3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever – Day 3




“In today’s episode we are going to talk about “YOU”, where you want to be in your business and how you can get there."



In the last 2 episodes of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast we have been going through my 3 Days To Your Most Profitable Year Ever. If you’ve missed out and need to catch up check out Episode 1, where we discussed Cash Flow and discover how you can Stop Being a Shopkeeper and Start Being a Business owner in Episode 2. Plus, don’t forget to download the full 3 Days to Your Most Profitable Year.

In today’s episode we are going to talk about “YOU”, where you want to be in your business and how you can get there.

Think about your shop for a minute. Are you setting yourself, your team and your business up for success? How about what you want out of your business? Is the only thing money?! Or how about having personal freedom, being able to inspire others or is it something else?

Having that goal in mind let me ask you one more question… How do you feel when you start working every single day, are you positive and full of energy or do you hate to wake up and start your business day?

If you said you hate starting your business everyday then now is the time for you to make a choice to make some positive changes in your business this year. Just like anything else being great at business takes practice and mentoring.

You are more than capable of achieving all of your retail goals but just like any great athlete you can be even greater with a coach by your side to help guide you and cheer you on along the way. My past rockstars have seen this first hand and now it is your chance to make a choice to take control of your retail business. My goal is to guide you to success so you can not only achieve your business goals but feel great about what you do each day. Find out how to reach all of the personal and financial freedom you deserve here now.

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Hey there! I’m Salena Knight….
I serve people who struggle with overwhelm in their retail
business. I help them to:
• have more confidence, whilst sprinkling in a little fun.
• get more done whilst making it feel like they’ve actually
achieved something.
• resolve the chaos while making it feel like they’re having
tea and biscuits with a friend.
My passion is to help YOU have a profitable retail business –
Business isn’t all about stress and hard work – you can achieve
success AND enjoy the journey.
The secret is to create the foundation of your retail business.

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