How You Can Use AI To Streamline Your Retail/Ecom Store



Josh Bachynski

My name is Josh and I am an SEO & AI Expert/Marketer with over 20 years of business branding, marketing and SEO experience. I came across your Podcast and would love to be a part of your podcast and share my experience on SEO, AI, Ethics, Philosophy and Marketing with your audience. I am a 2nd yr PhD student (retired) in Philosophy, Psychology and have an MA in Ethics and Decision Theory. I have spoken on Google search for over 20 years, including a TEDx talk ""The Future of Google, Search and Ethics"" -

Want to know how to reclaim hours of your work life and get stuff done FAST (and even on autopilot?)

In this episode, you’ll learn from one of the founders of AI, Josh Bachynski, on how you can use AI to streamline your Retail/Ecom Store.

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Summary: The transcript features an episode of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast with guest Josh Mushinski, one of the creators of ChatGPT. They discuss how AI can be used to streamline businesses, including creating social media images and writing Facebook ads. They also explore the capabilities of ChatGPT in rewriting product descriptions and providing feedback on sales messages. The conversation highlights the importance of prompt formulation and provides tips for maximizing the effectiveness of AI-generated content. The AI also provides guidance on how to let an employee go with empathy and respect.


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| 00:00 | Introduction |
| 00:05 | Topic 1: Importance of exercise |
| 01:10 | Topic 2: Benefits of a healthy diet |
| 02:30 | Topic 3: Mental health and self-care |
| 03:45 | Topic 4: The impact of stress on health |
| 05:00 | Topic 5: Importance of sleep |
| 06:20 | Topic 6: Managing chronic conditions |
| 07:30 | Topic 7: Preventive healthcare |
| 08:40 | Conclusion |
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| 00:33:50 | Topic 8: Writing style and influence |
| 00:34:20 | Topic 9: Using AI for content creation |
| 00:35:00 | Topic 10: Streamlining business processes with AI |
| 00:45:17 | Topic 11: How to let someone go easily |
| 00:52:00 | Topic 12: Handling the termination meeting respectfully |
| 00:53:28 | Conclusion and call to action |


1. **Speaker 2-(00:34:24)**
> “Would you recognize Voyager? Harper’s bizarre? Yeah, definitely.”

2. **Speaker 2-(00:37:36)**
> “You can just say, you know, I’m out of ideas. You know, I’m out of ideas. You know, I’m out of ideas. You know, I’m out of ideas.”

3. **Speaker 2-(00:38:08)**
> “Here’s a pro tip. Would you tell it to surprise you? It will really start thinking as far outside the box as it can otherwise, and this is a pro tip. That not a lot of people realize.”

4. **Speaker 2-(00:38:24)**
> “That’s a really good idea there too. Yeah, yeah. That’s a really good idea there too.”

5. **Speaker 2-(00:39:14)**
> “Launch a contest on social media platforms where participants have to share their most creative and heartwarming holiday memories.”

6. **Speaker 2-(00:40:19)**
> “Another way you could do that is on cameo as well. I had a podcast once it’s called, it was called comic Vicious philosopher.”

7. **Speaker 2-(00:43:30)**
> “So learn how to use ChatGPT and get an idea of what AI can do for you. Now if you want to be an early adopter or just wait a few more months to a year and it’s going to be based, it’s going to be built in Outlook. It’ll be built into Gmail. It’ll be built into zoom.”

8. **Speaker 2-(00:48:05)**
> “However, it’s important to remember that this is a decision made in the best interest of the company and its employees.”

9. **Speaker 2-(00:49:51)**
> “Once you’ve explained the situation, give the employee an opportunity to respond or ask questions. This should be a 2-way conversation and allowing them to voice their thoughts can help them process the information.”

10. **Speaker 2-(00:52:06)**
> “Treating the individual with respect and dignity, you can ensure the process is as fair and compassionate as possible.”


Show Notes

# About The Guest(s):

Josh Mushinski is an early adopter of ChatGPT and an expert in AI. With extensive experience in training and using language models like ChatGPT, Josh has been leveraging the power of AI for various applications. He is passionate about helping businesses understand and utilize AI to enhance their operations.

# Summary:

Josh Mushinski joins us to discuss the practical applications of AI, specifically ChatGPT, in streamlining retail and e-commerce businesses. He explains how ChatGPT can be used to write engaging Facebook ads, rewrite product descriptions, and provide valuable insights for marketing and sales. Josh shares tips and tricks for getting the best results from ChatGPT, including using specific prompts and adjusting the writing style. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding the limitations of AI and avoiding asking for advice on topics like stock tips. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to harness the power of AI to enhance their business operations.

# Key Takeaways:

1. ChatGPT can be used to write engaging Facebook ads and rewrite product descriptions, maximizing click-through rates and sales.
2. Using specific prompts and adjusting the writing style can help get the best results from ChatGPT.
3. It’s important to understand the limitations of AI and avoid asking for advice on topics like stock tips.
4. ChatGPT is a powerful tool for streamlining marketing and sales processes in retail and e-commerce businesses.
5. Regularly updating and refining prompts can improve the quality of AI-generated content.

# Quotes:

– “ChatGPT can help write engaging Facebook ads and rewrite product descriptions to maximize click-through rates and sales.” – Josh Mushinski
– “Using specific prompts and adjusting the writing style can help get the best results from ChatGPT.” – Josh Mushinski
– “It’s important to understand the limitations of AI and avoid asking for advice on topics like stock tips.” – Josh Mushinski
– “ChatGPT is a powerful tool for streamlining marketing and sales processes in retail and e-commerce businesses.” – Josh Mushinski
– “Regularly updating and refining prompts can improve the quality of AI-generated content.” – Josh Mushinski

# Additional Insights:

– Josh recommends using active tense and shorter sentences when using ChatGPT to write engaging content.
– He suggests providing specific prompts and adjusting the writing style to achieve the desired results.
– Josh highlights the importance of understanding the limitations of AI and not relying on it for advice on sensitive topics like stock tips.
– ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for businesses in the retail and e-commerce industry, helping streamline marketing and sales processes.
– Regularly updating and refining prompts can enhance the quality of AI-generated content.

# Episode Highlights:

– Josh and the host discuss the British influence on writing style and the importance of using active tense and shorter sentences.
– They experiment with different prompts, including magazine styles like Vogue, to see how ChatGPT responds.
– The AI-generated content for a red velvet Christmas stocking is praised for its alliteration and engaging language.
– Josh shares tips on using ChatGPT for marketing, such as collaborating with influencers, creating limited editions, and hosting social media contests.
– They discuss the benefits of partnering with other businesses and charities to enhance marketing efforts.
– The conversation shifts to using AI to streamline business processes, such as collating meeting notes and generating content for job descriptions.
– Josh emphasizes the future integration of AI into various software platforms, making it accessible to all users.
– The AI-generated response for handling a difficult conversation about firing an employee is discussed, highlighting the importance of preparation, empathy, and clear communication.
– Josh shares his expertise on psychology and the value of giving the employee a chance to respond during the termination process.
– The conversation concludes with a reminder to treat individuals with respect and dignity during difficult business decisions.

# Conclusion:

Josh Mushinski provides valuable insights into the practical applications of AI, specifically ChatGPT, in streamlining retail and e-commerce businesses. He shares tips and tricks for maximizing the effectiveness of ChatGPT, highlights the importance of understanding AI’s limitations, and discusses the potential for AI integration into various software platforms. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of how AI can enhance marketing and sales processes, as well as streamline business operations.

00:00:02 Speaker 1
Hey there and welcome to the bringing business to retail podcast.
00:00:07 Speaker 1
If you’re looking.
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To get more sales, more customers, master your marketing and ultimately take control of your retail or e-commerce business.
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Then you’re in the right place.
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All you need to do is take action.
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Ready to get started?
00:00:51 Speaker 1
Hey there and welcome to today’s episode of the Bringing.
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Business to retail.
00:00:55 Speaker 1
Now I’ll have to admit my last.
00:00:57 Speaker 1
Couple of weeks have been.
00:01:00 Speaker 1
I’m just gonna go out and say it overwhelming, like my world has pretty much been thrown upside down.
00:01:06 Speaker 1
And thanks to a great team, things have kept moving along.
00:01:10 Speaker 1
But I have to admit I have also chucked AI in to the mix to.
00:01:14 Speaker 1
Help me get by I.
00:01:16 Speaker 1
Literally don’t tell anyone on the weekend my lawyer.
00:01:20 Speaker 1
Had drawn up a contract for a new employee and there was a clause in there and I was like, I actually don’t.
00:01:27 Speaker 1
Actually made.
00:01:29 Speaker 1
I put it in.
00:01:30 Speaker 1
I’m like, I obviously can’t ask him because he’s on the weekend and I typed it in, and when I I said, what does this mean in an employment contract?
00:01:38 Speaker 1
And it was like, well, I can’t give you legal advice, but here’s the general juice I’m like.
00:01:42 Speaker 1
Ohh, that makes sense.
00:01:43 Speaker 1
Yeah, I I wanted that in there, but I didn’t know.
00:01:45 Speaker 1
That that’s how you worded it.
00:01:46 Speaker 1
Now I’m not trying to tell you that you can write legal contracts with AI, but on today’s episode Josh My Kinski is one of the creators of ChatGPT.
00:01:57 Speaker 1
It is Josh.
00:01:58 Speaker 1
It is not very often my husband.
00:02:00 Speaker 1
Ever gets excited about a podcast?
00:02:02 Speaker 1
But when I told him.
00:02:03 Speaker 1
You were coming on.
00:02:04 Speaker 1
He’s like.
00:02:05 Speaker 1
Do you understand like.
00:02:07 Speaker 1
How big that is?
00:02:09 Speaker 1
I’m like, yeah.
00:02:10 Speaker 1
And he’s actually a really lovely guy as well.
00:02:14 Speaker 1
So welcome to the show Josh.
00:02:16 Speaker 1
I am super excited to find great ways that we can use AI to streamline our business and not necessarily write legal contracts.
00:02:23 Speaker 2
Hi Sir, I’m happy to be here.
00:02:25 Speaker 2
As you mentioned, my name is Josh Mushinski.
00:02:29 Speaker 2
I’m one of.
00:02:29 Speaker 2
The early adopters of of Chad, BT, I helped train the system as many early beta users did, helping train the system I’ve written probably.
00:02:40 Speaker 2
Over I’ve written I’ve written like.
00:02:43 Speaker 2
Something like 50 or 100 megabytes of prompts in in the system, so I’m I’m a pretty avid user.
00:02:48 Speaker 2
I used it to build the platform for an AGI that I call a self aware artificial intelligence called Cassandra and I’m happy to be here.
00:02:56 Speaker 2
I’m happy to help everybody out with their AI.
00:02:58 Speaker 2
Questions I think the.
00:03:00 Speaker 1
Biggest thing that I I’m hoping to get out of today’s apart from things that we can do is the questions to.
00:03:08 Speaker 1
Because I’ve spent a lot of time asking.
00:03:10 Speaker 1
Stuff and it feels.
00:03:12 Speaker 1
Very robotic and I’ve asked the same question in different ways and I still kind of get the same answer.
00:03:18 Speaker 1
So one of the things I would love to take away from you after writing would you say 50 megabytes of prompts is you clearly know how to get asked the right questions to get the right answers.
00:03:30 Speaker 1
But before I do that.
00:03:31 Speaker 1
Let me ask you, what do you use AI for everyday cause I expect you spend hours inside of ChatGPT, and the associated AI’s every day.
00:03:41 Speaker 2
Yeah, sadly I do spend that time there. Yeah. As I said, I was originally a doctor of the system, so I was using ChatGPT before it was ChatGPT.
00:03:51 Speaker 2
I was using, it was just plain old GPT 3 point O ChatGPT is GPT 3 point O instruct series was extra sign.
00:04:01 Speaker 2
Reading and modeling on top of it. So and that’s what I thought really saying is. So I’ve been using this quite some time and yes, I spend a lot of time in ChatGPT, a lot of time in Bing chat, a lot of time with Google Bard and with generative search and Google when I get.
00:04:17 Speaker 2
Chance those are all great things to play with great things to to to take on and to try out the one I like to use for images.
00:04:25 Speaker 2
We were also discussing before us, you know, was mid journey and you can make some draw drop in the gorgeous images and mid journey photographic quality always from cartoons to photograph quality.
00:04:35 Speaker 2
So I’m ready to help people out.
00:04:37 Speaker 2
I’m ready to answer questions or try some test prompts if you like.
00:04:41 Speaker 2
I can do some demos.
00:04:42 Speaker 2
I can talk about it more and theoretical or planning level.
00:04:45 Speaker 2
I’m ready to go.
00:04:46 Speaker 2
Let’s, let’s get it.
00:04:47 Speaker 1
OK, let’s start with the images, because I’ll be honest, I literally, apart from the things that you’ve.
00:04:52 Speaker 1
Told me I haven’t had a.
00:04:53 Speaker 1
Chance to try it out, but.
00:04:55 Speaker 1
Retail and e-commerce store owners spend a lot of time creating social media images, potentially doing things like post processing photos for their businesses.
00:05:04 Speaker 1
Can AI help us?
00:05:05 Speaker 1
With that like.
00:05:07 Speaker 1
I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of time in Canberra and I come out with still.
00:05:10 Speaker 1
Something that’s crap, which is why we have a.
00:05:11 Speaker 1
Creative director. But Ken.
00:05:14 Speaker 1
Is it possible? Is it?
00:05:15 Speaker 1
Possible to be creating things like.
00:05:17 Speaker 1
Social media images in seconds rather than minutes and hours for our business.
Ohh yes.
00:05:24 Speaker 2
Oh yeah, completely. So, no.
00:05:27 Speaker 2
So yeah, there’s there’s two really interesting tools right now.
00:05:29 Speaker 2
Mid journey is kind of it’s free to use for a certain amount.
00:05:33 Speaker 2
And then there’s a paid version, which is very cheap. It’s like 100 bucks a year or so like that.
00:05:37 Speaker 2
So I signed.
00:05:38 Speaker 2
Up for the pro version right away, and then there’s also Adobe Firefly.
00:05:43 Speaker 2
Those are probably.
00:05:43 Speaker 2
The two premier.
00:05:44 Speaker 2
Runs as far as I know.
00:05:46 Speaker 2
Adobe is building an AI into their existing suite of Photoshop, illustrator.
00:05:50 Speaker 2
Those kinds of things.
00:05:51 Speaker 2
So wow so.
00:05:52 Speaker 2
If you wanna make your smile bigger or the smile smaller, you wanna open the eyes more.
00:05:55 Speaker 2
Close the eyes.
00:05:56 Speaker 2
More you know, it’ll do all the.
00:05:57 Speaker 2
Spatial reconstruction kind of on the slide, you could do.
00:06:00 Speaker 2
There and you could do a lot of similar things.
00:06:02 Speaker 2
It’s a text prompt system, so if I want a picture of a woman on a sailing ship pointing at the horizon, that that will be done in 30 seconds and as long as you’re not too picky, you’ll have something within 30 seconds.
00:06:15 Speaker 2
And if you are picky, then you can click retry a couple of times and so in a minute and 30 seconds you’ll have something that’s exactly what you want.
00:06:22 Speaker 2
You can also have it zoom out.
00:06:23 Speaker 2
You can have it zoom.
00:06:24 Speaker 2
In also the.
00:06:26 Speaker 1
Did you add products?
00:06:26 Speaker 2
The thing you just.
00:06:28 Speaker 1
Did you add like if you had a product, could you add the product?
00:06:31 Speaker 1
Could you like link to the product and say put this handbag into an image of?
00:06:36 Speaker 1
A woman on a sailing.
00:06:38 Speaker 2
Yeah, you could do that.
00:06:39 Speaker 2
It would be a little difficult, a little bit more difficult to do that mid journey, but with a little bit of clever prompting and a little bit of clever use of the system, you can get it to do that.
00:06:47 Speaker 2
Adobe Firefly will probably be a little bit better for something like that, but you have to have the suite. You have to have the Adobe package however much it costs these days. I haven’t even no idea. Probably 200 bucks.
00:06:57 Speaker 2
Could be totally wrong. It could be over 1000 sometimes. Sometimes the Adobe licenses can get really expensive for some reason. But but yeah, you could definitely try to do kind of things. One thing you mentioned like.
00:07:08 Speaker 2
So I can’t.
00:07:08 Speaker 2
It was fixing with smile or something like that.
00:07:10 Speaker 2
Yeah, you could you could do things like that in the journey.
00:07:12 Speaker 2
You could put an image in and then you could start start zooming out of that image or zooming in that image, manipulating that image in your journey to limit its that.
00:07:20 Speaker 2
So we’re majority really shines is just putting a prompt in and generating and if you all if you like, I can give.
00:07:25 Speaker 2
You a live demo of how that works.
00:07:27 Speaker 1
Let’s do that.
00:07:28 Speaker 1
This is like a this is literally a first.
00:07:31 Speaker 1
If you are listening on the podcast, we’re going to Fast forward pass through this, but go and watch the video because no one has ever done this before.
00:07:38 Speaker 1
This is amazing. Can I ask, are you going to show us how to do something? But could we potentially take someone’s?
00:07:45 Speaker 1
Picture of a product off their website and you make it better.
00:07:48 Speaker 1
Is that possible?
00:07:50 Speaker 2
Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s possible.
00:07:51 Speaker 2
It depends what you mean by better like.
00:07:53 Speaker 2
But yeah, I can definitely do things like that in the system.
00:07:53 Speaker 1
00:07:55 Speaker 2
So here’s just an example of some of the stuff that other people are generating when you’re when you’re a general user of mid journey, you get to see what everyone else is doing, which at first I found really.
00:08:03 Speaker 2
Annoying and jarring.
00:08:04 Speaker 2
But then after.
00:08:05 Speaker 2
A while I start to really appreciate how.
00:08:07 Speaker 2
People are constructing their.
00:08:08 Speaker 2
Prompts and I learned really quickly.
00:08:11 Speaker 2
How it was working I didn’t generate this.
00:08:12 Speaker 2
Somebody else did.
00:08:14 Speaker 2
But if you want to see.
00:08:17 Speaker 2
Some of the quality here’s here’s a picture.
00:08:20 Speaker 1
That looks real.
00:08:22 Speaker 2
Obviously of a person playing guitar this is this is totally AI generated.
00:08:27 Speaker 2
You can see it’s there’s a little bit of weirdness and a little bit of it, but it’s getting pretty good and you can use various various sections and options there.
00:08:37 Speaker 2
So what I.
00:08:38 Speaker 2
Do though, is as a private version, so I’m going to go to forgive you.
00:08:42 Speaker 2
Please forgive me everyone from seeing.
00:08:44 Speaker 2
My my, my personal discord here.
00:08:47 Speaker 2
This is what I was doing here.
00:08:48 Speaker 2
I was generating comic strips for social media, so I just as you can see here I said a comic strip of the dog plumber and a man plumbing client talking.
00:08:56 Speaker 2
So it’s for a plumbing website and I could take this these images that it generated.
00:09:01 Speaker 2
I could get one and all I have to do is I could put this in PowerPoint.
00:09:04 Speaker 2
And I could.
00:09:05 Speaker 2
Put this in various different applications.
00:09:07 Speaker 2
Erase the kind of fake words it has here and put in my own captions and make jokes really quickly.
00:09:12 Speaker 2
For example.
00:09:12 Speaker 2
That’s a really good idea for social media stuff.
00:09:14 Speaker 2
You could do.
00:09:15 Speaker 2
Here’s just another.
00:09:15 Speaker 1
And you did this, you.
00:09:16 Speaker 1
Did this just by typing in a comic strip with a dog, a plumber, and a man in brackets plumbing client client talk.
00:09:24 Speaker 1
What does the Q2 S 750 mean?
00:09:28 Speaker 2
This stuff is your setting, so I can’t remember.
00:09:32 Speaker 2
So your settings in.
00:09:33 Speaker 2
In mid journey.
00:09:34 Speaker 2
Are it’s here in your slash settings.
00:09:37 Speaker 2
And then I selected stylized very high. That’s the 750 bit and the Q2 I think is fast mode.
00:09:45 Speaker 2
I’m not sure it’s one of these things in this setting, so you can you don’t have to remember these switches, these.
00:09:50 Speaker 2
Command line switches.
00:09:51 Speaker 2
And if you’re old Dos user like me, you know you might like the command line switches or your Linux user.
00:09:56 Speaker 2
You might like the command line.
00:09:57 Speaker 2
But you don’t have to use them at all.
00:09:58 Speaker 2
You could just go into the settings and adjust however you want to.
00:10:02 Speaker 2
I’m on the latest version 5.
00:10:03 Speaker 2
.2 when the.
00:10:04 Speaker 2
When the 5.2 came out, I generated this and you know you have to forgive me for being remedial. Or maybe maybe a a heterosexual male one of.
00:10:14 Speaker 2
The other.
00:10:15 Speaker 2
And you have to forgive it for the the the the images that came out with it.
00:10:18 Speaker 2
It does produce people of color and bipod as well quite often.
00:10:22 Speaker 2
It just happened that they happened to be all white people.
00:10:24 Speaker 2
That did this but but this is what it did out-of-the-box for a beautiful.
00:10:29 Speaker 2
So again, I’m making no comments as.
00:10:32 Speaker 2
To whether you agree with.
00:10:33 Speaker 2
The product that you will I I think you will agree that the quality of the image is quite stunning.
00:10:38 Speaker 1
It looks like a real photo.
00:10:40 Speaker 2
Yeah, it’s it’s photographic quality.
00:10:42 Speaker 2
And so, you know, I could.
00:10:44 Speaker 2
I could.
00:10:44 Speaker 2
I could do the same.
00:10:45 Speaker 2
I could do.
00:10:46 Speaker 2
Imagine a.
00:10:49 Speaker 2
Sexy man.
00:10:50 Speaker 2
It might like the word sexy.
00:10:51 Speaker 2
It tends to block.
00:10:52 Speaker 2
That so it says.
00:10:53 Speaker 1
Handsome. Ohh. Beautiful.
00:10:54 Speaker 2
To enhancing, sure, sure.
00:10:56 Speaker 2
Handsome man.
00:10:59 Speaker 2
And you’ll see what it generates here.
00:11:01 Speaker 2
It put my my command line switches in my settings.
00:11:03 Speaker 2
I already have set and it might take a little while.
00:11:06 Speaker 2
It depends on how many people are using the system right now, but let’s say I wanted to get a a nicer version of 1.
00:11:12 Speaker 2
Of these things.
00:11:12 Speaker 2
See these things down here I could.
00:11:14 Speaker 2
Do different versions of 1.
00:11:15 Speaker 2
2-3 or.
00:11:16 Speaker 2
Four or I could upscale 123 or 4. So let’s say this is the one I liked. I could say upscale.
00:11:21 Speaker 2
One and it will generate that upscale actually pretty quickly.
00:11:24 Speaker 2
You can see it’s already generating my my man pictures.
00:11:28 Speaker 2
And so here here’s the image.
00:11:30 Speaker 2
See how big it is?
00:11:31 Speaker 2
It’s already ready to use, and all I have to do is I can plug this right into PowerPoint and just put a white text box over this and.
00:11:37 Speaker 2
Make makes the whatever joke I wanted to make it looks like it’s a dog groomer or something.
00:11:42 Speaker 1
Or, you know the plumber.
00:11:44 Speaker 1
But yeah, yeah.
00:11:45 Speaker 2
Well, I guess he plumbing in the background.
00:11:47 Speaker 2
You can see kind of how it syncs.
00:11:48 Speaker 2
It’s like, oh, you wanna plumbing in the background?
00:11:50 Speaker 2
It isn’t great.
00:11:51 Speaker 2
Understand what you want and there’s ways to to ask it.
00:11:54 Speaker 2
I could say actually to sign.
00:11:56 Speaker 2
I can say define or definition.
00:11:59 Speaker 2
What is it describe?
00:12:00 Speaker 2
That’s what it is.
00:12:00 Speaker 2
Describe like I say, describe and you attach an image and it will tell you what it thinks that image is about and.
00:12:05 Speaker 2
You can.
00:12:05 Speaker 2
Learn how to.
00:12:06 Speaker 2
Prompt it better that way.
00:12:07 Speaker 2
OK, let’s get back to your beautiful man.
00:12:09 Speaker 1
And because forgive me if I’m wrong, first guy is kind of.
Left here.
00:12:15 Speaker 1
Back on your beautiful man.
00:12:16 Speaker 1
The first guy kind of looked a little bit.
00:12:21 Speaker 1
Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp kind disorder.
00:12:25 Speaker 1
The one underneath kinda sort of a young Brad Pitt, so I can I personally can see how he’s they it’s kind of pulled, you know, like sexiest men alive type thing and done it’s magic.
00:12:39 Speaker 2
I see a.
00:12:40 Speaker 2
Little bit of your countrymen there that I.
00:12:42 Speaker 1
Hugh Jackman.
00:12:43 Speaker 2
Play Hugh Jackman.
00:12:44 Speaker 2
I see a bit of Hugh Jackman there.
00:12:44 Speaker 1
See, we see.
00:12:45 Speaker 1
We both think the same thing, so it’s clearly pulled it off something.
00:12:49 Speaker 2
Yeah, well, this is where it’s coming from, right?
00:12:51 Speaker 2
It it’s machine learning based off of us, you know it’s it’s machine learned also is what we think these images are it it learns the system is trained us a giant corpus of of images.
00:13:02 Speaker 2
That gets automatically recognized and that gets by AI as well.
00:13:07 Speaker 2
So AI is doing this kind of almost all the learning on its own, and then humans come in after the fact and we’re using it.
00:13:13 Speaker 2
And every time I choose which one I want, like if I like you one, I’ll say upscale #1 because it’s a little bit more photogenic. Ready. These are a little just a tiny bit graphic image.
00:13:23 Speaker 2
As a voila, here is, you know, top 10 best wines to drink in Italy or, you know, like you can use this image on so many different web pages.
00:13:31 Speaker 2
You know that that that’s related, you know.
00:13:34 Speaker 2
This year’s in fashion or.
00:13:35 Speaker 2
Whatever it is you know and.
00:13:37 Speaker 2
It’s a little GTA5, I could see a little bit of the video game style in in the in the in the texturing, the coloring a little bit.
00:13:45 Speaker 2
But yeah, you have.
00:13:46 Speaker 2
You have so far there’s no I’m not a lawyer.
00:13:48 Speaker 2
Can’t give legal advice, but so far there’s no known copyright issues of using this.
00:13:53 Speaker 2
You can just go ahead and use it.
00:13:54 Speaker 2
However you see fit now, you could plug this into other AI tools to sharpen it to to blur it to, to change it and do different various things about.
00:14:02 Speaker 1
It so I’m guessing if you liked this picture and you went ohh, I don’t want.
00:14:05 Speaker 1
Him in a.
00:14:06 Speaker 1
Bar, you could say.
00:14:08 Speaker 1
Put him.
00:14:08 Speaker 1
I like this person.
00:14:10 Speaker 1
You put him at the beach.
00:14:11 Speaker 2
Yeah, I definitely, yeah.
00:14:13 Speaker 2
I definitely could do that.
00:14:13 Speaker 2
So what I would do is I would steal this image off of discord.
00:14:16 Speaker 2
And plunk.
00:14:17 Speaker 2
It here on my desktop.
00:14:18 Speaker 2
Then what I do?
00:14:19 Speaker 2
Is I have.
00:14:20 Speaker 2
To bring it back into the discord system.
00:14:23 Speaker 2
So I would say OK slash imagine.
00:14:27 Speaker 2
And then I would bring.
00:14:29 Speaker 2
Ohh no.
00:14:29 Speaker 2
Hold on. Sorry.
00:14:30 Speaker 2
I got ahead of myself.
00:14:32 Speaker 2
I don’t.
00:14:32 Speaker 2
I don’t get the demos office.
00:14:34 Speaker 2
I have to drag it into to 1st.
00:14:36 Speaker 2
I have to drag it into into discord.
00:14:37 Speaker 2
So now this is an image in the discord system, right?
00:14:40 Speaker 2
And you can only hold so many based on your account and how how big your account.
00:14:44 Speaker 2
Is on discord.
00:14:45 Speaker 2
But then I right click and I say.
00:14:47 Speaker 2
Copy link.
00:14:48 Speaker 2
Now that I have that link now, I say imagine.
00:14:52 Speaker 2
Put the link in and I’d say handsome man at the beach.
00:14:58 Speaker 2
How about we’ll try that?
00:15:02 Speaker 2
And I have to do Dash dash IW image weight 2, so I still use the image very strictly, so I want it to be this man as much as possible.
00:15:11 Speaker 1
00:15:12 Speaker 2
But hopefully I did that correctly.
00:15:15 Speaker 2
I remembered the command line switch and hopefully it puts him at the beach now.
00:15:20 Speaker 2
I don’t other AI tools would be better to do that.
00:15:23 Speaker 2
Adobe Firefly could do that for you in three seconds in mid journey.
00:15:28 Speaker 2
I’m going to have to play with this a bit.
00:15:29 Speaker 2
Going to see what’s going to come out with and it won’t be.
00:15:32 Speaker 2
It won’t look exactly like him, and he may not be at the beach, but I could eventually play with it and get him to the beach.
00:15:40 Speaker 2
Or someone who looks very similar to him. And again I paid $90.00 for the year. For this you could do this for free, ostensibly.
00:15:50 Speaker 2
So really depends.
00:15:50 Speaker 2
On how much you want to play.
00:15:51 Speaker 2
With it you see it’s.
00:15:52 Speaker 2
It’s not quite going to take.
00:15:54 Speaker 2
Him out of.
00:15:54 Speaker 2
The room that easily I would need to play with it quite a bit.
00:15:59 Speaker 2
I could.
00:16:00 Speaker 2
I could also find a source image that’s close to what I want, OK and I could I could couple.
00:16:05 Speaker 2
Them together I could.
00:16:05 Speaker 1
Do that too.
00:16:06 Speaker 1
OK, I feel like.
00:16:08 Speaker 1
We could slow down the rabbit hole of.
00:16:11 Speaker 1
Using this for images and we need to get on to some other things, so this is.
00:16:17 Speaker 1
Blowing my mind.
00:16:18 Speaker 1
Thank you very much.
00:16:20 Speaker 1
And I feel like this is gonna be something that people will procrastinate with and spend.
00:16:24 Speaker 1
A lot of.
00:16:24 Speaker 1
Time on guys do that in your own.
00:16:26 Speaker 1
Time, but let’s maybe move to some.
00:16:29 Speaker 1
Of the more I guess.
00:16:31 Speaker 1
Here ChatGPT type things that we’re using text based. How do you.
00:16:37 Speaker 1
Like, how can you envision retail and ecommerce store owners using the regular chat?
00:16:42 Speaker 1
You know, chat AI to help them streamline their businesses, not necessarily look at legal contracts.
00:16:50 Speaker 2
Well, that’s actually a great usage of it, right?
00:16:52 Speaker 2
So I you know where these large language models, these generative AI text models, really shine.
00:16:58 Speaker 2
Is uncorrelated.
00:17:00 Speaker 2
The crystallized wisdom of crowds that has ended up in the corpus, so they’re very good generalists, right? They’re polymaths, these AI’s, so.
00:17:10 Speaker 2
Think of it.
00:17:10 Speaker 2
Like someone who kind of has read everything.
00:17:13 Speaker 2
They’re not really a.
00:17:13 Speaker 2
Specialist in any particular thing, but they they do do really well in consolidating the wisdom of crowds.
00:17:22 Speaker 2
So I get them to write my calls to actions my CTA’s to do really well. With that I get them to describe to me what they the the tone of a message if they think it’s a good tone or a bad tone as they think it could be better.
00:17:34 Speaker 2
Sales could be worse for sales, actually surprising.
00:17:36 Speaker 2
Be good at those kind.
00:17:37 Speaker 2
Of soft skills.
00:17:38 Speaker 1
Can we just do that?
00:17:38 Speaker 2
They’re very good at.
00:17:39 Speaker 1
Can you can you just tell me a little bit like, what are you asking it?
00:17:42 Speaker 1
Are you sure taking the copy that you wrote and popping it into ChatGPT and then what are some prompts? Do you just actually say is this a good sales message?
00:17:52 Speaker 2
Yeah, yeah, I I.
00:17:53 Speaker 2
Would I would actually say something more like given best practices for say.
00:17:59 Speaker 2
Rate the rate, how good rate.
00:18:02 Speaker 2
Well, this is.
00:18:03 Speaker 2
Selling on a scale of 1 to 10 and tell me the top five things it’s doing and it will break it down in that way.
00:18:12 Speaker 2
And then in that kind of way, you could see is it selling well, something purely is it too aggressive, is it not aggressive enough, is it you know too sensational?
00:18:19 Speaker 2
Is it too wordy?
00:18:20 Speaker 2
Is it?
00:18:21 Speaker 2
You know that I can ask it, you know, in terms of the writing quality.
00:18:23 Speaker 2
Is the writing quality appropriate to this kind of demographic and say yes or no and it’s, you know, how could I make it more appropriate?
00:18:29 Speaker 2
Give me examples.
00:18:31 Speaker 2
And it it it will.
00:18:32 Speaker 2
It will do things like that like.
00:18:33 Speaker 2
It’s it’s semi specialized.
00:18:35 Speaker 2
What what I.
00:18:36 Speaker 2
Would avoid for text models is I avoid asking it for stock tips.
00:18:40 Speaker 2
I would avoid asking it for what crypto to buy.
00:18:42 Speaker 2
I know, I know it it it it sounds ridiculous.
00:18:45 Speaker 2
Kind of.
00:18:46 Speaker 2
But but I’ve seen people doing it so much with that my social media is still with.
00:18:50 Speaker 2
People saying you know.
00:18:51 Speaker 2
ChatGPT. Give us the top ten stocks to buy in 2020.
00:18:55 Speaker 2
And I’m like.
00:18:56 Speaker 2
It doesn’t know that it has no secret knowledge in terms of stocks or crypto.
00:19:00 Speaker 1
And it’s not even operating on 2023 knowledge is.
00:19:03 Speaker 2
It exactly. No, it’s not. It was. It was last trained in March 2021. Yes, so.
00:19:08 Speaker 1
Yeah, so it’s.
Two years 2.
00:19:09 Speaker 1
Year 2 years plus old in terms of yes, up-to-date information.
00:19:14 Speaker 1
So what what you’re trying to say is?
00:19:16 Speaker 1
It may not be on point today, but if you’re using it in general places in your business, then that is your.
00:19:22 Speaker 1
That is what you.
00:19:23 Speaker 1
Can can use it for I have.
00:19:24 Speaker 1
A question for you because I like to play around with.
00:19:27 Speaker 1
It quite a bit and.
00:19:29 Speaker 1
I really struggle to be able to.
00:19:32 Speaker 1
Like putting my whole customer demographic and get it to understand.
00:19:38 Speaker 1
So something that I would write is I’m going to upload my custom customer demographic for you and once I have done that, I need help with.
00:19:48 Speaker 1
Writing some Facebook ad copy for example.
00:19:51 Speaker 1
Do you understand?
00:19:52 Speaker 1
And chat says yes, I upload the customer demographic and before I’ve done anything, it just spits out something random that is not related to the question or the customer.
00:20:05 Speaker 1
Or it might say, oh, this customer would do XYZ, But what would be the correct prompt if your?
00:20:12 Speaker 1
Let’s just let’s let’s go with Facebook ads.
00:20:13 Speaker 1
We need to write some.
00:20:14 Speaker 1
Facebook ads? Sure.
00:20:16 Speaker 1
What do we need to ask it and what do?
00:20:18 Speaker 1
We need to give it.
00:20:19 Speaker 2
So for for the the audio podcast, I’ll give an answer and then for the video, I’ll.
00:20:23 Speaker 2
Give a demo.
00:20:24 Speaker 1
How about that? Thank you.
00:20:26 Speaker 2
Sure, not a problem.
00:20:27 Speaker 2
So in general what you want to do is you’re going to want to take your customer demo, you want to have it in straight text and copy it and you want to paste it into the prompt and say here’s here’s a customer demographic I want to write Facebook ads for this.
00:20:43 Speaker 2
And then you want to list you want.
00:20:44 Speaker 2
To say demographic.
00:20:45 Speaker 2
And I literally put dotted lines.
00:20:47 Speaker 2
The demographic hardlines.
00:20:48 Speaker 2
I blink it out.
00:20:49 Speaker 2
So the the attention module, it’s called, can find it.
00:20:52 Speaker 2
And later on, when it needs to.
00:20:53 Speaker 2
Find it as a customer demographic.
00:20:57 Speaker 2
I put it in there and I.
00:20:59 Speaker 2
That I put beneath Facebook ad to right make sure to make sure the ad is engaging and.
00:21:04 Speaker 2
It’s going to.
00:21:06 Speaker 2
You know, whatever.
00:21:06 Speaker 2
Whatever goals you want for the Facebook, make sure it’s make sure has the best in terms of best practices of calls to action and CRO write this Facebook ad for the above demo selling blah.
00:21:18 Speaker 2
Or or or getting them to click for this reason or whatever and it’ll do a pretty darn good job of that.
00:21:23 Speaker 2
It’ll do a pretty good darn.
00:21:24 Speaker 2
Good job of that.
00:21:25 Speaker 2
You just have to make sure that you don’t paste in too much and then because it has a token limit, it’s called.
00:21:29 Speaker 2
It can only take so much information.
00:21:31 Speaker 2
Months and the more you paste in and the long you chat with it, the more forgetful it gets.
00:21:35 Speaker 2
As you go along.
00:21:37 Speaker 2
But otherwise, if you if you follow that kind of recipe, I I talked about and and if it’s really it, it’ll do a pretty good job.
00:21:42 Speaker 2
If it’s not given an example, it’s called.
00:21:45 Speaker 2
It’s called a few shot prompt or one shot prompt.
00:21:47 Speaker 2
The shots are examples, so it’s a few example prompt, so if you’re like, OK, here’s a here’s an example.
00:21:53 Speaker 2
And make sure it’s perfect.
00:21:55 Speaker 2
It’s the perfect essential paradigm of what the kind of demo you’re going to paste in there.
00:21:59 Speaker 2
It’s not a weird example, it’s a very perfect example.
00:22:02 Speaker 2
And then say, here’s the example of the kind of add.
00:22:04 Speaker 2
I want you.
00:22:05 Speaker 2
To write and make sure it’s a.
00:22:06 Speaker 2
Perfect example of.
00:22:07 Speaker 2
Exactly how you want it written, none, both in terms of form and content in terms of style.
00:22:13 Speaker 2
And what your?
00:22:15 Speaker 2
And then it it will do that it it’ll it’ll.
00:22:17 Speaker 2
It’ll stick pretty close to it and it’ll do a pretty good job.
00:22:20 Speaker 2
But if you’re if you’re, if you’re.
00:22:22 Speaker 2
If you know just how to whisper to it just right, it’s it’s like it’s like, it’s like I’m happily married and have been so many, many years.
00:22:29 Speaker 2
So I haven’t had to do this for a very long time, but it it’s it’s.
00:22:32 Speaker 2
I imagine it’s much like knowing exactly what to say to a date.
00:22:35 Speaker 2
Our first date, you know, or I guess a job interview too.
00:22:38 Speaker 2
Like it’s like there’s a way to whisper to the other person across the table and say the right thing and not say the wrong thing.
00:22:44 Speaker 2
Which before I was married, I tended to say the wrong thing.
00:22:46 Speaker 2
More often than the right thing.
00:22:47 Speaker 2
But it’s kind of like that.
00:22:49 Speaker 2
You gotta kind of be like, a an AI whisperer.
00:22:52 Speaker 2
And so practice makes perfect.
00:22:54 Speaker 2
So that’s why we do in general.
00:22:55 Speaker 2
And and if you have some actual demo information or I could generate it on the fly if you don’t have any handy, let’s let’s do a demo and and I’ll see if I can get it.
00:23:04 Speaker 1
To work for you.
00:23:05 Speaker 1
OK, so those of you who are on the video, the first person to put a product into the chat is the one that Josh will write you a Facebook ad for.
So Are you ready?
00:23:15 Speaker 2
And well, yeah, while we’re waiting, go ahead, put that in the chat.
00:23:18 Speaker 2
And he got the guy pretty close, didn’t it?
00:23:20 Speaker 2
He looks pretty much the same in every all.
00:23:22 Speaker 2
These pictures he looks a little bit.
00:23:25 Speaker 1
More cartoony now rather than a real person, and it didn’t really just a beach though did it?
A little bit, yeah.
00:23:31 Speaker 1
It’s like he’s in Sorrento rather than.
00:23:31 Speaker 2
No, it didn’t get well, he’s not.
00:23:35 Speaker 2
Yeah, the beach is in the background like he’s he’s in Morocco somewhere or something.
00:23:40 Speaker 2
The beach looks like it’s in the background, but.
00:23:43 Speaker 2
I see that that’s going to have my style print really high if I turn my style down, it’ll be less style.
00:23:48 Speaker 1
00:23:49 Speaker 2
And it could be more photographic quality.
00:23:51 Speaker 2
And if I want to be more photographic quality, I’d say model photographic quality.
00:23:51 Speaker 1
00:23:56 Speaker 2
I could even get into the photographic.
00:23:58 Speaker 2
Lenses you should.
00:23:59 Speaker 2
Use and the type.
00:24:00 Speaker 2
Of lighting. Wow.
00:24:01 Speaker 1
Alright, if you.
00:24:02 Speaker 1
Go into the chat Josh Kim has.
00:24:04 Speaker 1
Put a personalized red velvet Christmas stocking.
00:24:09 Speaker 2
I see. OK. So.
00:24:10 Speaker 2
This is the length of the Christmas card, yes.
00:24:14 Speaker 1
00:24:15 Speaker 1
So we’re going to open up chat.
00:24:18 Speaker 1
PT This is the product, a personalised dark red velvet Christmas stocking 3495. You can add the person’s name onto it.
00:24:29 Speaker 2
00:24:30 Speaker 2
And so so we’re going to take the product description and we’re going to try to create a natural.
00:24:34 Speaker 2
Is what we’re going to.
00:24:35 Speaker 1
Do I think?
00:24:36 Speaker 1
So I feel like we’re.
00:24:37 Speaker 1
Going to be honest, Kim, that is not.
00:24:39 Speaker 1
The best product description maybe we?
00:24:41 Speaker 1
Rewrite the product description first.
00:24:43 Speaker 1
Because I know that ChatGPT can do that well, and then it’s the biggest seller.
00:24:43 Speaker 2
We could do too.
00:24:49 Speaker 1
Well, there you go.
00:24:50 Speaker 1
What am I? Just maybe we can do some AB testing on that. Let’s just see what ChatGPT comes up with with. If we change the change the text and.
00:25:04 Speaker 1
Let’s write an ad for what we have.
00:25:07 Speaker 2
OK, so here’s the product.
00:25:10 Speaker 2
I’m going to take the price.
00:25:12 Speaker 2
And everything I’m going to go to ChatGPT. OK, so here I was. I’m I’m talking with venture capitalist people.
00:25:20 Speaker 2
So I was actually asking it to explain to me what the heck he was talking about, which is quite quite useful. And you when you when you come to the system, there’s 3.5 and four now.
00:25:33 Speaker 2
If I did 4 I did.
00:25:34 Speaker 2
I did uh, browse with Bing.
00:25:38 Speaker 2
I would actually be able to take that URL that that your listener sent and I could say go to this page, read everything about it, write me a Facebook app for this.
00:25:49 Speaker 2
I could do it that way.
00:25:50 Speaker 2
Or if I’m going to use the four costs 4 smarter, but it costs more money.
00:25:55 Speaker 1
Dollars a month.
00:25:56 Speaker 2
Like it was not that. Yeah, it’s not that expensive. You’re absolutely right. It is slower if I want to do it with 3.5.
00:26:06 Speaker 2
You could also do browse with Bing on 3.5 that way, or I could show you how everyone else would do it just for free. If I’m paying I would say OK.
00:26:14 Speaker 2
This AI will light.
00:26:19 Speaker 2
Engaging Facebook ad.
00:26:24 Speaker 2
For a product.
00:26:27 Speaker 2
To maximize click through, follow best practices for CTA and CRO on this path.
00:26:41 Speaker 2
And say product description.
00:26:53 Speaker 2
I get rid of this.
00:27:00 Speaker 2
And I can even give this information here with four reviews.
00:27:09 Speaker 2
Stunning Christmas keepsake with our personalized Christmas stocking, crafted from software that the stocking features combination of vibrate, OK, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah.
00:27:17 Speaker 2
OK, OK, right the.
00:27:20 Speaker 2
Facebook ad for this product now.
00:27:29 Speaker 2
So it’s taking that information.
00:27:32 Speaker 2
Oh wow, it’s even what?
00:27:35 Speaker 1
Ohh my gosh, can we screenshot that Josh right?
00:27:39 Speaker 1
I’d I would love to put a picture of.
00:27:40 Speaker 1
That into the Facebook group.
00:27:43 Speaker 1
The headline create magical memories with our personalized dark red velvet Christmas stocking Exclamation Mark Christmas emojis.
00:27:51 Speaker 1
Make this Christmas truly special with our exquisite personalized stocking.
00:27:56 Speaker 1
Crafted some soft velvet. It combines the richness of dark red with the purity of crisp white, adorned with the delightful ribbon and red pompom details, raved about by our customers. With a perfect 100% rating.
00:28:10 Speaker 1
Our stocking is a.
00:28:10 Speaker 1
True crowd pleaser, limited time only 3490.
00:28:13 Speaker 1
5 the best.
00:28:14 Speaker 1
Part you can make it uniquely yours.
00:28:16 Speaker 1
By personalizing the cuff with the name of your choice, the price includes personalization, so no extra costs.
00:28:23 Speaker 1
Simply select.
00:28:23 Speaker 1
The text style.
00:28:24 Speaker 1
And colour and add the name you want.
00:28:26 Speaker 1
Eat that easy.
00:28:28 Speaker 1
Order now to ensure your loved ones have a special place to find.
00:28:31 Speaker 1
Their surprises this.
00:28:33 Speaker 1
Then there’s some.
00:28:34 Speaker 1
More stuff honestly, because of that product description was very descriptive in terms of product.
00:28:40 Speaker 1
We could just adjust that.
00:28:41 Speaker 1
But really that’s not a bad.
00:28:45 Speaker 2
It yeah, it used to.
00:28:47 Speaker 2
It definitely used limited time.
00:28:49 Speaker 2
Also it’s it’s, you know fear it’s it’s fear missing out it’s it’s using some of the top five psychology power words.
00:28:52 Speaker 1
You’re using apps? Yep.
00:28:59 Speaker 2
It’s it’s.
00:29:00 Speaker 2
It’s talking about the ratings.
00:29:02 Speaker 2
It’s building the value it.
00:29:06 Speaker 2
I think it got the sales value proposition down pat it.
00:29:11 Speaker 2
It wants to insert a call to action button.
00:29:13 Speaker 2
You know it depends if this is your style or not.
00:29:15 Speaker 2
If this is what you wanted, I think it’s.
00:29:16 Speaker 2
Very very generalized.
00:29:19 Speaker 2
But it’s interesting how.
00:29:20 Speaker 2
It it picked up on all those little details because I told it to use the to maximize click through and I told it to follow the best practices for CTA and CR OAK.
00:29:31 Speaker 2
The the best practices for writing calls to action and the best practices are for the conversion rate optimization, so you know if you want it.
00:29:39 Speaker 2
If you want that only to be 100 words or you want it to be kind of different, you can definitely change it, but.
00:29:46 Speaker 2
Yeah, not a.
00:29:47 Speaker 2
Not a bad, not a bad try and switch time out.
00:29:51 Speaker 1
I think if.
00:29:51 Speaker 1
You like? I know that.
00:29:53 Speaker 1
Kim was saying that’s their best seller.
00:29:55 Speaker 1
Personally, I think you could use a lot better descriptive.
00:29:58 Speaker 1
Words in there.
00:29:59 Speaker 1
That’s just my opinion, but given what it had, that was pretty good, but.
00:30:03 Speaker 1
You could just.
00:30:04 Speaker 1
Move some of that stuff around because some of the you know, some of that information was not necessarily people stuff.
00:30:09 Speaker 1
That people would have wanted in a Facebook ad, but that raised about by our customers with a perfect 100% ready.
00:30:16 Speaker 1
That is gold like I love the fact that it even kept that in and put it.
00:30:20 Speaker 1
It puts four stars.
00:30:21 Speaker 1
I would have thought.
00:30:22 Speaker 1
It said five stars.
00:30:24 Speaker 1
Little things like that, you can just go and adjust.
00:30:28 Speaker 2
Yeah, it got confused because we said the word for here.
00:30:30 Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:30:33 Speaker 1
All right.
00:30:33 Speaker 1
What else can we use it for, Josh?
00:30:35 Speaker 1
We’re writing Facebook ads.
00:30:36 Speaker 1
We are looking at doing.
00:30:38 Speaker 1
We’ve done, we’ve talked about the fact that you can use it to rewrite product descriptions.
00:30:42 Speaker 1
How would you rewrite the product description for this?
00:30:48 Speaker 2
So let’s do that.
00:30:50 Speaker 2
Let’s say this a I will rewrite.
00:30:57 Speaker 2
Product description.
00:30:59 Speaker 1
I didn’t know you could go.
00:31:00 Speaker 1
And just retype over the top.
00:31:02 Speaker 1
Ohh my gosh editing.
00:31:02 Speaker 2
Yeah, there’s a little a little editing button here.
00:31:04 Speaker 2
You just click that and I’m largely if you just start it again and you could, if you did start again, this was saved on its own and then you could start another one, but it will save the versions here.
00:31:14 Speaker 2
That’ll be the little arrows to save the versions on the left hand side.
00:31:17 Speaker 2
So I’ll say this AI will rewrite power descriptions to make them maximally.
00:31:27 Speaker 2
To maximize click through to maximize sales.
00:31:32 Speaker 1
And when we put our product app like our customer avatar in here.
00:31:40 Speaker 2
It we could, we could, we could tell them who our target demo is for sure I could.
00:31:47 Speaker 2
I could have asked what the target demo was to begin with.
00:31:49 Speaker 2
And so I would have it and then.
00:31:52 Speaker 2
Kind of then now I use it to build this, but let’s let’s finish this off.
00:31:55 Speaker 2
So the product description.
00:31:56 Speaker 1
It’s a Christmas docking.
00:31:57 Speaker 1
It is kind of one of those things where nearly.
00:31:59 Speaker 1
Everyone is your customer, right?
00:32:00 Speaker 2
Yeah, definitely title.
00:32:05 Speaker 2
You got the price.
00:32:06 Speaker 2
It’s it’s considered that on its own.
00:32:10 Speaker 2
Please read right now.
00:32:13 Speaker 2
And if I if I gave it a lot of information, I thought it might get confused.
00:32:16 Speaker 2
I could have repeated this.
00:32:18 Speaker 2
Please write it now.
00:32:18 Speaker 2
Remember to be you know.
00:32:20 Speaker 2
Remember to make it maximally engaging to maximize sales.
00:32:23 Speaker 2
Remember to follow best practices for city and CRO.
00:32:26 Speaker 2
On this on this I could have, I could have repeated that down here as well.
00:32:31 Speaker 2
So let’s see how it rewrites the the product description.
00:32:36 Speaker 2
You know, we can even.
00:32:37 Speaker 2
Let’s just try this and then I’ll show you some extra tips and tricks we can use if we.
00:32:41 Speaker 2
Don’t like what it does?
00:32:42 Speaker 2
Let’s see.
00:32:46 Speaker 2
Ohh so it’s done a very long product description.
00:32:50 Speaker 2
Services introducing our exquisite personalized dark red velvet Christmas stocking.
00:32:55 Speaker 2
I must have keepsafe for the most magical time of the year.
00:32:57 Speaker 2
Crafted from luxurious soft velvet, this stocking is a perfect blend of elegance and festive cheer.
00:33:02 Speaker 2
With this captivating combination of vibrant dark red and crisp white hues adorn with adorable ribbon and charming red pom pom details, it will truly make your holiday decor.
00:33:11 Speaker 1
I love that.
00:33:14 Speaker 2
And so it depends if you want a long one or a short one.
00:33:16 Speaker 2
If you’re like, this is too long, you know, I can go back to previous versions of the of the prompt here, so that’s where you get the previous.
00:33:21 Speaker 2
Version so.
00:33:22 Speaker 2
It’s all saved for you.
00:33:23 Speaker 2
There’s got a version history and I would click.
00:33:25 Speaker 2
On this again.
00:33:26 Speaker 2
I would say please right now, please keep it up.
00:33:31 Speaker 2
Senate leave the the same lengths.
00:33:38 Speaker 2
And let’s say I’m also going to say please, I’m going to say writing style.
00:33:42 Speaker 1
I like the way you say please, I say please and thank you.
00:33:44 Speaker 1
To it as well.
00:33:46 Speaker 2
That’s because we’re Canadian and Australian.
00:33:48 Speaker 2
We’re very polite people.
00:33:50 Speaker 2
That’s because that’s probably the British influence there, writing style.
00:33:55 Speaker 2
You use active tense, short or sentences.
00:34:02 Speaker 2
Use active sentence, shorter sentences use a high.
00:34:06 Speaker 2
And magazine style, yeah.
00:34:11 Speaker 2
And I could even tell it what?
00:34:12 Speaker 2
What magazine?
00:34:13 Speaker 2
If I had a particular one that’s popular in US two years ago, that would have thousands of those kinds of web pages in its database.
00:34:20 Speaker 1
Yeah, like Harpers bizarre or something, fancy pants.
00:34:20 Speaker 2
So let’s see how.
00:34:24 Speaker 2
Would you recognize Voyager? Harper’s bizarre? Yeah, definitely.
00:34:27 Speaker 2
Like like vote.
00:34:31 Speaker 2
OK, let’s see.
00:34:32 Speaker 2
Let’s see how well it does.
00:34:35 Speaker 2
So it definitely didn’t keep it the same.
00:34:37 Speaker 1
No, it wasn’t listening to me.
00:34:38 Speaker 1
A bit like my family.
00:34:39 Speaker 2
Oops, I said.
00:34:40 Speaker 2
I said regenerate.
00:34:41 Speaker 2
No, I didn’t need to start generating better.
00:34:43 Speaker 2
We’re saying.
00:34:44 Speaker 2
Never mind.
00:34:45 Speaker 2
I’ll go back here and edit it and say please keep it about the same length.
00:34:50 Speaker 1
I would say like maybe.
00:34:51 Speaker 1
100 words, 150 words.
00:34:55 Speaker 2
Yeah, 100 to 200 words.
00:35:00 Speaker 2
And I’ll put that last.
00:35:03 Speaker 2
So it is more.
00:35:04 Speaker 2
I suppose.
00:35:05 Speaker 1
So how often you put something and where you put it is quite important.
00:35:09 Speaker 2
Yes, yes. Yeah, yeah, so.
00:35:12 Speaker 1
But it’s good.
00:35:14 Speaker 2
I’ll put it last and see if it can do it.
00:35:16 Speaker 2
I might have to remind it again.
00:35:19 Speaker 2
Yeah, yeah.
00:35:20 Speaker 2
I’ll have to remind it again here.
00:35:22 Speaker 2
Although look at the ASCII artists of the Stars.
00:35:27 Speaker 2
You gotta you gotta love that.
00:35:30 Speaker 2
Maybe Vogue Vogue articles could be quite long.
00:35:34 Speaker 2
This is the reason why it’s doing it.
00:35:35 Speaker 2
But so, Selena, go ahead, give it a read and see if it reminds you of Vogue.
00:35:41 Speaker 1
Indulge in the luxurious charm of our personalised dark red velvet Christmas stocking, the epitome of elegance and sophistication meticulously crafted from our sumptuously soft velvet.
00:35:53 Speaker 1
This opulent stocking, both a captivating blend of deep, alluring red and pristine white adorned with delightful ribbon.
00:36:02 Speaker 1
And charming red pompoms.
00:36:05 Speaker 1
What sets these stocking apart is its unique personalization feature.
00:36:09 Speaker 1
Imagine the delight on your loved ones face as they discover their very own name, artfully showcased on the.
00:36:15 Speaker 1
Ross, it’s a remarkable touch that adds a touch of magic and makes this stocking an extraordinary heirloom.
00:36:22 Speaker 1
I feel like Martha Stewart could read that.
00:36:26 Speaker 2
I I like you reading it, you have you have quite a nice reading voice.
00:36:31 Speaker 2
So I I noticed the alliteration, and it’s definitely better written, I think in my, in my opinion.
00:36:37 Speaker 2
Do you think I?
00:36:38 Speaker 1
Think it definitely is calling out to people who has.
00:36:43 Speaker 1
A higher expectation of a product.
00:36:46 Speaker 1
Those words, like sumptuous, opulent, meticulous, unique, remarkable, all of those things.
00:36:54 Speaker 1
If that’s your customer, then this they’re going to choose this just on the wording alone.
00:36:59 Speaker 1
If that’s not your customer, it’s going to be like, ohh, I could probably if you have.
00:37:03 Speaker 1
Like a customer who buys on price.
00:37:07 Speaker 1
And they might be thinking, well, this is the fancy one.
00:37:10 Speaker 1
The cheaper one?
00:37:12 Speaker 2
Yes, that would be my.
00:37:15 Speaker 2
So for sure.
00:37:16 Speaker 2
So and that’s because we told it to use high end.
00:37:18 Speaker 2
Magazine style like for sure.
00:37:19 Speaker 1
Vogue, yes.
00:37:21 Speaker 2
So, so that would be one way to get to towards the demo if that’s your demo.
00:37:26 Speaker 2
The other way would be to have here’s our demographic and it would be able to parse that data, I think.
00:37:30 Speaker 2
It would be able to figure it out.
00:37:32 Speaker 1
I think that is awesome.
00:37:34 Speaker 2
Yeah, I think it could be useful.
00:37:36 Speaker 2
You could just be like I’m.
00:37:37 Speaker 2
I’m out of ideas.
00:37:38 Speaker 2
You know, you could just say, you know, I’m out of ideas.
00:37:44 Speaker 2
Is how to market my red velvet stocking.
00:37:53 Speaker 2
You know, no one is buying.
00:37:55 Speaker 2
That’s what happening, that your your listener mentioned that this is the best seller.
00:37:58 Speaker 2
So I’m not saying that’s happening, but.
00:38:01 Speaker 2
It’s just it’s.
00:38:02 Speaker 2
A fictitious example.
00:38:03 Speaker 2
No one is buying gives me ideas.
00:38:07 Speaker 2
What I can do.
00:38:08 Speaker 2
Dash surprise me.
00:38:10 Speaker 2
Here’s a pro tip.
00:38:12 Speaker 2
Would you tell it to surprise you?
00:38:14 Speaker 2
It will really start thinking as far outside the box as it can otherwise, and this is this is a.
00:38:20 Speaker 2
I I yeah, I don’t want to my own horn, but this is really, really a pro to it.
00:38:24 Speaker 2
That not a lot of people realize I the the bane of generative AI is is is the predictability the the the the race to the bottom Ness of it right.
00:38:33 Speaker 2
It’s like it’s the lowest common denominator.
00:38:35 Speaker 2
Statistically it’ll take whatever that is.
00:38:37 Speaker 2
If you say surprise me is where you start to get as I asked, surprising results.
00:38:41 Speaker 2
So let’s see what it says and if it’s it’s if it’s on pointed anyway.
00:38:48 Speaker 2
So I said I’d be happy to have you with creative ideas to market your regular stocking.
00:38:51 Speaker 2
Here are a few unexpected suggestions, surprise and attract potential buyers.
00:38:56 Speaker 2
One instance to collaboration reach out to popular influencers or bloggers who align with your target audience.
00:39:01 Speaker 2
Limited editions collectors series create a limited edition series of red Velvet Stockings.
00:39:06 Speaker 2
Social media contest not a bad idea.
00:39:09 Speaker 2
Launch a contest on social media platforms where participants have to share their most creative and heartwarming holiday memories.
00:39:14 Speaker 2
Sisters, pop up shops, set up a temporary pop-up shop in a high traffic area.
00:39:20 Speaker 2
Collaborative partnerships, partner with other businesses that complement your red velvet stocking, such as local bakeries, gift shops and luxury brands.
00:39:26 Speaker 2
That’s actually gonna have a bad idea very easily.
00:39:27 Speaker 1
I I actually really like.
00:39:29 Speaker 1
That one you could be selling to the bakeries.
00:39:32 Speaker 1
I know, I know.
00:39:32 Speaker 1
The company that I know, Kim and Deb and they could wholesale their stockings to local bakeries if they or, you know, take orders from those bakeries as I love this idea.
00:39:44 Speaker 2
That’s not 1/2 bad idea. I find that when I brainstorm with with Chad TPT, it it it more often than not comes up with ideas that I hadn’t considered and at least one of them is like an oh, you know that that that was actually interesting.
00:40:00 Speaker 2
Surprise, influence, or gifting identify a few key influencers or celebrities who have a significant following and might appreciate your legs out at stocking.
00:40:08 Speaker 2
Send them a personal stocking as a surprise gift without expecting anything in return.
00:40:12 Speaker 2
The element of surprise and genuine.
00:40:13 Speaker 2
Which could lead to organic social media posts or mentions.
00:40:16 Speaker 2
Generating buzz and interest among their followers.
00:40:19 Speaker 2
Another way you could do that is on cameo as well.
00:40:23 Speaker 2
I had a a podcast once it’s called, it was called comic Vicious philosopher.
00:40:29 Speaker 2
And you know how I got all the comedians on I went on a cameo and I saw.
00:40:32 Speaker 2
The ones that.
00:40:32 Speaker 2
Had big social media and I paid their $40 or $50 or whatever it was to get a personalized message.
00:40:38 Speaker 2
Now, technically this is against the terms of service, so you’re not supposed to do this, and the lawyer can’t get the device.
00:40:42 Speaker 2
This is probably legal.
00:40:43 Speaker 2
Probably not supposed to do this or against.
00:40:44 Speaker 2
It’s not legal.
00:40:45 Speaker 2
It’s against the terms of service.
00:40:46 Speaker 2
But, but more often than not, they would respond. A bunch of them, like, yeah, sure, I’ll be on your podcast cause I paid the $80.
00:40:52 Speaker 2
And I said if not, and the way I worded it, it was like, you know, you know, I’d love it if you guys come on my podcast.
00:40:58 Speaker 2
And it’s not worse test for being so silly.
00:41:01 Speaker 2
And so I get content out of it. Either way, I wasn’t wasting the $80.00, but some would come on the podcast and there and then it would risk.
00:41:07 Speaker 2
I had some legends roasting us.
00:41:09 Speaker 2
I had Bob Saget, God rest his soul, roasting us for 5 minutes.
00:41:12 Speaker 2
He was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life.
00:41:14 Speaker 2
He was talking about the size of our various genitalia and.
00:41:17 Speaker 2
Things of that nature.
00:41:18 Speaker 2
It was.
00:41:19 Speaker 2
It was hilarious.
00:41:20 Speaker 2
Bob Saget was hilarious on that.
00:41:23 Speaker 2
Also, Gilbert Godfrey.
00:41:26 Speaker 2
He had him roasting us there.
00:41:27 Speaker 2
It was.
00:41:27 Speaker 2
It was great.
00:41:28 Speaker 2
So, but so they didn’t come on, they roasted us.
00:41:32 Speaker 2
But some of them did.
00:41:32 Speaker 2
Come on as well.
00:41:33 Speaker 2
You could try this idea with, with maybe cameo.
00:41:35 Speaker 2
Send them a gift.
00:41:36 Speaker 2
You never know how well it works, and the final one that has here is a charity collaboration partner with the charitable organization our local Children’s Hospital.
00:41:43 Speaker 2
During the holiday season.
00:41:45 Speaker 2
You know again.
00:41:46 Speaker 2
That’s an oldie but a goodie.
00:41:47 Speaker 2
That’s a really good idea there too.
00:41:48 Speaker 1
Yeah, people love to feel good, especially if they don’t have to do anything like they were already buying the Christmas stocking.
00:41:56 Speaker 1
And now I’m going to feel even better, because a portion of my money was donated to somewhere else.
00:42:00 Speaker 1
Obviously, when we’re going to do something like that, we’re factoring in that money into our cost of goods.
00:42:06 Speaker 1
Please be sure to do that.
00:42:07 Speaker 1
OK, this has been absolutely amazing to me.
00:42:11 Speaker 1
I would love it if you have some ideas on how we can use it.
00:42:14 Speaker 1
We know how to use it for creating content.
00:42:17 Speaker 1
We know how to use it to create ads and to.
00:42:19 Speaker 1
Fix up our product.
00:42:21 Speaker 1
I would love it if you could give me some ideas on how we can use AI to streamline our business processes.
00:42:32 Speaker 2
So you know some specific examples would probably help give a good answer.
00:42:38 Speaker 2
It really depends on the business process you want to streamline.
00:42:41 Speaker 2
AI is really good at classification.
00:42:44 Speaker 2
You could say you know what’s the tone of this, what what?
00:42:46 Speaker 2
What’s the problem with this?
00:42:47 Speaker 2
This this text you know, how can this text be?
00:42:49 Speaker 2
Better how can how can this message you know be clearer?
00:42:53 Speaker 2
You know those kinds of business processes streamlining.
00:42:56 Speaker 2
It’s like here’s here’s a bunch of notes from the meeting.
00:42:58 Speaker 2
Could you could you collate this?
00:42:59 Speaker 2
It could do that to a limited extent.
00:43:01 Speaker 2
The new chat should be T can can take in around 20 pages.
00:43:04 Speaker 2
So you could paste in about 20 pages of notes and be like or meeting notes or something like and.
00:43:09 Speaker 2
See please.
00:43:09 Speaker 2
Like this?
00:43:10 Speaker 2
And if you had the plugins in CHPT with Zapier plugged in for example, you could say and please e-mail this out to or to everybody in in the company or everyone in this particular e-mail list.
00:43:20 Speaker 2
So those kinds of possibilities are starting to happen now, and that’s where AI is going.
00:43:25 Speaker 2
These these kind of these kinds of Co pilots going to be built into every single piece of software we use so.
00:43:30 Speaker 2
So learn how to use ChatGPT and get an idea of what AI can do for you. Now if you want to be an early adopter or just wait a few more months to a year and it’s going to be based, it’s going to be built in Outlook. It’ll be built into Gmail. It’ll be built into zoom.
00:43:43 Speaker 2
And it will.
00:43:44 Speaker 2
Be built into.
00:43:44 Speaker 1
Ohh I have to.
00:43:44 Speaker 2
All these different companies.
00:43:45 Speaker 1
Build it to zoom.
00:43:45 Speaker 1
I have Saddam.
00:43:47 Speaker 1
Oh my.
00:43:47 Speaker 1
Gosh, guys, if you are not using if you have remote employees or if you have meetings with your team.
00:43:53 Speaker 1
I discovered fathom Note taker AI.
00:43:56 Speaker 1
Not only does it keep a recording of my meeting which saved my bacon because zoom corrupted on the podcast the other day.
00:44:04 Speaker 1
But fathom had the recording.
00:44:06 Speaker 1
It also gives you a transcript, and then it gives you an AI.
00:44:09 Speaker 1
Three of the conversation as well, obviously you know, sometimes you gotta go through it and you gotta tweak a few things, but that’s amazing.
00:44:16 Speaker 1
Like just being able to have that with no extra work can say you know someone in our business hours instead of saying, you know, you have to watch this, you have to go through this.
00:44:26 Speaker 1
It’s like here’s what we talked about.
00:44:28 Speaker 1
Here’s the dot points when we have.
00:44:30 Speaker 1
Is it?
00:44:30 Speaker 1
No is.
00:44:30 Speaker 1
If you’re asking a question it will.
00:44:32 Speaker 1
It will highlight the the dot point of the the timestamp.
00:44:36 Speaker 1
For that and it just makes everything so much.
00:44:40 Speaker 1
Easier, and I think it’s, yeah.
00:44:42 Speaker 1
It’s knowing where all these things are without getting overwhelmed.
00:44:46 Speaker 1
I know that Mavis, who’s on this call.
00:44:49 Speaker 1
We used it to create a job description for one of her employees, and it did a really good job to do that.
00:44:56 Speaker 1
Do you reckon it would do a good job if we asked?
00:44:58 Speaker 1
How to fire?
00:44:59 Speaker 1
Somebody like, what do I say to somebody?
00:45:01 Speaker 1
Do I need to fire?
00:45:04 Speaker 2
00:45:05 Speaker 2
So let’s let’s do that.
00:45:06 Speaker 2
Let’s go in here.
00:45:08 Speaker 2
I’ll make a new chat.
00:45:09 Speaker 1
00:45:10 Speaker 2
And I’ll go.
00:45:11 Speaker 2
To GT4 because it’s a bit smarter.
00:45:13 Speaker 2
And so we’ll see.
00:45:14 Speaker 2
It’ll be.
00:45:15 Speaker 2
A bit slower, but I think the quality might.
00:45:16 Speaker 2
Be a bit.
00:45:17 Speaker 2
Better so.
00:45:17 Speaker 1
OK, we need to fire someone for poor performance.
00:45:21 Speaker 2
Sadly, we need to fire someone for poor performance.
00:45:27 Speaker 1
I’m literally asking this question on behalf of our mastermind members.
00:45:32 Speaker 1
So that’s where this one came from.
00:45:34 Speaker 1
No one on my team is getting fired right now.
00:45:37 Speaker 2
That’s that’s nice to say.
00:45:38 Speaker 2
That’s good to put.
00:45:40 Speaker 2
You know, just to put them at ease.
00:45:41 Speaker 2
00:45:42 Speaker 2
So here’s the thing.
00:45:43 Speaker 2
I could say, sadly, we need to find something for poor performance.
00:45:46 Speaker 2
Write the letter I I could.
00:45:47 Speaker 2
I could do anything.
00:45:48 Speaker 2
I could do any number of these things I could say write the letter.
00:45:51 Speaker 2
I could say what are the?
00:45:52 Speaker 2
Top five tips to keep in mind, I could that.
00:45:54 Speaker 1
What do I say?
00:45:56 Speaker 2
I sure I could just say, what do I say?
00:46:00 Speaker 2
And it’ll give me something back.
00:46:03 Speaker 2
However, it will work better if I say this is what this person is like or this is what this person did, or give it a little bit more context information and it’ll even surprise you how, how, how much more.
00:46:15 Speaker 2
Tailored it is.
00:46:16 Speaker 2
And then then we want to say we want to let them down very easy without giving them annoying platitudes.
00:46:22 Speaker 2
Or you know.
00:46:23 Speaker 2
That’s my opinion.
00:46:24 Speaker 2
I could have already.
00:46:24 Speaker 2
Asked it one.
00:46:25 Speaker 2
Of the top five things I need to remember when, when?
00:46:27 Speaker 2
When letting someone?
00:46:28 Speaker 2
No, and it was.
00:46:30 Speaker 2
You’ve already told us.
00:46:32 Speaker 2
What to remember that we maybe we didn’t even think of.
00:46:34 Speaker 2
So you could do planning to construction or you can do construction to planning.
00:46:39 Speaker 2
You can alternate back and forth on those two main modes of the text does.
00:46:42 Speaker 1
OK, so let’s say the person is taking a lot of unpaid time offs.
00:46:53 Speaker 2
OK, that’s good context.
00:46:54 Speaker 1
They aren’t getting their tasks done in the allotted time.
00:47:01 Speaker 2
Done on time? Sure.
00:47:04 Speaker 1
And their passing their tasks off to other employees, they’re mooching.
00:47:19 Speaker 2
00:47:22 Speaker 2
OK, great.
00:47:23 Speaker 2
That’s a bit more context.
00:47:24 Speaker 2
So, so now do you want to say, you know, how do I let them down easy?
00:47:29 Speaker 2
Or how do I?
00:47:29 Speaker 1
Yeah, they’ve been with the business a long time.
00:47:36 Speaker 1
How do I let them?
00:47:37 Speaker 1
How do I let them go easily?
00:47:40 Speaker 1
And not feel horrible in the process.
00:47:46 Speaker 1
Still, like that’s the key part.
00:47:47 Speaker 1
Does anyone else feel like that’s the key part and not still horrible in the process?
00:47:54 Speaker 1
What do I say?
00:47:55 Speaker 2
Yeah, sure.
00:47:56 Speaker 2
What do I say?
00:48:00 Speaker 2
Oh, yeah.
00:48:01 Speaker 2
That’s a great.
00:48:02 Speaker 2
That’s a good context.
00:48:03 Speaker 2
So let’s see how smart it is.
00:48:05 Speaker 2
And it says letting someone go is never an easy task, especially if the person has been with the company for a long time.
00:48:11 Speaker 2
However, it’s important to remember that this is a decision made in the best interest of the company and its employees.
00:48:16 Speaker 2
Here are some tips on how to approach this situation and so now starting to give tips.
00:48:22 Speaker 2
It says one.
00:48:22 Speaker 2
Be prepared before you hold the meeting.
00:48:24 Speaker 2
Make sure you’re prepared with all the necessary documentation and information.
00:48:28 Speaker 2
This should include a clear record of the individual’s performance issues, instances of unpaid time off, and examples of tasks that have passed to us to other employees.
00:48:36 Speaker 2
It’s important to have this information available in case the employee asks for specifics, so that’s good point the employee might.
00:48:42 Speaker 2
Get defensive, understandably, and be like no, you know, prove it.
00:48:46 Speaker 2
Where did they do this?
00:48:46 Speaker 2
You know what to be directing.
00:48:48 Speaker 2
Compassionate begin the conversation by acknowledging the person’s tenure and contributions to the company. Then clearly and directly state the purpose of the meeting.
00:48:55 Speaker 2
You could say I want to acknowledge the time and effort you’ve put into your role here.
00:49:00 Speaker 2
However, the reason we’re meeting today is because there have been ongoing issues related to your performance and attendance.
Oh, I like that.
00:49:07 Speaker 2
Three, discuss the reasons after stating the purpose of the meeting, provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for the termination.
00:49:13 Speaker 2
You might say over the past insert time period here, there have been consistent issues with your attendance and meeting deadlines.
00:49:21 Speaker 2
There are also instances where your tasks have been passed off to other team members.
00:49:25 Speaker 2
We’ve discussed these issues previously, but unfortunately there hasn’t been improvement.
00:49:29 Speaker 2
That I notice that the AI presumes that there’s already been discussions.
00:49:32 Speaker 1
Going on, yes.
00:49:33 Speaker 2
And that’s it’s subtle way of saying that should have.
00:49:35 Speaker 2
Happened. Yes, by the way.
00:49:38 Speaker 2
For be respectful and empathetic rumor that this is likely to be a very tough moment for the employee.
00:49:44 Speaker 2
Keep your tone respectful and try to empathize with their feelings.
00:49:47 Speaker 2
Acknowledge the difficulty of the situation.
00:49:50 Speaker 2
Five, give them a chance to respond.
00:49:51 Speaker 2
Once you’ve explained the situation, give the employee an opportunity to respond or ask questions.
00:49:56 Speaker 2
This should be.
00:49:56 Speaker 2
A2 way conversation and allowing them to voice their thoughts can help them process the information.
00:50:01 Speaker 2
That’s a really good step, a really good point.
00:50:06 Speaker 2
You know, I I did study a lot of psychology in my MA and and the bit of my PhD that I did.
00:50:11 Speaker 2
And I also have taken therapy certification courses after the fact.
00:50:16 Speaker 2
And giving the person who’s getting to.
00:50:21 Speaker 2
The chance to talk it out, so to speak, is actually a really good piece of advice.
00:50:26 Speaker 2
So giving them a chance to respond even if one might think that this is a waste of time, like I’m firing them and that’s it.
00:50:32 Speaker 2
There’s nothing they could say.
00:50:33 Speaker 2
Anymore, they would go a long.
00:50:35 Speaker 2
Way to mending senses and letting them down easy, which is what you asked the AI.
00:50:41 Speaker 2
You giving them time to.
00:50:43 Speaker 2
Talk, even if it’s just.
00:50:46 Speaker 2
Which some might consider to be a waste of time or useless talk.
00:50:49 Speaker 2
It’s not.
00:50:50 Speaker 2
If you want to let them down easy, giving them time to.
00:50:52 Speaker 2
To respond and talk.
00:50:55 Speaker 2
Seeks to discuss the next steps.
00:50:57 Speaker 2
Make sure to discuss any logistical details such as the end date service, severance packages, continuation of benefits, et cetera.
00:51:02 Speaker 2
Also let them know how to the news will be communicated to the rest of the team if it will be at all.
00:51:06 Speaker 2
Again, very good points and notice how the AI is is saying subtly here.
00:51:12 Speaker 2
This should all be.
00:51:13 Speaker 2
Done, yeah.
00:51:14 Speaker 2
If you wanna let them down.
00:51:15 Speaker 1
Easy and it’s easy to overlook that when you’re in this position, because all you’re worried about is, especially with a business that doesn’t have.
00:51:23 Speaker 1
A huge team.
00:51:24 Speaker 1
You’re stressing about just having the conversation. You’re not even thinking about and and and how are you going to get this person’s task allocated to somebody else?
00:51:32 Speaker 1
And you’re gonna have to hide this stuff is probably not even in your brain space.
00:51:36 Speaker 1
So having it there is just that subtle prompt of, OK, this is this is the way it’s going to be clean.
00:51:42 Speaker 1
This is the way it.
00:51:43 Speaker 1
This is next level.
00:51:44 Speaker 1
This is how I’m gonna be CEO and handle this respectfully and diligently.
00:51:50 Speaker 2
Yeah, because you never want to burn a bridge.
00:51:52 Speaker 2
Who knows?
00:51:53 Speaker 2
In the future, you might.
00:51:54 Speaker 2
Wanna hide them back? Yeah.
00:51:56 Speaker 2
You don’t want to make an enemy you don’t want to.
00:51:58 Speaker 2
You don’t want to **** them off so much.
00:52:00 Speaker 2
Going to make a rival company, then then, then there’s trouble, you know?
00:52:03 Speaker 2
And who knows, they might have passwords and keys that.
00:52:05 Speaker 2
Are important so.
00:52:06 Speaker 2
You you know, you always you catch.
00:52:09 Speaker 2
More flies with honey than vinegar.
00:52:11 Speaker 2
Is is.
00:52:12 Speaker 2
The old saying, at least, that’s a Canadian saying.
00:52:14 Speaker 2
I don’t know if you guys say.
00:52:15 Speaker 2
Over there, but seven and on a positive if possible, and the meeting on a positive note by wishing them well for the future.
00:52:22 Speaker 2
You can also offer to provide a reference if you feel comfortable doing so, focusing on their strengths and positive contributions, and then speaking to the prompt as you asked it above.
00:52:32 Speaker 2
About how you feel about it, it says.
00:52:34 Speaker 2
Remember, it’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable during this process.
00:52:37 Speaker 2
You’re making a difficult business decision, and it’s OK to feel empathy for the person involved.
00:52:42 Speaker 2
Again, another subtle.
00:52:44 Speaker 2
It’s OK to see Anthony, AKA.
00:52:46 Speaker 2
Seal some empathy for the person.
00:52:49 Speaker 1
I feel like this is exactly what I would be saying to you guys on.
00:52:52 Speaker 1
A coaching call.
00:52:53 Speaker 1
However, you also have the responsibility to the rest of your team and the overall.
00:52:57 Speaker 1
Health of your organization.
00:52:59 Speaker 1
But that’s exactly something I would say.
00:53:03 Speaker 2
Treating the individual with respect and dignity, you can ensure the process is as is, as fair and compassionate as possible, and so.
00:53:10 Speaker 2
So that so let me take a step back and look at the meta of how good this message this coaching is from Char GPT.
00:53:19 Speaker 2
This is where ChatGPT shines like this is this is age-old wisdom that’s been around since the dawn of businesses of how to do this right.
00:53:26 Speaker 1
So that’s a wrap.
00:53:28 Speaker 1
I’d love to.
00:53:29 Speaker 1
Hear what insight you’ve gotten from this episode and how you’re going to put it into action.
00:53:35 Speaker 1
If you’re a social kind of person, follow me at the Selina night and make sure to leave a comment and let me know.
00:53:42 Speaker 1
And if this episode made you think a little bit differently or gave you some inspiration, or perhaps gave you the kick that you needed to take action, then please take a couple of minutes to leave me a review.
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On your platform of choice, because the more.
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And when that happens, it’s a win for you, a win for your community and a win for your customers.
00:54:14 Speaker 1
I’ll see you on the next episode.



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