The 5 Minute Hack To Make You A Copywriting Ninja

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When it comes to online shopping, it can be a customer’s worst nightmare, seeing the same description over and over. When that happens, al a customer has left to choose on, is the price that you’re selling the product for, or what other products you happen to stock, that your customer might be looking for.

Two pretty tenuous reasons for a customer to shop with you, rather than your competitor, right?

So it’s time to stop copying manufacturers (or even worse, another website’s) product descriptions.

In this post-holiday lull, now is the time to review the products on your website.

Creating your own, unique and individual product description will not only delight your customers, as an added bonus, you’ll also get added “Google juice”, because Google LOVES unique content.

So here’s my 5 minute hack to make you a product description-copywriting ninj

Actually look at the product, and describe what YOU see and feel

What do you immediately see when you’re unpacking it when the stock arrives. Is it the first thing you reach for? Does it make you smile, or stop and smell it’s beautiful scent. How does it feel, how does  it smell, what the first thing that catches your eye?

Talk about how YOU do (or would) use it

Like actually use it.

Does the flip top lid make it mess free?

Does the size make it easy to pack in your suitcase?

Do you carry it in your handbag every where you go?

I once had a great product that was marketed as a moisturising cleanser for babies.

BUT it was also certified to kill bacteria.

On my hands, which are prone to dermatitis, I started using it as an antibacterial hand wash. It didn’t dry my skin out, also the travel size bottle was perfect as a mum, to keep me reassured that if we were out and about, I didn’t have to rely on harsh chemicals to clean my family hands.

Whilst this was a feature, when you describe it as a benefit, and talk about how YOU use it, in a way that works for you, not only do you give your store authority, because you’ve got so much more information on how (and why) it works, but you also open up the item to being purchased buy someone who hadn’t even thought about why that product might work for them.

List the benefits, rather than the features.

A great tip that copy writer Belinda Weaver once gave me, is to ask “so what” after every sentence.

When you answer the “so what” you talk about how the product helps, rather than how it works.

And lastly

Craft this all into a story

I remember we used to have these quirky little toys in store, and we used to have descriptions like this

“Meet Mr Fox. He’s cute, right?

But he’s also a little cunning (as foxes are known to be).

He somehow seems to work his way around the shelves to end up next to Chicken Little, despite our best efforts to put in on a high shelf far away.

We can’t help but smile when we pick him up.  His soft ginger fur just screams out to be rubbed against our cheek.

He’s sneaky too – he’s designed himself to fit snugly in any child’s hand.

Being just 10 cms long, he won’t even drag on the ground when your child inisists on taking Mr Fox everywhere.

And after you’ve managed to pry Mr Fox from a hard day’s play with your little one, he can be tossed in the wash, ready to start a new day fresh and new, whilst you relax, and recharge, ready to do it all again tomorrow”

Now isn’t that SO much more enchanting than:

This fox toy is 10 cm long and is machine washable

Which store would YOU buy Mr Fox at.

in fact, wouldn’t you even feel a little more inclined to pay MORE for Mr Fox, if you bought him at store number one?

The second store doesn’t give you the impression that they truly delight in their products, does it?

It doesn’t make you feel whimsical.

It doesn’t make you feel like you HAVE to keep browsing through the store to see who else should pop into your online shopping basket to keep Mr Fox company.

And that’s what you want as a store owner, customers that keep adding to their cart. Customers that delight in shopping with you.

Because when your customer loves what you do, they’ll tell everyone about how they just MUST visit your store to see the amazing products you have on offer.

And who doesn’t want free advertising and more customers.

If you’d like a free downloadable template to help you become a product description copywriting ninja, head over to and grab it for free.

Or if you’re in the US,

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