Traci DeForge


“My name is Traci DeForge. Most people call me Traci. My closest friends call me “T”. My favorite two little humans call me “Aunt T”.

It is great to meet you.

I have a wonderful husband, two dogs and live on a barrier island off the Southeast coast in the United States. It is an amazing life for which I am incredibly grateful. It hasn’t always been this way and it was a long road to get here.

Over the past 22 years, I’ve led a prominent career, first as a high-powered radio executive who took the broadcast company for whom I worked from $1.2M in revenues to over $10M, eventually positioning it for a $60M exit. From there, I took over as CEO of Ladies Who Launch, at which time I innovated the Franchise Media Model. I founded my consulting business, ThreeDM Communications, where being an integral part of the launch of hundreds of small businesses has been my passion. I’ve also had the pleasure of working on branding and business development strategy for companies like British Airways, Microsoft and Weight Watchers International.

Successful, right? Yes. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.

All along the way, during professional crossroads and times of triumph over personal obstacles, I began to realize that even with all of this, I still felt a yearning. I intuitively knew I had more I needed to do. I had something to say. After digging into some serious self-inquiry and talking about it with friends and colleagues, I realized I wasn’t using my voice to its full potential. I had a pattern of working behind-the-scenes to fuel massive growth in the organizations in which I was a part, while never fully owning and telling my own story.

I was using my success and my busyness to keep from developing a voice and body of work that was uniquely mine. This was the very moment my personal life consciously merged into my business life. Of course, it had been that way throughout my whole journey. I had just not connected them. I was the one who kept dividing the two entities. Today, I honor these two important aspects of my life as a strong supportive system that harmoniously coexist. I embrace their pairing as an asset.

This pivotal realization made me even more committed to using my voice to put my experience and perspective into the hands of individuals who can use it to move forward in their lives. Journey to There is a culmination of the past 25 years of my work in the business and entrepreneurial world while navigating my crazy and wonderfully messy life; and yet, it is really much, much more. It is my way of connecting to you and with you on a new path where the possibilities are unquestionably endless.”



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