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1:1 Consulting To Help You Create The Retail or eCommerce Brand Of Your Dreams. FASTER.

"I want to become the CEO and finally be in control of my business..."

Day in day out, I see savvy, hard working business owners stuck in small business mode; exhausted, lonely, confused and convinced they’ll appear weak, incapable or fraudulent if they seek help or guidance.  

Instead of stepping into the role of CEO and taking control of their business, they continue to lurch from crisis to crisis, losing hours of their time doing every tiny thing themselves and wasting hard earned money on poorly implemented ideas or trialing the latest fad with little or no guidance or overarching view of what will help their business prosper and grow.

I’m here to tell you there is a different way.  

Imagine What Your Business Would Look Like If You...


Complete a full day business audit every quarter to asses which areas of your business you should leverage and which of the five Pillars For Success will create the most impact.


Undertake a full day financial health check so you understand your profitability, cash flow, overheads, inventory, overheads and discover the hidden gold mines in your business.


Create a quarterly strategic plan so you know exactly what you needed to be focusing on for the next 90-days and what actions you need to take to move your forward.


Build a dynamic shopping experience that directly targets your dream customers, increasing revenue and slashing your marketing budget with repeat sales & referrals.


Consistently generate new sales by effectively leveraging digital marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Media and automated marketing funnels so you can make money in your sleep.


Confidently step into the role of CEO, aware of your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to build an effective team and achieving buy-in from your employees.


No excuses.  No hiding behind a group of high achievers.  No forgetting to deliver. Stop talking about your dreams and start making them happen.


Celebrate your success – it’s all yours!  But nothing is sweeter than being able to share your success with your very own personal cheer squad.

What if I told you all that was within your reach, right now...

My 12 month, 1:1 consulting program is tailored to suit your specific business as well as your personal and professional goals. 

Quarter by quarter we’ll work together to blitz your competition using technology, proven retail specific strategies, the latest systems, professional resources, my experience and most importantly your passion and creativity.

You’ll come away from our time together with…

Tegan Tripled Her Revenue In 60 Days

What difference would it make to your business if you could add an extra $40K, $50K or even $60K to your turnover this quarter? That’s exactly what Tegan Mel from Soul Quartz did. 

In our first 60 days working together one-on-one, Tegan 3x’d her revenue in her brick and mortar and eCommerce store; without working 3x harder, or spending 3x more.  Tegan achieved this result AND worked less than ever before. No magic tricks, no hustling, no investing thousands of dollars in ad spend.

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Stephanie Built A Retail Empire In 18-months

When Stephanie opened her store in 2016 she told her husband it would take at least five years to be profitable. After two years she realised working 80+ hours a week in her “retirement job” and barely making ends meet was NOT what she wanted from her business.

In just 18-months Stephanie took her store from struggling to highly profitable (even with a natural disaster, her husbands open heart surgery AND a pandemic to slow her down) and has been included in the top 1% of Shopify store owners.

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If you’re ready for higher profits, increased confidence, greater clarity and more control over the future of your retail or eCommerce business.  I’m ready to help you make it happen.

1:1 Consulting Is Perfect For You If...

You have an established business

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business 2 years or 22 years, if you’ve got an established business and are already kicking some of your goals, consulting is perfect for you.

You’re ready to scale & grow

Wanting to scale is one thing.  Being ready is another.  If you’ve got the capacity to do what it takes to scale to multiple 6 and 7-figures (or more), consulting is perfect for you.

You’re prepared to learn

You’re ready to bust out of the status quo, think differently and learn new ways of running your business.  If you’re open to changing your mindset and challenge yourself, consulting is perfect for you.

You’re an action taker

Talking and dreaming won’t change a thing.  This program is about taking action and moving incrementally towards your goals.  If you’re prepared step up and do the work, consulting is perfect for you.

You don’t want to wait

You can take the long road to success; figuring things out yourself, gradually building your knowledge, losing money to trial and error.  If you want to fast track your success and start enjoying the results immediately, consulting is perfect for you.

You know you’re worth it

Working 1:1 isn’t the cheap option.  But you know your business, your ideas and your future are worth investing in.  If you’re serious about being a successful entrepreneur, consulting is perfect for you.

Not sure if 1:1 consulting is what you need to grow your business?  Book a time for a no obligation conversation about how we can work together in other ways.