Maximising the least used (but most effective) page on your website

When it comes to customer acquisition, the hard part is driving people to your website.

Once they’ve landed, you have a chance of selling to them.

If you’ve managed to get them all the way through to checkout, you’ve hit a home run.

Your work is done.



When it comes to selling, the opportunity that an existing customer will buy from you again, ranks around 70%, whereas a new customer can be as low as 5%. Or let’s be honest. A big fat 0%

So once you’ve managed to get someone to fork over cash for your products, it’s time to celebrate them, make them feel fantastic about shopping with you and prompt them to come back again.

Here are 6 ways to optimize post purchase pages on your ecommerce site.

Put a summary of the order, and a thank you message.

Don’t use all your space to review the order, if possible, condense it into a dropdown box, so it’s there if they want it, but on the post purchase summary page, this is the place you also want to thank them for their order. And Genuinely. In your brand’s language. Not just the stock standard, formulaic text. Dig deep and craft  your own special thank you.

Leverage social proof

This is the perfect time to leverage social proof. When you press that pay now button as a customer, you’re feeling a little bit excited about what you bought. Ask your customer to share their purchase with friends on social media.

Ask them to upload a pic and tag you on social media

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. And it’s pretty cost effective, right. So asking your customer to upload a picture of their purchase, once it’s arrived, and tagging your biz, is a sure fire way to elevate customer opinon and as an added bonus, you’re also getting free advertising to thr right kind of customers.

Social following

Use the post purchase page to entice customer to follow you on facebook, interact with you on Instagram or participate on pinterest, This is a quick and easy way to increase your social followers

Email sign up

If someone has bought from you once, they’re a lot more likely to shop with you again, so adding an email sign up to the post purchase page is a cost effective way to grow your customer database

Show them a map and opening hours

If you have a bricks and mortar store, adding a map and opening hours can be a great way to get people into your store. Plus, it has the added bonus of giving your brand credibility. If a first time purchaser can see that you have a physical location, it offers them peace of mind.

The post purchase page on your site is proven to have an extremely high success rate. So when you’re building your ecommerce funnel, make sure that you map it out not just to the checkout page, but remember to take that one step further, and maximise the return your post purchase page can bring to your business.

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