Louise D’Allura

Louise D’Allura – The Importance Of Having A Clean Headspace, Lifespace & Workspace

Louise D’Allura is a Qualified Home Economist and Professional Organiser. Louise began working in the area of nutrition in 1997 at Nutrition Australia, and went on to work in corporate health and occupational health and safety. During that time Louise gained insight into some of the chemicals workers in the manufacturing industries were using and reacting to. Strangely enough they were the same chemicals children and families reacted to too!

jTerri Ann Daniels

Noise Whisperer Terri Ann Daniels

Being in business for yourself can be overwhelming at times. There are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things you should be. You will encounter many distractions along the way. Terri Ann Daniels, the Noise Whisperer, will help you reconnect with the reasons you went into business in the first place, reignite your passion and teach you how to create the tools to free up your valuable time. By eliminating the “noise” that distracts you day to day you will optimize your time and be available to focus on income generating projects to move your business forward.

Jill Stanton

Selling Your Knowledge – Jill Stanton

Screw The Nine To Five is a movement started by Jill & Josh Stanton. They designed this place to help new and existing entrepreneurs solve problems related to life and business through actionable insights and simple how-to’s.

Greg van Borssum

Greg van Borssum

Greg Van Borssum A failed school kid who turned adversities into opportunities, from Martial Arts to Movies. Over the years Greg has accomplished an incredible level of achievement…the worlds youngest professional Natural Bodybuilder, a multiple black belt martial artist, and award winning Hollywood film maker. But the successes aren’t what made him.