Retail Specific Marketing That Delivers Real Results

We deliver tailored marketing campaigns and brand strategy that authentically communicates and connects with your customers, delivers increased engagement and improved conversion, without you adding another thing to your to-do list.

After watching retail and eCommerce brand owners struggling to make their marketing efforts pay dividends the Retail Strategists was born.

Overwhelmed with all the moving parts required to run an effective campaign, frustrated with time consuming DIY solutions.  Or worst of the worst, employing a marketing agency that failed to deliver what they’d paid for.   We knew our clients deserved better.

Which is why we do things differently to the standard marketing agency.  We…

  • Take the time to get to know you and your customers so we can create effective and dynamic marketing strategies that entirely reflect your brand and attract your ideal customers (we make things sound like you said them, only better!)

  • Have a multi-disciplinary team that specialises in delivering high quality professional services specific to the retail and eCommerce industry across an broad range of platforms (no more disjointed marketing)

  • Take the time consuming job of marketing out of your wheelhouse; say goodbye to hiring contractors, searching for multiple agencies or managing information across several service providers (we let you get on the with the business of running your store)

Email Marketing Management

You know you should be sending more emails, but by the time you’ve waded through your never ending To-Do list there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.  What you really want is someone who will swoop in and take it all off your plate; working out the tech, segmenting your lists, writing your copy.  All you want to do is hit send and watch the sales flow in!

You’ve probably noticed quite a lot of hype around email marketing lately and with good reason. 

Email marketing can return up to $38 for every $1 you spend (that’s a 3,800% return on your investment).  But better still email marketing allows you to personalise your offers to suit your audience; from the day of the week they receive information from you to sending highly targeted and relevant offers.

As retail and eCommerce marketing experts we spend all day creating and managing unique, high converting email marketing campaigns, so you can get on and do other things that add value to your business.

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“I underestimated how much relief I would feel taking “write emails” off my to-do list.  Not only do I have one less thing to think about, I have one less thing to do AND my emails are actually making me money.”

  • Detailed analysis of your customer journey
  • A comprehensive strategy to ensure you’re communicating the right information to the right people
  • Thorough analysis of your brand so everything we write sounds just like you
  • Professional copy based on the content plan provide us
  • Mobile responsive email templates using your brand elements
  • List set-up and management
  • Create, optimise and review automated email flows and funnels
  • Segmentation of your list so you send the right offers to the right audience
  • Retargeting and redelivery of your campaigns
  • Full project management from a dedicated team of email marketing professionals
  • Regular reporting and reviews so you always know how your marketing is performing

All Access Pass to our Retail Academy Live event in 2021

six months from $14,994

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Email Funnel Design and Implementation

Every week you ignore your customer database is another week of lost opportunities.  Let us create and implement a series of high converting email marketing funnels for you so you can get your database working as hard as you do.

Statistics show email marketing delivers a 122% return on investment compared to social media which returns just 28%.  If you’re like most retailers you’ve spent hours focusing on social media whilst almost entirely ignoring email marketing. 

So the answer is simple.  You really can never send too many emails.

But we’re guessing you’re not sending nearly enough.

  • Design and build your highest returning email marketing funnels so you can start earning revenue on autopilot
  • Implement email marketing strategies that win back lost sales, turn lookers into buyers, drive repeat business and keep your brand front and centre of your customer’s minds
  • Take the time to understand what motivates your customers so we can create an offer and craft copy that they can’t turn away from
  • Earn you income and free up time that you can invest in other areas of your business 

“Other agencies quoted to build me an email framework but left me to write all the content and pull everything together myself.  I love that you delivered everything; strategy, offer, design, content, copy.  All I had to do was press go and watch the sales happen!”

  • Platform set-up + contact migration for 1 account
  • Comprehensive customer + brand voice analysis
  • Develop offers for each email automation or flow
  • Create brand focused pop-up for capturing email data
  • Basic list segmentation + contact tagging
  • Bespoke brand focused email template (x1)
  • 30 minute 1:1 Zoom training session
Plus design, professional copy and content creation for 3 email automations or flows;
  • Welcome automation (3 emails)
  • Abandoned cart automation (2 emails)
  • Post purchase automation (1 email)

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Shopify Website Design and Build

When it comes to eCommerce websites we know all sites are not equal.  Which is why we recommend, design and build with Shopify.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or migrating to a new and improved site, we can help you create and highly engaging, optimised online user experience for your store.

Shopify offers brick + mortar and eCommerce brands an affordable online sales platform that includes superior design and functionality.  Hundreds of built-in features, apps and plug-ins, tech support and enhanced security make selling online a breeze.

  • Get to know your brand and target customer so we can help you build a dynamic eCommerce site
  • Work with you to select the most appropriate theme for your brand & requirements
  • Work through your customer journey with you to create a superior customer experience
  • Set up full functionality including checkout, shipping, menu links and navigation so you don’t have to learn any new tech

“I was put off the idea of moving my store to Shopify, scared how much time it would take to learn the tech, upload images and product descriptions and make it look like I’d done a professional job.  You took all that off my hands.  Now I I have a beautiful, new, functioning website in time for the busy season.”

  • Store setup
  • Theme selection
  • Page setup for up to 7 pages including home, about, collection, product, product detail, blog and contact
  • Customisation of colour scheme and logo in line with your brand
  • Setup and testing of checkout processes including your preferred payment gateway
  • Integration of standard shipping app (custom shipping options are at an additional cost)
  • Placement of menu links and navigation
  • OnPage SEO optimisation
  • Optimised for mobile & tablet
  • Re-route domain prior to handover

Plus to get you up and running quicker, we also include the following services…

  • 3 products added to your site
  • 3 blogs uploaded to your site
  • Video tutorials outlining how to add products and blogs
  • Installation of product review software (software fee not included)
  • Connect email capture pop-up

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Facebook Ads Strategy and Management

Unlike other marketing agencies we  don’t just run a bunch of ads for you and hope for the best.  Our team will focus on discovering exactly where your customers are at in their buying journey and align that with what you want to achieve from your ads, in order to create the best campaign avenues for the objectives you want to reach.  You won’t be left scratching your head wondering if anything is really being done.  

Creating a strong Facebook Ads presence is not something that happens over night. 

Agreeing on a strategy, pulling together copy, images and content that effectively reaches your target audience and supports the outcomes you want to reach, can take time and repeat efforts to gain traction.

We’d rather you know this upfront than hook you in with promises of instant results, before pressuring your to re-sign month in month out.

  • 90 minute marketing strategy meeting
  • Development of FB ads strategy roadmap
  • Audience target analysis and optimisation report
  • Audience set-up
  • Installation of FB pixel on appropriate pages
  • Domain verification
  • Creation of all required graphics
  • Implementation of up to 4 Campaigns 
  • Creation of 3 ads per campaign (2 variations on each ad) for multiple audience targets
  • Creation of new campaigns based on agreed marketing strategy
  • Ongoing optimisation of ad copy and targeting
  • Ongoing review of bidding and overall campaign health
  • Daily ads management (Mon-Fri)

$10,500 up front payment or
$1,999 per month

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Brand and Customer Journey Strategy

The average retail or eCommerce brand has just a few seconds to attract and engage with their customers before they click or walk on.  Savvy retailers are communicating and connecting with their ideal customers across the whole of their business – not just in their visual branding but in the stories they tell, the passion they instil in their staff and the experiences customers get when they shop with them.

How does your brand stack up?

Building a brand (not just a business) creates a strategic direction for your business and delivers ongoing benefits including; 


 Higher return on advertising and marketing investment

> Cost savings by attracting the perfect customers

> Higher conversion rates

> Lower walk out or abandoned cart rates

> Greater continuity in visual branding

> Ease in creating email and social media content

> High visual recall across your customer base

> High customer satisfaction from improved experience

> Continuity across visual branding and messaging

> Well received price increases

> A new passion for your business

“We shared the brand archetype board and customer journey maps with our team and they were SO excited.  The ideas for how we could incorporate “adventure” just poured out.  For once it wasn’t us telling everyone what to do next! This has revolutionised our business.”

  • A comprehensive review of your brand including the 14 core brand elements of your business 
  • Completion of a detailed customer journey map so you can focus on the key decision making points for your customers
  • Competitor and marketplace review so you can see where your brand is positioned
  • Creation of a dream brand vision board so you can start to see your brand as a stand alone entity (not an extension of yourself)
  • Written report outlining the strategic direction for your brand so you can gain clarity and know which areas to focus on moving forward


  • Comprehensive brand and customer journey audit (as outlined above) 
  • Develop internal brand messaging including your vision, mission and values statements so you and your team understand your big vision and are always on the same page
  • Build a comprehensive outline of your brand positioning, including ideal audience, competitors and point of difference in the market place so you clearly communicate across all mediums what you do and how you do it
  • Creation of your dream brand characteristics including brand personality, brand avatar and brand voice so you consistently communicate in ways that resonate with your customers, address their fears and aspirations and build a brand that stands proud in the marketing place
  • Create your signature brand expression, including development of core messaging, tagline and brand story that can be used across your website, product descriptions, advertising and social media content
  • Develop and outline for your visual branding including suggestions for typography, logo, colours, images etc that can be used across your business.


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Lead Magnet Design and Implementation

Tired of giving away your hard earned profits with the same 10% discount every other eCommerce store offers?  We’ll help you create and implement an enticing Lead Magnet that has potential customers begging to pass you their email address.  Without sacrificing your bottom line.

Imagine if you walked into a brick + mortar store and the minute you were in the door the sales clerk hit you with a 10% discount. Weird right?!  Yet, that’s what we see eCommerce brands doing all the time. 

Imagine if that same sales clerk said “ah I see you’re looking at those lovely linen sheets, would you like me to tell you more about how easy they are to care for?” I’m guessing you’d think highly of that sales clerk.  And even if you walked out empty handed you’d still consider them the authority on all things linen and they’d have successfully positioned their website right under your nose.

That right there is a Lead Magnet. And we want to help you create one for your store.

“I was nervous to give up my 15% discount but customers love the lead magnet.  A week after loading it onto my site and I have almost doubled the number of sign-ups to my database”

  • A detailed customer and brand analysis so we understand exactly what makes your customers tick
  • Collaborating with you to create content highly desired by your target customer
  • Full copy and graphic design of your Lead Magnet to match your existing visual branding
  • A high quality PDF ready for hosting on your website or in an easy access Dropbox folder
  • On brand Lead Magnet opt-in pop-up + connection to the back end of your website
  • On brand opt-in thank you message


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Shopify Migration

Looking to migrate your current eCommerce store over the Shopify? 

Our team is able to help you easily and seamlessly migrate your existing site so you don’t lose data, sales or hair in the process.

Book a call with us today to discuss your requirements.


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