Why You’re Not Making Sales On Facebook

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Why You aren’t getting sales out of Facebook.

Facebook ads are da bomb. You hear this all the time, but every time you try Facebook ads, you end up just wasting your money.

Sound familiar?

I’m sorry, It’s not Facebook it’s you.

When I was lamenting to a fb expert this week, that my favourite ad strategy had completely been changed whilst I was away for a few weeks.

Her answer was “Facebook is like a foster puppy, never get too attached, because it’ll be changing any day now”.

And you know what, that is the perfect analogy. Like anything, marketing and advertising require constant attention and tweaking.

Ok, so I’m just going to dot point these out – that’s point one.

You haven’t been paying attention to the advertising landscape. You’ve fallen out of the loop, and you’re trying to use old campaigns and expecting them to work.

In a digital landscape, trends appear and disappear on a weekly basis, so you need to commit to keeping your finger on the pulse.

Reason 1

You boosted a post….and nothing happened.

If you take nothing away from this episode, it’s never boost a post again.

Refer back to point one, where I said you have to keep your finger on the pulse.

Boosting a post is like taking a shortcut, and getting annoyed when you realise you’ve headed down a dirt road and it’s getting dark.

Reason 2 – you didn’t REALLY think about who you were marketing to.

Facebook ads can be complicated, and there are dozens of programs that can show you how to optimise every little part of your ad.

But essentially, your ad campaign is NOT going to be a success, if you haven’t truly mastered who your selling to. If you want some help with this, I’ll link to podcast episode 34, where I talk all about how your name is Amanda.

Reason 3

You’re a bricks and mortar store, and you didn’t target your local peeps.

So many stores overlook this beautiful, symbiotic relationship that they can have with Facebook. Only want to target guys in their 30’s who live within 20 kilometres of your store and are interested in motorbikes. Pow, yes, you can have them, for just a few dollars a day.

Targeting people in your neighbourhood should be your first port of call if you have a shopfront, market stall or pop up shop.

Reason 4

You thought it would be unethical if you targeted your competitors.

Sorry honey, but this is exactly the people you should be going after. Your competitors are doing it to you, believe me.

So work out who your ultimate customers are following on Facebook, and target their customers.


And reason 5, why you aren’t making any money from Facebook, is quite simply, you have a crap offer.

If all your advertising is a sale, or some other kind of discount, your target price conscious shoppers, who aren’t looking to build brand loyalty. They’re the fickle customers, who are usually hard work.

Instead, create a great download that answers that question you get asked Every. Day and use that to generate customer database growth. Once you have them on your list, nurture them, and you’ll have a buyer for life.

So, there you have 6 reasons your losing sales on Facebook, and some simple steps to implement, to increase your sales, and increase your cash flow.

I’ll pop all of these, plus a few extra’s into this week’s download

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