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Over the past six months I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know Anna Wythes, as she’s worked her way through my small group coaching program.

Anna’s story will resonate with you; school teacher by day, ethical fashion retailer by night, Anna is a Retail Superhero juggling single parenthood, work and running a business she’s passionate about. Anna uses her store to make a difference to others and share her message about ethically produced fashion.

You will be inspired by Annas story of embracing change, rolling out automations and using technology to lighten the load and understanding the importance of making a profit in order to afford to keep giving to others.


I’m Anna – mother, teacher and founder of Modimade. I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia and my passion for Cambodia and quality education led me to build a business where you can support both these elements.

My interest in sustainable development and ethical trade is not only evident in my work as an ethical business owner, but also in my work as a primary school teacher. My belief in the power of education and positive, fair employment allows me to passionately create a strong foundation for not only my children, but also for future generations. An enormous part of creating a world that we are proud to pass onto our kids is making sure that as consumers, we all educate our children to see the impacts on others. Teaching them about where they buy their products and how other children in the world experience life might not be so easy, but it can be done. I hope that this forward thinking that is embedded into Modimade will give you a role and a tool for discussion to create a place that lasts for generations to come.

Almost 10 years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to spend a year living in Cambodia and volunteering at Chumkriel Language School, in a small rural village. I assisted staff to enhance the quality of their teaching and collaboratively established ways that supported them, to put these ideas into practice.

By providing these opportunities and access to quality education, through schooling, community programs or in the work place, people can learn lifelong skills and utilise these to create their own future pathways. That’s why I continue to use Modimade as a tool to raise funds and give on going support to Chumkriel Langauge School in Cambodia – so the money you spend has benefit.

I absolutely love sharing my passion for sustainable development and quality education and every time I return to Cambodia- I see the positive effects that these two single elements can have on individuals. I whole heartedly believe that my experiences add a personal essence and authentic passion to Modimade, my products and the support that the business provides to Cambodian families.

Through Modimade we can continue to take a proactive role in supporting development in Cambodia. We may only be a small scale business, yet our benefits reach far and wide, especially when you join in.

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