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Sometimes you will be in an uncomfortable situation when it comes to your business, maybe you will have problems will your employees or with your suppliers but the worst case scenario is when you don’t have money.

Probably you will think that’s it, my business ends here, but before you put the key in your door listen to this episode and you will see that’s not the end of the world.

I was in the same situation and you can listen to my experience when I was in that situation. Yes, I confess, it’s a really stressful situation, but there is a solution. In this episode, I am going to share with you a couple of strategies what to do and how to advertise your business without any money.

That’s possible and gives great results, you just have to believe in yourself, your idea and result will be surprising. In case you need a quick knowledge boost, in this episode I am sharing a couple of things you could do right now, with no money, to market your retail or e-commerce business.

SQR How To Market Your Business With No money


My passion is to help independent retailers like YOU to have a profitable retail business – without burning out.
Business doesn’t have to be all about stress and hard work – you can achieve success and enjoy the journey.

Unfortunately, it took me too many years of working more hours than I should and getting to the point of burn out, before I figured this out.

Even though I had a business degree, there was nowhere I could go to find out how to open or run a retail business.

There was no community of retailers who would openly share their knowledge or experience.

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