How to Make Your Store the Leader Of The Retail Pack

I recently went into a store, that felt like I was in a time warp.
The store sold “timeless” pieces for furniture.
All I could see was fat, puffy leather sofas (from the 90’s), brown wood (from the 90’s) and the desperate stench of “please buy something”.

Timeless does not mean time warp.

Seasons change, trends change, and people’s tastes change as they get older. So being on trend, with what’s happening externally in the design world, and internally, with your own target market, is the key to having the right inventory and great store turnover.

So how can you keep up with happening, what’s trending, and what your customer is actually looking for?

Attend  trade shows

Trade shows are a goldmine for what’s trending. Whether it furniture, fashion, homewares of kid-related, designers, manufacturers and distributors are (generally) on trend.
So take a day off, grab a coffee and wander through the next trade show in your area.

Follow similar overseas stores on social media

Simple right? Following other stores that share the same target market, will keep you abreast of what’s trending.

And think outside the box. Don’t just follow similar stores, but follow other stores that your target market follow. This could be fashion, cooking, cars or even outdoor adventure stores. Know your customer and know what they love

Same goes for bloggers and fashion houses (if that’s your industry). Sneek peaks are usually 12 months before what hits the stores.

Be invested in what your store has to offer your customer, outside of just products.

Hit the Search engines

Use and type in your industry, keywords, or even a recent article, to keep current.

Stalk Your Competition – With Love

Know your competition and keep tabs on what they do. I’m not saying to copy them, and I’m certainly not telling you to judge yourself against them, but watching what works or doesn’t work for others, helps you zag, when they zig

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Ask your customers what they’re loving. You can’t keep up with every trend, and you may be missing out on valuable sales, and amazing customer love,  because you haven’t seen something that your customers want.

Remember trends aren’t always about stuff, they also encompass things like business practices, technology and social media.

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