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Scaling From $100K To $4M – How I Did It – Kade Wilcox

I know that we have been talking about scaling your business a lot over the last couple of weeks. And I thought it would be a really great opportunity to bring somebody on who has done a fantastic job of doing exactly that; scaling their business. Kade Wilxoc is the co-founder. He originally founded it but now you’re co-founder of Primitive Social and may have scaled it from just a hundred thousand dollars in revenue a year to 4 million dollars in revenue in just four years. So I’m going to let Kade tell you the story about how he did it but I know that you are going to love this one because we are all about growth this month here on the bringing business to retail podcast


Simple Ways To Boost Profits – Carmel Griffith

I know that if you are running a business any type of business on the side it can be a constant juggle between working out how much time you should put in and how much money you should put in and the stress that comes with juggling having a full-time job or even a part-time job and a family and then this business as well but I want you to know it can be done. So, I have bought Carmel Griffith onto the show she is a real retailer just like you and she’s going to talk about how she runs her what we call in the term side hustle even though I don’t like that word,


How To Make $3500 In Sales With a $100 Facebook Ads Spend – Sherrie Micallef

Well before the days of Lime Lifestyle Sherrie could be found eagerly flicking through the latest home décor magazines in the local newsagency trying to work out which ones she hasn’t read yet and pouring over the latest trends from all over the world.

For just over 2 decades Sherrie and her business partner ran a successful remedial building company. Every few years they would create passion projects, designing and building houses for themselves. The interior fit out was always her favourite part of any project, designing the kitchens, bathrooms, colour schemes and then finally getting the chance to add those touches that turn a house into a home.


What’s Holding You Back From Moving To The Next Level – Tommy Breedlove

Today’s guest this week is Tommy Breedlove. Now Tommy chose to leave a very lucrative international financial consulting career to follow his calling to help others with the same insecurities and struggles he faces everyday as a leader and as a man. Today on the show Tommy going to share with you his wisdom and his tools to rediscover your brilliance to achieve meaning balance and true happiness without compromising your financial and professional success. Now just before we jumped on to record we were talking about what topics we’re going to cover. Because Tommy is great in the finance department and you are going to be really excited if you’re in that middle level point where you have hit a plateau in your business.


How To Add 25% More Revenue Using Email – Chloe Thomas

When it comes to e-commerce email marketing, it can be really difficult to work out what you should be putting in those emails. There’s a big argument between transactional emails I like to call those buy my stuff emails and educational or informational emails and I thought who else better to have on the show then the lady who has been called the top one of the top ten ecommerce commentators in the world Chloe Thomas


Take Back Control Of Your Money – Stephanie Thacker

In this episode we have been talking a lot about money in the last few weeks. We had money as one of our key features in the retail breakthrough series and here in Australia, it’s pretty much tax time, so money is on everybody’s mind. So, I thought to myself who better to get on the show then someone who can just really iron out all the wrinkles when it comes to what you need to know in keeping your books straight clean. I don’t know what the technical term is for it but keeping them in in order let’s use that word


What You Simply MUST Know About Business Credit- Ty Crandall

You know as a small business owner that cash flow can be a rollercoaster not just for you for any business whether you’re big or small and whether you’re looking to grow or just to smooth out those peaks and troughs hands up who’s had those me having access to external funds actually gives you and your business a little bit of breathing space, but when you’re a business, it can be a little bit tricky navigating the paperwork and the legalese that comes with getting your business access to those external funds. So, with over sixteen years of financial experience and a frequent contributor to radio and news shows, TV programs, magazines like entrepreneur and Inc and Forbes as well as the host of his own popular podcast Ty Crandall the business credit expert is going to show you how you can navigate your way to business credit success.


How Money is REALLY Holding Back The Growth Of Your Business – Jen Pierce

Is money really holding back the growth of your retail business, do you constantly tell yourself that you’ll autumn more stock hire more employees do more marketing when you hit a specific financial goal, but you never quite seem to manage to get that money in the bank. Well blending her therapeutic knowledge based in psychology and her metaphysical trainings in spiritual psychology Jen is going to come live and dive deep into how money is actually holding back the growth of your retail business.


Insider Secrets From The Billion Dollar Man – Thor Conklin

Let me ask you, what was your first job, do you think that it had an impact on how you live your life well for today’s guest Thor Conklin yes that’s his name, his first job as a golf caddie was filled with rejection after rejection, but little did he know that those countless hours of working on the golf course walking, talking and asking non-stop questions of the business elite would have a profound influence on his career and a lifelong fascination of studying and muddling peak performers.