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“You should sell what you believe in."



I’ve seen Megan speak before, and I remember that her insights into retail were very different to what other people were spruiking.

Coming from a background in business, Megan grew up in pubs.

She recounts many stories, such as riding her tricycle around the ballroom, how her dad taught her that you’re never to senior to pick up a broom.

And how watching the cash being counted in the evening, how she said to her dad ‘look at all that money, you must be rich’.

And how her father took that stack of bills, and showed her how much went to wages, overheads, restocking and rent, and the small amount that was left over.

Whilst I was listening to her talk, I could see this picture in my mind, and I immediately thought ‘what a fantastic way to show a child the meaning of money’.



So much of what Megan had to say, had me recounting my time in business, and how as retailers, we often overlook key areas of business, because we aren’t confident enough to stand out.

As the co-founder of net-a-porter, the super luxurious,      online fashion store, Megan’s love for expensive handbags, her eye for style and her introduction to the internet put a wild idea in her head.

To have the same type of experience that you would receive walking into a high end fashion store, whilst you were shopping online.

It seemed impossible. Who would forgo the glass of champagne, as you walked in the door of your favourite luxury boutique?

But she was determined to do it. And the research that she put into obtaining this customer experience, is what I’m so enamoured with.

Customer experience is what Megan, and net-a-porter excel at, so here are some of her words of wisdom.

You should sell what you believe in.

I’ve done my research on you, listening here today, and I know there’s an almost 100% chance, that you opened your retail store, because you were passionate about what you were selling,

You believed that your products, your services and your knowledge, had a place helping others, so I think you’ve got this one covered.

Accept your own diversity

Just a few minutes ago, I said that often, when you first open your retail store, you lack the confidence to stand out. When you accept your own diversity, you allow yourself to stand out, to be proud of why you’re different, to offer a different kind of service, and to charge a premium price.

Listen to the show and find out more….

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