Master Your Marketing

You gotta be marketing all the time to keep your sales funnel full!


The Email Marketing Secrets No One Else Is Telling You

Even with massive advances in online and social media advertising, email marketing remains the strongest and highest returning method of communicating directly with your customers.

In this episode I’m busing open the top three email marketing secrets no one else is telling you. Tune in to find out how you can use these secrets to increase the traffic to your store AND start making money with every every email you send.


The Missing Link That’s Costing You Sales & Customers – Louise Griffiths

How much thought do you give the entire journey your customer passes through – from attraction and acquisition, through to purchase and retention?

In this episode Digital Marketer Louise Griffith shines a new light on what she refers to as the eco-system of the customer journey. Tune in and discover how you can increase your sales and retain customers by focusing on a more holistic version of online marketing and meeting your customers where they are with the information they’re looking for.

Louise generously shares;
– The importance of having a well planned digital strategy
– Where to focus your energy
– Knowing what stops your customers from buying
– Why empowered staff are your strongest retention tool
– How to develop, manage & nurture online communities


How To Conquer Social Media Without Burning Out – Salena Knight

This week I had an email from a listener who wanted to know how the heck she can keep on top of her social media when there always seem to be hundreds of other jobs to do AND an actual business to run.

Hands in the air if you feel like keeping on top of your socials is like a full time job? Pretty much all of you right.


How To Become A Household Name – Selena Soo

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist helping business experts, authors, and coaches go from “hidden gem” to admired industry leader. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including; Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Pat Flynn and Laura Belgray.


How Copycats Affect Me & How I Deal With Them

Some days, it can feel like with every swipe of your insta feed or every scroll of your Facebook feed, you stumble across another business or person, copying your hard work.

Perhaps it the product photo shoot images you spent days putting together, or it’s the product descriptions that you wrote, deleted and rewrote for hours on end. If you’re lucky enough o be a designer, having your style ripped off can feel like you heart is being ripped out.

So how do you deal with business copycats?


Using Linkedin to Grow Your Retail/Ecommerce Business – Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce is passionate about helping business owners spread their unique message and brand through LinkedIn. She believes the former corporate connector is a fundamentally under utilised platform for retailers and entrepreneurs across the board. Over the past few years LinkedIn has become a powerful tool to bring your unique brand to industry professionals, influencers and customers alike.


Effective Ecommerce Marketing To Millenials – Brendan Sweeney

Brendan Sweeney, General Manager of Ecommerce for Cotton On Group (an Australian retail chain, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children) joins Pavan Bahl and guest host Salena Knight (retail strategist, and host of the “Bringing Business to Retail” podcast), on location in Sydney, Australia at Online Retailer City and Nora Network, for a conversation presented by Fluent Commerce.