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How To Get Your Products Into Stores

So you want to get your amazing product into retail stores…?
In this episode I’m sharing retailers top must have’s when it comes to getting your products into the range and onto the shelves of your dream stores, whether you’re a Product Creator, Wholesalers or Distributors.
If you’re a retailer looking to expand your range or bring in new products, you’ll also gain great insight into what you should be looking for when you sign up a new brand.

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From Super to Superstar – Uncovering What’s Holding You Back From Success

Are you ready to take your business from Super to Superstar but just can’t figure out how to do it? Do you lack the money, energy or time to focus on all the things you think you need to change in your business? Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, sitting on a plateaux or your business never really got off the ground in the first place..?

In this episode I share the 5 fundamental pillars of a successful business and help you understand how a weakness in one of those areas will hold your business back from growth and success. Then we work through how you can focus on the one area of your business that will move you towards growth and superstardom.

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How TileCloud Disrupted And Entire Industry – Florence Kelly

When Florence (Floss) Kelly and her two business partners Drew and Mark, opened online tile company Tile Cloud, they completely disrupted the stalwards of the tile industry. In this episode Floss shares with us how they’ve taken their business from super to superstars, in a mere three years.

Learn what they did to build trust, brand awareness and deliver on an exceptional level of customer engagement. And discover their secret to connecting with DIY Rennovation influencers Three Chicks.

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Instagram – What’s Working Right Now – David Dundas

In the lead up to the holiday season I’m joined by David Dundas, director of social media agency Hello Convo and creator of Instagram hashtag app Tribe List. Together we explore how Instagrams sophisticated algorithms rely on the power of hashtags and unique content that resonates with your customers. Join us to discover the power of Instagram TV, hashtags, influencers and the much anticipated roll out of Instagram Shopping to grow your retail or ecommerce business.

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How To Write Emails That Actually Get Opened – Megan O’Leary

With your customers inboxes bulging with everything from invoices to out and out junk mail, how do you send emails that not only connect and generate sales but actually get opened in the first place?

In this episode professional copywriter Megan O’Leary shares her experiences writing copy for some of the biggest names in the marketing business, including why email marketing is still one of the best investments you can make in your business.

How to maximise your email subject line to get your emails to stand out from the crowd. And how you can ensure your brand voice is communicated if you outsource your social media or copywriting to a professional.

The Email Marketing Secrets No One Else Is Telling You square

The Email Marketing Secrets No One Else Is Telling You

Even with massive advances in online and social media advertising, email marketing remains the strongest and highest returning method of communicating directly with your customers.

In this episode I’m busing open the top three email marketing secrets no one else is telling you. Tune in to find out how you can use these secrets to increase the traffic to your store AND start making money with every every email you send.

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The Missing Link That’s Costing You Sales & Customers – Louise Griffiths

How much thought do you give the entire journey your customer passes through – from attraction and acquisition, through to purchase and retention?

In this episode Digital Marketer Louise Griffith shines a new light on what she refers to as the eco-system of the customer journey. Tune in and discover how you can increase your sales and retain customers by focusing on a more holistic version of online marketing and meeting your customers where they are with the information they’re looking for.

Louise generously shares;
– The importance of having a well planned digital strategy
– Where to focus your energy
– Knowing what stops your customers from buying
– Why empowered staff are your strongest retention tool
– How to develop, manage & nurture online communities