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How Does Extra Time and More Money Sound This Year? what’s your plan for the next month, the next quarter or the next year? Is your marketing set up to make your shop sparkle and shine? Or are you going to take your chances with business as usual? An Instagram post here, an email or two there...  

You know how amazing your business is.  

But do you know how to strategize so there’s no doubt your customers know?  

As we go full speed into the season of giving, why not make sure you are doing everything to make it easier for people to give? (your stuff, that is !)

Did I Sign Up For THIS?  

Remember that amazing day when your first opened your cute little boutique or your online store?  

You knew that you were going to have to wear many hats within your business (, all of them).  

One minute you’re the CEO...the next minute you’re the janitor.  

But it's YOUR dream.  

And you call the shots selling the things you love.  

That makes it all worth it.  

Even if it gets kinda sketch sometimes when the invoices pile up and you’re like, “Ummmm...what if I don’t sell anything this weekend?”  

You know marketing is a huge part of it. 

But ask yourself this question, and seriously think about your answer:  

Do I have enough time to design, organize, and execute a legit marketing campaign?  

You see, wearing the “marketing director hat” isn’t really something where you can just wing it. Your time is spread about as thin as it can be already.  

EFFECTIVELY addressing your business's marketing needs-on top of everything else-takes serious mental energy.  

And doing it all yourself can make it feel OVERWHELMING, like you’re just putting out fires and not actually getting ahead.  

You end up spending less time with your family when you should be spending more!  

Here's the thing..... There Are 2 Parts To A Successful Marketing Campaign  

You need a plan

A plan that gives you clarity. A plan that allows you to be focused and productive. A plan that gives you the best chance of a targeted, profitable, marketing campaign  

You need to know what your customers want

Having a great plan is the first step, but knowing what your customers want is the key to increasing your sales and profitability.  

What if there were simple, actionable ways that you can not only give your customers what they want this holiday season, but SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE your sales... in one campaign? 

Introducing the Ultimate Promotion Creator! 

I've put together a compact marketing powerhouse for you!

A convenient, super-easy to use marketing method-organized for you and ready to go.  

This online training has everything you need to make your store look like you hired a full-time, professional consultant.  

The Ultimate Promotions Creator is a complete toolbox that will show you how to create successful promotions throughout the next quarter and the next year, to maximise your sales and profits.  

What’s included:  

Over $2,000 worth of value  

Your Ultimate Promotion Creator 

This is your easy to use, step by step creator to craft a successful promotion from start to finish 

- Value $500

Social Media/Email Templates

A cohesive brand strategy is essential to ensure that customers know exactly where they are shopping and what they will be getting. You'll receive over 50 themed templates for facebook posts, facebook covers, pinterest and instagram - Value $500

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Sales

The Guide that shows you the exact steps to get your Average Customer Order Value Up – STAT! 

- Value $200

Day-by-Day Checklist

Every step of the way, you'll know exactly what to do next, so you stay on track and don’t get overwhelmed 

- Value $200

Marketing Budget Calculator

A successful campaign starts with being realistic. If you aren’t spending enough on your campaign, you won’t see the returns you want. Likewise, it’s important to be checking in regularly to make sure your campaigns stay on budget. Know exactly how much to spend with this calculator 

- Value $200

Email Swipe Copy

Steal our high converting email templates! Selling to your existing customers is the quickest and cheapest way to boost sales. Use these templates to get maximum results 

- Value $400 

Yours for a one-time price of just $197


What’s awesome is that even though this system is designed to help you create a dazzling holiday promotion, these resources are yours to use year-round...make adjustments that you like for ANY SEASON!  


So, time has kinda run out.  

If you aren't actively promoting your retail business, then your sales can't grow.  

How amazing would it be to spend your time doing what you love (and why you went into business in the first place) whilst knowing that a killer promotion is in place?  

For only $197, you get back untold amounts of TIME and lose a ton of WORRY.  

What do you have to lose?