Ashley's $60,000 Cash Flow Boost



Ashley Stewart

My name is Ashley Stewart and I'm the Managing Director of Naked Baby Eco Boutique. My partner and I bought the business in July 2014 and it has been a labour of love ever since.

Who doesn’t want a sale?

As a consumer, its always a yes! But as a business owner, its usually a no. But there will sometimes come a time that you need to get rid of your stock and get that cashflow boost to get new things in.

Join me and Ashley as she shares how she got rid of her stock and generated $60,000 in just a few days!

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The speaker discusses the importance of promoting the Christmas spirit to customers to encourage them to shop at their store. They mention the success stories of Cynthia and Ashley, who generated significant sales by following strategies and creating successful sales campaigns. The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing offers and understanding what resonates with customers for a successful Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. They also mention capturing email addresses and remarketing to customers. The speaker is proud of their success and the support they received from the community. They discuss managing inventory, removing unsold items, and staying focused on growth.


| **Timestamp** | **Summary** |
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| 0:00 | Introduction |
| 0:05 | Topic 1: Discussion about recent movie releases |
| 1:20 | Topic 2: Analysis of box office numbers |
| 3:10 | Topic 3: Review of a popular TV show |
| 4:45 | Topic 4: Interview with a celebrity guest |
| 7:30 | Topic 5: Discussion on upcoming film festivals |
| 9:15 | Conclusion |
| 00:00:00 | Introduction to the episode, mentioning Christmas shopping. |
| 00:00:50 | Recap of the previous episode with Cynthia Summers. |
| 00:01:30 | Introduction to Ashley’s story of making $60,000 in a few days. |
| 00:02:43 | Mention of the “Ultimate Promo Run Sheet” program. |
| 00:03:33 | Promotion of the Black Friday Cyber Monday sales bundle. |
| 00:04:27 | Importance of testing offers for Black Friday Cyber Monday. |
| 00:05:19 | Introduction to Ashley’s story and discussion begins. |
| 00:06:07 | Technical difficulties and scheduling issues. |
| 00:07:27 | Recap of Ashley’s recent events and success. |
| 00:08:21 | Discussion of the amount of stock and potential move. |
| 00:08:32 | Speaker 4 talks about the stockpile of inventory. |
| 00:09:08 | Speaker 4 discusses the emotional process of dealing with unsold stock. |
| 00:09:41 | Speaker 4 talks about pricing the unsold stock. |
| 00:10:49 | Speaker 1 discusses the frequency of having sales. |
| 00:12:08 | Speaker 4 talks about efforts to maintain brand integrity during the sale. |
| 00:13:13 | Speaker 4 talks about the VIP night event. |
| 00:14:47 | Speaker 4 discusses the impact of drawing names for prizes. |
| 00:15:05 | Speaker 4 talks about the VIP experience at the sale. |
| 00:15:33 | VIP night goal not set |
| 00:16:00 | $30,000 cash collected goal |
| 00:17:22 | VIP night sales just shy of $8,000 |
| 00:18:00 | Opening day sales of just over $7,000 |
| 00:19:01 | Saturday sales of $12,000 |
| 00:20:08 | Sunday in-store sales of $4,800 |
| 00:20:34 | Sunday online sales of $3,400 |
| 00:21:35 | Total sales of $60,063 |
| 00:22:19 | Team overwhelmed by the sales volume |
| 00:22:26 | Previous best sales period was $50,000 over 8 days |
| 00:22:58 | Talking about the success of a recent event |
| 00:23:21 | Discussing the excitement and brand loyalty of customers |
| 00:23:36 | Emphasizing the importance of transactions for a business |
| 00:24:00 | Sharing the positive impact of the event on the community |
| 00:24:18 | Mentioning the different types of shoppers in the town |
| 00:24:53 | Expressing personal dislike for bus trips to other stores |
| 00:25:14 | Reflecting on the pain of seeing prices walk out the door |
| 00:26:13 | Discussing marketing strategies for the event |
| 00:27:38 | Highlighting the success of capturing new email addresses |
| 00:28:56 | Recognizing the added revenue potential of the email addresses |
| 00:30:03 | Investing in a high-profile site for advertising. |
| 00:30:19 | Overwhelming response to the advertising. |
| 00:30:39 | Realizing the need for better payment methods for customers. |
| 00:31:11 | Reflecting on the success and challenges of the event. |
| 00:32:00 | Using the revenue to pay bills and invest in training. |
| 00:32:37 | Moving older stock and getting fresher items. |
| 00:33:33 | Discussing the importance of keeping the store fresh and new. |
| 00:34:08 | Overcoming the mindset of needing to have stock on shelves. |
| 00:35:31 | The positive impact of having new stock for customers. |
| 00:37:19 | Plans for upcoming promotions and selling outlet stock. |
| 00:38:08 | Cleaning up the inventory for a fresh start |
| 00:38:22 | Cash flow roller coaster and how to prevent it |
| 00:38:49 | Tight control on inventory and removing unsold items |
| 00:39:30 | Considering an annual warehouse sale |
| 00:40:15 | Being strict and mindful of inventory management |
| 00:40:34 | Gaining experience in understanding customer preferences |
| 00:40:57 | Needing to focus and stay on track |
| 00:41:18 | Next steps for growth and preventing future cash flow issues |
| 00:41:43 | People are still spending money despite the current climate |
| 00:41:51 | Wrapping up the episode and taking action |
| 00:42:01 | Leaving a review to help independent retail and ecommerce stores |


Show Notes

# About The Guest(s):

The guest for this episode is Ashley, a retail store owner who recently had a highly successful sales campaign, generating over $60,000 in just a few days. Ashley and her team worked hard to clear out over $200,000 worth of stock and implemented strategies to maximize sales and customer engagement.

# Summary:

Ashley shares her experience of running a highly successful sales campaign, where she generated over $60,000 in just a few days. She discusses the challenges of having a large amount of stock and the strategies she used to overcome them. Ashley also highlights the importance of capturing new email addresses and leveraging them for remarketing purposes. The success of the campaign not only boosted sales but also created a sense of excitement and community support for her store.

# Key Takeaways:

1. Clearing out excess stock through a well-planned sales campaign can lead to significant revenue generation.
2. Capturing new email addresses during the campaign can provide opportunities for remarketing and building customer loyalty.
3. Implementing strategies such as VIP nights, discounts, and engaging with local communities can drive foot traffic and increase sales.
4. Being diligent about inventory management and regularly running reports on slow-moving stock can help identify opportunities for sales campaigns.
5. Creating a positive and exciting shopping experience can lead to repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

# Quotes:

– “It was massive for our team, and it was nice to see the community come out and support us.” – Ashley
– “We were shocked at how many people were signing up for our email list during the campaign.” – Ashley
– “The success of the campaign not only boosted sales but also created a sense of excitement and community support for our store.” – Ashley

00:00:00 Speaker 1
Hey there and welcome to today’s episode of the Bringing business to retail podcast. As I went through the shopping centre the other day. If you follow me on social media, you would have seen it. Yes, not only have I found fruit mince pies inside of the supermarket, but I also found my first Christmas tree inside of a department store.
00:00:21 Speaker 1
Why am I telling you this? Because.
00:00:23 Speaker 1
If you are not telling your customers that they need to be in the Christmas spirit and shopping with you.
00:00:30 Speaker 1
Then they’re going to be spending over in the department stores. And so when it comes to you getting around to advertising, they’ve long since spent their money. Now last week on the podcast, you heard from the Incredible Cynthia Summers on how she made seventeen and a half, $1000 in just five hours.
00:00:50 Speaker 1
And I thought this was a really great episode to share with you because it just goes to show you don’t have to do anything special to be able to create cash flow in your business. You just need to be looking at what’s working, looking at what needs.
00:01:03 Speaker 1
To go.
00:01:04 Speaker 1
Following your numbers and do something.
About it.
00:01:07 Speaker 1
So I didn’t know Cynthia’s story, but I called.
00:01:11 Speaker 1
Her up? Well, she put her.
00:01:12 Speaker 1
Hand up to come up live at TRA Live and do an order of her time and.
00:01:19 Speaker 1
And she came up. She mentioned to me. Can I tell you?
00:01:21 Speaker 1
About my sale.
00:01:21 Speaker 1
I was like, yeah, sure, go for it. Just.
00:01:23 Speaker 1
Like today’s conversation, I did not know.
00:01:26 Speaker 1
Where this conversation was going to go?
00:01:28 Speaker 1
I had no idea.
00:01:30 Speaker 1
That Ashley.
00:01:31 Speaker 1
Was going to tell me that she made $60,000 in just a handful of days.
00:01:38 Speaker 1
I love these stories.
00:01:39 Speaker 1
And I got permission to share this one through. Share this one with you. So thank.
00:01:43 Speaker 1
You so much.
00:01:44 Speaker 1
Ashley, but why is this important? Because you know I always bang on about not discounting products and not having sales. The simple fact is there gets to a point in your business, let’s be honest, 50, a hundred, $202 million.
00:01:59 Speaker 1
Worth of aged inventory. That means you gotta go all out to try.
00:02:03 Speaker 1
And get rid of.
00:02:04 Speaker 1
It and sometimes you are gonna be in a position where you’re going to have to have a sale enter.
00:02:09 Speaker 1
Like crazy successful sales campaign in the weekend and most importantly, my ultimate promo raunchy that is the same thing that both Cynthia and Ashley and Dion, her views to be able to generate 3060 and 17 and a half, $1000 in just.
00:02:27 Speaker 1
Like less than a weekend.
00:02:28 Speaker 1
So to me, that means that these people.
00:02:32 Speaker 1
Went through the.
00:02:34 Speaker 1
Just a couple of hours and created their ultimate campaign, so they’re lucky enough to be able to get access to that program inside of.
00:02:43 Speaker 1
My 5X.
00:02:43 Speaker 1
Framework. But if you are not in my.
00:02:45 Speaker 1
5X framework.
00:02:47 Speaker 1
You will not have my ultimate promo run sheet and my amazing quick to run through program called how to create A.
00:02:54 Speaker 1
Crazy successful sales campaign in a week and.
00:02:58 Speaker 1
Today you gotta get the highlights. You’re gonna.
00:03:00 Speaker 1
Get like the cheat.
00:03:01 Speaker 1
Codes on how you can create a promotion for your business, but if you want the full details. If you want all the information I have put together my create how to create a crazy successful sales campaign in a weekend along with a bunch of other goodies and bonuses.
00:03:18 Speaker 1
Into my ultimate Black Friday sales bundle and you can grab that over at Why the heck am I promoting Black Friday Cyber Monday at the end of September?
00:03:33 Speaker 1
Because my.
00:03:34 Speaker 1
If you are not using this opportunity, and most importantly, Black Friday, Cyber Monday to test out your offers to see what is working and what is resonating with your customers, what is making them buy.
00:03:47 Speaker 1
Then you’re going to lose out to your competitors come the big weekend, or even more importantly, you’re going to put an offer out there and put efforts in and maybe even drive advertising to it. And let’s be honest, advertising over Black Friday, Super Monday is expensive because everybody wants a piece of the action. But if you don’t know which offers are going to convert.
00:04:07 Speaker 1
Then it’s likely you’re going to end up wasting your money. So this, my friend, is the perfect opportunity for you guys to be testing our offers because the economy, the economic landscape has changed dramatically. And what worked last year and the year before most likely is not going to work now. So this is your opportunity.
00:04:27 Speaker 1
To be testing things.
00:04:28 Speaker 1
Out and using my how to create a crazy successful sales campaign in a weekend and my ultimate promo run sheet you are going to set yourself up for a very, very lucrative Black Friday Cyber Monday, which of course leads into the Christmas rush. So if you’re taking opportunity, if you’re building out your marketing plans right now.
00:04:50 Speaker 1
Head on over to Selena night.
00:04:51 Speaker 1
Dot com forward slash B for black F.
00:04:54 Speaker 1
For Friday’s Selena.
00:04:55 Speaker 1
00:04:58 Speaker 1
And you can grab my very limited time offer Black Friday ultimate sales bundle. Alrighty. Let’s jump into today’s episode with The Amazing Ashley as she walks us through how she made $60,000 in just a handful of days. All righty. Take it away, Ashley.
00:05:19 Speaker 1
Hey there and welcome to the bringing business to retail podcast. If you’re looking to get more sales, more customers, master your marketing and ultimately take control of your retail or e-commerce business, then you’re in the right place. I’m Celina knight.
00:05:38 Speaker 1
A retail growth strategist and multi award-winning.
00:05:42 Speaker 2
Store owner whose superpower.
00:05:44 Speaker 1
Is uncovering exactly what your business requires to move to the next level. I’ll provide you with the strategies, the tools and the insight you need to scale your store. All you need to do is take action.
00:06:00 Speaker 1
Ready to get started?
00:06:07 Speaker 3
How are you?
00:06:08 Speaker 4
I’m doing alright. Thanks. How are you?
00:06:11 Speaker 1
Ah, I’m good. It’s 2:00, and it feels like about.
00:06:14 Speaker 4
6:00. Yeah, I feel like that’s. Oh, my gosh.
I’ve been like.
00:06:19 Speaker 1
Zoom after zoom after zoom after zoom and then.
00:06:23 Speaker 1
I said to my husband.
00:06:24 Speaker 1
I was like ohh, I’m just looking at my.
00:06:26 Speaker 1
Next one she might.
00:06:27 Speaker 1
Turn up and that’s OK because I messaged you at the same time that our OPS manager rescheduled you.
00:06:34 Speaker 4
And they was like uh.
00:06:38 Speaker 1
She if she doesn’t turn up like it’s.
00:06:40 Speaker 4
OK, I won’t be cranky.
00:06:42 Speaker 4
I was really confused. I was like sure, Monday before that I’ve said that I I just happen to look at the thing that said the meetings coming.
00:06:49 Speaker 4
Up and I was like what?
00:06:53 Speaker 1
People trying to.
00:06:54 Speaker 1
This is why I should just not.
00:06:55 Speaker 1
Do the tech stuff that my team are paid to do because I just.
00:06:59 Speaker 4
Break it, really.
00:07:01 Speaker 4
That’s fair enough.
00:07:03 Speaker 1
Like I was on some sales calls this week because.
00:07:05 Speaker 1
I had to do some training.
00:07:06 Speaker 1
For a new team member and.
00:07:09 Speaker 1
And someone’s like someones buying.
00:07:11 Speaker 1
And I’m like.
00:07:13 Speaker 1
Yeah. Look, I don’t really do these calls, so.
00:07:15 Speaker 1
I just have to.
00:07:15 Speaker 1
Find the link and the yeah like I.
00:07:18 Speaker 1
Just have to.
00:07:18 Speaker 1
Work out how to schedule you it.
00:07:19 Speaker 1
Like this is.
00:07:19 Speaker 1
Why they don’t let?
00:07:20 Speaker 1
Me do these calls because.
00:07:21 Speaker 4
This is not my job. Yeah, this is.
00:07:24 Speaker 4
This is where I get lost, yeah.
00:07:27 Speaker 1
Like I can.
00:07:27 Speaker 1
Sell you stuff.
But then I have.
00:07:28 Speaker 1
People for the.
00:07:29 Speaker 4
Rest of it, yeah, exactly.
00:07:31 Speaker 4
Well, that’s funny.
00:07:33 Speaker 1
Ohh, how’s everything going?
00:07:37 Speaker 4
Well, I feel like I could probably sleep for a week after the last two weeks that we had, but yeah, no, it everything. Everything went really well. So that’s that’s good considering that it was.
00:07:47 Speaker 4
A bit of a on the on the whim.
00:07:50 Speaker 4
Let’s do this and throw this together type of thing.
00:07:55 Speaker 4
Yeah, yeah. So we.
00:07:56 Speaker 4
Ended up, yeah. Basically like renting a site that was just within a couple blocks of where our site is and it was kind of it was kind of A2 fold exercise because of the site that we have looked at as a potential place to move to.
00:08:10 Speaker 4
So it was good kind.
00:08:11 Speaker 4
Of feeler. Of what? The space is like, but also what the foot traffic is and things like that. Yeah. And then we did a warehouse.
00:08:21 Speaker 1
How much stuff did you have?
00:08:22 Speaker 1
Before you went in.
00:08:23 Speaker 1
Like what? What retail price? How much stock was there?
00:08:28 Speaker 4
Read like retail.
00:08:30 Speaker 4
Would have been.
00:08:32 Speaker 4
For what I took.
00:08:36 Speaker 4
Around 270 to 280,000.
00:08:44 Speaker 1
How did you?
00:08:45 Speaker 1
Let that much stockpile up.
00:08:50 Speaker 4
Yeah, it’s a good question.
00:08:51 Speaker 4
Sound. Yeah. Yeah, like cost. Cost was like when I said when I put in that post that it was very confronting exercise. It was a very confronting exercise cause, yeah, $140,000 worth of cost stock.
00:09:08 Speaker 4
Hadn’t sold in 90 days.
00:09:11 Speaker 1
Wow and did.
00:09:12 Speaker 1
You go through those same emotions that Dion talked about, like she’s saying that she’s in tears.
00:09:17 Speaker 1
Picking stuff up.
Oh yeah, I.
00:09:20 Speaker 4
I must have spent I I don’t even know how many hours like.
00:09:25 Speaker 4
Going like going through the list and going through.
00:09:27 Speaker 4
It again and like, Oh no, OK, no.
00:09:31 Speaker 4
And having to take that.
00:09:32 Speaker 4
Point and then go but. But that’s so nice that.
00:09:34 Speaker 4
Was like no.
00:09:36 Speaker 4
Hasn’t sold. I kept going back to.
00:09:38 Speaker 4
It hasn’t sold and then came down to.
00:09:41 Speaker 4
Pricing it and stuff and it was that was a whole other exercise because it was like, you know, you’re so driven in program to.
00:09:52 Speaker 4
Make profit, but it’s just sitting around, and when you have that much just sitting around. Yeah, it was. I must have gone back and, you know, after I finally came to terms with. No, this is the stuff and you just got a second up and that’s that’s what it is. Because I mean it is it’s it’s.
00:10:10 Speaker 4
It’s highly emotional.
00:10:13 Speaker 4
And then, yeah, so then going to the pricing model for it, I mean I I must have switched that probably about.
00:10:18 Speaker 4
Three times as well and just kind of like kept increasing the discount because like this, this is your chance. You’ve got to try to move as much as you can, you know.
00:10:29 Speaker 1
You want to do this more like let’s.
00:10:30 Speaker 1
Say if you going to do it.
00:10:32 Speaker 1
You don’t want to be ohh, we do this on a regular basis because like I’m thinking of a store near me that I actually love and I pay full price. Yeah, but it’s forever going on discount. And I’m like, yeah, you don’t need to do it like your stuff is so nice. You actually don’t need to.
00:10:49 Speaker 1
Do it and.
00:10:51 Speaker 1
I it kind of just cheapens the whole experience where it’s a one off or you know, maybe twice a year or something. It’s kind of like ohh.
00:10:58 Speaker 1
Cool. You know, bargain instead of.
00:11:01 Speaker 1
But I paid full price for that like.
00:11:03 Speaker 1
You know 3 weeks ago.
00:11:05 Speaker 4
Exactly. And that.
00:11:06 Speaker 4
And to be fair, that was like that was a really hard part of the whole exercise as.
00:11:09 Speaker 4
Well, because I.
00:11:11 Speaker 4
Mean all I knew our outlet stuff like, you know the outlet stuff was like, yeah, and, you know, probably 90% of it was sitting in bins in the back. And it was like, yeah, OK. But then it was, it was probably. That was a really hard one from the stuff that was still.
00:11:24 Speaker 4
Like on the floor.
00:11:25 Speaker 4
And then it was like, OK, yeah, well, what if someone has come in and they just bought it and you know that that type of thing. And that’s the stuff.
00:11:30 Speaker 4
I kind of kept going back.
00:11:31 Speaker 4
And forth on a little bit about like well, should I be, you know should?
00:11:35 Speaker 4
I be putting that in or should I not be putting it in and and?
00:11:37 Speaker 1
What did you decide?
00:11:39 Speaker 4
What’s that? Sorry. What did you decide? I ended up putting it.
00:11:43 Speaker 4
All in. Yeah. I was like if it’s on.
00:11:45 Speaker 4
That list it’s.
00:11:45 Speaker 4
Going in so I.
00:11:47 Speaker 4
Did very much.
00:11:47 Speaker 4
Stink to it, which which kind of surprised me. But yeah, then that that pricing stuff, because that’s the that’s the thing I was like, I do not want to be doing this, you know, all the time it’s it’s a.
00:11:58 Speaker 4
You know, like say maybe.
00:11:59 Speaker 4
Maybe it becomes an annual event, I don’t know. But you know, for particularly the amount of work.
00:12:04 Speaker 1
Took and we and one of.
00:12:06 Speaker 4
The things we did to, not.
00:12:08 Speaker 4
To try not to, like, cheapen the brand a bit was because because we get compliments so many times on our shop and the boutique and the look of it and all that kind of stuff was like.
00:12:18 Speaker 4
I mean, the space we rented certainly wasn’t warehousing, but then, you know, we had. I’m very fortunate because my partner has an engineering business. So like he had made the racks for our clothing. So he made racks for the warehouse sales. So that kind of like tied back in and we we went to the effort that we, you know, hung all our clothing and all that. So it wasn’t just the rifle through the bin.
00:12:38 Speaker 4
Experience and things like that and people.
00:12:40 Speaker 4
Like people lapped it up, and I do think it helped us move more stock as well, I mean.
00:12:45 Speaker 4
It was a hell of a lot of set.
00:12:47 Speaker 4
Up like a.
00:12:48 Speaker 4
Hell of a lot of setup and I gone so far as to print labels. That was like the was price crossed out the new price you save X percent highlighted in yellow was like let’s make this as clear as possible for people.
00:13:01 Speaker 4
And so, you know, we didn’t have any issues with like, well, how much this are trying to match is that, is that a red daughter, a green daughter or you?
00:13:07 Speaker 4
Know any of that? I was like, we went to all.
00:13:10 Speaker 4
Those extra lengths that I do think helped to.
00:13:13 Speaker 4
You know, kind of elevate that experience.
00:13:16 Speaker 4
We took the we did the.
00:13:19 Speaker 4
To get it, probably like a little bit of step further with the the VIP thing. And we did like a VIP.
00:13:24 Speaker 4
Night. So we did like the Thursday night. We did three hours for VIP, so I took, you know, the top.
00:13:32 Speaker 4
What was it like?
00:13:34 Speaker 4
The threshold I set anyway. It used. Yeah. Yeah. So sent the e-mail out. So we had, I think our invite.
00:13:41 Speaker 4
Went out to.
00:13:41 Speaker 4
Like e-mail wise it was between 50 and 60 customers and then then we went to we did a a social thing like what Deon had.
00:13:51 Speaker 4
Done and like.
00:13:53 Speaker 4
Totally amazed by that.
00:13:55 Speaker 4
Because we were, we were sitting there.
00:13:57 Speaker 3
Going you know.
00:13:58 Speaker 4
You start to plan something on you.
00:13:59 Speaker 4
Putting on the effort.
00:13:59 Speaker 4
And you’re going. Oh my God. Like.
00:14:01 Speaker 1
Are people going?
00:14:01 Speaker 4
To come or not, you know. And it was like.
00:14:03 Speaker 1
It’s it’s really crossing your fingers and hoping.
00:14:07 Speaker 4
100% it’s. So there was.
00:14:08 Speaker 1
But it’s crossing your fingers and hoping with an actual strategy, which I think is the big difference. It’s not just.
00:14:14 Speaker 1
I’m going to have a sale.
00:14:16 Speaker 1
Will someone come? It’s like hold on.
00:14:18 Speaker 1
We have put.
00:14:19 Speaker 1
All these steps in place to maximise it.
00:14:22 Speaker 4
100% yeah, yeah. And and you could see it was like, you know, set up a Facebook event for as an example and then.
00:14:28 Speaker 4
People would start.
00:14:28 Speaker 4
Comments. Then we put we ended up extending the Instagram like we had the contest running on Instagram or Facebook page and then people we shared it in the event group. And then of course people were commenting in the event. So we’re like, what the hell, we’ll just.
00:14:41 Speaker 4
Draw a couple of people from here.
00:14:43 Speaker 4
Too and that.
00:14:44 Speaker 1
Was probably 1.
00:14:45 Speaker 4
Of the turning points for us and the whole thing, because then all.
00:14:47 Speaker 4
Of a sudden people like oh.
00:14:49 Speaker 3
My God, it’s like Christmas. Ohh. Thank you so much for drawing my name. I can’t wait. Oh, my God. My friend won. Like, do you need our names?
00:14:56 Speaker 4
Like, do we all have to come?
00:14:57 Speaker 4
Together, can we show up at?
00:14:58 Speaker 4
Different times. Do we have to save?
00:15:00 Speaker 3
The whole time. Can I bring my child?
00:15:02 Speaker 4
And like.
00:15:03 Speaker 4
Uh and and.
00:15:03 Speaker 4
All of a sudden were like ohh.
00:15:04 Speaker 4
God, like people, really.
00:15:05 Speaker 1
It’s just a sale, people.
00:15:09 Speaker 3
And we and we took it.
00:15:10 Speaker 4
Like we did probably take to the next level.
00:15:11 Speaker 4
And it was.
00:15:12 Speaker 4
You know slightly more expensive but, but well worth it. Like we had some bubbles and we had like we did like a real VIP experience. And so you got the chance to show up early, come have a come, have a little nibble and some bubbles and.
00:15:24 Speaker 4
My God, like people, are coming.
00:15:26 Speaker 3
Up. They’re like my friends.
00:15:28 Speaker 4
Are so jealous. I was at playgroup before this, and Oh my God, like everyone’s so jealous that I’m here before them.
00:15:33 Speaker 4
They’re coming tomorrow morning like.
00:15:39 Speaker 4
So that first night the VIP night, I think we did.
00:15:42 Speaker 4
Just shy it.
00:15:44 Speaker 4
I’d have to.
00:15:44 Speaker 4
Go back. My brain is just ambush from.
00:15:46 Speaker 4
This, I’ll be honest. So you tell.
00:15:47 Speaker 1
Us before you.
00:15:48 Speaker 1
Tell tell us. Yeah, all of us? Yeah.
00:15:51 Speaker 1
What was the goal on the VIP night?
00:15:54 Speaker 4
You know, I hadn’t I.
00:15:54 Speaker 4
Hadn’t actually set one for the VIP night. I.
00:15:56 Speaker 4
Just set one for overall, but OK.
00:16:00 Speaker 4
So my goal overall was 30,000 or not retail, sorry, 30,000 cost was my goal for the event. I thought if I can move that much.
00:16:08 Speaker 1
I’ll without having so just $30,000 cash collected. You want $30,000 in.
00:16:13 Speaker 1
The bank. Yeah. Yeah, that’s.
00:16:16 Speaker 1
Quite. Do you know what? To be honest, if you and I have had that conversation, I would have said that’s way too low.
00:16:22 Speaker 1
$200,000 worth of retail stock.
Yeah, she probably would have.
00:16:29 Speaker 4
I was very nervous.
00:16:29 Speaker 4
About that goal, I was like.
00:16:32 Speaker 4
I think I.
00:16:33 Speaker 4
Think again. Having not done it and not knowing, like Dunedin, where we’re at, has has a real problem right now with downtown and retail because they’ve been doing construction for so long like there’s a real hate on for it and there’s no parking and this and that and.
00:16:49 Speaker 4
That was like.
00:16:51 Speaker 4
You know it was.
00:16:52 Speaker 4
Kind of.
00:16:52 Speaker 4
Like well.
00:16:55 Speaker 4
You know are.
00:16:56 Speaker 4
Are we doing it in the right?
00:16:57 Speaker 4
Place are we doing, you know like?
00:16:58 Speaker 4
All that kind of stuff was like, so yeah, I thought I thought, well, if we could do that, I’d be.
00:17:04 Speaker 4
I’d be happy like not.
00:17:05 Speaker 1
I’m gonna write a number down because I don’t know how much he did on this bit of paper. What I think you should have taken.
00:17:16 Speaker 1
So I’m gonna leave that there.
00:17:18 Speaker 1
You can tell me.
00:17:19 Speaker 1
All that. So how much?
You say?
00:17:20 Speaker 1
Did you do on the VIP?
00:17:22 Speaker 1
Night, which was 3 hours.
00:17:24 Speaker 4
Yeah, it was just just shy of.
00:17:28 Speaker 4
Just shy of 8000 on the VIP night.
00:17:32 Speaker 4
Nice. Yeah. So that was it was.
00:17:35 Speaker 4
A nice way to start things off.
00:17:36 Speaker 4
For sure the next.
00:17:38 Speaker 4
Morning, we opened up at 9:00.
00:17:42 Speaker 4
And we were kind of.
00:17:42 Speaker 4
Like you know, everyone was still buzzing.
00:17:45 Speaker 4
From VIP night like that was pretty.
00:17:46 Speaker 1
Cool. Did they come back? Come.
00:17:48 Speaker 4
Back. What’s that? Sorry.
00:17:50 Speaker 1
Did any did they come back?
00:17:52 Speaker 4
Yeah. Yeah. We had several people that came back several times through the weekend.
00:17:59 Speaker 4
So yeah, then we.
00:18:00 Speaker 4
Opened it now.
00:18:00 Speaker 4
And all of a sudden, like we’re.
00:18:01 Speaker 4
Like, oh, there’s a line up here. OK, so.
00:18:04 Speaker 4
That’s cool.
00:18:05 Speaker 1
And we get video of this.
00:18:08 Speaker 4
No, we actually ended up so busy that we nobody, we were like, why did we set the GoPro? Why did we do this? Why didn’t we do that like because it just.
Yeah, we were.
00:18:17 Speaker 4
All kicking ourselves after so my partner.
00:18:20 Speaker 4
Had said to me.
00:18:21 Speaker 4
He’s like, oh, I’ll probably stop by like 11 and just see how things are going. But if you need me just like, send need me before just send the SOS. I went back and checked my text message. It was 907. I messaged him and was like SOS with a bad emoji like you just get here now.
00:18:37 Speaker 4
So we had two tills because I just like I looked down, I was helping a couple of people. I looked up and there was like 50 people in just milling.
00:18:44 Speaker 4
Around was like. OK alright so.
00:18:49 Speaker 4
Yeah, we it was just that first hour was like the first hour was the best hour of the day. And I think that hour was just shy as 7000.
00:19:00 Speaker 1
Awesome. OK.
00:19:01 Speaker 4
Yeah, yeah, I went back and calculated after was like because I because when.
00:19:05 Speaker 4
I was work.
00:19:05 Speaker 4
Trying to work out calculations and things like that. I was trying to work through my head OK, like realistically, how many transactions could you be putting through and things like that and going average?
00:19:13 Speaker 4
Order value.
00:19:14 Speaker 4
Of what? Our average order value is and.
00:19:16 Speaker 4
Stuff like that so.
00:19:18 Speaker 4
I was very impressed to see how much we could.
00:19:20 Speaker 4
Actually scanning through.
00:19:23 Speaker 4
In an hour switch, 22 tills running. Yeah. So anyway, that day finished just shy of 20.
00:19:32 Speaker 4
The 26,000 I think was that day.
00:19:38 Speaker 4
And then so I was just going back to double check my numbers are all mixed up in my.
00:19:42 Speaker 4
Brain now.
00:19:44 Speaker 1
So we’re up to like 34.
And then.
00:19:48 Speaker 4
Sorry, sorry that day did.
00:19:50 Speaker 4
Yeah, 2027 thousand.
00:19:54 Speaker 3
And then yeah, then the.
00:19:57 Speaker 4
Friday or sorry, the Saturday was definitely slower, but was still like 12-7.
00:20:05 Speaker 4
And then the Sunday we ended up.
00:20:08 Speaker 4
Because we were like, well, this is, you know our last like.
00:20:11 Speaker 4
Take out it before we put it online. So then we took so we taken similar idea to what Dion had done in hers and did like buy five or more and get an extra 10% off. So we increased that to 20% on the Sunday. So Sunday ended up being 4/8 at point of sale.
00:20:32 Speaker 4
And then we took it online.
00:20:34 Speaker 4
And so the online did 3.7 on the Sunday and the Monday it did 40. Yeah, we were 4100.
00:20:47 Speaker 4
Or sorry. Yeah. Sorry on lines 3.4 and then we extended it to the two we ended at Tuesday night at the end of it. And so it did another, yeah, 2.6.
00:20:58 Speaker 1
But for the grand total of.
00:21:01 Speaker 4
6063 ish.
See, there we go.
00:21:10 Speaker 1
And I did not know and my.
00:21:11 Speaker 1
Piece of paper says $60,000.
00:21:19 Speaker 3
Well, so how do you?
00:21:20 Speaker 1
Think what was your what was your?
00:21:21 Speaker 1
Original goal you said 30.
00:21:24 Speaker 4
And then then I went, OK, Stretch 50.
00:21:29 Speaker 4
So yeah, so managed to exceed that.
00:21:31 Speaker 4
As well and.
00:21:32 Speaker 4
End up at the yeah, 6063.
00:21:34 Speaker 4
Or whatever it.
00:21:35 Speaker 4
Was so.
00:21:37 Speaker 1
Yeah, so it was.
00:21:38 Speaker 4
Like thank you. It was. Yeah, it was huge. It’s it’s taking some weight off. Like, it’s still obviously there’s still stuff sitting there that still needs to move.
00:21:48 Speaker 4
But I.
00:21:48 Speaker 4
Mean not.
00:21:50 Speaker 4
That’s massive in in a weekend and it.
00:21:53 Speaker 4
Was massive for our.
00:21:53 Speaker 4
Team like because you know we.
00:21:56 Speaker 4
We hold everything well, mostly like Reagan.
00:21:58 Speaker 4
And I we.
00:21:58 Speaker 4
Had hold all the stuff there. Then you know work till 11:00 Monday night to make sure it was all back to the shop. Then there’s the fulfilling the online orders after with stocks. Still kind of in shambles from being moved back and.
00:22:11 Speaker 4
You know, and even just, I mean we’ve never.
00:22:13 Speaker 4
Cues and things like that to deal with in the shop. Like where.
00:22:16 Speaker 4
It all just like.
00:22:17 Speaker 4
Holy **** like, OK.
00:22:19 Speaker 4
And we were we were charging iPads.
00:22:21 Speaker 4
Up and stuff. I’m like, oh, God.
00:22:22 Speaker 4
We never had to charge the iPad during the.
00:22:25 Speaker 1
And and have you done?
00:22:26 Speaker 1
$60,000 in like.
00:22:28 Speaker 1
3 1/2 days before or 4.
00:22:30 Speaker 4
Days. No, no, never like.
00:22:32 Speaker 4
We were. I was looking back and.
00:22:34 Speaker 4
You know kind.
00:22:34 Speaker 4
Of one of our best periods was.
00:22:37 Speaker 4
But Black Friday period.
00:22:39 Speaker 4
In 2021.
00:22:41 Speaker 4
And and yeah, I think we were like.
00:22:45 Speaker 4
50 I think it was something like 50 over like an 8 day period and that’s combined online and you know point and I think and what looking at it was like point of sale was like.
00:22:58 Speaker 4
10 or 12,000 or something over that period, you know.
00:23:01 Speaker 4
So I mean it’s.
00:23:01 Speaker 1
Like Friday, Seven Mondays more online, isn’t it really?
00:23:04 Speaker 4
Yeah. Yeah. And we were still, you know, relatively new at that point, like in, in town and stuff like that. Yeah. So it was, yeah. It was just, I mean, yeah.
00:23:17 Speaker 4
Everyone was just the show show.
00:23:19 Speaker 4
To be completely honest.
00:23:21 Speaker 1
Are they excited? Are they excited about the fact that?
00:23:24 Speaker 1
One clearly you guys have some brand loyalty.
00:23:27 Speaker 1
And two, it’s time to think a little bit bigger like, yes, you discount and stock, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you are selling, it matters how many transactions are.
00:23:35 Speaker 1
Going through the till.
00:23:36 Speaker 4
Yeah, absolutely. And I think it was, it was.
00:23:39 Speaker 4
Just I think like a bit of.
00:23:40 Speaker 3
A renewal. That everyone.
00:23:42 Speaker 4
Needed because it’s like like you say, like it’s been really tough for retail.
00:23:47 Speaker 4
Downtown, where we’re at and stuff like that. And of course, there’s so much negativity with recession and all this kind of stuff that yet to be able to see that.
00:23:55 Speaker 4
Many people come through and then.
00:23:57 Speaker 4
And then like.
00:23:57 Speaker 4
It was everyone was getting.
00:23:59 Speaker 4
More excited we had people.
00:24:00 Speaker 4
Coming back again and then they’re bringing their mom and.
00:24:02 Speaker 4
They’re bringing their.
00:24:03 Speaker 4
Grandma or their aunt or whatever, and ohh, I’ve sent my sister in now. The husband’s coming in after work.
00:24:08 Speaker 4
My wife sent me in to to get this.
00:24:11 Speaker 4
Do you know if it’s?
00:24:11 Speaker 1
Still here like.
00:24:14 Speaker 4
So it was it.
00:24:15 Speaker 4
Was really, really cool to see it was.
00:24:16 Speaker 4
Just nice to see the community.
00:24:18 Speaker 4
Come out and support as well because it’s. Yeah, nice to see everyone’s cause. Dining is a bit funny because everyone deneen’s.
00:24:28 Speaker 4
Like a lot of towns like, you’ve got that real big. So you got the people that.
00:24:31 Speaker 4
Are absolutely like.
00:24:32 Speaker 4
The boutique, but then the so Kmart closed here a.
00:24:35 Speaker 4
Few years ago and.
00:24:36 Speaker 4
Like they organized bus trips to drive 2 hours on a bus to go to Invercargill, like where there’s a Kmart and go shop. Like. That’s the kind of.
00:24:48 Speaker 1
Because I can’t.
00:24:49 Speaker 4
Think of anything worse to do, but.
I love.
00:24:53 Speaker 1
A good Kmart trip?
00:24:54 Speaker 3
I mean, I I like it. I.
00:24:56 Speaker 3
Like it, Kmart trip, there’s one.
00:24:58 Speaker 1
In Queenstown we go back first.
00:24:58 Speaker 4
Two hours. Yeah. Yeah, I would say we.
00:25:02 Speaker 4
We usually pop it when we’re in. Reagan won’t go, but I’ll pop.
00:25:05 Speaker 4
In when we’re.
00:25:05 Speaker 4
In Queenstown I would never sit on a pay to sit on a.
00:25:08 Speaker 4
Bus to go? No.
00:25:13 Speaker 1
But that’s OK.
00:25:14 Speaker 4
Right. So it was like, you know, and it was it was.
00:25:18 Speaker 4
We were joking through the weekend. I was just like, Oh my God, you know, someone come up and buy somebody you’re just like.
00:25:23 Speaker 4
The pain, the pain involved with seeing the price walk out the door, but it’s like cash in the bank, cash in the bank bank about cash in the bank like.
00:25:32 Speaker 4
Yeah. So, no, it was.
00:25:35 Speaker 1
Yeah, I think.
00:25:36 Speaker 4
All in all, it was it was a success and and, you know, like everyone, you know, even dropping one of the kiddos off at preschool, there were, you know.
00:25:44 Speaker 4
Like, Oh my God.
00:25:46 Speaker 4
They came and because that was another thing we did was like, reached out to a lot of the preschools.
00:25:51 Speaker 4
And and stuff like that. Like can you?
00:25:53 Speaker 4
Can you share this for us and stuff like that, which a lot of them did, which is great because that’s.
00:25:57 Speaker 4
Just free advertising, yeah.
00:25:59 Speaker 4
Yeah. So we’ve done that and we did the Facebook event and then we had a little, you know, Facebook ad on as well. But you know stayed away from because in the past, like Black Friday and stuff, you have tried the newspaper ads and things like that because you the.
00:26:13 Speaker 4
Concern was, well, how do you hit the the grandparents and some of that demographic and it was.
00:26:17 Speaker 4
Like you know.
00:26:21 Speaker 4
Well, and that’s why I kept saying to.
00:26:22 Speaker 4
The girls I was.
00:26:22 Speaker 4
Like, well, a.
00:26:23 Speaker 4
Lot of them are, you know, like and. And to be fair, I said and I can guarantee you, you’re going to have the spread effect where the the children have come in and then.
00:26:32 Speaker 4
They’re bringing the grandparents back.
00:26:33 Speaker 4
Which hands down. You know, the the kid might have spent 40 bucks when they were in and Grandma walked away buying $300.
00:26:42 Speaker 4
Yeah, exactly. She’s like grandmas love grandma’s.
00:26:49 Speaker 4
Like the grounds the shop.
00:26:50 Speaker 4
Are the best thing in the world. And it’s funny because like, I’m not.
00:26:53 Speaker 4
Particular, you know like having the store. You see that more because of course like when went online, it’s a name, right? And some of them, some of them you kind of get to know if they e-mail through and things like that. So there’s a few that we got to know. But when you’re actually seeing them face to face.
00:27:05 Speaker 4
You’re like, oh, yeah? And then you’re.
00:27:07 Speaker 4
Like, oh, like gay Karen’s.
00:27:09 Speaker 1
Back. Yeah, we used to have that too.
00:27:14 Speaker 4
Yeah, it’s like, so good. And then OHS?
00:27:17 Speaker 4
To say the other thing we managed to do was which which I I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do, but we did was we captured like over 200 new e-mail addresses.
00:27:29 Speaker 4
And then I sent out a follow up on.
00:27:32 Speaker 4
Wednesday night, like a big huge thank you for your support roller raw with.
00:27:37 Speaker 4
Here’s a 5.
00:27:38 Speaker 4
Dollar off 50, a $50 purchase in our store, like trying to encourage them to now come in the store.
00:27:44 Speaker 4
And check this out.
00:27:46 Speaker 4
Yeah. So we’ll see how that goes.
00:27:47 Speaker 4
I left left it open till.
00:27:49 Speaker 4
Kind of the.
00:27:51 Speaker 4
Was it the 12th of July or something like that? So give them a couple of weeks to be able to come in and and have a peak. But yeah, it was I thought ohh, how’s this going to go? Because we’d said that you wouldn’t accrue loyalty points on the on, you know on the warehouse.
00:28:04 Speaker 4
And so, you know, we were a bit concerned about what it does that disincentivize people to sign up. But man, I was. And even like Reagan was standing there and he was like.
00:28:13 Speaker 4
Holy ****, I.
00:28:14 Speaker 4
Can’t believe how many people are signing up.
00:28:16 Speaker 4
I was like I.
00:28:19 Speaker 1
I mean that in and of itself, like I will happily pay.
00:28:25 Speaker 1
Like up to 20 or $30.00 for.
00:28:26 Speaker 1
An e-mail address which?
00:28:28 Speaker 1
People freak out about.
00:28:30 Speaker 1
But actually, if you understand your customers spending 20 or 30 bucks to get an e-mail address, you don’t have to make one purchase and they.
00:28:37 Speaker 1
Pay for themselves. Yeah. So even if you.
00:28:39 Speaker 1
Take, you know. So let’s call it $20.00 * 200.
00:28:43 Speaker 1
People. But you would have paid you.
00:28:45 Speaker 1
Would have paid.
00:28:46 Speaker 1
$4000 so you can almost add another $4000 onto your revenue.
00:28:52 Speaker 2
In terms of.
00:28:53 Speaker 1
Those e-mail addresses that you’ve added in.
00:28:56 Speaker 4
Yeah. I didn’t even think of that, actually. Yeah, yeah. No, it was that part I would have to say, really surprised me. And I was actually surprised to, like, get how, how smoothly it still went. Like it didn’t really stop the flow. I can’t say that it took that much longer to check people out doing it and that type of thing because I thought.
00:29:16 Speaker 4
So it’s not going to slow it down or people going to want to or if they.
00:29:19 Speaker 4
See a line or.
00:29:19 Speaker 4
Whatever. But and then, you know, even when they came back to like.
00:29:23 Speaker 4
Make sure you put it on my on my account near like. OK, sweet. Like you’re not getting quite fine and. Yeah. So they. So they did. So, yeah, I hadn’t. I hadn’t actually thought of that aspect, but I was really stoked that we were able to capture that many just for, you know, the remarketing factor and whatnot, but.
00:29:43 Speaker 4
Yeah. So I think particularly considering I feel like we were.
00:29:47 Speaker 4
Really flying.
00:29:50 Speaker 4
And I think I do think as well like.
00:29:53 Speaker 4
Investing in you know, the space we rented was, you know, it certainly wasn’t cheap, but it was very, very high foot traffic as well. So I think.
00:30:03 Speaker 4
You know the money we would have spent on traditional newspaper or radio or whatever. We invested that into a high profile site which then I know we were getting walk wise because even Monday when we were taking stuff down there was like 20 people trying to get in the doors, you know in the morning and.
00:30:19 Speaker 4
And things like that so.
00:30:20 Speaker 3
Could you let them in?
00:30:22 Speaker 4
We were saying that we we wished we’d had everything set up like to be able to, otherwise we would.
00:30:27 Speaker 4
Have because we’re like ah.
00:30:29 Speaker 4
But we didn’t have an iPad. We didn’t have an F plus thing.
00:30:32 Speaker 4
And it was like, yeah, didn’t you?
00:30:33 Speaker 1
Things to learn for next time.
00:30:35 Speaker 1
Always have a way to take people’s.
00:30:37 Speaker 1
Money. Exactly. We’re like.
00:30:39 Speaker 4
Ohh, because yeah, we were shocked. We’re like holy.
00:30:42 Speaker 4
****, but yeah, but even that.
00:30:44 Speaker 4
In itself was an interesting exercise, just to see how.
00:30:46 Speaker 4
Many people were around versus like being a couple blocks over and stuff like that. I mean, obviously warehouse sale effect.
00:30:54 Speaker 4
And all that as well. But yeah. No, it was, yeah.
00:30:58 Speaker 4
Was very, very interesting.
00:31:01 Speaker 1
I am very proud of you. Can I just?
00:31:03 Speaker 1
Say that I know how.
00:31:06 Speaker 1
Like, let’s be honest, it’s quite traumatic, like traumatic.
00:31:10 Speaker 1
In a like, Oh my God, I’ve got.
00:31:11 Speaker 1
To get this stuff out and then traumatic in.
00:31:15 Speaker 1
Yeah. I mean emotionally and physically and mentally exhausted because that was way more than I ever expected, but also that whole, that realization.
00:31:26 Speaker 1
Holy **** like.
00:31:28 Speaker 1
We can do like look at what we just did, you know, not only can we do this, we look at what we did and I mean, you know me discounting is never my first option. But when you have over $200,000 worth of stock, no amount of bundling is going to get that stuff out that quick.
00:31:47 Speaker 1
And for that.
00:31:47 Speaker 1
Little amount of investment. You’re still gonna have to be advertising and marketing and all that kind of stuff. And the the longer it sits there, the longer it costs you money. Yeah. Whereas in what, four days you were 60 grand in the.
00:32:00 Speaker 1
Bank. Yeah, yeah.
00:32:02 Speaker 1
So what are you doing with the?
00:32:03 Speaker 1
60 grand.
00:32:05 Speaker 1
Well, I’ve had to pay a lot.
00:32:06 Speaker 4
Of bills. So we just sucked. Yesterday was like, WOW, there was, that was really big weed.
00:32:18 Speaker 4
So yeah, trying to try to catch up.
00:32:20 Speaker 4
With a few.
00:32:20 Speaker 4
Things trying to get some fresher stuff in and then I want to be able to then invest in myself and some training and not get on this problem again, and also probably try to figure out how to finish resolving this problem. Yeah, I mean I guess the nice thing is is a.
00:32:37 Speaker 4
Lot of the.
00:32:40 Speaker 4
The older stock went because, like, say, there was some stuff that we just ended up, hadn’t gone to outlet yet. It was still on the shelves.
00:32:50 Speaker 4
So, but a lot of the stuff that.
00:32:52 Speaker 4
Had been sitting there and had.
00:32:53 Speaker 4
Been sitting in the outlet then and that a lot of that moved through. So that was, you know, quite good, so you know.
00:33:00 Speaker 4
Not ideal to still have still stuff like.
00:33:03 Speaker 4
Can I can?
00:33:04 Speaker 4
Completely appreciate that, but if there’s a bright side, it’s slightly fresher.
00:33:12 Speaker 1
I have to laugh, someone posted on one of my ads, a comment that said something like making sure that we have stock on our shelves and not running. Said something like making sure that we have stock on our shelves is the only reason that we’re still in business.
00:33:32 Speaker 1
Something on the lines.
00:33:33 Speaker 1
Of you know, not everything has to move and I was like, and I remember writing back, I was like.
00:33:40 Speaker 1
You should always have stuff on your shelf. Your stuff, stuff on the shelf. You’ve never been there for more than 45 days.
00:33:44 Speaker 1
Like you should.
00:33:45 Speaker 1
Have turned over, but that mindset of I always have to have things on the shelf for people to buy versus I can sell that and buy it again and get the cash flow. It’s something that most.
00:34:02 Speaker 1
Can’t get into their.
00:34:03 Speaker 1
Heads. Yeah. Is that something that?
00:34:05 Speaker 1
You struggled with.
00:34:06 Speaker 1
As well.
00:34:07 Speaker 1
Yeah, I think that’s why you accumulated.
00:34:08 Speaker 2
So much.
00:34:09 Speaker 4
I think so, and it was, and particularly after we opened the store, it was that real sense of what we can’t have it.
00:34:17 Speaker 4
Yeah, yeah.
00:34:18 Speaker 3
Yeah. And it was so.
00:34:19 Speaker 4
It was hilarious when because we went in like, you know, I went in on a Sunday. I’d had. I’d sent the girls the list and they’ve been pulling stuff. Right and then.
00:34:29 Speaker 4
Yeah. One of the girls had largely finished up on the Saturday, and we went in Sunday, and we’re, like, moving everything out was like, one of the girls went in Monday that hadn’t been there Friday.
00:34:39 Speaker 4
Saturday, she was like.
00:34:41 Speaker 4
Like, just like it looks like it’s been robbed. And I I said, well, you just gotta be a bit free because we got in some new games and things like that because they haven’t really been put out and merchandise and stuff like that. I said we’ll put all that stuff.
00:34:54 Speaker 4
Out and you.
00:34:56 Speaker 4
Put if you need to have two out on the shelf rather than one on the shelf in the back, do.
00:35:00 Speaker 4
That fill it in.
00:35:01 Speaker 4
Like I said.
00:35:01 Speaker 4
There’s still **** unstuck here, like we’re not.
00:35:05 Speaker 4
Low on stock.
00:35:07 Speaker 4
So yeah, you just got to get creative and fill in the spaces, and yeah, it’s going to look different because it’s different stock too. So yeah, it’s.
00:35:15 Speaker 4
That that’s definitely a tricky.
00:35:18 Speaker 4
A tricky mindset to wrap my brain.
00:35:21 Speaker 1
I just think about from.
00:35:22 Speaker 1
The customers point of view.
00:35:24 Speaker 1
Seeing the same thing every time they.
00:35:26 Speaker 1
Walk in versus the.
00:35:28 Speaker 1
Store looking fresh and new every single time.
00:35:31 Speaker 1
That creates such a different environment and such a different buying opportunity that when you’ve been inside of that like, yes, she had that initial, but actually from a bias point of view. One, it’s stale and I’m sick of looking at it. So realistically my dwell time is gonna be much lower cause I’ve seen all of this before, but.
00:35:51 Speaker 1
Two, it’s clotted like I can’t.
00:35:54 Speaker 1
See the new stuff.
00:35:56 Speaker 1
All the old stuff like it all just looks like it’s always been there, whereas you know that’s when you go into high end boutiques, there’s like 12 things on the right.
00:36:06 Speaker 4
Those cool things change all the time. Yeah, definitely. And and that’s the thing. It was like even.
00:36:11 Speaker 4
For myself going.
00:36:12 Speaker 4
In after the other.
00:36:14 Speaker 4
Stuff was put out.
00:36:15 Speaker 4
I was like, oh, this looks.
00:36:16 Speaker 4
Really great. You know, and and it.
00:36:18 Speaker 4
It was just, yeah.
00:36:21 Speaker 4
Just fresh and even that in itself felt.
00:36:23 Speaker 4
A bit like.
00:36:25 Speaker 4
OK, that’s good. Because I knew in my head like, OK, well, yeah, some of that stuff’s getting pretty stale sitting there and and absolutely like as a customer, I’d be like.
00:36:36 Speaker 4
Seen it before, you know, so quite nice and then nice.
00:36:40 Speaker 4
To be seeing.
00:36:41 Speaker 4
It going, you know, moving through, it’s like every day, some of that new stocks and selling.
00:36:46 Speaker 4
And you’re like, cool.
00:36:47 Speaker 4
That’s great because people are.
00:36:50 Speaker 1
Looking at it, they’re not. They’re not cluttered.
00:36:52 Speaker 1
They’re not. Oh, I’ve seen all this before, so I’m not.
00:36:54 Speaker 1
Looking for the.
00:36:55 Speaker 1
Thing it’s it’s like, oh, that’s new, that’s.
00:36:58 Speaker 1
New that’s new, like piquing their interest and getting.
00:37:00 Speaker 1
The brain synapses going.
00:37:03 Speaker 4
100% yeah, yeah. So I do hope that.
00:37:08 Speaker 4
Yeah, that it’s a bit of a.
00:37:11 Speaker 4
Turning point, like you say, I mean.
00:37:13 Speaker 4
I know that there.
00:37:14 Speaker 4
Is still stuff to move, but I’m hoping that.
00:37:17 Speaker 4
Feel like we’ve got.
00:37:19 Speaker 4
Black Friday coming up, we’ve got our birthday promo coming out because we we try really hard to stick to three store wide a year and that’s it. But like seems to be changing slightly. It’s like far out every dogs to sail constantly at the moment, which makes it really tricky. But yeah, so we’ve got.
00:37:39 Speaker 4
A birthday promo coming up in July, but you know and it’s like, OK, well, let’s see if hopefully you know, we’ll do.
00:37:48 Speaker 3
FOMO on the.
00:37:49 Speaker 4
Outlet stuff to hopefully move some more of that through and make sure that collections cleaned up online before then because that was. That was a tricky thing too. Is like, you know, stuff was selling out and I’d I’d had it set up in an app to move the sold outside stuff to the bottom, but it hadn’t. It hadn’t worked. So I was going in and trying to archive stuff and.
00:38:08 Speaker 4
Clean it up but.
00:38:10 Speaker 4
We just couldn’t keep up. So have a good clean up there and then it’s quite fresh for when people go on. It means same products, but they’ll probably see different things because it’s just cleaner. Yeah, yeah, so alright.
00:38:22 Speaker 1
So that’s cash flow roller coaster. We had an awesome boost.
00:38:27 Speaker 4
How do we?
00:38:28 Speaker 1
Stop that from happening again.
00:38:30 Speaker 4
That is a very good question.
00:38:32 Speaker 4
Well I it it it.
00:38:34 Speaker 4
Made me realize I need to run a report like that every.
00:38:38 Speaker 4
What number one? Keep a tire control on inventory which I have which I have already been doing for probably the last six to nine months, been trying to like be very, very conscious of.
00:38:49 Speaker 4
That and and even and in that regard like a stopped working with suppliers that have like big MQ.
00:38:58 Speaker 4
And things like that, because it’s just like we just found.
00:39:00 Speaker 4
Like, yeah, we don’t.
00:39:02 Speaker 4
We don’t need eight, we.
00:39:03 Speaker 4
Might sell 4.
00:39:04 Speaker 4
And then the other four sit there like, you know, it’s just one of those things. So you’re trying to be a lot tighter on that and then probably, yeah, being a lot more ruthless with and diligent about running that report on the, you know, what hasn’t sold in 90 days.
00:39:22 Speaker 4
And going removing that emotional attachment going now.
00:39:25 Speaker 4
It needs to go.
00:39:26 Speaker 4
To the outlet at that point and then.
00:39:30 Speaker 4
Yeah, probably. Look at, you know, look at.
00:39:32 Speaker 4
Doing seeing what?
00:39:33 Speaker 4
Those levels are like but then look to do that annual warehouse sale or something. I don’t know. I mean, I’m probably not doing.
If you don’t need.
00:39:43 Speaker 1
To do it because you’re managing your.
00:39:45 Speaker 1
Stop. Better, then. You don’t do it.
00:39:48 Speaker 4
And that’s and that’s the thing.
00:39:49 Speaker 4
Ideally, cause people people were asking.
00:39:52 Speaker 1
Ohh are you getting?
00:39:54 Speaker 4
Good God God.
00:39:58 Speaker 4
Don’t want. We’re not doing this for fun. Yeah. Perfect. Well, never have to do it again. That would be the ideal scenario. But yeah. And so I am, like, very, very conscious of trying to.
00:40:15 Speaker 4
Keep quite tight.
00:40:17 Speaker 4
A tight handle.
00:40:18 Speaker 4
On that, and I would say, yeah, probably have been far more strict on that and mindful of it.
00:40:23 Speaker 4
And I think also.
00:40:25 Speaker 4
A little bit more experienced.
00:40:26 Speaker 4
Now, in watching the Shaw and seeing.
00:40:29 Speaker 4
And I guess having a bit better sense of like what people are buying in store and things.
00:40:34 Speaker 4
Like that too? Yeah, that’s where I’m at, so.
00:40:38 Speaker 1
If you could do all of.
00:40:39 Speaker 1
That after one conversation.
00:40:44 Speaker 1
That’s pretty impressive, right?
00:40:47 Speaker 1
Imagine if you’re having that conversation like all the time.
00:40:52 Speaker 4
Percent and like and I do know.
00:40:54 Speaker 4
That’s what I need and that’s what I.
00:40:55 Speaker 4
Need to be able to.
00:40:57 Speaker 4
Focus and stay on track and figure out because that’s I think that’s the thing for me now is like, I mean I knew I knew that the inventory thing was huge for us and we needed to do something. We needed to do something sooner than later. So I was like.
00:41:12 Speaker 4
Let’s let’s do this and get it done.
00:41:18 Speaker 4
And now it’s kind of.
00:41:18 Speaker 4
Like, OK, so we’ve removed some of that stress. So what what do we need to do next? What’s our what’s our next best?
00:41:28 Speaker 4
Move to.
00:41:30 Speaker 4
Yeah, stop it from happening. But also to be able to grow because we still want want to be able to grow and as much as everyone talks doom and gloom, there’s there are still people spending money, people spending.
00:41:43 Speaker 1
So that’s a wrap. I’d love to hear what insight you’ve gotten from this episode and how you’re going to put it into action.
00:41:51 Speaker 2
If you’re a social kind of person, follow me.
00:41:54 Speaker 1
At the Selena.
00:41:55 Speaker 2
Night and make sure to leave a comment and let me know and if this episode made you.
00:42:01 Speaker 2
Think a little bit.
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Differently or gave you some inspiration, or perhaps gave you the kick that you needed to take action. Then please take a couple of minutes to leave me a review.
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On your platform of choice, because the.
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Customers. I’ll see you on the next episode.



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