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How Money is REALLY Holding Back The Growth Of Your Business – Jen Pierce

Is money really holding back the growth of your retail business, do you constantly tell yourself that you’ll autumn more stock hire more employees do more marketing when you hit a specific financial goal, but you never quite seem to manage to get that money in the bank. Well blending her therapeutic knowledge based in psychology and her metaphysical trainings in spiritual psychology Jen is going to come live and dive deep into how money is actually holding back the growth of your retail business.


Insider Secrets From The Billion Dollar Man – Thor Conklin

Let me ask you, what was your first job, do you think that it had an impact on how you live your life well for today’s guest Thor Conklin yes that’s his name, his first job as a golf caddie was filled with rejection after rejection, but little did he know that those countless hours of working on the golf course walking, talking and asking non-stop questions of the business elite would have a profound influence on his career and a lifelong fascination of studying and muddling peak performers.


What Happened When My Store Hit A Million Dollars – Caroline Frenette

Caroline Frenette is a Certified Advanced Transformative Coach® (A.K.A. Supercoach), the founder of The Insight Mastermind, creator of the 12 week online program From Broke To Blissfully Booked and Launch & Prosper, a 6-month coaching experience that takes coaches, consultants, creatives and entrepreneurs through a simple & elegant launching process that yields profits & stimulates business growth.


5 business lessons learned from tv’s Shark Tank

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin I don’t watch an awful lot of tv*. And the stuff I do watch is vary rarely live. Thank goodness for catch-up, right? So Shark Tank, I mean, business, startups, and a healthy dose of reality tv. What more could an entreprenur want from a tv show? Sitting down last night, with the TV all to myself, glass of wine in hand, I was ready. Watching the show, though, I could see some major factors that were letting down the contestants (is that what they’re called?) In fact, I was so stirred up, I grabbed a ratty old envelope and a pen that were on the floor, and started making notes. Disclaimer – there is nothing new here! It’s all about presentation From the minute you walk in the door, or your client walks in your door. When they look at your website, when they meet you in person. First impressions last. It’s easy to be swayed by someone’s appearance. It’s even easier to make a financial investment when you feel secure in an environment, when you feel this person across from you, is a match for what you want to achieve. They have a vested interest


My 3 Questions That Always Make A Customer Purchase

I have a secret I want to share with you today. I call it the rule of threes, and it will definitely help you get more sales. It’s easy to fall into the old line of “can I help you” when a customer walks in the door. But you know the answer is most likely going to just be “I’m just looking”, right? Greeting a customer, and actually being able to help them, is about asking the right questions. Don’t pepper someone as soon as they walk in Forgo the “can I help you” and try “what brings you into the store today” Better yet, if the customer isn’t familiar to you, try, “is this your first time in store”. This will then give you the chance, to point out the benefits of shopping in your store, and start developing rapport with your customer. So, that’s my first question – the one that builds rapport with the customer and makes them feel welcome, but for the purposes of this video, I’m not counting it, ok? So don’t start sending me emails and commenting on Facebook, that there are actually 4 questions. When it comes to helping them select a product,


The Importance of A Perpetual Ecommerce Cart

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve just sat down in front of your computer. There’s a cup of tea, or maybe a sneaky glass of wine by your side, and you’re ready to settle into an evening of online shopping. Then, the kids start crying, or there’s some kind of random emergency that seems to befall your household, just when you’ve sat down. Right? Happens to me All. The. Time. When you finally get around to heading back to your favourite online store, you find all of the things you’ve added to your cart are gone. Pouf. If you’ve had this happen to you, you’ve probably decided it’s not worth the bother to try and remember everything that you added to you cart. If you weren’t buying specific, items that you realllly wanted or needed, you’ve literally put those purchases in the too hard basket and that store has lost your sale. Even worse for said business, you could have gone back and added even MORE things to your cart, when you had a few spare minutes, and the sale would have been bigger. As the retailer, not only did you lose the money, but if you don’t have