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Jason Williamson

Jason K. Williamson is responsible for helping eCommerce brands all over the world generate over $100 Million dollars using Email & SMS Marketing. Jason’s empathy and genuineness helps him connect with brand owners on a deeper level, making their brand feel like his own & attaching his level of love and attention to help generate ridiculous results. Jason has been in the industry for more than 6 years and has been known around the globe, speaking at events, coaching students, agencies, teaching at masterminds and working with some of the biggest brands on the planet. If you want to learn from the best, he is the best.

Prepare to improve your marketing game with this episode!

You’ll be eager to try out Jason Williamson’s creative yet practical and actionable strategies to draw in new customers and help boost your sales.

Jason discusses how to interact with your audience in ways you thought would most likely piss customers off. But with his tips, you’ll learn how to be able to respond favorably and use it more effectively.

Join me and Jason, as we talk about one of my favorite marketing tools. Don’t skip this enlightening episode and find out what it is!

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DATE: 2023-05-05

Selena Knight welcomes listeners to the Bringing Business to Retail podcast and provides an introduction. She explains that the show will help listeners to get more sales, customers, master their marketing and take control of their retail or ecommerce business. Selena then warns listeners to get organized as she is about to introduce Jason Williamson, who will provide an amazing marketing strategy that can be implemented in their business. Finally, Selena gives an update on what has been happening at the Retail Strategists, which is the company’s official trading name.

This week, the team has been putting the finishing touches on the annual Retail Academy Live event in Melbourne, Victoria. The event will be taking place in the first week of September and is expected to fill up fast. Those with a golden ticket to the event are encouraged to log into the portal and secure their seat. Additionally, the team has been working on adding gamification to all of their programs to make the learning process easier.

The speaker is discussing the rewards program they have implemented in their business, which includes gamification, rewards, and special gifts. They are discussing the benefits of having a rewards program and the types of rewards they have available. The speaker mentions having their team offer advice to those who reach a certain level of points and gifts that are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. They then ask their audience whether they prefer the surprise of unexpected bonuses or if they prefer to see a chart outlining what rewards are available for what points. The speaker encourages their audience to let them know via social media. Finally, the speaker is introducing their guest, Jason Williamson, who will explain a step by step strategy that the audience can implement in their own business.

In this episode of Bringing Business to Retail, host and retail expert, Jason Williamson, talks about SMS marketing and how it can be a great way to engage with customers. He explains that SMS marketing is not only an effective way to reach customers, but it also helps to increase sales. He also talks about his own experience with SMS marketing, as well as his ‘Trojan Horse’ method, which can help to make customers more receptive to SMS marketing. He encourages listeners to take notes and pay attention as he provides actionable strategies that can be used to make the most of SMS marketing.


0:00:00 Episode Intro: Uncovering Strategies to Take Control of Your Retail or Ecommerce Business with Selena Knight

0:02:36 Retail Academy Live: Secure Your Spot Now!

0:04:55 Exploring Rewards: Team Surprise or Team Chart?

0:08:21 Interview with Jason K. Williamson: Exploring the Benefits of SMS Marketing

0:12:22 Exploring Ecommerce with an Experienced Digital Marketer: A Conversation with [Name]

0:13:49 Heading: Apprenticeship to Ecommerce: A Conversation with Murray Edwards

0:15:11 From Apprenticeship to Email Marketer: How I Ten-Fold My Income in One Journey

0:20:25 Conversation Summary: Burning the Boats to Pursue a Career in Email Marketing

0:21:49 “The Benefits of Hiring an Email Marketer for Your Ecommerce Store”

0:25:55 “Exploring AI Content Tools for Efficient Email Writing”

0:27:54 “The Psychology of Email Marketing: Understanding Consumer Behavior to Increase Engagement and Sales”

0:29:15 “Exploring the Benefits of Show Don’t Tell Email Marketing”

0:32:41 Heading: Exploring the Benefits of the Trojan Horse Method for Weight Loss

0:33:58 “Exploring the Benefits of the Trojan Horse Method for Email and SMS Capture”

0:37:40 Exploring the Benefits of Offering an Upgraded Discount via SMS

0:39:48 “Exploring the Benefits of SMS Marketing for Brands”

0:41:46 Discussion on Discount-Based Offers vs. Value-Added Offers

0:44:03 Exploring the Psychology Behind Discounts and Brand Influence

0:46:17 “Creating an Upsell Offer for SMS Subscribers”

0:47:58 “Integrating Optimunk and Postscript for Responsive Pop-Ups”

0:49:00 “Maximizing Conversions with SMS Marketing Strategies”

0:52:58 “Maximizing ShopBack App Performance with Postscript”

0:54:40 Heading: Conversation with Jason K. Williamson, Founder of E2 Agency

0:56:28 Conversation with Jason K. Williamson on Ecommerce Growth Strategies

0:57:34 Conversation with Jason Miles: Scaling Your Ecommerce Store for Maximum Profits

0:00:02 Salena: Hey there and welcome to the Bringing Business to retail podcast. If you’re looking to get more sales, more customers, master your marketing and ultimately take control of your retail or ecommerce business, then you’re in the right place. I’m Selena Knight, a retail growth strategist and multi award winning store owner whose superpower is uncovering exactly what your business requires to move to the next level.

0:00:33 Salena: I’ll provide you with the strategies, the tools and the insight you need to scale your store. All you need to do is take action. Ready to get started? So I’ve just sat down to record this episode intro and my dogs have decided it is time to go for a walk. So if you hear that noise in the background of my dogs whining and jumping around, they think it’s time to go for a walk. But it isn’t. Hey there and welcome to today’s episode of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast. I’m your host, Selena Knight. I am passionate about helping you, the retail or ecommerce store owner, to scale your business and to create something that is more than a job to create a business that works for you. And if that’s the kind of thing that you are looking for, then you, my friend, are in exactly the right place.

0:01:32 Salena: Now, today’s episode with Jason Williamson is pretty freaking amazing. If you love all things marketing, then I would say honestly, get yourself a pen and paper or grab that phone. However, you take notes because Jason is going to walk you step by step through an amazing marketing strategy that you can implement in your business. So consider this your warning. I’ll chat on for another couple of minutes while you go and get yourself organized.

0:02:05 Salena: Maybe you can bookmark this episode if you are listening on the go, but you’re going to want to hear this episode right through till the end. All right, so now I have to fill in a couple of minutes to get yourself organized. Let me give you an update on what has been happening here inside the Retail Strategists, which is officially the name of our company. If you didn’t know, that is our legal trading name, the Retail Strategists, because that is what my team and I do.

0:02:36 Salena: Retail strategy pretty boring, but it does what it says on the box, right? Well, this week we have been putting the beginning touches, not the finishing touches, but the beginning touches on our annual event, the Retail Academy Live. We will be having it in the first week of September in the gorgeous, very hip, excellent coffee, totally arty Melbourne Victoria. So if you are inside of my programs and you have been thinking, yes, I want to come to the Retail Academy Live.

0:03:15 Salena: I know that we’ve had to put it off because of COVID for the last couple of years, but my friends, we are good to go. This year we are back on providing no more pandemics or anything, but we are back on and we are starting to fill up the guest list. We are writing out the topics, we are getting all the stuff that you guys need and jamming it into two whole days of real in person. Live connections, live strategy, live people on a stage, giving you good stuff that you can implement in your business.

0:03:52 Salena: So if you have one of my prized golden tickets to that event, make sure you log into the portal and that you secure your seat. We are limited on space and honestly this event fills up fast. So if you think you might like to come, I would highly suggest that you grab your spot now. Lots more details coming, but I just wanted to give you a heads up because it is only four months away, which sounds like a really long time. But trust me, when you are planning a big event like this, four months goes like that.

0:04:25 Salena: That’s a snap of my fingers in case you didn’t hear it. So on top of that, we have been putting gamification inside all of our programs. We have spent months getting all of this coded out because I know that learning can be really difficult. I mean, finding the information is one thing, watching it is another. But actually getting that stuff to go into your brain and stick, we all learn in different ways.

0:04:55 Salena: So we’ve been working with a development company to be putting gamification inside of all of our programs. So you’ll click off some buttons, you’ll hear some cool noises, you will get rewards. So yes, this is kind of a rewards program in disguise. We are working on those rewards. We’ve already got a whole bunch of them put in place and some of them are freaking amazing. Some of them are great resources that you can use that would normally be paid, but we’re going to gift them to you once you get to a certain level of points.

0:05:30 Salena: But there are others, like having my team consult for you in your business. Oh yeah, you will get the opportunity to have my team come into your business and give you advice on what you can do to grow your business. I mean, is that not the bees needs? I mean that is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars and you get it just for doing the work. Yes, you show up, you implement what you’ve learned, you check off the tasks, you get that dopamine and the serotonin hits and you never know what you might be rewarded with. But before we jump into today’s episode, I would love you to tell me when it comes to rewards, do you like to be surprised or do you want this written out? Like do you want to see a chart that tells you exactly what you get? Because I am on Team Surprise, I am firmly of the belief that if something unexpected turns up unexpected being some kind of reward turns up in your inbox or in an SMS.

0:06:40 Salena: You get so much more excitement out of that. It is just out of the blue, a surprise, a present. That to me, is the ultimate. But there are others on my team who are team charted out, like, have a chart so that people know how many points they need to get in order to get this thing. I’m the boss, so I get the final say. But I would love to know, would you be more inclined to take action or would you fake it? Would you just press all the buttons to say that you’ve done all the things in order to get the rewards?

0:07:17 Salena: I didn’t even think about that until now. Or do you love the unexpected bonuses? I would love it if you could drop me a message on the social media post where you see this episode. Go live and let me know. Are you team Surprise or are you Team Chart? Is chart the right word? I’m going to go with that. Team surprise. Team chart. I would love to know because, hey, at the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s about you guys.

0:07:45 Salena: What keeps you engaged? What keeps you inspired, what keeps you motivated? Let me know on the social media post, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or even LinkedIn for this episode. All righty, I feel like I’ve chatted enough. I’ve given you the time to get yourself a pen and paper or to pull out their iPad or grab your phone into the notes section and get yourself prepared for today’s episode. Marketing Master Jason Williamson is going to be walking you step by step through an amazing strategy that you can implement in your business.

0:08:21 Salena: Guys, this stuff is gold. Remember, if you want to grab your ticket to the retail academy live and you have already received one of my golden tickets or it’s inside of your portal, grab your seat now, because I cannot guarantee that it will still be there in a few weeks or a few months because this event rocks. All righty, let’s jump into today’s episode with marketing Master Jason Williamson. Hey there and welcome to the Bringing Business to Retail podcast. You’re going to love today’s episode because we are talking all about one of my most favorite things in the world, which you probably hate, which is SMS marketing. Now, love it or hate it, the simple fact is it works. Now I have Jason K. Williamson.

0:09:09 Salena: Don’t get that right. Yeah, it’s the K that stuffs me up. I’m like Jason K. Really?

0:09:14 Jason: Okay. You know why? If you search Jason Williamson on the Internet, I don’t pop up.

0:09:19 Salena: Oh, really? It feels like a country and western singer there’s.

0:09:25 Jason: A singer is there? Really pops up instead. Dang Singer.

0:09:29 Salena: Jason K. Williamson aka. The bearded marketer. If I got that bit right now, that now. That great. All right. We’re going to be talking about SMS and the trials and tribulations. Now, fun thing, Jason, I forgot to tell you this before we jumped on, I literally, just before I came on this podcast was in a Facebook group wasting my five minutes between podcasts and someone said, do you use SMS marketing? And I write back and go, hell yeah, we do. Best thing ever.

0:09:58 Salena: And all these people are saying, I will never use it because it upsets me, it annoys me, I would never put my customers through that. And all I’m sitting here thinking is, you guys are idiots because you are leaving money on the table and you’re also missing a key part of customer engagement. So on today’s episode, not only we’re going to give you a boatload of strategies, but we’re also going to talk about how freaking awesome SMS is. And if you aren’t using it, you are losing money.

0:10:28 Salena: Welcome to the show, Jason K. Williamson.

0:10:31 Jason: Thanks so much for having me. I always love to jump on brand new podcasts that I’ve never obviously been on or heard of on. It’s just an amazing experience for me to kind of reach out to a new audience and just meet new people. Hopefully I can deliver a lot of value today. I do always say this when I jump on a podcast, I’m very, very impact driven. I like to give you strategy. I don’t like to talk fluff.

0:10:53 Jason: I’ve never been a theory type of person. I’m a very action based type of person. So everything I do say in this podcast will be actionable. So if anybody’s listening and you’ve got a pen and paper near you and you actually really want to take notes on this, I highly encourage that. You grab a pen and paper, you take notes, you put a sock on your door, you make sure nobody interrupts you. And I will be dropping very, very high impact actionable items in this. So pay attention and hopefully I can give you some value.

0:11:22 Salena: And you can see why we brought him on the show, right? Because this is what we are about. We are about taking action. So for those of people who don’t know, you tell us a little bit about what you do before we jump into the joys of SMS and your amazing Trojan horse horse method.

0:11:39 Jason: Yeah, so obviously my name is Jason K. Williamson. I’ve been in this industry for about eight or nine years now. I’ve been specialized in ecommerce the entire time. I’ve worked with over 450 clients. I’ve helped generate north of $130,000,000. And I work with some of the bigger friends in the world, like the Udi. So I hope that gives you a little bit of credibility. I’ve been doing email and SMS this entire time, probably SMS for about four years, email for about nine and in that time I’ve just managed to build these systems that work every single time because it doesn’t matter the industry, whenever you build an email on SMS, it’s like you said, it’s all about that engagement, that contact.

0:12:22 Jason: It’s speaking to the person on the platform. They prefer to be communicated with. But I’ll let you know that. And yeah, I’ve just been doing this for so goddamn long that I just know exactly the systems to build. And that’s what I’m excited to talk about today. There’s one particular one, like, you think you mentioned the Trojan Horse, that particular system. I probably built that over the last two years, but I have really started to harness it, and it’s at the point where it is literally just plug play and you just make money from it.

0:12:50 Salena: We love that. We love that. What do you love about Ecommerce? Why did you choose Ecommerce to get into the field of that’s really a funny story.

0:12:59 Jason: It’s actually just a good friend of mine. It’s kind of one of the things I fell into. Very long story short, I used to be an electrician. I was two months from being fully qualified. All I needed was a signature. I’d finished all my schooling. I hurt my knee in the roof, had to do rehab. And then I also met a guy through network marketing, which I call network marketing is the gateway drug to entrepreneurship.

0:13:26 Jason: So me and me and a guy, whilst I was doing my apprenticeship I forgot the word for a second. It’s been that long apprenticeship. I was speaking to this guy, and we were also doing network marketing. And he was like, hey, I just got out of network marketing. I’m doing ecommerce. His name was Murray Edwards, and he does advanced teeth whitening. He was actually one of the OGS in Australia for, like, Star in this.

0:13:49 Jason: So he did the shopify, and he was doing really well, and I was good friends with him. And he says, hey, Jason, why don’t you get into this? And I was like, Nah, I don’t know why. I just never started a store my entire life. I just haven’t.

0:14:01 Salena: Network marketing was selling stuff.

0:14:04 Jason: Yeah, but it was selling to people. I’m a very people person.

0:14:08 Salena: What were you selling people? We need to know.

0:14:11 Jason: It was called your health. So it was always like health supplements. I think every network marketing scheme is basically that or skincare or tupperware or something.

0:14:20 Salena: Some kind of diet shake.

0:14:21 Jason: Yeah, it was basically a diet shake. They went on more of the health approach rates, like super greens and all that type of stuff. So he says to me, he says, Jason, why are you using Ecommerce? I’m like, no, I don’t really do that. But what I got into is I got into, like, lead gen. So I started to read Russell Brunson’s. What’s his book now? Click Secrets?

0:14:40 Salena: Yeah.

0:14:40 Jason: So I started reading that. You got to remember at the time, I was an electrician. And like I say, I injured my knee. So that what I did, was I ended up taking I had no money at the time, so I was making like $10 an hour. You don’t make much as an apprentice. I injured money, wasn’t making much. I heard Russell Brunson was in Sydney. I got a credit card. I got a payment plan on the event. I got my hotel and flights on a credit card. And I told my boss I was sick for two days and literally went from, like, I think Thursday night all the way through till Sunday.

0:15:11 Jason: Met Russell, told him, and there’s a guy called he now does the Melbourne events. There’s some seminars or some marketing events. And I remember meeting him, and I was like, you don’t know me, but one day you will. Still trying to get there. If anybody knows Russell, let him know I’m coming. In this event, it was a network sorry, it was an info marketing event. So they were teaching people. Russell was really talking about copywriting and obviously funnel building.

0:15:39 Jason: And then there was one guy called Stephen Esser. He got on stage, and it’s this Aussie guy. Aussie is all heck. He was like an Aussie Greek or an Aussie Italian.

0:15:47 Salena: He’s fully sick.

0:15:49 Jason: He’s actually one of the nerdier ones, so he wasn’t like that type. But he had so much charisma and charm. I remember he told these stories, and I was laughing throughout the whole thing, and I was like, this guy is awesome. And I went up and I said, I don’t know what it is you do, but I want to do it. And he goes, well, what are you good at so that you can teach people? Because it was info marketing, right? You had a package up. I says, I don’t know. I’m like 2021 years old or wherever I was at the time.

0:16:11 Jason: I said, I’m like 20 years old. I don’t know anything. He says, well, what are you good at? I says, Well, I’m good at writing, I’m good at talking, and I’m good at selling. He says, can you do email? I says, I can learn. So I went away, started to research a lot of email stuff, put a little bit more courses and training on my credit card.

0:16:30 Salena: I was going to say, did that credit card get racked up in training?

0:16:34 Jason: It definitely did. It just got more and more and more doubt on it, but eventually got out of it, as everybody does. And I said to Murray, actually, I said, hey, look, I just learned about email marketing. I just started doing it. I says, Murray, can I do it for free? Can I just jump in and do it for free? And then, like two months later I think it was two or three months later, we’d made him an extra $60,000 just by getting in clavio. And we’d set up some pop ups, and we’d set up at the time, I was using opt in Monster. That’s how long ago it was. We set up some pop ups and all of a sudden we was making him some money in. He’s like, Dude, this is a real thing. You’ve made me money. Like, I now need to pay you.

0:17:08 Salena: Pay you. Yeah. Kudos to him to actually say that, because some people could have taken you for a ride.

0:17:14 Jason: Murray, if anybody’s ever heard of him, he was one of the most kind of like I consider him and a lot of people would consider him in this shopify, kind of ecommerce drop shipping space. Definitely one of the OGS in Australia. He was definitely one of the first ones to start. This is ten years ago and it all started popping off. But he was like one of the most stand up guys, those people that you just know. You meet a few rare people in your life that have got a good heart.

0:17:39 Jason: He was one of them. So I have not heard from him for a while, actually. I remember the last thing I heard is he had twins.

0:17:45 Salena: That’s probably why you haven’t heard from me.

0:17:47 Jason: I guess I kept him very busy, but, yeah, he says, and then when I did my knee and my roof in a roof, he was like, hey, Jace. He goes, You’ve got a choice here. He says, you can finish your apprenticeship and become electrician and that can be it for the rest of your life, or you can come and work with me, be the manager of my company. I need somebody to structure things daily because I have the time.

0:18:08 Jason: Says, I want you to do it, but I’m only going to give you three months. He says, and by then, I need you to build your own business. And then the strangest thing happened is I says, Fuck it, I’m in.

0:18:19 Salena: You’re 20 something years old, right?

0:18:22 Jason: Two months from the end of an end of apprenticeship that I’ve been doing it for five years. Yeah.

0:18:28 Salena: And you’re young, though. This is the difference. When you’re young, you can make big decisions like that, like, life changing.

0:18:35 Jason: I’ll tell you, my parents weren’t happy.

0:18:37 Salena: I can imagine they weren’t.

0:18:38 Jason: My dad was like, what the heck? What I ended up doing. I’m in South Australia. Adelaide. I ended up packing them, my bags in the back of my car in Bimbags and drove to Sydney from Adelaide. And I was like, I’m doing this. And on the way there, I closed three clients because another friend, his name’s Joshua Tay, and he actually used to run canvas cultures and he was in La at an event and I was doing his marketing because Murray had put me onto him and he’s like, oh, can you do it to me? So I built a couple of his systems, his pop ups and everything. I actually got really good at pop ups from day one.

0:19:13 Jason: And whilst he was there, everyone was like, I need an email marketer. Does anybody know of anybody? And Josh has always got a lot of influence. He’s one of those guys that just carries himself so well, and he’s just magnetized. Like, people are magnetized to him. And all of a sudden, Josh is like, oh, I’ve got a guy. And all of a sudden, I’m driving up to Sydney, packed my bags in the back of my car, left my job two months from being fully qualified to I chase something that everybody thought was a dream, and all of a sudden, I start getting these phone calls on, like, Facebook, and I’m like, hey, what’s up? And he goes, oh, I just spoke to Josh at the event. Apparently you’re an email marketer. Can you do my emails? I closed three clients on the drive up there, and my income literally five X six. Actually, I think I ten X my income, because I wasn’t making much.

0:19:52 Jason: Yeah, I literally ten X my income in that whole drive up there, and I’m such a believer that that was the universe. And I love the quote from Tony Robbins. If you want to take the island, burn your boat, the bridges. Yeah, so if you want to take the island, burn your Effing boats, is what he says. Every single time I think of that in my head, and that’s what I did. I wanted to take the island. I didn’t want to do this anymore. I didn’t want to be electrician. I had to burn my boats. Plan A had to well, sorry. Plan B was that plan A had to work. Right? I had no other choice anymore.

0:20:25 Salena: I feel your pain. I did the same thing. I left Cushy, government job, working roster, day off every second week and guaranteed money, all the things, and was just like, no, like you said, got to burn the bridges. Because I think if you have that safety net, you don’t push yourself. It’s kind of like, why I think people who people who really stretch them like you did, people who stretch themselves to join a program, or people who start bootstrap a company, or you go through a phase where it’s like, Shit, I’ve got no money.

0:21:01 Salena: That is when it all changes. Because if you always have the safety net, there’s never that hunger. I guess that I have to do this, or the world’s going to fall apart. And now, all these years later, here you are making millions for lots of different brands.

0:21:21 Jason: Yeah, it’s a crazy ride, but that’s kind of, like, actually quite a long story. But I said long story short, but this is a longer version. I promise, if anybody ever wants to hear it, reach out to me. But yeah, so that’s literally how I got into email in the first place. It was almost an accident. I just remember him saying, what you good at? And I was like, I don’t know. I’m 20 years old. I don’t know. I’m good at writing, I’m good at selling, I’m good at talking. What do you want? And he goes, can you do email? And I was like, I can learn. And then here I am.

0:21:49 Salena: Email is just talking, but in words.

0:21:52 Jason: That’s what he said. It’s literally just talking in words. If you can write and you can sell, he says all that. Is he’s just putting that into words.

0:22:00 Salena: So before we jumped on this, before we press record, we were talking about how so many retail and ecommerce store owners, I guess not neglect, but they put off an email person in their team, whether that’s an agency or in house, whatever. And I said, it’s funny, because it’s actually the second person that I tell all of my students to hire. First one is someone to look after your money, whether it’s bookkeeper, accountant, VCFO, whatever real quick.

0:22:30 Salena: The next person is an email marketer, because it is so easy to see their results. And to be honest, it is so easy to get almost instantaneous results. So if you are thinking, who should I hire? Trust me, it is not a freaking social media manager. It is an email marketer that is your next hire before anyone else.

0:22:52 Jason: Yeah, I agree with that. Because the thing with your list is, it is actually very easy to become unengaged. And I’ve seen so many brands come to me and they’re at 100,200, 300, 400,000 lists that they’ve not really touched in a year. Like, oh, we sent a campaign once in six months. And I’m like, I’m so sorry to let you know this, but the list you’ve just been building for the last four or five years, I guarantee that 80% of it is gone.

0:23:21 Salena: Yeah.

0:23:22 Jason: Because if you don’t reach out, they don’t know who you are. And you got to remember, everybody, I think the average adult receives 126 emails a day or something.

0:23:30 Salena: Yeah, I reckon I would get more than that.

0:23:32 Jason: Yeah, people like us. Absolutely. I got my click up going off, I got my job, I got everything, just letting me know, oh, you got these recaps, these updates and everything like that. So we’d receive definitely more. And the average adult, your consumer, is receiving 126 emails a day. It only takes days to forget about you. And in email, we call it recency and frequency. So you got to be the most recent and you got to be the most frequent. So I like to send three times a week and people go, Well, Jace, I don’t know what to send.

0:23:59 Jason: Well, luckily you have chat GPT.

0:24:02 Salena: No, when people say to me, I don’t know what to send, I’m like, well, I actually did an Instagram live the other day and I said I didn’t know what to say today. So I wrote in chat GPT, what should retail and ecommerce brands post on Instagram? Bang. Ten things. And they were ten good things.

0:24:21 Jason: It’s scary.

0:24:22 Salena: How freakily scary.

0:24:24 Jason: It’s so good. You can tell it to pretend to be like a social media marketing expert who specializes in ecommerce and then it will get even better.

0:24:32 Salena: Yeah, it will only get better. Right? And we’re not saying you shouldn’t just cut and paste, but the simple thing is there is no excuse in this day and age to say I don’t know what to send.

0:24:43 Jason: No, but what you can do is I’m a little bit cheeky. You can tell it to come up with the content and then you can put that content into Quillbot.

0:24:53 Salena: I don’t know what Quillbot is. What’s that one?

0:24:55 Jason: Quillbot is a paraphrasing AI, but it makes the content sound more human. I think it deplagurizes it too, because it completely changes the context. Yeah, chat GPT can plagiarize quite a lot, but that’s only if you’re doing articles or like blog posts or something for school. So if you’re not doing that and you’re just doing an email, I’ll stick to the email idea just because that’s what I do. You can literally be like, I need you to write a full email sales on this, this and this. The more information you give it, the better.

0:25:24 Jason: Also tell it to behave like a professional copywriter who specializes in ecommerce email. And then always ask it, do you understand? So it locks that in and then yeah, once you have it, write it out, you can ask it for three different versions as well. You ask it for subject lines as well. But once it’s written out the content, I throw it into Quillbot and then Quillbot like paraphrases it. And then there’s also AI content tools, so you can be like it’s an AI content detector and basically you can throw in your copy and I’ll be like, oh, this is 100% written by an AI, we can tell.

0:25:55 Jason: And then you throw it through something like Quill bot and it’s like oh, this is written by a human.

0:25:58 Salena: But what you have done then is you’ve taken let’s be honest, there are people here who are listening, who are doing their own emails, who tell me it takes me 2 hours to send an email and I am seriously like WTF? I could have written a month’s emails in 2 hours and you have just said within five minutes. Here is how you can write an email, so stop making excuses.

0:26:21 Jason: You could have an email. I wouldn’t say designed, but I think design is important these days. Depending on your brand. 99% of brands are still I do think this is a good argument as well. A lot of people do you remember when you used to say back in the day, it’s like, oh, like more text, less images. Definitely think that’s shifted.

0:26:39 Salena: That’s changed.

0:26:40 Jason: Yeah.

0:26:41 Salena: I can quite happily in an ecommerce brand, send out a clavio personalized product box with no words and make money. I. Can’t be staffed sending an email. Just put a product box in. We thought you might like this.

0:26:58 Jason: I think a lot of brands like this is always embarrassing to say, but it’s also like such a great point. Have you ever heard of honey Badette?

0:27:06 Salena: Yes.

0:27:07 Jason: So I believe I have a very gorgeous wife, and I go on, honey Badette. I always get emails from them.

0:27:14 Salena: Honey, burdett is very sexy. High end lingerie, correct? Yeah.

0:27:19 Jason: So I get emails from them almost daily. And I’ll be honest, I do buy quite a lot because they’re emails. But what I realized as a consumer, the one thing that I love, why I never unsubscribe from them, is it’s so interesting to me as a consumer, because this is only one of the only things I’ll ever buy from an email, is that my consumer behavior kicks in. I don’t care. So there’s two points when I get out here, when people think about you might get somebody to go, oh, I can get you into Inbox, like skip the promotions. And it’s like Google is a billion dollar company and their product is to filter out things that are relevant to you.

0:27:54 Jason: Inbox is for conversations with people that you know or like very urgent things. Promotions is for when people are sending you a promotion, free obvious updates is for access to your codes or access your training programs, or access to an app. That’s the way they’re structuring it, and that’s where it’s going to go. If you think you can be inbox, you might do it once or twice, but it’s never going to do it for long.

0:28:14 Jason: So I’d rather focus on making my email really good once you get to promotions. And Clavio did a study that showed that if they landed in Inbox or promotions, the bottom line didn’t matter when it came to it. Maybe opens increased. Maybe. Well, Opens may have increased because it was an inbox, but it never increased a click and it never increased the sale. Because when people click on the promotions tab, they have the psychological intent of now buying or being promoted to.

0:28:40 Salena: They know what’s going to be in there, right? It’s like, this is where all my newsletters are going to go, right?

0:28:44 Jason: And they expect to be sold to when they click that tab. So now they’re open to it and their psychology and their intent has changed. And I’m the same. I click that promotions immediately. I’m expecting to see a promotion. I see Honey Badette and I always click because I’m curious what they’ve got. And I realize I call some brands a show don’t tell. Right? And this is a show don’t tell brand clothing, art, lingerie, anything that’s visual, anything that I’m buying. You don’t really have to say anything. It is a show don’t tell. I realize 99% of the time.

0:29:15 Jason: So this is another thing when you create an email and I’ll explain why I say this, but there’s three questions I always tell myself that my customer is asking. They say, what do you want? What do I get and how do I get it? I want to answer all those questions immediately above the fold when they open up. And if anybody doesn’t know, above the fold means the moment you click something and there’s a cut off at the bottom of your screen that is now above the fold, anything that just your page lands on and you can see is above the fold.

0:29:44 Jason: So I want to answer all those questions above the fold. So what do you want? Well, I got 20% off. Well, I want to let you know there’s a sale on. Well, what do I get? Well, you get 20% off. Well, how do I get it? Well, you click this button here and you can shop now and then go down the screen. And it depends on your brand. Supplement brands that are very tell don’t show because you need to be explained. So you need to sell them, you need to persuade them. But a brand like Honey Badette, it’s a very sure don’t tell. So I realize I only ever read the offer at the top.

0:30:14 Jason: I skip all the text. I never even look at the buttons. You could not put a button in there and I would still click on the piece that I was curious about. So kind of going back to it, why did I mention all that? Is because some brands, if you’re a very visual brand, like clothing, lingerie, even pots and plants, for sure, I’m going to click on the one that I want to see. So you could be very visual, you could be very sure don’t tell. And you could just really create a very cool email that doesn’t take much. They come up with an offer.

0:30:43 Jason: You don’t even have to have a big offer. It could be like, hey, check out today’s hottest plants. Right? And then they could you could shop now, hottest plants, and it could be a collection of the hottest plants, or they can scroll down and click on the one that they’re interested in, just like one of those little formats that goes down. And that right there, you send that out, it’ll take you, what, half an hour to put that together at best.

0:31:04 Jason: At best, yeah.

0:31:06 Salena: That’s when you have segmented your list.

0:31:08 Jason: Yeah, the segmenting is where it does get a little bit more difficult and that’s why I like to make sure. So there’s actually a couple of different ways, and I will mention as well, I do think it’s important to have infotainment and entertainment to your list. I think delivering value to your list is very, very important. Every single list I ever work with ends up being that their 30 day engagement is 60% to 70% of their list.

0:31:33 Jason: Simply because we reach out three times a week at minimum. Not including our retargets that we talked about. And what that means is that one or two of them might be sales, but one or two of them might be infotainment. And I always like it to be relevant. The Super Bowl just came up. We wanted to talk about the Super Bowl to our list. We always want to be relevant. Valentine’s Day came up. We want to talk about Valentine’s Day.

0:31:58 Jason: Always being relevant and delivering value to our audience means that the conversation has now shifted from being very like take take, to give, give, take.

0:32:06 Salena: Okay, we need to get into the Trojan horseness. Otherwise this is going to be like a three hour episode. Even though you and I both talk.

0:32:14 Jason: Really fast, it was primarily focused on email. Look, so I understand email is very easy. I know it sounds daunting. It’s very easy to do chat, GPT, show, don’t tell, and big offer up front easy done. You can crank out an email within half an hour. But then like you said, we want to talk about the Trojan horse. And this is something that’s really exciting to me because it’s already so the Trojan horse has already helped contribute to north of 20 to 25 million in the last year.

0:32:41 Salena: That’s what we want to hear. We want the secrets. That’s why people are listening.

0:32:45 Jason: So if you’ve made it this far, first and foremost I applaud you because you might listen to all that going. I signed up for SMS, this is all email. But I will tell you so the Trojan horse is something that my wife says all the time. She says like Trojan horse, like TM, because this was my method. I made it up and the way I made it up, right? I’ve been in this weight loss process for a couple of years like everybody does. And I realized I got a little bit fat. And then I was like, oh, I should really take it back a notch. And I started as I go to a drive through, I don’t go to takeaway very often, but if I do, I was like, well you know what, I’m going to make a smart decision and get less.

0:33:20 Jason: So one day I went to a McDonald’s or something. I think I was just on the road and I was like, hey, can I just get a regular meal? And she’s like, yeah. And then I got to the front and she’s like, hey, do you want to upgrade that for just a dollar? And I was like, yeah, sure. And I was like, why in the world did I immediately respond with yeah, sure? I didn’t even think about it. And I realized there’s two things that happened is when somebody says yes, it’s much easier to get them say yes again. So I’d already said yes to buying. I’d already taken out my wallet. I’d already ready and prepared to spend the money. We all know this through Upsells, right? But it’s the same thing. I used the same method with a Trojan horse is I knew it was easy after somebody said yes to get them say yes again.

0:33:58 Jason: So using the tripwire or the free plus method, I was like, well I could do the same with an email. Email is very low friction. It’s very easy to get your email. I’ve even been into a club and asked a girl for a number and she says, I’ll give you my email. That was embarrassing by the way. I said, no thank you. That was before the wife guys, that was last weekend. So I realized how low value an email is to somebody now. We were all used to it.

0:34:31 Salena: Just to throw that in there. I think we all have at least two emails. And so we have the email. I know that we have the same thing. Even in our company, we have the email we use to subscribe to newsletters.

0:34:43 Jason: You kind of got your one that you send from and then your personals, yeah, we have hello app. That’s always ours. Kind of the one that everybody gets contacted from. Yeah. So we realized that email is very low friction and I wondered what happened with the upgraded and what the psychology was. And I was like, imagine if I could do this on my pop up. So the Trojan horse method, right, what it does just for somebody who’s like wondering, well, what the heck is a Trojan horse method?

0:35:07 Jason: It’s the ability to take an email and an SMS, capture them both in the same pop up in the same step, so nobody goes anywhere. You’ll capture their email and their SMS at the exact same time. The beauty of that is that you capture their email up front so you never lose emails. A lot of people will come in and they’ll put SMS in front of emails or just scrap. This is a couple of brands I worked with actually completely scrapped email and stopped capturing emails and only started capturing SMS. They’d do the upfront 10% off typing your number.

0:35:37 Jason: And I was like, shit, you’re losing so many email subscribers. And they’re like, yeah, our email sales are going down, we’re not really getting much opens anymore. I’m like, yeah, because your leads aren’t fresh. Like, where are they all coming from? They’re like, oh, we don’t really know. And then I was like, oh great, have a solution. So what I do, and everybody take notes because this is going to be the outline structure and I’ll teach you how to do it as well.

0:35:56 Jason: What you’re going to do is you’re going to say, and this is the method that I use every single time, and I use this on the Udi and doubled their opt in. I said, you’ve unlocked a mystery discount. Are you ready to see what you got? Enter your email and reveal my code. Once they say yes. Enter their email, reveal my code. Boom, caught their email, done. Now the second step of that pop up is going to tell them what they unlocked. Congratulations, you got 10% off.

0:36:24 Jason: Now this is up to you. I highly encourage you to do what I call a double the discount. But I have three different methods here. You can do what I call a convenience offer. Actually, sorry, four. I have a convenience offer, which is you can just say, hey, would you like to join the SMS club? And we’ll text you the 10% code. So it’s just convenient, right? You might prefer to be communicated via SMS and people go, no, like, SMS just frustrating and annoying for you.

0:36:52 Jason: A lot of people love it. I’m the type, I prefer to be text because I won’t get your email. So if I like you as a brand and this is the key point that people miss when they go, oh, like, I don’t want to be annoyed if I like you as a brand, I will want to be communicated by you. So you have to make your brand likable.

0:37:13 Salena: And I know personally that I subscribe to brands who every big department store, Maya. Every weekend I’m getting a 30% off message and I’m like, yeah, to the point where I don’t even read them. Now, there is nothing special about it and it’s a brand I shop at for convenience, not because I love everything that they do. And so I end up opting out because I’m like, yeah, you’ll send me an email. Like, this is not on the top of my priority list.

0:37:40 Jason: It’s not a brand that you’re in love with if you like the brand. I mean, if Honey Badette did, I’d probably be on that list. So what I realized is you have the convenience offer, so it’s like we might be giving away 10%. You’ve unlocked 10% in the email, but hey, conveniently, I can send you a text and send you the same offer. Or the next one is an upgraded offer. I can upgrade your discount by joining the SMS, so you might go from 10% to 15% and then you give them the option to choose.

0:38:08 Jason: So there’s two things that are going on here that’s powerful, actually, probably three. The first one is it’s already saying yes to a low friction offer. Now, once they’ve said yes, it’s much easier to get them say yes again. Psychology of sales. Everybody knows that they said yes to email. It’s much easier to get them say yes again. Now we’re also giving them the power of choice. They think they’re in control.

0:38:29 Jason: Yes, I’ll upgrade or no, just email. Either way I win. Either way, I’ve got your information. Either way, I’m going to send you an offer. So you have the power of choice. You feel like you chose your journey, but at the end of the day, it still resulted in where I wanted you to go one or the other. You just told me your preferred communication channel.

0:38:45 Salena: Correct? To a degree. They also told you how much they like you.

0:38:51 Jason: Yeah, absolutely. Especially the convenience offer if they say yes to that. I know you like the Udi. Originally we were doing the convenience offer and we were getting 20% to 30%. Say yes, just text me. So you have to that indicates to us 20. 30% of the audience prefers to be text in the do email. And that’s a huge number when you think about it. That’s a lot to be communicated via text. There was no bonus offer. The moment we went to a bonus offer, it went from 30% to 60%.

0:39:20 Salena: So you’ve literally just doubled your communication channels.

0:39:24 Jason: Correct. But we still capture an email up front. So you still get their email, you’re still building your list up front. That never changes. So then the upgraded offer, there’s also the psychology of upgrade. Just like if you go to McDonald’s, do you want fries with that? Do you want to upgrade? Do you want to upgrade to a large? Our brain likes to upgrade. It’s a very easy thing to do. It’s nice language. So I said, do you want to upgrade your discount to 15%?

0:39:48 Jason: My favorite one, which is the third one it ties with Force is my favorite. Right, but the third one is do you want to double your discount? Whoa, Jace. I can’t give them 20%. Understood. If you are a brand that doesn’t have those margins, don’t do it. But if you are a brand that does have those margins, understand that SMS has an average open rate of 98%. If you’re listening to this podcast right now and you’re thinking to yourself, ads, where is your mobile phone?

0:40:22 Jason: I guarantee for like 98% of the audience, it’s within reach and distance.

0:40:27 Salena: And I guarantee you, when you get a message, you read it.

0:40:31 Jason: Correct. I think they say that statistically 98% of messages are read within the first 4 hours.

0:40:37 Salena: I wouldn’t even thought that long.

0:40:39 Jason: I think it could be an hour as well. But I think to be safe, somebody said 4 hours. I think post scripts say it’s 98% within the first hour.

0:40:48 Salena: Yeah. And I just think that just because it annoys you, doesn’t mean it annoys your customer. Because you are not your best customer.

0:40:57 Jason: Again, you’ve got to like the brand.

0:41:00 Salena: And you could be sending out valuable messages.

0:41:03 Jason: Correct. And that’s a conversation for another time because there’s ways to send text. I don’t love to send sell, sell. But I do think SMS has to be high impact, very CTA driven, because it’s an expensive channel. Once you build up, depending on where you are in the world and where your audience is too, it can be a very expensive channel. So we need to make sure there’s an ROI on every message. So every message to me has to have a CTA.

0:41:32 Jason: There’s no fluff. There’s no cuteness, there’s no like, hey, how are you doing today? It’s a I have something I want you to buy and I’m not going to text. I’ll email you three to five times a week, but I will not text you that many times. I’ll text you once at max.

0:41:46 Salena: Yeah.

0:41:46 Jason: So going back to it, so what you would do is you’d have the power of choice, which was, yes, upgrade me. So whatever you choose, the fourth one would be a free product, right? That’s the best one.

0:41:56 Salena: See, I want to talk to you about this because I’m not a fan of discounting and I was actually going to if we have time, because you work with lots of bigger brands where they can afford those margins. But I’m curious of the more boutique brands that you work with when it comes to CLV customer lifetime value and even average order value, what do you see as the return for discount based offers versus something like a value add, like a free product, a gift with purchase, something along those lines?

0:42:32 Jason: I see that the free product works very well, but it doesn’t get much of a conversion rate. So it gets a lot of people to say, yes, I want the free product. But to actually get through and take the free product is very, very difficult because the way shopify works, it’s not easy to add on a free product unless somebody knows better than me. But every single brand I’ve ever worked with, we’ve struggled adding a free product simply because you have to teach the customer to go get it and then add it to their car. And don’t worry about the cost of it because it will be free when you get to the checkout.

0:43:00 Jason: It’s very hard to explain in a text message. So that’s always been our biggest. If shopify came up with the ability to when you add a code, it just adds a product. I think there is a way to do that.

0:43:12 Salena: I’m pretty sure there’s a plugin that does that.

0:43:14 Jason: Yeah, but finding it and making it work has always been problematic for us. Every single brand I’ve ever worked with, it’s just been a nightmare to get it to work. If shopify came out with a way to be like, hey, do you want to just add a free product with a code? And we could just in a snapshot, literally make it easy because the way that shopify builds their stuff, easiest, heck, I understand, but that’s why I like to go with direct offers. The reason being is the psychology behind it. And you might say, like, oh, I don’t want to give away 10%.

0:43:39 Jason: You really should have 10% in your margins to give away to somebody. If you don’t, you need to up your margins because you can’t be operating that razor thin. But if you don’t want to double your discount, if you want to just upgrade it or do the convenience. Doesn’t matter. Either way, you’ll still capture people.

0:43:53 Salena: I mean, it’s about testing, right? At the end of the day, we can say what you prefer. I can say what I prefer, but it’s got nothing to do with us. We’re just giving our opinions on things to try to your customer.

0:44:03 Jason: What I do know is the psychology behind when somebody signs up for a discount is that they sign up because they want to buy that product, but for a discount.

0:44:12 Salena: How does that work with, like, I don’t sign up to Louis Vuitton expecting a discount?

0:44:18 Jason: Yeah, it’s Louis Vuitton.

0:44:20 Salena: At what point do we go from, I guess, like, FMCG the fast moving consumer goods, to, actually, I’m not here for a discount? What do you think the answer is?

0:44:33 Jason: I believe there’s a time for a discount with every brand apart from the Louis, but they’re the exception to the rule. If you’ve got your extremely luxurious, high end consumers, like we could say Lamborghini is one of them, of course that’s the exception to the rule. But then every other brand that doesn’t if you’re not a high end luxury consumer brand that’s rep by all the rappers in the world, well, then you might have to give away a discount.

0:45:00 Jason: But then the moment that rappers and artists and celebrities are wearing your stuff, then you can stop because now you have influence. And it’s like all about having enough influence in your brand that you have the perceived value. But most brands aren’t there. Even brands like Dirty, they’re still going to give away products. It’s one of those things that people expect. It comes to Valentine’s Day, I expect a discount. It comes to Black Friday, I expect a discount. If you don’t give me one, who do you think you are?

0:45:29 Jason: I’m sorry, is Sam Smith wearing your gear at a show? No. Well, then shut up.

0:45:36 Salena: I think we could talk about this for a very long time. So Trojan Horse method is the overall concept for those who are playing along and are writing this down is, one, we capture their email with an offer mystery discount. And then on the next page for one of Word, the next screen, step two is giving them an offer. In your case, it could be upgrading or it could be doubling the discount in order to get the text message because this is very frictionless. This is yes, I want the thing now. I’ve captured the SMS.

0:46:17 Jason: Yeah, and let me explain something too, Selena. A lot of people go ahead and say, hey, to get your discount, all you got to do is finish off by giving us your SMS.

0:46:27 Salena: But I know I’m giving you something.

0:46:29 Jason: Yeah, that’s like asking twice. I’ll get your email. Oh, by the way, you want to step away? Just give us your phone number and then we’ll give you that discount.

0:46:36 Salena: Now I’m annoyed.

0:46:38 Jason: Yeah. You know Liam Neeson somewhere saying, I will find you and I will kill you, because they’re holding their discount at ransom. That’s a horrible thing to do. My wife signs up for so many different brands and the moment they do that, she just goes, I’m with her.

0:46:52 Salena: I’m just like, this is just like, you aren’t smart enough to work out how to get my phone number.

0:46:56 Jason: So scammy too. It’s like, really? But yeah. So, like you said. So then there’s that final upgrade. Now you’re going to have two options. It’s going to be, yes, upgrade me, or no, thank you, I’ll stick with my email. Right. If they say no, take them to a normal thank you page that says, hey, like, congrats, thank you so much. Look for an email from us. It’s coming to you. Your discount code will be there soon.

0:47:14 Jason: If they say yes, there’s two things that we need to do. I use optimunk, to me, the best pop up builder on the planet. It integrates with everything that I need and it also has a couple of different things that I’m going to mention here that is absolutely essential. So to do any of this, you need to have optimunk, right? So optimunk will allow us to build these beautiful pop ups that are really frictionless on our website. It doesn’t affect the speed or anything like that. So, to me, every single brand I ever work with, this is what I use. And there’s another reason, is that to do this method, I need to have a submit with a mobile phone field on desktop. So they will type in their mobile phone, press submit, and then I will text them.

0:47:58 Jason: I use postscript for my SMS. Optimunk and Postscript both like, integrate and I can say, send this keyword to Postscript and then it will send it back. And you do that in the back end, you’ll figure that out, but what happens is then you want to turn it into like a responsive so you want to hide the mobile button sorry, the button on your desktop and the field. You want to hide it responsively on desktop and then on mobile, you want to bring another button in and you want to hide that sorry, you want to hide it on mobile and then hide the mobile one on desktop so you know they’re hiding from each other.

0:48:32 Salena: So you’ve got two buttons, but one’s showing on desktop, one’s showing on mobile.

0:48:37 Jason: Correct? Yeah, sorry, I couldn’t get that out. So now that you’ve got the mobile button, we need to do something which is kind of tricky. And again, only optimunk, as far as I know, will allow us to do this. We need to create this custom code, right? And I use chat GPT to do it. I’m more than happy if you want to put it in your show notes. So if anybody wants to go into the show notes, I’ll put the custom code, I’ll put a link to the custom code. So I’ll give you one.

0:49:00 Jason: It’s basically just my SOP inside my ClickUp, but I’ll make it public so everybody can see it.

0:49:05 Salena: That’s very generous. Thank you.

0:49:07 Jason: Yeah. And literally all you’ll have to do is there’s going to be bolded areas that you have to change.

0:49:12 Salena: Fill in the blanks.

0:49:13 Jason: Yeah. And then once you do that, once you fill in the blanks, it’s very easy for you to just hit go and chat. GPT will write the code for you. But basically it writes this SMS URL code that you’re going to put in as like a submit URL and it’s going to open up a URL and it’s actually a pre populated text message and it’s going to say to subscribe to this brand and receive whatever discount you gave them, which you would say like 10% or 20%, the upgraded offer.

0:49:44 Jason: To receive the upgraded offer, all you got to do is send this message. And when they send it, they immediately skip any double opt ins because what’s happening is we’re sending into the system, the system is seeing they’ve already opted in like it sees our number and it knows 100% that’s exactly who we are. Because we send in to opt in, it’s compliant. We also have to have the compliant language under our opt in button, but I can screenshot that or something.

0:50:09 Jason: All of a sudden you’ve got it. It sends it in because it has the keyword linked into it. Again, you’ll see it on the document. It’ll say like the keyword has to be replaced. Once you replace the keyword and the offer and the phone number, again, all bolded out, easy for you to follow. Immediately they hit send, they will receive a text message back that says, hey, you subscribe to whatever your brand’s name is. And then the next message I’ll receive is the keyword reply that you set up, which is, here is your upgraded offer.

0:50:33 Jason: Click here what you’re going to see. If people like your brand, they like the offer and they want the product, you’re going to see anything from a 50% to 70% click through rate on that message. You’re going to see anything from a 30% to 50% conversion rate from that text message. And you’re probably going to see if you’ve got an AOV above $60. You’re probably going to see anything from $20 to $50 per receipt. So every single time we send that text message, we’re making $20 to $50.

0:51:01 Salena: Okay. I mean, that little snapshot just there at the end, guys. Basically what Jason is saying is if you use this strategy, you will make more money and there’s lots of things at play. The simple fact is someone really loves your brand and is going through these steps, but in a very frictionless way in order to get this discount to start shopping with you. So, I mean, you’re not going. To get those kinds of conversion rates through email.

0:51:31 Salena: And this is the hope. This is what we’re trying to say when it comes to SMS, is there is a way to make it frictionless and to make it not spammy, but also it’s like a win win, like customer wins because they’ve got something, it’s instantaneous. I can start using it right now. And you’re happy because now you have two ways to market to customers who actually want to buy from you.

0:51:54 Jason: Yeah, and my other piece of advice would be using Postscript. I use postscript. You can actually create this link that has the discount attached to it, or you can use your own discount with them. They can create their own discount with a timer. I like to set 72 hours. And then once you’ve entered that and it’s been seen in a text message, now when the customer gets the checkout, it’s always going to automatically apply it.

0:52:17 Jason: So I would just send them to your top selling, best selling product page so that they can get back to their journey as fast as possible. The only other thing I wish we could do, and we can’t do it physically impossible, is I really wanted to take somebody when they opt in. I mean, we could do it, but it’d be a very slow and laborious way to do it. And it might be that we have optimunk communicate with.

0:52:38 Jason: Oh, I think I just figured it out. We basically need to send them back to the landing page that they left from to limit the friction. Right now, a lot of brands will give you a discount and then send you back to the home page and you’re like, but you interrupted me on the product that I wanted. Now I got to go physically find it again. Depending on how well your store is built, that could be difficult.

0:52:58 Salena: I feel like you must be able to do that because I use the ShopBack app, and when I click it in my Chrome browser, it opens the page and it says, Log into ShopBack and then it goes to the home page, but then it almost immediately redirects back to the page that I was on. So there must be some maybe chat GPT could answer this for you.

0:53:18 Jason: Yeah, more than likely could. I’ve been trying to figure out with Postscript for a while, because when you opt in with a keyword, it doesn’t know what URL you’re on because it doesn’t get that information because I’m just sending a text message to you. So the only way is by setting up keywords based on the page that you’re on.

0:53:37 Salena: Yeah, I think I feel like that’s a conversation. We could just sit here and have a glass of wine and talk about it.

0:53:43 Jason: All the postgrip dev team has been trying to figure out, it’s not possible unless we do specific keywords. And we’ll be like it’d be like upgraded and then whatever your PDP is. Right? Maybe like upgraded product one or like upgraded P one.

0:53:57 Salena: I feel like you’re probably losing people right about here and it’s probably a great place.

0:54:02 Jason: Me too. I get bored as well. That’s why I’m not figured out. I’m like that’s boring. But the thing that’s exciting is if anybody implements what I just told them, literally, that was a play by play, word for word, this is literally how I build it out.

0:54:14 Salena: I mean, this is something you would literally pay thousands of dollars for somebody to work out for. You guys appreciate how much value Jason has just given you and how much money you could make when you implement this.

0:54:26 Jason: In fact, when you implement it 25 mil so far.

0:54:30 Salena: Yeah. When you implement this, come back and tell us how much money it makes for you. And if you need help, contact Jason.

0:54:40 Jason: Yeah, I was about to say if you struggle because it is not an easy thing to do unless you’ve probably built a pop up before. I’m assuming most people have a pop up. All you’re doing is adding an extra step. Yeah, I love it.

0:54:51 Salena: I love it.

0:54:52 Jason: But it’s pretty easy once you figure it out.

0:54:54 Salena: All right, I think it’s time to end there. Jason K. Williamson. Not the country singer. I feel like you have to change the bearded marketer to not the country singer.

0:55:02 Jason: Yeah, he should change to not the bearded marketer.

0:55:06 Salena: Yeah, I think you’re right. I think you’re right. If people would like to get in contact with you and talk to you about getting their email marketing or SMS marketing done or maybe just hang out with you because clearly you’re a very smart guy, where can they find you?

0:55:20 Jason: Yeah, so my website is always the best place. Every button you click on there, you’ll be able to kind of have a conversation with me. So e two agency. There’s no there’s no Au, literally just E for echo to the numeral agency. That’s it. It’s one of those 2023 domains.

0:55:37 Salena: It’s something like a creative agency would use.

0:55:40 Jason: Do you know the amount of times I typed that in on those online government stuff? And it’s like, that’s not a real email.

0:55:45 Salena: I know. My personal email is Sal at and then the next part is only five letters and it is actually the whole email. But so often Rebel Sport does this to me. It’s like, that is not a long enough email.

0:56:00 Jason: How dare you tell me what I know?

0:56:02 Salena: How do you know that’s my name?

0:56:05 Jason: Yeah, I’ve experienced stuff like that mine. Everybody says that. But yes. E two agency. Very simple. It’s as easy as it sounds. If you click on there, you can wander around my website, but most of the time, if you like, book a call, it’s going to take you through a quick little application. Because I do want to make sure you are an ecommerce store. Because if a coach or an agency or bricks and mortar comes to me, I can help you. But I’m just not going to.

0:56:28 Jason: Your time is focused on ecommerce brand. So if you are an ecommerce brand, it’s just going to quickly make sure you are and then you’ll be able to book a calendar with me. You’ll be able to choose a time, most of it’s Australian. Sorry about that, guys. If you’re not Australian and otherwise, you will jump on a call with me. And what I actually do on that call is I actually will ask you to send me your Clavio account.

0:56:48 Jason: I’m going to go through probably 48, 72 hours before I’m actually going to audit the entire account. Then when I jump on that call, I’m actually just going to tell you exactly what I would do to improve yourselves. And then if somebody wants to work with me, great. If they don’t, they have all of the strategies right there and then to do it.

0:57:02 Salena: Love it. Love it. Thank you so much. This has been like so many mic drops. You’re probably going to have to go back, bookmark this one. If you are listening on your favorite podcast app, click the save button because you are going to want to implement this, guys. Jason K. Williamson, thank you so much for sharing.

0:57:18 Jason: Yeah, thank you so much for having me and hopefully I didn’t lose too many people. I do realize it’s a lot of complexity, but hopefully you can, like Selena says, go back, keep taking notes, keep doing your thing, keep going back through it. And I promise you, if you implement any of that, I swear to you it will make money.

0:57:34 Salena: The guys and girls listening are very smart cookies, so I’m sure that they’ll jump in and get started.

0:57:38 Jason: I’m glad. I’m glad. Well, I’m glad to meet everybody. Hopefully I dropped enough value and thank you so much for having me.

0:57:43 Salena: Thanks, Jason. So, that’s a wrap. I’d love to hear what insight you’ve gotten from this episode and how you’re going to put it into action. If you’re a social kind of person, follow me at the Selena Knight and make sure to leave a comment and let me know. And if this episode made you think a little bit differently or gave you some inspiration or perhaps gave you the kick that you needed to take action, then please take a couple of minutes to leave me a review.

0:58:15 Salena: On your platform of choice. Because the more reviews the show gets, the more independent retail and ecommerce stores just like yours, that we can help to scale. And when that happens, it’s a win for you, a win for your community and a win for your customers. I’ll see you on the next episode.

0:58:42 Jason: Our channel.



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