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This Is Why You’re Not Hitting Your Revenue Targets

You probably believe the answer lies in simply increasing your social media traction or aiming for a bigger marketing budget – after all, that’s what all the big guys are doing. In this episode I’m sharing why neither of those strategies are a magic fix and what will actually help you hit your revenue goals.

Tune in to discover more about busting out of poor shopkeeper mode and what actions you need to take to really boost your sales.


This Could Be The Reason You Won’t Hit Your Goals This Year

Are you tired of downloading resources or cheatsheets, joining webinars and masterclasses, listening to podcasts or investing in courses that seem to deliver unbelievable results for everyone else but achieve nothing for you…?

In this episode, I’m sharing the secret of making anything you invest in pay dividends. Seriously. You don’t need to be smarter, or richer or more committed. You just need to do this one, single thing. Join me to find out what it is!


How Emma and Sam sold $14,000 in old stock in 7 days

In this episode, we’re going to spill the beans on exactly what Emma and Sam did to move thousands of dollars worth of stock that was choking their cash flow and stopping them from investing in products that their customers actually wanted. And how we tackled their concerns around cheapening their high-end products or turning off their dream customers with substandard products.


How Much Should I Be Paying Myself

Feel like you’re a slave to your business? Work hundreds of hours but pay yourself for only a fraction of them? In this episode I’m exploring when and how to start drawing a wage from your business and sharing strategies to ensure you earn an income AND stay solvent, even if you haven’t kicked all your financial goals.


Is This Sabotaging Your Success? – Salena Knight

On the latest episode of the Bringing Business To Retail Podcast I ask the question: “Are you measuring the wrong things in your business?
Are you sabotaging your business growth, by focusing on the wrong things? Are you putting in the EFFORT and not seeing the RESULTS you want?


Sell Your Business and Exit Rich – Michelle Seiler Tucker

Michelle Seiler Tucker, considered the Top Closer in the US and author of Exit Rich, is my guest on Bringing Business To Retail this week.

Starting her career in Sales and Development Michelle soon realized she was closing more deals than any of her colleagues. Ready for bigger challenges she set up a consultancy, partnering with business owners to help build scalable, saleable private companies and broker business sales


The Simplest Way To Make More Money

In this week’s episode of Bringing Business To Retail, I’m exploring why it’s so important to stay in control of your money pillar and how to bring more money into your business with a handful of easy to implement changes.


Lost Your Motiviation? Me too

On this week’s episode I’m sharing how to bust off that damn hamster wheel of hope and give your mojo a kick in the pants. Here’s the hot tip – you’re going to have to put that 5-year plan right to the back of your desk draw. Do you think you can do it…?