Why beauticians and hairdressers are also retailers

I’m a hairdresser/beautician/massage therapist, so I’m not a retailer

This was the conversation I has with my beautician recently

So I pointed to the shelves full of products, and asked if she sold them.

Of course she did. Well, they were for sale, but she didn’t really sell them.

She didn’t want to be pushy.

She’s once worked for a beauty chain, where everything was about targets and upsells, and she vowed never to be like that to her customers.

We got chatting about her average order value, and she said she didn’t know what it was. To be honest, that’s what I hear from most retailers

Then I asked her how many customers she sees in an hour, on average. 2-3. Ok, so imagine if you could increase the amount of money you’re earning per hour, by $60. Would that make a difference to your bottom line.

Of course it would. Especially when are a single person operator, with no additional staff overheads.

As she massaged my hands, I explained that if she could just sell a $20 nail polish, or small tube of face serum to each customer, she could have an extra $60 per hour, without putting any extra staff on.

As you can imagine, her eyes boggled as the thought sunk in.

And you know what. My beautician isn’t stupid, or lacking in experience or knowledge. She’s a smart, lovely lady with great customer service, who just hasn’t been taught the business side of running a business.

Sounds silly, but jut like any other retailer, she opened her business because she was passionate about beauty and wanted to help other people to look and feel great. She also wanted a business that could work around her family, the freedom that should come with running your own business – the same things that every retailer I speak to wants.

As she finished up and we walked to the register, I asked her, if my skin would just take care of itself between now and my whenever I get around to it next appointment.

A subtle little prompt to remind her to try and get me to buy something!

So, does this sound like you?

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