Babyproofing Your Business



Arianna Taboada


You might be surprised to learn that my entrance into maternity leave planning and coaching did NOT begin with my own arrival at motherhood.

I had a decade of experience as a maternal health professional, but when I set out to plan my maternity leave as a self-employed consultant, I found…a whole lot of nothing.

I found some blog posts of what other women did and what worked for their business.

I read about what entrepreneurs in billion dollar companies did for their leave (oh hey Marisa Mayer!)

I came across dozens of generic “guides” that included sage wisdom like “plan ahead” without delving into much more.

I did not find any clues about how to develop a process. No system for figuring out what would work for me and my business.

I wondered if I would simply have to experiment…and that made me really nervous.

In fact, during pregnancy and postpartum, every day can feel like a science experiment of how much work you will be able to do and how much progress you will be able to make. Perhaps you have found yourself nervously wondering

Why juggling pregnancy + business + life is turning out to be much harder than anticipated…and the baby isn’t even here yet!
How you’ll let go of some of that perfectionism and the never-ending to-do list and still have time for yourself once the baby actually arrives…
What your day-to-day schedule will look like during the “4th trimester” including self-care and transitioning back to work when you are ready…
How to garner more support that you are getting from your prenatal visits, unsolicited “advice” from well intentioned friends + family, and Dr. Google…
When you are used to taking care of business + life with ease, growing and caring for a tiny human can feel like it’s seriously throwing you off your usual game…it sure did for me!

But let me reassure you that you are in the right place.

In case no one’s been honest with you so far (but I really hope they have!) the transition to motherhood is inevitably messy.

I personally find myself continuously wondering what the next day (or hour—or minute) will bring. I know I’m not the only one.

Navigating the unknowns of this period of life is not easy, but you don’t have to go at it alone.

In fact, my job is to stick right by your side and provide guidance as you build the supportive network you need to thrive during pregnancy and postpartum.



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