Collaboration And The Second Hand Economy – Yasmin Grigaliunas

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Live from Inside Retail 2020;  Yasmin Grigaliunas shares her experiences running a business with passion and purpose at the core of everything they do.

In 2013 Yasmin and her husband Leigh started Worlds Biggest Garage Sale. What was intended to be a one off event where they would sell dormant, unused goods, to raise money for charity, has grown over the last five years to raise more than $314k for charity benefactors and divert over3.3million kilograms of unused goods going to landfill.

Thanks to our friends at Inside Retail Live for permission to record this session.

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About Company

World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) is a Brisbane based start-up/scale-up, designing solutions to commercialise the circular economy through the activation of dormant goods for good. We maximise the value of goods already in the economy, through the circular principles of recycle, repurpose, reuse, and re-commerce. In doing so, we’re diverting landfill, and drawing wealth from waste which is invested back into our local communities.

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