Using the competitive advantage of your B&M store

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Are you using your B&M store, market stall, or pop up shop, to the best of it’s ability.

Whilst a lot of retailers shy away from the overheads and the responsibility that comes with having a bricks and mortar store, the fact is, with the overheads, comes a distinct competitive advantage.

But, are you using that, to the best of it’s ability.

When you have a bricks and mortar store, not only do you need to exploit every piece of real estate in and around it, but you also need to fully utilise the people you hire, and their skills.

Open a customer’s eyes to what else is out there.

If a customer comes in for a specific product, you have the ability to show them products that they may not have ever come across. It’s your job, as the retailer, to make the shopping experience as fulfilling as possible. This means offering cross sells. If a customer comes in for new dinnerware, show them placemats, a fruit bowl or a gravy boat. When opened up to new possibilities, a customer is likely to enjoy the experience more. Trust me, if they’re not interested, they’ll tell you.

Educate them

a customer can be anti a product before entering your store. Maybe a friend mentioned something, or they saw a review on facebook. Perhaps they don’t even know why they don’t want a product. If you think a product totally suits what they’re looking for, it’s up to you to educate them on why the product will work for them, allay their fears, answer their questions, and let them make an informed decision.


People buy on emotion. Now, no matter how great your images are on a website, nothing beats the physical. Being able to touch, to smell, to try on.

I love online shopping, and recently, I had to buy 4 new barstools for my kitchen. They had to have a back, and go with a timber and white kitchen. I thought I had found the perfect ones online, but, my husband was adamant that we had to sit in them.

I was so glad that he did, because the stools I’d chosen, were uncomfortable. The back wasn’t high enough, and in real life, they looked, well, cheap. I instantly reacted to those bar stools physically, and emotionally. I also became super clear on what I was ACTUALLY looking for. I’d educated myself (the sales staff weren’t particularly helpful), I was open to what else was in the store, and started looking at rugs as well.

Now, when I was shopping on the online store,  I hadn’t even thought to start looking at rugs and cushions. The bricks and mortar store had the ability to significantly increase my order value.

Ensuring that you’re staff are well trained, know how to actively listen and problem solve a solution for your customer, and that your staff know your products intimately, will have you increasing the money that’s coming into your retail store.

Until next week, be profitable

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