Against All Average

I was thrilled to join Kyle on his show to chat about where my passion for helping independent business owners came from, the importance of having a birds-eye view when it comes to business and life, and exactly what happens when you stop doing the things you love and start to focus on what you’re rubbish at.

stop playing small square

Stop Playing Small! – Kurt Mueller

Salena Knight is the founder of the retail academy & creator of “The Five Pillars of Retail Success.” Her mission is to equip and empower Independent Retail and Ecommerce store owners with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the biggest obstacles in their businesses, in order to build and grow profitable, robust and successful retail enterprises.

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Lost Your Motiviation? Me too

On this week’s episode I’m sharing how to bust off that damn hamster wheel of hope and give your mojo a kick in the pants. Here’s the hot tip – you’re going to have to put that 5-year plan right to the back of your desk draw. Do you think you can do it…?

Risk vs Reward – Which Do You Choose sqr

Risk vs Reward – Which Do You Choose

On this weeks episode of Bringing Business To Retail I’m sharing what measuring, planning and taking action looks like in real life. I want to show you how these three steps combined will get you closer to your big dreams.

How I Deal With Crushing Overwhelm

How I Deal With Crushing Overwhelm

Facebook-f Instagram Linkedin How I deal with crushing overwhelm SALENA KNIGHT LISTEN NOW WANT EXPERT ADVICE FOR YOUR RETAIL/ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? Salena Knight, The Retail Strategist Biography My passion is to help independent retailers like YOU to have a profitable retail business – without burning out.Business doesn’t have to be all about stress and hard work […]

What No One Tells You About Debt sqr

What No One Tells You About Debt

Understanding how money flows into, through and out of your business is something that makes many business owners extremely uncomfortable. Fearful even. They think if they ignore the balance sheet and there’s enough to pay the bills at the end of the month, they can breath easy – even if things constantly feel tight.