.

Rachel: Right! She knows everyone that’s engaging on that content no one cares about that unless their realtor. So she does know she has realtors in her audience. So now it’s just a matter you have attracted all these realtors now you need to work on positioning yourself so that you can attract  to sell to those realtors. So now you’re going to have to change from being appreciative. This is what i did to sell more homes, you can too.

Salena: So say we have followed all of these steps so far which we’ve got the bumper sticker we’re feeding Facebook and we’re targeting the people who are most active and we’re doing well you know we’ve got our five thousand ten thousand likes what do we do with it?

Rachel: Re-target them and sell to them.

Salena: But what can we do to make it viral like I know that you’ve talked about a few things you can do in terms of sharing and moving that post around.


Salena: Can you share that with us?

Rachel: We have  got some strategies so what you can do is you can take a person’s share from your share and re-share that onto your page or share that into a group. Facebook last person a person connections right now and person a person engagement so you can encourage that by sharing from people in your audience that have shared from you. So that’s a strategy I need to like show you because as I’m saying that it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t see where I’m clicking, if that let you have to click to the permalink you grab for a link and then an auto populate it doesn’t grab the personal data so It’s not like it’s not public to the world that you’re sharing with this person but it looks like it to Facebook who is just telling the algorithm that you’re paying attention to your audience and engaging back with your audience.

Salena: Okay: Do you have any suggestions full potentially that post that went viral in my group because once in a group I can’t share ,it cannot, it’s well, it wasn’t my group?

Rachel: No, what you could have done is had it gone viral on from your page and then shared it into the group because then you can be target from the page engagements that’s one thing you can do. Another thing, you can do that with, videos. Videos fun capture other people’s audiences other people’s groups videos. Another thing you can do is because you have those email addresses you can now make a look alike audience based on those email addresses you’ve got a thousand of them. That’s the thing a thousand email addresses you can now re-target that group through those email addresses, so you can put them into a custom audience on Facebook and say a look alike of everyone who’s interested in this group and are interested in this group is similar to this email list and Facebook is going to look at that email list and say wait a second they’re all in this group and then similar to that group and then also liking something related to those people that are in there. So did they all like a certain type of software or certain type of program or do they tend… that we’ve narrowed it down a little bit so that Facebook knows I really want the people that are in this group, not if they have a related aunt or something.

Salena: That’s really interesting because I was sitting there thinking how can I maximize this and I did think about the uploading a custom audience but then you just made me think about that was sharing that post for it to go viral, maybe next time I’m going to post something like that in a group and everybody else here is to potentially, I write that post on my page and just share that post into the group.

Rachel: As long has the group doesn’t mind, So some groups can see that as threatening to them so yes.

Salena: Which is fair enough and that to be honest you know it was it was very borderline It was a bit of a case study kind of thing it was a comment yes and I think if the comment yes send me a PM if you would like to do this was like it was keeping off the board but it got so big that it was a sticking their email address in.

Rachel: Check with the groups because I know in my group that would you’d have got booted out for that one in my group but that’s because we’re marketers and we don’t let P.M.’s we don’t let you put emails or collect the emails cause I know what you’re going to do with them. so it depends on what group you’re in, check with your groups I know a lot of companies use groups one of my students he’s a farmer and he does farming videos and he put those into groups all day long because they don’t care if he re-targets them. They just like his farming videos, so it depends on what your niche is as to how far you can push that envelope.

Salena: OK, you have shared so much and I’m worried that we’re going to make people’s brains explode.

Rachel: I hope not we have had a lot of fun yes I love talking to Salena thank you.

Salena: Thank you, I guess the last thing for me to think about is if something goes viral on Facebook can we then, expect it or take it and use it on other platforms, so if something    goes viral of Facebook because that’s where you specialize. Is there a good chance if I take that same thing and put it on Instagram the same thing is going to happen or take the same thing and put it on LinkedIn the same thing’s going to happen?

Rachel: I have seen an overlap in my personal brand OK I’m calling it a personal brand it’s actually the moola market or one it’s not with my name on it yet it doesn’t have my face on it yet eventually it will some like already mentally there. I suggest not to start as a personal brand because it’s easier to attract people without your name and face all over it. I’m mentally thinking of it as my personal brand, that one the content on there does just as well on LinkedIn. So I can share between LinkedIn and Facebook and have same reach if I share something from Instagram to LinkedIn it doesn’t seem to do quite as well. If I share from Facebook and Pinterest Sometimes I can make my Facebook posts stay viral longer so they have a longer shelf life if I pin them from Pinterest but Pinterest like since we really pretty Instagram like things to be a little prettier, Facebook want something that’s authentic so the content that’s really pretty it doesn’t do as well on Facebook.They do not feel threaten by it like this is my space to be the real me and I don’t want that. When I’m planning from the perfect party, well I want my plans to be perfect and pretty so I go to Pinterest for the perfect and pretty. People use the platforms differently. And are there it’s exceptions to that? of course okay so as soon as they say  well I made it, I’m sure they are exceptions and some content does well overlapping but as a general rule, I find Pinterest and Instagram like pretty stuff. Facebook likes authentic, the stuff that’s personal brand that doesn’t do well on Facebook also does well on LinkedIn.

Salena: OK that’s interesting because I was thinking Pinterest is like the aspirational isn’t it? Instagram is the same it’s like the the curated version the show real whereas  Facebook.

Rachel: Yes the perfect me, not the real me.

Salena: Facebook to me is a little bit more raw and greedy and I have to say when I do videos like I often will do videos for if I’m doing a master class I do them while I’m walking the dogs  so am literally in my gym gear which is not sexy, you know, it’s functional of a form whatever it is. Yes my hat does not match the color of my shirt and they do so much better and I’m thinking people actually what, like this is a sponsored feed, this is a sponsored post. Why are you watching a strange picture of a woman a dog?

Rachel:I love it.

Salena: But they definitely same to work so I think the I think one of the big takeaways I just got from that was knowing not the outcome but knowing why people use those individual platforms and that’s what you were saying earlier about sharing the content is maybe share your Instagram pictures together and your Facebook and your LinkedIn

Rachel: I actually see our Instagram and Pinterest separately as well too because the type of, they want to snapshot on Instagram and on Pinterest they want like more of the fall. It’s just a different have picture that do well, so yes. We actually just full disclosure I actually have a audience of over two hundred thousand on Pinterest as well.

Salena: Wow I worked at the other day I have more people saying my Pinterest post and we literally automate the Pin

to their podcast than I knew who come to my website.

Rachel: Oh my word that’s so cool.

Salena: I just discovered it we’re going to do something about it.

Rachel: Well actually that’s pretty normal though because I think we have a reach of over ten million on Pinterest and my website I think we’re almost at one point five million so, obviously I have a whole lot more reach Pinterest than I do actual traffic

Salena: And yet by the same token people spend thousands of dollars making the perfect website but not thousands of dollars optimizing some Pinterest Pins.

Rachel: Well it’s interesting because my home page is broken because who goes to the home page? no one. So of my eighty twenty of things to be focusing on right now, the fact that the fonts all funky on my home page is really low on my list of things to work on.

Salena I have to ask you the question Given you’ve got how many business is four altogether

Rachel: I’ve got several businesses yes.

Salena: How much time and or how many people in your team, how much time do you spend on social media and do it do you…

Rachel: I’m on social media way too long. Yes I’m being lectured by my team to outsource more of those tasks to my team I just don’t do very well it. I have multiple businesses so my businesses are completely automated and by automated I don’t mean that there is no ones working on them but that my team is like completely handling it to the point where OK if I like start messing with something they kind of get huffy Rachel this is my thing you did it this way that’s not the way we do it, so they’ve got ownership of it and like I own it but they’ve got ownership in the sense they run it you can stay out.

Salena: So like me an merchandising in my store. It got to the point where I’d say Please don’t.

Rachel: They do a really good the job and they are good at what they do so I love them for and they are an amazing team and they work well together and so I’ve kind of stepped out of that and I kind of have more of a watching role now. Still bring in income, still work, still everything I can. If I need to pitch something to that audience I can get that’s there and then in addition to that I’ve got a March product line with my cats, that when I can let fizzle because I’ve just gotten so busy so when one product gets snatched by a competitor or whatever happens to I just kind of let it fizzle. Eventually we can, in cue for I might revive it, I’m not sure yet what I’m going to doing on that one. Then we have moola which is my current biggest earner right now and that teaching people how to go viral on Facebook so that one’s doing well.

Salena: Do you spend most of your time on the Moola  page or do you have your team looking after that is that your little baby at the moment?

Rachel: No actually I’m in groups. may be, my page is very active and we have an lots of messenger on it and I do have two staff that help me with messenger on my page and then I have four staff to help me run my groups. So my groups are very active, we’re helping other people who are there pages so it’s been a lot of fun to see that happen twenty five thousand small businesses that were helping in one audience and then in our other audiences we have got twenty three hundred students we’ve got twenty six hundred students but in time three hundred of them are like yeah this group is really active I want my feedback, we’re leaving for just a little bit we’ll be back later.

Salena: Taking a time out.

Rachel: I know, I don’t blame them a bit. You know what I be they just they love each other and I love that, so yes but all those groups do take a lot of my time.

Salena: If you could just do one thing all day what would it be?

Rachel: Oh I don’t know. I don’t  do one thing well. I’m one of those people who does like. I’m like A.D.D like not little A.D.D. I probably  got like a full-fledged case of it now probably they diagnose me and it was like so much fun anyway, I remember the guy going oh my word. I can’t do one thing, I have to do seven things that one time so it’s not unusual for me to be listening to a song I like listening to a podcast and typing emails at the same time.

Salena: Wow! Does that get tiring?

Rachel: No my brain has to do more than one thing at a time, I can’t just do one thing that’s not who I am. I don’t do the same thing for a week like this week I may be really excited about one thing and then next week it’s a completely, my poor team, so yeah.

Salena: OK so this is not the norm we do not have to do four things at once in order to be successful guys

Rachel: No. I think you could probably a lot more successful if your zeroed in. It’s just I know how my personality works and I’ve given up fighting so yeah.

Salena: Well it’s working. Including the toilet paper on the fan.

Rachel: Yeah well that was my kid, they had a lot of fun with that one.

Salena: I could talk to you for ages but we’ve been on here now for like forty minutes and I know that if I start the next thing it will be another forty minutes I’m going to stop it as much as everybody who’s listening is thinking you need to get this lady back on because I’ve got four thousand questions.

Rachel: Thank you guys.

Salena: Tell us, I’m I know we are going to put it in the show notes but tell us where we can we find the Moola marketing club because I think that’s probably the most prevalent one and we get you know maybe crazy cat lady as well.

Rachel: Yes Facebook page strategies is my Facebook group and that’s the group where I’m in there every day giving us tips answering questions. I’ve tried to shut up and get out of there but I just come back to talk to you.

Salena: And we have got your conversations studies is it twenty five I think?

Rachel: Oh and twenty five twenty six I can remember that number there’s a bunch of them

Salena: We’re going to share that so that people can get some engagement and get some real conversations going.

Rachel: Yes, just put one up every other day, like just give yourself the permission to kind of take a breather on the sections.. Put one of every other day and let me know what the results are I’m guessing that you’re going to see an increase of engagement and that that will fuel your future posts being seen.

Salena: Do we need to have a picture?

Rachel: No I just put the conversations starters up. Some I have pictures sometimes just the conversation.

Salena: Great, to know, okay and website even with its funky home page.

Rachel: Oh that’s one of my business sites that one cause my main site is or either of those work.

Salena: We’re going to put all of these.

Rachel: I appreciate you Salena, thank you.

Salena: Thank you so much and guys if you ever get a chance to see Rachel live on stage you should definitely go because we don’t even talk about her amazing story which I’m going to hopefully go and quickly put into the intro of this episode.

Rachel: Yes, thank you I appreciate it you have a great day.



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