6 Simple Secrets To Totally Rocking Your Online Store

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Provide a detailed description

Utilizing the manufacturers description is a simple, quick and easy way to get products up onto your website.

Yet standard descriptions hold you back in a few ways.

Firstly, the Google Gods prefer it if you have fresh content – you’ll rank higher in searches, than the stores that simply copied-and-pasted.

Secondly, by customising your product descriptions, you’re in a better position to move the customer one step closer to buying. Because if every website has the same picture and the same description, the customer only has one other thing left to choose on – price (and we’re not about competing on price!)

Cover off all the objections

When you’ve got a bricks and mortar shopfront, you can listen to any questions and objections that may come up, and you have a chance to address them.

Online, you don’t always have that luxury.
By integrating a review plugin, you’ll have instant access to any objections, and questions, and any barriers that may stop a customer from purchasing.

Don’t be passive though, regularly check through reviews, and amend or update your product descriptions where needed, so customers don’t have to go sifting through your site for answers

Think like a search engine

When you combine those first two strategies of customising product descriptions and covering off objections, you’ll be moving towards thinking like a search engine.

By incorporating short and long tail search terms into the general flow of the product description, you’ll bring more traffic to your site, and more traffic is always a great place to start increasing sales!

Be navigable

Have you ever walked into a store and you just don’t know where to head, to find that things you’re looking for? It’s frustrating, time consuming, and if it’s too hard, you’ll just turn around and walk right back out.

Well, the same thing happens on your ecommerce store.

Every click that an online shopper has to make, in order to get to what they’re looking for, is one step closer to the “close tab” button.

And everyone remembers difficult sites – not something that you want to be remembered for, right?

Be contactable

Nothing shouts ‘amateur’ more than a lack of contact details on a website.
And a lot of customers just will not buy, if they don’t trust that your site is reputable.
Customers want to know that if something goes wrong, there’s a way to contact you.

As an added bonus, by incorporating a live chat feature, you’ll find that customer conversions will increase, because questions are being answered in the moment, and they are still in the buying mindset.

Keep delivery info updated

You know the excitement that comes with buying online. As a customer, you can’t wait to get that parcel, with all your goodies inside.

Keeping every order updated, from picking to packing, from shipping through to delivery, over delivering (pun fully intended) where a parcel is at, is sure to wow your customers.

Gone are the days of getting sales, simply because you had an ecommerce store.

Just like a shopfront, online stores do take work, in order to get sales.

By implementing these six simple strategies, you’ll be well on your way to more traffic and more conversions – which simply put, is more customers and more money in your virtual cash register.

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