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“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me"



  • Sherrie turn her store into a multi-million business but hear some of the obstacles that she face every single day? [14:47]
  • Listen to some of the revelations that Sherrie has this year because she has got a really big year. [20:46]
  • Learn from the example - shipping, should it be free? [29:45]
  • Even independent business owner can be so lonely, so how do you combat that, how do you combat being in the school and working by yourself a lot of the time? [35:55]
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Salena: Hey, there and welcome to this week's episode of the bringing business to retail podcast, now I know that you often listen to the people on this podcast and you think man they seem so much further along than I am, well today I have Sherrie from lime lifestyle on and she is going to share with you exactly what she goes through in her business journey every single day. So, welcome to the show Sherrie.

Sherrie Micallef: Hi everyone.

Salena: So, tell us a little bit about lime lifestyle?

Sherrie Micallef: Okay, so we're a retail store bricks-and-mortar and also online at C four in Sydney, we do furniture lifestyle products gif they call all of that kind of stuff yeah and we'd be going for about five years now.

Salena: Okay and this is not your first foray into business isn't it.

Sherrie Micallef: No, I have yeah building backgrounds, so completely different so the other one was very structured and very methodical and dealing with a lot of men it was very male oriented especially when I started maybe a little bit older than but yes yeah so it was three years doing that and yes, so my lifestyle is very different it's just a lot prettier the people that come into the store does there's generally there because they want to be there in the previous business we were repairing people's units and they'll eat something food we won't really want to it was like it had to be done and we were noisy and dirty and dusty so that's it's a nice change.

Salena: Expect the people who come into the shop probably smell much better than the last

Salena: Okay, so you have to kind of your own horn here because you grew that business into a multi-million dollar business didn't you?

Sherrie Micallef:Yes from not knowing anything about building, so we started just really simple doing very small maintenance job and it took a few years like of us like working after our words like I would do all the paperwork and my partner Mike would be out in a field all day putting up notice for windows and things like that and it just kept growing and we kept saying yes to jobs very much I never say, no I just say yes, I can do it and I think I still do that today I you know for customer comes in I try I still looking for something and I don't have it, it was I'll see if I can find it.

Salena: We'll have to come back to that because I want to quiz you more on that but first up what is the difference between like going from a building background into home where's like at what point did you decide that you'd had enough with the structure and the organization and the multi-million dollar turnover and it was time to do something a little bit different white homewares grab you?

Sherrie Micallef: Even though we did do a couple of jobs for ourselves, so we built or renovated their own places and so, I always liked that side of the business of the making a place look pretty making a home look nice you know that I'm also a magazine junkie when it comes to home raised magazines and I literally have to force myself just throw them away I get piles of them and at some point I have to go why am I keeping these and then I flicks through them as I'm trying to try them away and my father's keep something I've enjoyed and I guess I'm raised in particular because that that side of being house proud and having a nice not coming home differently nice or something that I've created so and it wasn't it I didn't like go out and go okay I'm gonna try and find the home with place a home I shop or that's what I'm gonna open it just so happen that particular business though the wards was it was there and it was right place right time and then it's when if I'm looking into it, but I realized it was kind of a good fit for me although retail we've been very different everything comes with its own challenges, but it's been fun and I actually enjoy it I enjoy, I love it when a catalogue comes in so it sort of fits in with my magazine don't eat anything, so their catalogue will come in and they like and pour over all the beautiful new product for the you know yeah.

Salena: So, tell us some of the obstacles that you face every single day?

Sherrie Micallef: I guess the main one is marketing or you know getting in touch with my locals and the people who can come into the store and knowing where we are even though we're using main road, it's still the amendment not everybody drives down that road sort of thing especially if you're local you might go to back streets and the rest of the parts of the business they sort of all fall in part in place when I plan or have plans for it, so you know it's like you know knowing you know keeping up with your social media or keeping up with using blog posts let people know or just use what it's called who let you have to still know about what you're doing that you're still around they're keeping and keep your contact and be touching the customers that have already been in the store or being on that online yeah and sometimes I guess when it quiet you can lose a bit of motivation. So, keeping that motivation even in the quiet time and knowing that you're still doing a good job it's just because it's quiet time doesn't mean that anything you've done is not right it just a cycle in the year or the process of or business associate cycles and it doesn't did not just retails even when we're in the building industry we've definitely had different at the file called hood in the industry and remembering that

Salena: It is easy to sort of forget sometimes that we do have the peaks and troughs and I heard retailers say in the past oh we're down thirty percent on last month, but the question I then ask them is how far are you down on the same time last year because you are seasonal?

Sherrie Micallef: Yes and that's one thing from my previous experience of me we're very speakers based, so for me I keep record of what we did last year in every single month last year and then the previous year and I can compare it to. So, I can see I look at the overall weather I'm down for the overall year and then it's focusing on okay where did what's working what's not working and you know trying to pick up the things that are working and run with it a little bit and you know sort of you know where you have something that's working and then 'wait making sure it keeps working because sometimes something can only work for a short time because again it's that seasonal thing, but that's being a journey for me to learn as well on the way you know I made a lot of the classic mistakes when you first go into retail move over you get their catalog like I say and you just want everything in there and you do and you go okay I have that and then you don't realize until all the goods are can you get something getting all these order being and you just like okay and then all the bills start coming with it in your new acts oh okay now we're going to especially when you first start like your credit history is not there with these companies. So, you're paying a lot of things there a day or fourteen days getting certain day credit which I was to and yeah not realizing the impact that would have and it doesn't impact you've necessarily straight away, but it might impact you in three to six months time because you've seen or next catalog throughout I have to buy again was that it's not so much of a challenge now. But it was definitely a challenge it became a challenge when I realize what I've been doing you've the products yeah

Salena: So you're certainly not the only person who does this is so easy to fall into that trap of feeling also feeling like you have to consistently put new product into the store like every single week and what people don't realize is that's a very costly habit.

Sherrie Micallef: It is and you as much as I love my reps and agents that's their job to sell to you and you have to when they're saying to you you've got to have this you know we're not we're gonna run out Doc's not gonna beat it everyone loves this product and what you have to remembering is something I have to keep reminding myself is that I'm not going to miss out on something that next week next month in the next two months they've got to be something else and it's going to be really good and I'm going to want it, it's a never-ending cycle and they do I do I guess I don't like it, but I do pray a little bit when you first get into the and if their job _ if you can't _ if that's what they're there to do they are there to fill their product and they will do that and it's like you know you can't so you know be upset with them it's up to it's up to me to baby there's the big girl and go she don't need that and that's very hard to do with her yeah.

Salena: And you do.

Sherrie Micallef: Yes, you get there eventually unless you've got someone to tell you beforehand yeah.

Salena: So, tell us about some of the revelations that you've had this year because you've got a really big year.

Sherrie Micallef: Yes, for the revelations this year, I guess some the I've been listening to your podcast for a while that's my secret uh-huh and I guess the one the Facebook marketing that's been, so I've been doing Facebook marketing and it's not been working and you know I hear people it can always go to Facebook marketing okay well I will do, but it hasn't worked and not knowing that when I did the scariest or if you're giving all of those step-by-step instructions and then clicking on it and letting it go and then within a couple of days actually seeing sale come through and that has been the first time I've ever done a Facebook ad where it's actually worked and I've done a couple more since then and I've realized that I forgot to save the audience from the first one, so that I could go in and click that audience so there's just a little thing get to know and so, I've done I've actually did a Facebook ad this morning and I'm going back to that original one and I said okay what have I not done amazing it Cal cool and there were certain audiences that I hadn't show them. So, I went through and I made sure I clicked all of those and I'm actually studying haven't had any sale yet, but I'm actually seeing with old quick trees too very quickly whereas sometimes my ad will sit there for a while and I won't seem results for this once anything up since this morning. I'm already seeing that they said likes and shares and click throughs and that's like the beginning of you know that means only it hasn't been twenty-four hours yet and I know one of your other podcasts. So, you go away too few days and that's really that's minute so you needs a revelation you just think you can put an ad out there you're going to get results right away yeah and especially Facebook Christians think that it's so you know it's there and people are on there but you also going to realize that people have to get to know you and that's the whole idea of doing a good continuous campaign will it get customers to know you just you know things like that and also keeping up with keeping up with being in contact with my customers you know she thinks when they come here and you're doing that but yet you're kind of yeah so you need to be you need to be doing it you need to be touching them at home as well I guess or talking to them at home like you do in the shop, but through another you know through some years letters and you know maybe then my favorite customers could you turn where I've moved to and I think the marketing side of it's been my biggest revelation and I guess in them and moving to the new location it's just how different I've only moved for

Salena: Two kilometers not very far?

Sherrie Micallef: My customers are very different in the two different locations and just in this season say my children's clothes line you know that I had so there's a lot of baby fiber that or up to size five where I am now they want five of six and arts to about yeah and that's what the month have been asking for and I just tested out we're just getting some PJs and sure enough my biggest size of the fold, but the smaller size I haven't even though they're a lot of month around that have small children.

Salena: Yeah and your shop is actually physically across the road from the primary school.

Sherrie Micallef: So, and there's lots of and the families on the northern beaches they tend to have nice large families. So, one thing I noticed when we moved over here that lots of people have four kids that's not uncommon, so you can have a variety of ages it just sort of tells me that there's something missing in the market where we are for that age group, so probably enough shop in our area that sell baby star or but then there's not really anyone that's doing that you know I say seven to ten or six to ten-year-old and that’s what my customer has being looking for.

Salena: So, let me just take you quickly back to the Facebook ads because you can't accost over the fact that you had quite a bit of success, I'm distinctly scary you're still group that said something like I've just done three and a half thousand dollars’ worth of sales for around of hundred thousand dollars, sorry I can't talk aren't you busy packing orders.

Sherrie Micallef: I know that's extreme what it did show me, but if you do follow a set of criteria, I guess it does work and I have been a little bit okay, I have gone on to my competitive Facebook pages and I've got into the info an ad.

Salena: 16:54 Which is brand new that's just gradually there's a couple of

Sherrie Micallef: Fantastic, I think it's a great little tool for everybody and nobody was running ad none of my local competitors are running ad, the closest one actually they never think they were I think they had a couple those shopping I'm not gonna name them a gorgeous shot and I think they might see running one or two, but pretty much no to me what that third is that it gives me an opportunity to be like the customers to win with the Facebook ad any that dude a buy online and pick up in store. I asked them where they saw where they how they found out about and they also Facebook. So, it is reaching the local customers there was a local product um yeah, so if that just so there's me that if I just keep putting my name up there in front of him until I say turn that I want to see my ad then I've got answers getting them to come and have a look

Salena: I think what you've just uncovered there is it just goes to show how much your mindset has changed in the last few months because now you're actually saying what can I leverage from my competition and the fact that they're not running ads means all there's clearly a market there for me to be in front of those customers because they're not doing it and what that also means is your ads are going to be cheaper because the sale is not more people trying to vie for their attention. So, Facebook runs on an auction process and the more people who want your customers the higher the price, so if your competition isn’t running ads it just means it's gonna be cheaper for you.

Sherrie Micallef: Actually you're right because when I first started I don't really look at the other shots as competition pa-say even though I know technically they are because I do send customers to my competition because I want to keep customers local I don't want them going up the road to the mall I want them to come into my shop go up to seaside and low and wharfing and do the round.

Sherrie Micallef: Yes, it's like in that I will take what I can and you know exactly said leverage it, but on the same token I just want them to come to me first and then if I don't have a good likelihood is that I'll have what they're looking for.

Salena: You wouldn't need a go-to person?

Sherrie Micallef: Yes

Salena: No that is perfect in fact, we talked about that don't we've quite a lot in store we've talked a lot about your physical shop front, what have you changed with your online store and with my game that you've made what results have you seen?

Sherrie Micallef: Okay, so I added shipping, so I was doing free shipping because a lot of my products yeah, a lot of my products are more values. So, I thought to get to edify them I need to not charge for shipping and just wear that cause.

Salena: What happened as a result of that?

Sherrie Micallef: So, it funny yesterday are we thinking I haven't had any so normally on the weekends, I guess though that's the biggest day for me from our online and when I get them through the week it quite nice added bonus and I get all excited about it something is working in I've got extra sale. So, and then left this morning I woke up to sales and I'm like okay and was based on what we talked about what is the water people spend and just making it bursting in a little bit to try and get them to buy something or spend a little bit more to get the free shipping, but I'm finding that customers they just want their product and they will just buy that and then add the shipping on yeah.

Salena: And the problem with free shipping is that's pure profit that you're losing out on so if you're paying ten dollars in shipping you have to sell twenty dollar with a fifty percent margin somewhere else just to cover the cost so that's a lot of cash that it makes me creamy eyes the whole free shipping if you haven't got great margins.

Sherrie Micallef: Yes and I did raise I think Lindy put something in the group about online and I actually split on that article and there was some really good information in that of that the you know customers aren't necessarily looking for the free shipping, but basically a shipping calculator or a fee for the flight shipping fee because that's what they want to know happy tonight oh I was already doing part of that yeah that's been good, if I'm not losing money on my shipping anymore.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah and then it was funny because yesterday, fine to show me, but I don't like is always almost going to go look how maybe I'll do a free shipping promotion just to see if it's that sorry I need a little sign and it came through overnight okay this is no free shipping promotion.

Salena:Yes and I think here in Australia especially we haven't gotten used to that because Amazon's only brand new and we still haven't got the full range of Amazon products and let's be honest Amazon's the one who killed the whole shipping industry. So, yeah where that cost or the supplier where's that cost because when you buy with Amazon Prime you get your free shipping, but I think here in Australia we're so new to that concept that it's a bonus when you get it but we're so used to paying it that it's kind of a given you did it's just accepted.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah and look I did feel a bit of snooping around without it and nobody's really offering free there's a few people that might offer free shipping and I think that's probably because giving myself I was looking to a podcast previously, but it was an us-based podcast because it's not there's not a lot on offer when it comes to retail in Australia, so which is kind of bad because we it sort of it just sort of said to me that you know people they've stopped happening and it's a you really need to look at retail me need some help and it would be really nice if you know we actually got some of that and you think about like where a lot of us are small businesses and we're part of that big seeing of small businesses that are the backbone of jobs and employment and you know if I'm slow it means my wholesaler flow it means that they're you know their reps are slow you know yeah it's not just one little shop it's the whole community of people and you know we're often employing people that in the area you know got you know one of my employees is a mom that goes to the school you know, so to not have people not to know about you it's kind of like I tell everybody it's like if you're in retail just listen to Philemon podcast if you're not gonna do anything else just listen to the podcast because it's about retail it's about retail in Australia she knows she'd be mad she's done that she understands that you're not listening to someone from America to you about you know with more business in America and they're what they're talking over. So, I can million dollars or something right and that's like I remember if something phenomenal it's a small business you know with the cost of micro businesses yet we're really actually in businesses in Australia to me that I feel passionate about that kind of thing

Salena: You keep the economy going?

Sherrie Micallef: Yes yeah and with what's all communities and the guys who drive the career trucks you know I often us and so how you know how you're going is it busy or and benefit I don't know, so tell me because they have with you know less deliveries to do and it is it's all a knock on, so you know if we can I'm also trying to work it. So, there it can be a happy medium so that we don't see those police lines going on.

Salena: So you just want to touch on something there that you said about being an independent business owner because we don't say small we say independent.

Sherrie Micallef: independent.

Salena: Even independent business owner can be so lonely, so how do you combat that, how do you combat being in the school and working by yourself a lot of the time?

Sherrie Micallef: Okay, so that's really hard for moving from fair light and feel like there are two other shops next three one and we used to chat we have to get out really coffee or a go into Hanson's that we're next door and we'd have a beaker you know let's chat and look outside to make sure your customers run around, but you know somebody came into my shop and buy further and I struggle with that in the new location I didn't have that wonderful businesses near me, but again there's a pool shot, so they're all guys and in and out all day and the coffee shops ones and they feel kind of can't really you know my shots too far away to enjoy the bustle of that so that was when I actually recently came up with the idea of doing a workshop and I thought well during the day if I've got quiet periods it's really nice to have people in the shop and that was when I approached Rachel one of our artists to come in and do a watercolor workshop and the first one rent is really well after we drink small, but it was really nice of having the ladies in the shop and even I wasn't participating and that I still doing my thing in serving customers it was just nice having that community of women just sitting there chatting about all sorts of things and enjoying a day or a couple hours of painting. So, for me it's actually something I want to do more of just to have… I guess just to have those extra people I do chapter customers I call my house I got myself my husband owes me a retail therapist. So, I'm able be a hairdresser could you do you get customers that come in and they just they talk to you about that's going on.

When you can talk to them about business can you, you can't say you know I'm having a really crappy day or things going on.

Sherrie Micallef: What that part yeah, it's, but it's always been like that even with every other shop like if money we're being we used to chat, but again we would always be talking about the things that weren't working and neither written you how to fix them so that.

Salena: Basically.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah and it's a bit hard after a little while because you think we're not getting anywhere and I'm a very much a doer, so you give me say you know like the warehouse they oh I just want to get in and do it and I'd be having it if we can if I could physically do it, but I can so.

Salena: And you wouldn't be ready to do it this weekend?

Sherrie Micallef: No, I wouldn't be, but that's like if I have a problem I want a solution and there is literally unless you've got a business partner and hasn't been you end up like I can talk to my husband about things, but there's only so much we can do together because like we've when we do the group sessions with you Oh myself I'll say something and you go but have you sort of beer or have you thought of that and there is something that I love on the little bit addicted to it because it likes I can go into the group and have you know just say I don't even have to give you questions, but if they would have been doing and your prompt and I'll go no or yes or you know what we do with the other ladies as well in the group and it's that part of it that sort of excites me now.

Salena: Yeah, well you're just saying that one of the one of the girls posted in the scariest or group about the free shipping and even just having that little interaction even though it wasn't directed at you it was enough for you to actually rethink your strategy or contemplate what you've been doing and decide whether that was the best avenue to take and I think too often when it comes to Facebook groups we let ourselves be sucked into these really negative Facebook groups where everybody's whining about how bad everything is and then like I'd do it myself and I go in there and I come out and I go hold on, but you just made three and a half thousand dollars in a weekend and you just did seventeen hundred dollars in and in two hours and so it's out there if you kind of hang around with the right people.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah and there's their thumb that just about there's another one that I ended up I'm just turning their poster for a little while because it's too positive anyone not do well because like sometimes you need it _ sometimes you do need that I might not do well but I want to have a problem so you can go okay I'm not the only one no problem you know or great what's the solution you know can but what tends to happen in those it's circumstances. I'm sorry those circumstances that there's no one with an answer or there's no one like the groups led by somebody, but they're not sort of helping.

Salena: I can hear you a little one knocking at the door.

Salena: So, you're in these groups?

Sherrie Micallef:  Yes

Salena: That's okay we're just keeping it real here guys, so you're in these groups and they're being led by somebody but nobody has the answer?

Sherrie Micallef: Well yes, well they're not offering some logical help they've literally going I have you googled it sort of thing or if you're done and it says to me that's not at the end so and what they do is I grab a lot to cut people like myself that you know we join the group because we're sort of seeking some answers or some help in knowing everything for just little things here and there, but you're not getting that you're just getting you know I don't want to press I don't join the groups to promote my business what I wanted it but there's no people aren't going to be intuitive those people aren't going to be interested because they're all they're there for it to promote themselves.

Salena: Yes.

Sherrie Micallef:  So, they're only there for one, so they're not really like if you look at who's looking at the post or who's liking it or you know that kind of thing that said there's no one you know there might be one or two people even though there's like a thousand people in the group there might be one or two people but like it so they're not really engaging.

Salena: They're not your people?

Sherrie Micallef:  No, yeah so, you know try and try a few others, but it's just it's also time things you don't want to be spending all day in Facebook groups.

Salena: Tell us what you think the biggest change, the biggest most positive change you've made in your business has been this year?

Sherrie Micallef:  Oh that's a really hard one because there's probably like the things that we talked about before a being yeah, I haven't done a lot of change, I've done a lot of the same thing so.

Salena: It's just better.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah and it's and also just that not feeling compelled to buy products that's been a huge change, so whereas now I will hold off and it that's you know you like I said you get all these beautiful catalog just holding off and not buying something just for the sake of it unless it's like unless it's sort of something I think I absolutely got to have it but even then I will wait and having a bit more patience and also just being positive within myself about what I'm doing is you know as a business person and knowing that I can and that if somebody want to trudged along and you don't yes I guess you're on behind the counter, but I'm not I'm not running my business, so I guess that's probably a big change that I've had probably not so much in the last year but in the last few months from you know it really a lot of changes happen since to scale your store in one line fit.

Salena: Yes.

Sherrie Micallef:  Yeah look I've been this like I said been listening to the podcast, but doing that I guess what you touched on before about not having anyone to talk to you become sort of accountable even though like if you feel like you're accountable, so you've got that when you you're doing the parts of the module you so feel like yeah and it keeps you going it keeps you or manager and going and you want to keep want to kick for me I wanted to keep doing that I want to make sure I kept my momentum I didn't lose Steph and keep striving to grow rather than just they said it'll go backwards. I really do want my business to grow I do want it to be and that that mindset has changed because probably six months three to six months ago I was going I don't know if I can do I think I might have to close and it's not I don't think deep down it's not really what I wanted to do your arm he could obviously I would have done anything that would I just knew that I wanted to_ I want that our lives are business I like doing what I do and don't want to cry that I want it to grow, I want it to be everything I can.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah and that's really important to me and it's something even really absolutely important to me.

Salena: I have to say I did see that mindset shift in the group just in that first week the profit health check week not that I knew you well beforehand but once you were really clear on the money it was like right this is what I have to do in order to grow this is just like the first step and you saying that I don't have to buy everything all the time that is just a distinct shift between where you started as the shopkeeper to now being the CEO of your business you're like right do I need this where does

Sherrie Micallef: Comment it was also a comment that you made we said when you about to spend money it's something I remember the exact words, but like many are about to advise not spend money work out how it's how are you gonna profit from it, there's something along those lines and that actually makes me stop every single time now, so every time I go to do something I go okay say it's a product so those some cushions that I'd had on order and I could have just said noted them and I'm like okay I'll do, are these something that I know it will sell or am I just sliding them because I just liked them which can be everything or in the same with you know when I'm promoting the business you know I see this come across my desk get I'm just like okay well they want hundred and fifty dollar way to do that is that if they're going to be worth it and more than likely not so like well I don't need to spend hundred and fifty dollars on whatever that is.

Salena: Yeah.

Sherrie Micallef: 38:31 Yeah, so it's really and I do and even actually I'm taking a little step further even done it with you know how I'm like you know it's we really need that do really you know those so we already have one of these that you know it's that whole thing have you do you get into that trap even in your home life just buying because it's just so easy.

Salena: Like how many packets of rice to one have because I don't remember if I've got rice or not so I just buy another packet of rice.

Sherrie Micallef:  Exactly, so it's a fell rule now it's like if one of us is home and we got it I can use if we have to take the ring do we have this at home or how many eggs do we have left in the egg carton or buy another packet of it yeah, but it makes sense, it means that you're actually becoming in control of your money rather than it it's not been literally not being in control because what ends up happening is you get to the end of the month and you go oh I forgot I've got to pay my phone bill I've got to pay my rent.

Salena: Tax bill.

Sherrie Micallef: 39:34  yeah you know all of that stuff and I guess actually understanding that it's okay to be in control of your funds and tonight because I think we have a bit of a culture of not talking about money.

Salena: Yes, for sure.

Sherrie Micallef: Yeah so it's good in these groups because not to say that we talked about you know that you know anyone have to talk about exact financial but actually talking about the fact that that you've got to look at your figures you've got to go okay where's my money going, do I really need to be spending it on this should I be doing this should I be doing _ it just means that you are a bit more control of your actual business to that's really what it comes down to.

Salena: Okay, so where do from here what are the next steps for Sheree at my lifestyle.

Sherrie Micallef: Um, get a handle on the Facebook Ads so that they're that I'm doing a continuous OD can you give me a few minutes please sweetheart yeah you can you go downstairs please I'll give you a hug in a second I promise okay my capably big on hugs in our family. So, it's okay and I wants them to be like that I want this to always be like that.

Salena: This isbusiness right yes you might have to do with interruptions during a podcast, but it is they it's the whole reason you run the businesses so you can be there hug.

Sherrie Micallef: That's right exactly yes so they're obviously not used you don't realize that you also don't realize until you're trying to do something that how much they miss that and you really need to be present in both so for me even with the business I don't have my business emails coming through on my phone because when the weekend I don't have to worry about business stuff on weekends unless it's super important and it's never that important it's never anything that urgent. I'm no one's dying in my business yeah and I make a point of that and I don't sit on my unless I've got something like I like an ad that I really want to get out and even then I will work it out and so that it's not impinge on what I'm supposed to be like doing with my kids if I promise the tables or the skate parks or something like that that's something really important to me could you only get one chance with them and they grow so quickly. So.

Salena: I was asking you were to from here but I was also gonna ask you can you give us like one piece of advice to leave the listeners with, but I think you just gave us that one piece of advice, so I'm gonna say that was the answer to the question the fact that you say be present that you know to understand that this is the reason you do it for but we'll just finish up with where to from here?

Sherrie Micallef: Where to from here for these, but I guess for me bringing more customers into my store at Fair light is a number one priority a second is boosting my mental _ by boosting people coming to the online store and beyond they're like I've got you know the workshop being is something that I want to explore more because it seems to me that there's a the market there for it in my particular area and that's a start that's she the next six to twelve months in six months I think that that's probably enough for me for six months and then beyond that because there's other things I'd like to add to the business that I know that customers are asking for so, I'd like to be able to say yes I can do that you know and here it is the next phase and if I decide to do something like with the workshop I want it I'll just focus on it and do it and everything seems to me positive I'm getting a lot of you know we've got a warehouse, but I've had now another person ask about doing workshops out of the warehouse and they're pretty excited about sort of the opportunity to have a place to do it first um, it wasn't necessarily where I was originally going to focus, but I think it's um I think it's really and I love that I like that something can come along and I can go oh actually that suits me in that suits my business it works well together yeah growing my business I just give my number one priority over the next six nine and yes and making it a stable at Staples both of those things yeah.

Salena: A stable staple.

Sherrie Micallef: Yes, it's a staple for my customers and it has to be stable for me.

Salena: Yes, I know with all the action that you are already taking that is almost a given you are already on that trajectory, so congratulations.

Sherrie Micallef: Thank you and if you look a lot of it to do with your help and I like I said I don't know how I stumbled across you but I did and I'm so glad I did because I have tried a few things before I've done some online courses before I've done all of that and I've never found anyone that actually helps you with the answers that you want like the questions that you have and that's really important. So, if you spend your money doing this thing if you want the results and I the one thing you do give is the results and I'm not just doing

Sherrie Micallef: Actually I think that's really important a lot of times people are really scared and I was too I can say that I like I said I've been listening to a podcast for quite a while and I go onto your website and I look at everything and it took me along a while to you know and it was when you were doing some of the live stuff on your Facebook and I was watching that and I just went I can see the results are happening here and I really want it on me I want to have results too yeah, but you know it yes I'm doing it but it does help to have somebody that you know I can send you a message and say hey how I'm doing me what do you think or you know is there something I'm missing or whatever and you'll give me an answer you know it's not just a story the session there on Monday you know ten a.m. it's sort of an answer for me. I don't have to go okay all our way to my session on where's a lot of them do you know you have to wait you're a lot of time and that you know that the credit to you that you give that connection to the customers as well

Salena:  Those are such kind words thank you.

Salena: Really it makes my heart sing because that you are the kind of person that I love having in a group because you take the information you absorb it and then you go and implement it so if people are wondering where they can.

Sherrie Micallef: Spend your money you have to you should spend your money do it don't just start a course and just let it seep it's just a waste of your money it's affecting your time yeah

Salena: If people are wondering where they can find more of your beautiful things where can they find you.

Sherrie Micallef: Okay, slime lifestyle calm today new but slime the fruits you know when you choose now there's some advice when you choose a business name just think about how you say it over the phone or how you, you know those sort of things as ideally surfaces like everybody's lime with the fruit.

Salena: Well it's a spicy fruit for a spicy store.

Sherrie Micallef: That fit.

Salena: Well thank you so much for sharing all of that advice, I really love that you're keeping it real and you were showing the people you're showing the listeners because we're videoing this yes how we do keep it real here on the show we don't edit the videos everything this is real life and real retailers doing really great stuff so thank.

Sherrie Micallef: Thank You Salena


Well before the days of Lime Lifestyle Sherrie could be found eagerly flicking through the latest home décor magazines in the local newsagency trying to work out which ones she hasn't read yet and pouring over the latest trends from all over the world.

For just over 2 decades Sherrie and her business partner ran a successful remedial building company.  Every few years they would create passion projects, designing and building houses for themselves.  The interior fit out was always her favourite part of any project, designing the kitchens, bathrooms, colour schemes and then finally getting the chance to add those touches that turn a house into a home.

It was only fitting that years later when life made a few changes that she stumbled across a gift and home décor store that was looking for a new owner.  Over the last 5 years the store has evolved into Lime Lifestyle, a wonderful eclectic mix of beach, coastal and classic everyday home décor and accessories.

“Each week I interview industry and thought leaders for their take on business and life”