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“If you don't tell your story, someone else will"



What are the benefits of the internet, social media, Google and other resources to build the authority  [13:48]

What is the difference between traditional TV media service and modern services [22:00]

How to fight with fear to stand up in front of the camera and let people know what are your strongest skills  [29:40]

how to pitch yourself to a podcast?  [32:55]

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Salena: Hey there and welcome to this week's episode of the bringing business to retail podcast. We've been talking a lot about PR and getting your brand out there, getting yourself out there in order to grow your business, but what happens when you just can't afford a PR agency well today's guest Josh Elledge is going to help you with exactly that he's going to share some fantastic tips on how you can generate your own PR. So, welcome to the show Josh.

Josh: Oh my gosh Salena thank you so much yes you picked the right guy to talk about this subject.

Salena: We all know that we need to get our brand out there or we need to get our self out there as the expert or as an expert in whatever it is we sell and it is so, easy to have that dream of if I could just get my product in front of the Academy Awards people or if I could just get my product on a major TV network, but in reality that doesn't just happen, does it, no one just picks up a brand and says I'm gonna put this on Oprah well not Oprah anymore, but Ellen I'm gonna put these on Ellen. It doesn't really work I'm pretty sure that from the experiences I've had that takes a ton of grit that's a ton of getting up every day getting your brand out there responding to media call-outs all these kinds of things in order to be featured would you agree.

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Josh: Yeah, most certainly and the reason is because you know for every Oprah every Ellen every Good Morning America a good morning Australia you know the best of the biggest of the big outlets there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who would love that honor of working with them. So, how does that matchmaking you know I feel like it's like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber. So, you know more like one in a million are your chances and so his response is like so you're saying there's a chance of getting on Ellen show well there is a chance of getting on Ellen show. But what you absolutely need to do is earn your way there and what we've learned about working with our own clients and helping them get on national International Media is that it is absolutely a process and that process begins by starting small and earning your way up and along the way you'll also increase your authority and authority is something that we're definitely gonna be talking about today.

Salena: Yes, I was telling you before we started recording that before I was doing what I'm doing now I was known a little bit in the industry as the Nephi lady because my store sold a co baby products and I was really passionate about and I still am reducing landfill and the benefits of using reusable nappies and so, I was writing blogs I founded a not-for-profit I was the president of a not-for-profit organization that now is an advocacy organization. So, they're still going strong which is fantastic. I went to my local councils and I was showing them the benefits reducing landfill they were all about reducing landfill. I was in the local paper many times we won loads of awards. I was on TV a few times and yeah it's quite funny now, but as a result if people saw me that's what they thought about and I know that it drove so much traffic to especially to my web store because people yeah there's always links through to our store from those articles and what I discovered was then I got started by these councils to host workshops or come and speak at eco events and things like that because they just knew I was there and if I had not been responding to those quartets if I had not been riding those blogs this was a little while ago blogs were still popular then and I was even doing video back when you know when people weren't doing videos if people hadn't have seen those I wouldn't have got those experiences which I absolutely loved doing and I loved for what they could help you know the Earth Day with sustainability. So, that was a long time ago though we're talking 2008 to 2010, how is it has the landscape changed now, I feel like it's a lot easier to be knowing now.

Josh: Well you know the reality is that it's so much easier to connect with anybody that you want and social media platforms like Twitter in particular have made it ridiculously easy to connect with the media now that said it's also easy for the hundreds of thousands of other people that are vying for that influencers attention and so, how do you stand out from the rest and it comes down to a couple of things and we're going to talk about those number one is your authority or your perceived authority and then number two would be kind of your method of engagement and that a really big factor on this as well, now. authority and its really interested speaking with someone today and currently they got paid about around twenty-five hundred dollars per speaking engagement and they said Josh how do I get to five thousand per speaking engagement and I asked myself well what do you think the difference and said well maybe you have to ask for it. I said yeah, I think you need to ask for.

Salena: Funny that.

Josh: But let me ask you a question what do you think a web _ let's just forget five thousand dollars let's go right for ten thousand dollars at ten thousand per engagement speaker what do you imagine their website looks like if they're charging grand per speaking engagement and they said well it probably looks pretty good really professional very clean you know good photos good testimonials hmm yeah I think you're probably right. How about their social media what do you think their social media looks like oh they probably have some followers and some engagement and again professional photos you know professional imagery they're sharing good content and you know people you know you could tell people are engaging with them.

So, yeah, I think you're probably right there or two I said what about if we were to do a Google search and we were to search for that speaker what do you think Google would show us and I said probably lots of articles that they've appeared in maybe blogs you know maybe some other things that show that this speaker is definitely getting and getting well-known. I said well I think you just answered all your questions right there and so that is what you do and so if you're looking at increasing your PR and you want to look like a ten thousand dollars per engagement speaker or in the case that we're speaking about if you want to _ I don’t want to say impress, but if you want to get the intension.

Salena: I think impress is the right word.

Josh: Yeah and it really meant and look I don't want to be flippant about this, this is how it is done, if you want to stand out you have to gain the respect of the producers, the writers, the journalists, the influencers, and the best way to do influencer marketing is to be an influencer yourself by the way that is an extraordinary tweet if you want to tweet that and tag me I would be happy to retweet that by the way.

Salena: Done.

Josh: Because it's absolutely the truth.

Salena: How.

Josh: So, social media your Google search results and then of course your online branding and your website incredibly important to standing out because again once you get those things in place the rest is kind of easy because if you're a player right if you look like you've got it together people are going to naturally want to work with you let me ask you this question and I love this Salena if you have and I know you, you already have had so much success both as the nappy lady and the others, but imagine and the person who's listening this conversation imagine that I just waved my magic wand and I actually just did it for those who are not watching me.

Um imagine I waved my magic wand and you now have ten times the authority in your space imagine what that would be like would people engage with you naturally would your customers want to buy with you much easier would influencers want to work with you just kind of on their own all of that stuff improves when you take your authority and your influence very serious and you just work very hard on building an audience you work on your branding you invest money into good website development and design it all will pay off and then you work on getting small media easy stuff and then you work your way up because all of that stuff matters when an influencer is thinking hmm I don't know who this josh Ell edge guy is.

He sounds nice, but maybe I should check him out before I spend much time with him. We all do that and of course when they do and they Google me I could tell you exactly what they're gonna find because I've been serving audiences for well over a decade in the couponing and shopping space with savings angel and then over the past four years in how to grow your authority influence and get tons of media.

Salena: Okay, so for people listening they're saying Sal right at the beginning you told me I'm gonna be able to do this on a shoestring budget and now you've come and said you're really gonna have a decent website and you've got up your social media which one of those do you think they should start on first?

Josh: Um I well yes all of them um, so you look you got to do what you got to do and listen to the person who is struggling and you're like I get it I've so been there I know what that feels like and I just want to let you know that it's all gonna be okay it's all going to work out and it's just going to take a little bit of time. So, please be patient and I promise you all your wildest dreams will come true in business you just have to do the deal and this is what everybody else is done. There's really not a lot of shortcuts, but if you're out there selling and selling and selling and you're frustrated the people are not buying I would encourage you to say hmm maybe I can find a way to work with a photographer on trade. I would say headshots that's the biggest no-brainer. So, if you have a friend maybe someone you go to church with or something like that can kind of help you out on some headshots and you can slip them maybe fifty dollars instead of a hundred and fifty dollars that would be money very well spent and overtime and I would say within first few months I think you should start to see some improvements. So, it's very important similarly like designer be very careful, but you could probably get away with maybe hiring again do your due diligence don't get bamboozled into working with someone who's not professional, but on fiber or up work you could probably find someone that could do some great graphic work graphic design for you work for you very inexpensively you just…

Salena: I think they had a headshot if it's one thing that I would urge everybody to have it is just one even one decent head shot that really portrays who you are and the message you're trying to get across you'll see you see mine they're all very fun because I try and make this whole business thing a little bit less dull and boring hopefully. But when you do get featured somewhere if you've got a really crappy headshot it could be the difference between not being run is what…

Josh: I hold gosh yes absolutely and by the way I should say that if you want to do if you want to do video like if you want to do TV you absolutely better you've got video on your social media like it easy to find on YouTube and you've got you've got embedded videos on your website because their media is not going to touch you it's I should say TV media is not going to touch you if you don't have video of yourself on your website somewhere.

Salena: And we're not talking high professional stuff he could just be a Facebook live right they just want to see that you're comfortable in front of a camera.

Josh: Yes absolutely.

Salena: that's fantastic okay. So, now we know we have to spruce up our website which in reality in this day and age guys this stuff is templated just pay the fifty dollar and buy a nice template for your store for your Magento store whatever just pay the fifty bucks.

Josh: Yeah it's really worth it and I look I know some investments feel kind of scary at the beginning when you don't have any money, but these ones are really important and it's look it's going to improve your success rate with everything moving forward what I don't want you to do is you know maybe dump a bunch of money into Facebook Ads when you're clearly not ready for that I mean you could do it if you have to. But I would much rather you maybe take an extra couple of months get your branding right, get your photos, you know get your offer worked on you know work make some money elsewhere while you're doing that and then launch it the right way and it will pay off for you.

Salena: and this comes back to what you were saying earlier it's time or money you, you can be successful if you're prepared to wait it out or if you've got a ton of money that you just prepared to dump into making this thing work and…

Josh: Yes.

Salena: I think what people have to realize is the whole PR thing it is a long game you know becoming an authority you don't become the authority overnight. I actually found it quite difficult when I close those doors for the last time and handed the keys to the new owner and went off to do what I'm doing now which I was kind of doing on the side anyway you're helping doing some coaching and things like that and it was a whole new industry, I was nobody. I was no longer

Josh: Starting over.

Salena: I was just nobody, Salena who are you that lady who was once selling me nappies and it is elongate and its now kind of well nearly three years later Oh putting out that consistent content of replying to so many call outs of just asking if I can speak at events and being told no, but hey you can write a blog for us you know to now where I do get asked to speak here. I do have the people who email me and say how do I work with you yeah I'm not Tony Robbins yet. I'm not commanding ten thousand for an appearance not to say that I don't want to get there we just refreshed the website thank you very much for that.

Josh: Nice.

Salena: But what I'm trying to say is this doesn't just happen overnight and even if you get that first run in the media it is up to you to take that and leverage that, I'm just want to put that out there because I did nothing with the first time I was in the paper.

Josh: No, yeah, and that's really critical and so, a lot of times you know people will think that oh boy if you can get me on TV then all of my wildest dreams are gonna come true because everybody's gonna see me for the first time and they're instantly gonna want to buy my stuff probably not, if you're lucky you might make a couple of tails that does is it bringing people into the tip of your funnel and it's really not that many. So, it's not the be-all end-all so, then you're like well Josh what's the point then. The point is the people that you there's several look there's several reasons why you want to be in the media that we've kind of talked about number one you build a relationship with an influencer or a journalist which could pay you off they it can it can pay for years and years and years decades by having those relationships that's one number, two yes it's good exposure, number three it's good authority and so, now you have logos that you can put on your website and that's gonna improve your conversion rate. It's gonna help you when you want to charge more for speaking or you want to publish your book and people can see oh my gosh they've been on TV oh boy they've been talked about from some YouTube celebrity was raving about them a year ago that's also part of your authority.

But your immediate most immediate payoff is what you do with that media. So, let's say that ink magazine it some writer from ink magazine quotes you as part of a story that is relevant to your industry. So, if you just sit on that and say oh well I hope the readers of really love getting to know me that's look that's like a small fraction of the total value that you get from that and the bigger value is again you sharing that Inc. feature with all of your audiences and you should be blasting it on Twitter you should be sharing it on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Instagram, on Pinschers like everywhere right you should be telling everybody you should be asking people to share it you should be celebrating like this is the biggest thing that's ever happened to you and then you should email it you should put that article on your website you should you know just find every possible way you can promote the fact that you are quoted as an expert in Inked Magazine and the bigger deal you make of it the bigger day be a bigger deal your clients and customers are going to make of it.

Salena: That is an interesting concept because as you were saying it I was thinking the same thing everybody else I'm sure is thinking is oh my god my people are just gonna get so over me talking about this thing.

Josh:  No not all.

Salena: But then you say the bigger you make it, the more important they're going to think it is.

Josh: Absolutely.

Salena: You can see that.

Josh: Salena I have to share with you this and that is that  when you share a win like this now again a lot of it is how you share it as well I mean you don't want to obviously you don't want to talk like you're an egomaniac, but you want to share _ when you share that win the people who know like and trust you okay they're going to celebrate that victory for you and what I want you to think of is I don't want you to share it for your benefit I want you to share it for their benefit and for the benefit of your tribe and this this community that you've built because what you are doing is you are affirming to them that they hitched their trailer to the right there wagon to the right horse they have backed the right team and this again is a validation that they chose wisely. They believed in you early on they joined your community they followed you they got to know you and now you have this win you are actually making them feel good when you have this. Now, if you start getting a lot of media then obviously you know it's like okay well I was you know in ink magazine for the twentieth time this month you know it's not no longer the biggest thing that's ever happened in your life. But you do still share that and you do that in a way that says listen friends this is a confirmation that what you and I believe in what we are all kind of fighting for is absolutely what people want to hear. Here we are again we are being validated that's how you celebrate it and people aren't gonna get mad at that and by the way if you really truly have someone that is that petty they're gonna be jealous or they'll just unfollow you and they're not part of your tribe anyway people that are part of your tribe will absolutely celebrate all those wins.

Salena: I think what we forget sometimes is the people who buy our stuff because that's what we do we sell products the people who buy our stuff want to be associated with our brand you think Nike, think Apple, think Lulu lemon, people carry those brands around on show because they want you to think a certain way and I love surf wear is a great example of this you know people wear surf wear when they're in the middle of the desert. There's no Beach, there's no surfing going on, but they want to be associated with that I'm chill out, I'm laid-back you know I love the beat they want to be associated with that lifestyle very rarely do I think people buy the t-shirts because they look pretty. It's because they don't to be associated with that brand and you're saying the exact same thing when your customers see that success for you that win they want to be that person who says I knew her before she was famous before they were famous and when you are fee it's like right I knew she was awesome or I knew they were awesome. I knew I bought stuff from that store before they were famous and now I'm validated I'm like I'm going back there because clearly yeah Style magazine thinks the same thing or your Inc. thinks the same thing. So, I know they've got my back I know if I go there they're gonna have the right thing for me.

Josh: Yeah, you know I love what you just shared about I knew them when it's kind of funny because I was having a conversation with a high school friend of mine who is now actually on our team and we were talking about bands and we were talking about oh my gosh you know I went to a Nine Inch Nails concert when you know it was no bigger than this restaurant and then you know a few years later they were playing stadiums you know we were kind of comparing stories of bands that we saw kind of earlier in  their lifespan. We love and people take pride in that.

Salena: I knew someone before they were famous, I went to school with the actress Toni Collette.

Josh: Nice.

Salena: That's about my claim to fame to fame.

Josh: That your claim to fame.

Salena: I'm sure I can think of another one, but that's about it for now, alright. So, there are a lot of people out there thinking I'm an introvert I'm not you Sal I don't like being in front of the camera. I don't like talking to people how the heck do I grow my influence how do I up my influence when I don't want to be on TV but I do want that recognition.

Josh: Sure well there's a lot of different media that you can do you know and a lot of times people may say well I have no interest in being in traditional media. I only want to be working with Instagram celebrities well you know what the rules are pretty much the same and so, that's good news for people who have no interest in being in front of a camera and I will tell you by the way and I'm not gonna force you, but I can tell you that there I know plenty of people who were incredibly uncomfortable about being in front of a camera that slowly became a little bit more with it to the point where eventually they were doing TV on a regular basis. I was incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of being a podcaster until I started one five years ago which by the way makes me a grandfather in the podcasting world. But I knew I wanted a podcast for at least two years prior to that, but I was fearful of that level of exposure that I knew I would have to have as a podcaster.

Salena: It's interesting isn't it because if you if you like talking and you don't like video podcasting is perfect and I will say I'll tell you a little quick story. I like to talk but I was scared of talking, when I had my stores we used to do story time once a fortnight and I used to pay somebody to come and read books to the kids. These like two-year-old kids they don't know if you're good at it or not and the lady kept saying to me you can do this you know why are you paying me to come and read a story to the kids anyone can do it and I was like no I don't get kids as much as I have a kid’s shop. I don't understand how the whole voice thing like you sound so good when you do it I just read the book and she kept sort of saying to me you could do this and eventually I ended up going to Toastmasters and it just helped. It helped me sort of breakthrough that ice of actually I am pretty good at talking. So, now that as an example of I used to pay someone to read to two-year-olds like probably the simplest thing that you could possibly do and now I talk for a living.

Josh: Yeah, look at that so it is possible now again that said you don't have to do TV there's lots of other media that you can do and you know what TV might not be ready for you anyway. So, you know get your experience by perhaps working with podcasters may be working with blog person and other social media people and just find a way to serve their audience don't worry about likes trying to sell you saw itself just focus on serving audiences and people are gonna love that and that's by the way in terms of like rules of engagement that's really the philosophy that you want to have.

Salena: Okay. So, far we've got let's go and get out and get ourselves on podcast do you want to give some tips on how to pitch yourself to a podcast?

Josh: Well yeah, again I think you just again out of the gate please don't you knock bang on the doors of the big ladies and big guys out there they get hit up so much we work with some of those bigger name podcasters and they do they get hit up all the time just like big media. So, you don't need that right away and just focus on amassing some smaller podcasts out there, there's many to choose from and I you know what I prefer to do is I would prefer that if you want to be on a podcast that you should really listen to that podcast quite a bit get familiar get to understand their culture get to understand maybe some references that that podcaster makes you know just get to know them a little bit try to make this as authentic as possible rather than just selling yourself instead make a connection you know one of our core values that up my influence is human connection and that's why we do so well with our clients in helping them get me big media connections is that we just really focus on what is the most authentic organic way that we can do this where it makes it a win-win for everybody.

So, then when you kind of fall in love with a podcast then  you know follow them on social media maybe do it you know maybe do some nice things for them retweet some of their stuff certainly like some of their stuff join their online community you know follow you know get on their Facebook page and engage with them there and then at some point you are going to make an offer where you could ask a question and you know where you would say you know I have a great deal of success in the blank space in the nappy space for example you know we've built a sales organization where we've done over half a million dollars in sales this year may I ask you know what's your process for guests applications. It would be my dream my honor I've been listening to your show to be a guest. So, here's the thing media you know nobody throws away fan mail. So, if you approach them as a fan and you let them know it no I truly listen, I truly read what you write and I really love it and honestly you know for me this is about service and serving your audience and really trying to you know trying to provide as much value as I possibly can and you know with that kind of approach I think it generally should work out pretty well for you.

Salena: Okay a lot of people here thinking, but I just have a shop or I just have an e-commerce store. I'm not an expert in anything Josh how do I myself the expert in what the hell do I make myself an expert in.

Josh: Yeah, boy I just you just got a reaction out of me okay you ready and what I want everybody to do is if you're listening to this podcast on the phone I want you to grab your phone and I want you to look at the screen right now phone doesn't even have to be on if you're listening to on any other device I want you to kind of glance at whatever device is emanating the audio you ready here I go all right what I did is I just waved my hands in the air all right you are now an expert  and I kid you not. The day that now here's the reality you know if you've been doing what you've been doing for several months or a couple of years you definitely know more than ninety-nine point nine percent of the population on that particular topic. There are really only a few I'd say professions where you really need to have some credentialed education in order to speak on that subject a lot of things that people want to learn about aren't necessarily don't necessarily require a PhD.

What we need more than more brains is that we need a willing heart to teach you know it's kind of funny like Frank Abagnale and he's a famous con artist he was featured in the history story movie catch me if you can with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio and one of the things that he pretended to do was he pretended to be a college professor and they asked well how are you able to do that you know you don't know anything about history or whatever the subject was that he was teaching he goes nah you're right all I had to do was just read one chapter ahead from the class and all of a sudden I was an expert in that one particular topic and that's all but it took and so, I'm not suggesting here anybody needs to be phony or a con artist of any kind I'm just suggesting that you should be willing to serve and provide value to audiences we again we need more teachers with willing hearts and because of that you are now an expert in  what you do. You know it's kind of funny you know the day I became a consumer advocate is the day that somebody asked me are you a consumer advocate and I said.

Salena: Sure.

Josh: Well yes, I am a consumer advocate.

Salena:  How did you know.

Josh: It's funny I mean we also like all of us suffer from imposter syndrome to one degree or another I get it that's easy human trap that we can fall into, but step out of your comfort zone not for your sake, but for the sake of your audience. They need you to lead, they need you to teach, they need you to be willing to own your expertise.

Salena: Here's the thing that I've found if you are real, if you are you if you're sharing your experiences good bad ugly even if they're a complete failure that builds the connection and the connection builds the tribe and I actually struggle with that funnily enough. I struggle with that because I don't like anybody to see things that go wrong.

Josh: Yeah.

Salena: But you know what you have to you have to show sometimes that cake fail you know sometimes you forget to press record on a podcast not this time you know but sometimes you do sometimes crap just happens.

Josh: Absolutely.

Salena: And if you don't share that I think you distance yourself from your tribe you become you know put on a pedestal, but they don't necessarily have that connection with you then if you're a real live person who's going through the same stuff every single day that they're going through.

Josh: Yeah, you're absolutely right and you know and that shows a human side of you, so don't worry about being perfect just let people know I am trying and I'm dedicated to this and I'm committed to bringing you value and being of service to you.

Salena: Do you think we've missed anything out, we've talked about the website, we've talked about social media, we've talked about podcasts and traditional TV media, print media and just getting yourself out there, do you think we've missed anything?

Josh: You know those are the absolute most important things and I want you to know that when you do reach out to an influential journalist or producer or podcaster social media person and you get radio silence it's not that they don't like you it's just they're very  busy and so,  if  feels like they're ignoring you maybe they are because you're not quite at the level that they're looking for and I don't want you to take offense to that it's just you have to understand that you know the biggest of the big they can get twenty to fifty eighty hundred  proposals a day and so, it has nothing to do with you it's just their busy schedule and sometimes you know they just miss it in the noise that comes through and so, generally you know following up is great and if that doesn't work then just keep on working on being their friend and you know eventually you'll make that connection that you want and  sometimes you know you have to go around it in different ways and you know talk to friends of theirs and you can work your way into just about anybody and I will end with this it is so, worth it to be high authority in your space.

I just had the honor of speaking at social media marketing world and this is my second year speaking there and it is just so, cool to be able to walk in and have people want to rush up and get their photo taken with you and you know I don't need it for the significance, but it's cool to be able to know that I'm making an impact on people's lives and it doesn't mean it feels good to know that that's the kind of effect that I can have on people. So, I just want to encourage you that if you're going down this road and maybe it's been slow going keep at it keep doing the stuff that I talked about in this conversation keep working at it may take a year or two. But I promise you it is so worth it.

Salena: And you have a fantastic offer, a very generous offer thanks you so much to help people get along their way and what does that offer look like.

Josh: Oh yeah well we're really big on education and we just believe that anything education or information should be free and so, only for the person who has listened you are a very lucky person and you've gotten to this far in the conversation you clearly are someone who deserves that next level of success. So, here's what I want you to do, if you go to up my and you click on the page that says product or pricing and you look there you'll see a product and this is not going to be for much longer, but it will be as this episode goes live there is just click on free and what that's going to do is that's going to give you free access to our twelve hundred video library and again I sold a bunch of them at twelve hundred dollars. I just have a real heart for serving and I also I mean pretty in particular you know the struggling startup who's you know looking to really grow and kind of get beyond where they're at right now gained some recognition that library will _ it is absolutely life-changing. Again, so that's up my influence calm and then just click on to kind of take a look at our platform of our product, but you'll see look if you see there's a button that says free find that click that and all your wildest dreams will come true.

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Salena: We'll certainly put a link and I'm looking at it right now use these phrases in terms to get right into the exact right to the executive producer, how to get free advertising on radio print and major media websites, how to rock your TV interview and be invited back. So, this is really good you know I've already signed up right.

Josh: good.

Salena: I'm always looking for another way you know what do I need to do you know to up my influence. I was gonna say to up my level of authority, but up my influence that's a fantastic catchphrase. Well thank you so much for sharing that and just we'll put the link again straight to there, but you're up my influence calm and what about social media. It sounds like you're gonna be a fun kind of guided to follow on social media.

Josh: Yeah, so if you could up my influence calm and look in the upper right hand corner you'll see all of our socials, I really love Twitter, love Instagram, love Facebook, I love LinkedIn, probably a little bit too much so, if you distract me and connect with me there you will absolutely keep me distracted for my work. So, please do it.

Salena: Thank you so much for sharing all of these on the show today.

Josh: Absolutely it's been my pleasure Salena thank you.


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