The Art of Copybranding To Boost Sales – Lee Rowley




“It's not your prospets's fault. Even if it is."



Copy writer and branding expert Lee Rowley has more than a decade experience writing sales copy and creating brands.  But he’s the first to admit, his copy hasn’t always hit the mark!

Following a personal tragedy Lee felt compelled to find an alternative to the churn style copy his counterparts were using.  Ignoring the “experts” he started creating copy and brands that made real, deep, connections with the people buying the products he was tasked with selling.

Over time this lead to Lee developing the Avatar Immersion systems, a series of connection points that helps business owners find the intersection between their own stories and the stories of their customers.

Lee is passionate about encouraging businesses owners to tell their own unique story, understanding customers and their needs and the importance of making the customer the focus of your sales copy.

  • How to find out what your customers really want [9:58]
  • How social media has changed the way we need to speak to our customers[16:30]
  • How we bring our personal stories into our own branding and copywriting and make money in the process. [17:56]
  • Differentiating yourself from your competition [22:38]
  • Using copy to reconnect with customers [26:10]
  • The power of focusing on the customer not yourself [28:43]


Lee Rowley is a 10-year veteran sales copywriter, but for the first 6 of those years, he was pretty bad at his job. Then he stopped listening to the copywriting “experts” talk about how marketing MUST be done… and instead spent 18 months developing a connection-forging, personal approach to brand marketing that nearly doubled his clients’ conversions and revenues.
Today, Lee helps “luminaries” – artists, coaches, speakers, authors, and many others – craft their own powerful, persuasive brand marketing that empowers them to stand out, cultivate trust, and create their own tribe of loyal, ready-to-buy fans.

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