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Customers & Cashflow – Summer Series With Tracy Harris

DISCOVER HOW TO BUILD THE RETAIL STORE YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF “our most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” LISTEN NOW WHAT IS THE EPISODE ABOUT Join me today in this Summer Series as I get interviewed by Tracy Harris from Mums With Hustle and we talk all about customers and cashflow, including How to retain current customers How to acquire new customers through effective marketing Key strategies to unlock cash flow How to maximise Christmas sales Make sure to check out Tracy’s awesome podcast Mums With Hustle and head over to her website if you want great advice on social media strategies (particularly instagram). Merry ChristmasSal LINKS & RESOURCES Mums With Hustle Podcast Bio It was 2015 and I was on maternity leave after 10 years of working as an executive teacher. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go back to work – I’ve always been a teacher at heart. There’s something about watching a child unlock their inherent potential that made me feel something within the realms of magic. In my role as a teacher and in education leadership I consistently found my happy place working collaboratively to help people uncover more about themselves. Teaching is


Avoiding Customer Fallout In The Holiday Rush – Rob Hango-Zada

In this episode I’m joined by Rob Hango-Zada, co-founder and co-CEO of Australian order fulfilment company Shippit. Providing shipping and order fulfilment services for some of Australia’s biggest retail names including; Sephora, Kathmandu, CottonOn and Temple & Webster, Shipit has build a brand where innovation and customer experience are at their core.

Join me to get the inside story on how Shipit succeeded where so many have failed. Discover if the journey from start up to superstar was all smooth sailing and share an honest story about risk, friendship, sacrifice, self-awareness and the lessons Rob learned along the way.

store performance

Are You Geo-Blaming Your Stores Performance?

In this episode I’ll walk you through the fundamentals of running a successful business in a country town or regional centre.

We’ll chat all things financial planning, why the whole town isn’t your ideal customer, why embracing change isn’t optional, how to get out of towners into your store (even if you’re not a tourist destination) and how to grow through collaboration.


5 Ways To Get Customers Without Spending A Cent – Salena Knight

In this episode I’m going to let you in on my 5 most popular strategies for getting new customers into your store, without spending a cent. And not just any old “give me your stuff and see ya’ later” customers. We’re talking the kind of customers that stick around for the long haul, love your brand and sing your praises from the roof tops!


6 Key Areas To Maximize To Bring In Customers – James Cook

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin 6 Key Areas To Maximize To Bring In Customers JAMES COOK WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? James Cook Bio James serves as the Americas Director of Retail Research at JLL, based out of Indianapolis, IN. He oversees the production of national retail research and also serves as the voice of retail research in the region. He speaks regularly at events, with clients and the media about how retail real estate will change with tomorrow’s economy. His focus includes the development and implementation of research strategy, methodology, platform deliverables and broad sector analyses for the retail property markets in the United States, Mexico and Canada. He creates industry-leading research and thought leadership for both owners and occupiers of retail developments. Additionally, James sits on JLL’s Research Leadership Council, which focuses on the team’s strategic vision, team management and development of best practice standards and collaboration across the global research platform and brand. LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS LISTEN ON SPOTIFY I THINK YOU’LL LOVE… WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT? Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Share on pinterest Pinterest


Angry Customer to High Paying Client – Mastering Positive Conflict – Nate Regier

Today’s guest is Nate. He’s a former practicing psychologist. He’s got a doctorate in clinical psychologist in Social, emotional intelligence and leadership, positive conflict. And that’s something that my head was really thinking about. Leadership, mind, body, spirit, health, neuro psychology, just to name a few. This guy is the business when it comes to all stuff brain related. And today we are going to be talking about conflict and customer service and a whole bunch of other stuff.


5 Ways To Be Everywhere At Once

You know the feeling, you’re dashing off to your store, your mobile phone is ringing, your partner/child/ or employee is asking you a question, all the while, you’re thinking about orders that need to go out, stock that needs to go onto the shop floor, bills that need to be paid and heck, did you even have breakfast. How often, do you experience that feeling of being pulled in every direction. You feel like you’re dropping the ball, and as you bend down to pick it up, you see that there are a dozen other balls on the ground that you need to pick up as well. You can’t be everywhere at once, but here are 5 strategies you can use, to make it seem like you are. Create an FAQ resource.Whether it’s on your website for customers to read, or in your store as a first point of reference for your staff, having an FAQ page, and teaching people to look their first, can majorly reduce the number of requests that you have to deal with.When it comes to your website, have a big button, or list all of your FAQ’s, BEFORE the customer gets the information on how