Jessica Oman

Jessica Oman The Renegade Planner Kicks Some Biz Planning Butt

In this episode of the we talk to Jessica Oman, owner of the Renegade Planner. Jessica started her business in 2010 with the goal to help small businesses with the creation of their business plans. An initial investment of $200 and a dream has developed into Jessica being a force in the realm of business strategy. Learn about the importance of business plans, their implementation and the importance of realistic goals as a business owner.

Greg van Borssum

Greg van Borssum

Greg Van Borssum A failed school kid who turned adversities into opportunities, from Martial Arts to Movies. Over the years Greg has accomplished an incredible level of achievement…the worlds youngest professional Natural Bodybuilder, a multiple black belt martial artist, and award winning Hollywood film maker. But the successes aren’t what made him.

Dan Norris

Dan Norris on Highs, Lows, Goals & Success

Dan is the CEO of WP Curve, an entrepreneur, app developer and the writer of The 7 Day Startup. In this episode we discuss all of the exciting things in Dan’s life. We go on a journey with Dan from the start of his business to where he is now with multiple ventures. The importance of setting goals and processes has been instrumental to his success.