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Virtual Coffee With Inside Retail Editor – Jo-Anne Hui Miller

For over 20 cumulative years both Robert Rickey & Stephen Somers (co-founders of MPSH) have sold millions of dollars of simple, every day physical products globally on Amazon in multiple niches without any outside funding. In just 2 years the MPSH community has generated millions in revenue and has become the #1 place to learn how to build a sustainable, global Amazon empire.


Collaboration And The Second Hand Economy – Yasmin Grigaliunas

In 2013 Yasmin and her husband Leigh started Worlds Biggest Garage Sale. What was intended to be a one off event where they would sell dormant, unused goods, to raise money for charity, has grown over the last five years to raise more than $314k for charity benefactors and divert over3.3million kilograms of unused goods going to landfill.


How To Get Your Products Into Stores

So you want to get your amazing product into retail stores…?
In this episode I’m sharing retailers top must have’s when it comes to getting your products into the range and onto the shelves of your dream stores, whether you’re a Product Creator, Wholesalers or Distributors.
If you’re a retailer looking to expand your range or bring in new products, you’ll also gain great insight into what you should be looking for when you sign up a new brand.


How To Find (and sell) Products Your Customers Can’t Resist

Do you have loads of lookers but struggle when it comes to buyers? Are you trying to tackle your low conversion rates with more and more advertising? Does the stock on your shelves fly out the door or sit languishing for months?

In this episode I can’t wait to share how you can curate a range of products customers are itching to get their hands on. How to turn your focus to selling more of the right stuff to the right people. Insider information on calculating your opportunity costs and how to use strategies like price anchoring successfully.


How Premium Brands Can Participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday Without Ruining Their Brand – Salena Knight

Got a premium brand and wondering if that excludes you from Black Friday / Cyber Monday? With over 86% of US and UK retailers taking part in the largest sales events of the year and retailers realising an average 500% increase in traffic to their store – you’d be well placed to considering enticing customers to your store.

When it comes to premium brands, most retailers don’t want to be seen to be cheapening their brand by giving discounts – and fair enough too. In this episode I share with you how you can create promotional opportunities that cashes in AND stays true to your branding guidelines.


Cashing in on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Make 2019 the year you don’t leave your Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales campaign to guess work. In this episode I dive into my top tips for ensuring you run a well planned and profitable promotion in the lead up to the busiest time of the retail year.

Plus give you access to my free Black Friday / Cyber Monday download.


How suppliers & retailers can build mutually profitable relationships

The landscape of retail is changing, providing unique opportunities for retailers and brands to come together and create exciting partnerships. In this discussion we explore how Retailers and Suppliers Can Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships. Including;

– The biggest obstacles in retailer / supplier relationships
– How to extend your partnership beyond the transactional
– Store design
– Customer attraction and engagement
– Working together to weather an economic downturn


The Dark Secret Haunting Retail & Ecommerce Store Owners – Salena Knight

Starting a retail or e-commerce business often unleashes a whole raft of secrets you wish you knew before you went into business. None seems to hit quite as hard as discovering working for yourself can be a very isolating and lonely experience.

As humans we’re hard wired to connect with other people – even if we actually really like our own company. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Today I’m throwing some light on one of the dark secrets haunting retailers and getting serious about how you can find business and personal connections that will help you thrive and prosper as an independent retailer.

Brand Archetypes

Using Brand Archetypes to Stand Out & Sell – Brooke Lawson

If you’ve ever worked with me 1:1 you’ll know I love Brand Archetyping AND I love Brooke Lawson!! Which is why I’m super excited to have her on the show with me this week.

Former graphic designer turned branding expert Brooke is now director of Filament Branding, where she helps entrepreneurs not only discover their unique voice but helps them use it to attract customers to their business.


How To Cash In On The Billion Dollar Wedding Industry – Meghan Ely

Have you ever considered pitching your brand at the billion dollar wedding industry? Join me as I chat to wedding and events PR expert Meghan Ely.

With more than a decade in the bridal industry Meghan opens up about what makes brides tick, what makes them buy and how you can get a piece of the action. Listen in to catch Meghans inside tips on packaging your products and promoting your brand, even if you’re not selling a front line wedding product.