How You Bootstrap A Start Up Business With $810,000




“You should sell what you believe in."



I’ve seen Megan speak before, and I remember that her insights into retail were very different to what other people were spruiking.

Coming from a background in business, Megan grew up in pubs.

She recounts many stories, such as riding her tricycle around the ballroom, how her dad taught her that you’re never to senior to pick up a broom.

And how watching the cash being counted in the evening, how she said to her dad ‘look at all that money, you must be rich’.

And how her father took that stack of bills, and showed her how much went to wages, overheads, restocking and rent, and the small amount that was left over.

Whilst I was listening to her talk, I could see this picture in my mind, and I immediately thought ‘what a fantastic way to show a child the meaning of money’.



Over a decade ago, I started my first retail store online.

Things were different then.....

We were one of the first businesses on Facebook, out there building a community.

As it grew, I opened my first physical shop front.

That business grew to an award-winning chain of stores, had an army of loyal customers and a team that loved coming to work every day.

We created a brand, all built on a foundation of providing an awesome customer experience.

After systemising the business to the point I was no longer needed, I decided to sell up and help retailers around the world, grow their own retail empires.

And now I'm lucky enough to do exactly that. Every day I work with determined e-commerce store owners, bricks and mortar businesses and product creators, who use their retail businesses, to not only create freedom in their own lives, but to serve their customers in the best possible way.

I feel so grateful that we now live in a world where we can be buying and selling around the globe, 24 hours a day.

I love what digital marketing can do for our businesses and I'm constantly researching, testing and implementing products that can boost sales (preferably on autopilot), make our businesses run smoother and faster and give our customers, the personalisation that they're craving in this fast-paced world.

I'm so glad you're here, with me, along for the ride.

Strap yourself in - this is going to be great!

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